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Found 33 results

  1. hv acne for ~10 yrs, diff kinda, clogged scarred pores, stubborn discoloration, getting few scarring as well. overall looking very very bad so my relatives pulled me to the lab to make full blood analysis, also liver, kidneys, vit D3 n hormones N GUESS WHT: my blood is perf! liver perf kidneys perf thyroid perf no inflammation whatsoever!! (immunity great etc) BUT MY PROBS ARE: too low vit D3 (30.1) too high uric acid too high certain hormone (which i actually expec
  2. I have been on the prescription drug, Minocycline, for the past year. Before that i experienced not necessarily severe but pretty spontaneous acne..not in bunches just a lot of pimples by them selves mainly on chin, around lips, on cheek bones and fore head. I have tried creams and gels and prescription gels and nothing gets rid of them. Once I took Minocycline I rarely !!!! Very rarely would get pimples just sometimes when my period was coming up a few would pop up but nothing to stress over. R
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and to Accutane (Roaccutane in the UK). I'm on 30mg a day and have just I completed my first month, I had my blood work done on Monday for my monthly check up. Lately I can't help but notice how full I've been without eating. I've been eating a minimul amount everyday not through choice and have read that a lack of appetite can be linked to liver problems. As we know, Accutane is processed by the liver so I'm a little scared that the Accutane could be doing some
  4. I've recently started supplementing with standardized Milk Thistle one time a day and wondering if anyone has any success, experience with helping with fat digestion and liver cleansing which would ultimately help with inflammation and skin? I am taking doxy in conjunction with Spiro and really wanting to treat my liver well and aid it in all it's work. Since taking doxy I also take a good probiotic, but I noticed an increase in bloating and IBS symptoms since on the antibiotic. However,
  5. My 15 yr old healthly son has major liver damage (drug induced autoimmune hepatitis) and is now a patient at the liver transplant center due to taking minocycline for acne. His dermatologist kept him on the minocylcline for 1 year without checking his blood. If you are on any medication be sure to require periodic blood checks even if the Dr says it's not standard protocol.
  6. First of all, I am a high school senior. I dont want lectures on why i shouldn't be drinking or some nonsense like that. I can't think of an adult that I know that didn't drink in high school. Anyways, I have about two weeks left of my accutane course, 60 mg/day. I drank on saturday (for the first time in the 5 months of the course) and i got pretty drunk. I drank a ton of water during the drinking session though. The next morning, I was tired. That's it. No headache, no puking, nothing. No real
  7. Lieitmotiv

    How I Cured My Acne

    Hi everyone! I feel like I have a moral obligation to write this post. I've been suffering from acne practically all my life. My mother regularly comments on how I had blackheads on my nose as a baby. My acne has really never been severe, but I've always had blackheads, whiteheads, papules. I would say it was pretty moderate. The first time I went on accutane, I was 12. I'm 21 now and I've been on it another 3 times. So a whopping 4 times over the last 10 years. It makes me pretty disapp
  8. I'm picking up my Rx for accutane in 2 days and am taking every precaution to avoid long term side effects. Of course, I've looked into liver support while on accutane and have 2 possible products: - Tyler's Detoxification Factors http://www.ritecare.com/prodsheets/TYL-141003.html - Liv.52 by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare http://www.himalayahealthcare.com/products/pharmaceuticals/liv52.htm I'm learning towards the Tyler's because I've heard much better reviews, and it's more readily av
  9. Hello everybody. I started taking Accutane a month ago on a 30 mg/day dose which will be increased to 60 mg/day for the 5 following months. I'm 22 years old male 154 lbs. I had my blood tests done yesterday and got the results today. I am very concerned because some values came out higher than the norm. Cholesterol HDL 0.32 g/l (normal value>0.55) - ALAT Transaminase 53 U/L (normal value<41) - Gamma GT 84 U/l (normal value<60). Should I stop the treatment ? Please help.
  10. Hello everyone, this was the worst week ever! Last thursday (7/7/2016) I took milk thistle 270mg/daily for only 3 days. 2 days later I got a big deep cyst every day. I am crying the whole day because I did 6! Vbeam sessions to get rid of old red acne marks and now my face looks terrible again... I googled if there is a connection between milk thistle and acne. I found a post of a woman who had the same problem and suffered over years from the detoxing effect of milk thistle. She still got thes
  11. Hey guys so I've been on accutane for the last 5 months. It did wonders for me especially in the last two months. I went from 40mg a day to 60mg a day for the past two months. I just got a call from my derm and she wants me to get off the medicine for a month because my liver enzyme numbers were too high. I'm okay with that. But I was wondering what I can do during this month to keep my skin of breaking out. I still have scars but barely break out anymore. Thank you
  12. accupho

    Week 3 Accutane

    I am now on week 3 of 30mg/day roaccutane + 2 prednisolone pills (cba to check spelling, think its right tho). I suffered a 'second' IB around the end of week 2, when my antibiotics but since then its been great. I have one active lesion on my face, which I didn't expect. Before that, after IB settled, I didn't even think about my skin, only occasionally in some lighting. Once this lesion goes it will be much the same. To go from literally constantly looking at my skin, to not caring due to its
  13. Hey, I am thinking that it may be a good idea for me to perform a liver flush. - Does anyone have any simple effective recipes (preferably without epsom salt)? That is it. It can't be too complicated. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi everyone, I have started taking milk thistle for the past few days, and my acne has been steadily worsening. Could it be an initial breakout from the liver detoxing, or is it an allergy??? Should I stop taking it? I also stopped taking probiotics at the same time I introduced milk thistle - could this be related to my breakout? Do probiotics help while taking milk thistle? PS. sorry if I grossed you out with my photos. I think from now on I will be walking around with a bag on my head s
  15. I was on 30mg of isotretinoin daily for one month, then a week and a half ago doubled my dose to 60mg a day. In my first month i had the standard nose bleeds, dry skin, aches, etc but recently ive been extremely fatigued and just noticed the bottom of my eyeballs going yellow, i thought i was seeing things till my dad noticed too. i am wondering could this be jaundice or a problem with my liver as im reading mixed articles on the internet saying its i) poisonous to the liver or ii)a myth that it
  16. Hello everybody, I've been looking at this site for years, so it's high time I posted something. I've had moderate but extremely persistant acne since the beginning of high school. I've been seeing dermatologists since graduation, and I am now a junior in college. Like mostly everyone else, I've tried everything: BP, antibiotics, BCPs, natural/herb things, dairy-free diet, all 3 types of differin, ziana, and now finally Accutane. I've been on it for 2 months, and I think I might be finally clea
  17. Hi, about 2 weeks ago I started taking green pasture's butter oil/cod liver oil capsules. To my surprise it cleared my acne within a week. Now about 2 weeks later I have been starting to feel ill and i'm suspecting it has something to do with the cod liver oil. I don't know what to do or if it is just coincidence or if it is the cod liver oil. Has any one else had an experience with this stuff? No joke the stuff cleared my forehead breakouts FAST.
  18. Tom Rio

    Milk Thistle

    Hey everyone! I hope your are all doing well. I'd like to share this post from my blog about acne and would love to get your opinions. When you eat food, have stress, or smoke (to name a few) you are putting certain toxins into your body. These toxins usually get filtered out by your liver, and that is the end of them. However, in some cases, our livers aren't in the best condition. In these cases, the toxins end up getting redirected to another filter, known as the skin. This usuall
  19. I have been on a low dose accutane treatment for 2 weeks now. (20mg/day) Last night i drank a lot and did laughing gas at a party, i didn't take the accutane before i went out and am continuing to take it from now on after missing that one night. I feel out of breath with a tight chest and was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and what happened when they drank alcohol? please let me know what you think.
  20. Hello, looking for some advice. I am 23, and was recently prescribed Dianette for hormonal adult acne. After almost two months of taking Dianette, a blood test showed it had already damaged my liver (raised ALT levels). My doctor immediately took me off of Dianette. The doctor said I would have to use an antibiotic treatment instead. As I believe my acne to be hormonal (I have excessive facial hair that I have to shave off, which appears to be getting steadily worse, extremely oily skin, j
  21. DesperateLittlePimple

    I don't even know what to do anymore

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this. It''s my first post here. So, I've had acne since the age of 13. As the years went by, it became worse and worse. I am now 16 and I have acne all over my body. Face, neck, back, chest, belly and even some on my arms. They're are not as bad as they were a year ago. There are a few zits but MANY spots on my skin and red areas. I tried topical treatments but with little to no improvements. Back in 2014, my dermatologist told me to try some p
  22. I am soo sad right now because I just got the bad news that my liver enzymes went sky high only after a month of accutane My derm told me to wait a week and do another blood test and see if it goes down then I can start my second month prescription and if not then she cant allow me to take the accutane yet and its so sad because its actually working ugh... I dont get it I did not drink alcohol or take any other prescription while on accutane ?? the only thing I ccan remember is I did eat junk f
  23. Hello everyone, quick simply question here. Everyone here who is on Accutane will know that they have to go and get blood tests monthly to see if their liver functionality is not too high while they are on Accutane. I understand completely that drinking alcohol while on Accutane will drive up your liver functionality even higher which is dangerous. I was wondering since Nicotine is also a toxin so to speak that if I was to use an e-cigarette while on Accutane would that drive up my liver functi
  24. Hi everyone, I've done two courses of Accutane in my life time, one long one and then one shorter one a year later to finish it off. (see older posts for details). It's been exactly a year since my last pill and I am noticing some definite side effects just kicking in as of recently. The side effects are annoying but pretty easy to cope with from a day to day basis... Here are the symptoms I've noticed since stopping accutane: Dry eyes Dry skin Tingles (hands, feet, face) Dizziness T