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Found 20 results

  1. I'm 25, Male, My acne was totally gone for few months, I didn't even care that much about it while I had it before. Until suddenly (like 3-4 days ago) I started to fall in love with a girl I'm seeing regularly somewhere, I took an appointment to go there again in a week and boom, It started with 1, and now it's like 7-8 of the white ones (small white ones on chin and a red one between eyebrows!)... possibly more until my appointment so I'm gonna have to cancel it. I'm not sad or depres
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to post something different on this forum. I have suffered with acne for 6 years, I have literally tried everything possible and through those six years I have experienced an array of emotions. I have been angry, sad, lonely, depressed, and insecure. I'm not going to tell you that I am at my optimum confidence level or that I even love myself now or more. It seems like people promote that they love themselves after they make their flaws disappear, but that's not always
  3. Where to start? I haven't been here since wow... forever honestly. Jeez it's so frigging crazy how time flies. Since then I've only been working on my skin getting better and better throughout the days and life has passed me by I forgot how to enjoy myself because of it. Masking my mental state of mind with prescription drugs, alcohol, drugs, whatever else I could get my hands on in my earlier years . It's been a really rough time. I've gotten through my mental perception of myself and it
  4. IM SOOOOOOOOO SORRY I haven't been on here in a while. February was a crazy month for me and I didn't get around to posting. It was very eventful. I know I'm kinda late in the game to be saying this but THE PANTHERS LOST THE SUPER BOWL AND MY HEART WAS BREAKING but anyway back to my progress. And I've had a lot of progress with my skin. I'm kinda mad at myself for not posting but plz forgive me. Lets get started. First I wanna do a recap for Feb and then I'll get into this months news. For Fe
  5. So I have been thinking for a few days now. Its hard to find a true love with all that acne/scars crap, so i think that when a person who is dealing with this problem tries to work harder for love? But i think that the biggest challenge is when, a couple where both partners have cristal clear skin and suddenly one of them get acne. I think that this is the time when true love come out?
  6. I'm walking and then a couple(lovers) passes by and i notice them smiling, laughing, holding hands, hugging close together, kissing, etc..And i just wonder to myself....Will i be that lucky someday? Will i? To have a girl walk by my side that i can hug and hold? To talk to? To kiss? To love? heh..i wish it was that easy...But sadly, its not. Especially if your an ugly acne scared up monster like me, i dont like to think of myself this way, but somehow it feels that way. I don't know how i stay s
  7. Hi everyone, I used to visit this site all the time and am truly grateful for all the advice and tips I've discovered and tried over the years. I'd like to give back if I can, now that I'm free from the debilitating mental stresses of acne. Like most people, I've tried many, many, MANY different cures and again, like most, a lot of them were fairly pointless. So I'd like to share a few of the things that worked for me. First off, the thing I consider to be the most important aspect,
  8. veiledxbeauty

    Not Alone.

    It's hard to go anything in life alone. But when YOU are the reason for this predicament, loneliness is second to guilt. I believed that my disfigured face was the catalyst for people writing me off; but oh, how wrong I've been. When you focus on all of the bad, the negative, the ugly in life, including the way you appear, you become consumed by those things. You become the people that told you that you were less. You become the people that see only the shallow reflection of a person's s
  9. Epiduo can only be described in one word-AMAZING I have only had this product for maybe 3 days (the sample obviously) and I use it with Cetaphil's gentle skin cleanser for all skin types and their Daily Facial Mousturizer with SPF 15, and it works wonders! So far my acne is less red, and has gotten smaller like-overnight! It's crazy, and I would totally recomend these products!!
  10. I just want everyone to know this. I know a man who has many very deep acne scars. Yet I have seen this man date very attractive women! He does work out and takes care of himself. Yet he has deep ice pick scars. I just wanted to share that with anyone here who might be feeling low about themselves. Just because you have acne scars does not mean your love life is over. Far from it!
  11. Aus.Missoo

    Skin and Us

    Skin and Us Skin is really something isn't it ? For the past hour Iv'e spent time reading through acne.org forum, learning of the many people like myself struggling for lasting clear skin. And for many of us, to have 'lasting clear skin' sounds like what we most desire. Ive created this post to speak on skin sufferers, no matter the skin condition severity, emotional journey or pain. Skin is not everything, skin is not you. Yes, it is downright hard to walk out of the house into
  12. Hello everyone! Its good to be back on the forums. First of all, I must warn you- this doesn't have a whole lot to do with acne and this definately isn't something that you would want to look at if you are in the mood for a happily ever after sort of story. I know that these problems are so called 'first world problems', it's true that many of you are going through harder things from much more serious issues. I am not looking for pity or a place to rant. Just some advice or support. It'
  13. https://flipagram.com/f/12qVo7t7itT im not sure if the link above will work, but that is the video I made post accutane, with all my acne pictures I could find on my phone and the best pictures I have of my skin post accutane. Accutane is a miracle drug and if u are considering going on it... don't hold back. beftoe and after pictures.
  14. hey so I'm new here and have had severe hormonal acne for the past 6 months. About 2 months ago I tried going on birth control and it really helped smooth out my skin and I hardly ever get break outs anymore but my face is covered in dark marks from past pimples. even with my skin doing 10x better, whenever I get a pimple I totally freak and feel ugly and start letting my skin consume my every thought, mostly because I'm scared my skin will go back to being awful. I just need some advice on how
  15. Hello. Hope everybody gets to read this and contributes to your healing. This is my 2 year journey on doing research on how to heal my KP, ADHD, Back and Neck Acne, Seborrheic dermatitis on face, Dandruff, Intestinal issues like Heart burn, Bloating, Constipation, oh yes and also Insomnia. This are all the cures I have found that have worked for me and some people, I specified which ones worked for me and which ones have worked for others. Remember we are all different but the root cause may be
  16. I am so sick of my acne. I have literally done everything and I'm pretty sure it's here to stay. I had flawless skin at one point and didn't appreciate it and now I have been suffering for about 6 years. I'm so tired of esthetians and dermatologists. I feel like those businesses thrive on the dependence of most acne sufferers. I search the web and I diagnose myself with being allergic to everything and using the wrong products. I have lost relationships and love for myself over these little bast
  17. I have never posted before due to the fact that I am not exactly what you would consider a social butterfly.. I have been reading posts on this site for the past few months now, and well... I really just cant say enough about the amount of support and inspiration that I obtained through reading what others have shared about the exact hardship in which I too face in my everyday life... So Thank You All! With that said... I have a question, all responses welcome. Here it goes. For me anyways
  18. kasims

    Clear Skin Official

    Hello everyone! I've used acne.org for years now, and it's been a wonderfully helpful community for me as I struggled with acne and finding the products and regimen that work for me. If any of you are on Instagram, I wanted to share a new account that focuses on the emotional/psychological impact of acne, and hopes to publish stories of overcoming self image issues associated with acne or other skin issues. Their tag is "clearskinofficial" https://www.instagram.com/clearskinofficial/ Ho
  19. TeenGirl14


    so I've gotten a puppy just a couple of days ago, my father and i drove 3 hours to get her and 3 hours back home so in total it was six hours in the same car with each other and I've gotta say I'm pretty proud of myself and him cause there was no arguing or annoyance which I'm thankful for, you see... my father and I hardly get along but now we don't fight as much and I don't hate him as much so it's all good but anyways i named her raven and she's the new addition to my little family aka pet
  20. (Bare in mind the photo above ^ is with makeup and good lighting. To see my skin without makeup go on my previous blog post) So how do I say this without sounding conceded, I am an average person I would say physically. I am not a "unattractive person" per say. However, facing moderate to mild acne for a couple years now has really affected my personal views on myself. From someone who was very comfortable in herself to some extent I went from trying being happy with myself to avoiding eye