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Found 42 results

  1. Hi all, I get these odd bumps around my lips, not too noticeable to others, but very much so to me. I've tried using scrubs and masks and even using extraction tools but I cannot get rid of them like a normal blackhead. Someone suggested it may be fordyce spots. I cannot afford to have them looked at by a professional, can anyone help or give some advice?
  2. SleepyProgrammer

    Lips Suffer From Cleaning Face

    Hello, I have been suffering with acne ever since my early teen years and I am now 18. I am male and my hair is not in my face. I wash my face three times a day and the 3rd time is when i take my shower before bed. My skin still suffers from acne but my main reason for posting is because my lips get so very dry whenever I wash my face as often as I do. I have tried various chapsticks that the web considers to be the most moisturizing and they all just make it worse. I do not lick my li
  3. I started Accutane 2 weeks ago, and now have cracks and blisters on my lips. Searching for any remedy (Blistex, Vaseline, and Neutrogena cream do not work, and I applied them constantly (like every 5 minutes)), I found out about hydrocortisone through a pharmacist. They said there's a prescription cream that contains it. Immediately I bought a tube of Hydrocortisone Cream, and applied it last night. It burned so bad that I was crying for nearly 5 minutes. Again I tried it today and the same excr
  4. WhitneyOnAccutane

    Lipstick On Accutane

    Ladies, I am having a dilemma that I'm sure has already been discussed on this platform, so forgive me. I am black with naturally dark lips that are considered normal/goes with my skin tone. I am on my second round of accutane. Last time, I did have a problem with pink lips..Not so much dry lips because I figured out how to keep them moisturized.. I really mean like pink lips that don't suite me. Sooo now I've just been bumped up to 60mg daily and this was the same dosage that triggered
  5. Hello everyone! About a week ago, I started the 3 step acne treatment from Clearogen because a YouTuber, Melanie Murphy, said it cleared all her acne away. But, I'm not sure if it's going to work for me because after using it I started getting white heads around my lips and my chin, which I usually don't get. I'm a little nervous to see if this product will eventually work. The good news is that it did help with my forehead acne. My question for you guys is that do you think I should continue w
  6. Everything was good until now-okay well like 4 days ago. I’ve always had oily skin so I got all excited about dry skin and my makeup staying on my face for once. But alas-I prepared. I asked my derm, I researched though so many blogs on here and found your favorite products. I got the biggest tub of aquaphor, a medium sized tube, and two small tubes-because Accutane is the bible ya’ll swear on in acne court. I got a huge tub of ceraVe cream and cetaphil face wash because my derm said they wer
  7. acneruinsmylife

    Day 3

    A few pimples came to the surface, but this seems pretty normal since I pretty much always have pimples coming and going 24/7. I'm just hoping this is my skin purging the bad stuff and then it'll start to clear up! I'm still not that dry - I MAY be producing a little less oil? I just don't feel the need to blot my face with a tissue in the bathroom nearly as often and I feel like I don't look as shiny as I used to. I think my lips might be a little dry? Still not a huge difference, I'm just tryi
  8. acneruinsmylife

    Day 17 - Help My Lips Please

    No. Seriously. WHAT IS THIS ISH ON MY LIPS it won't show up in pictures very clearly, but its there. they start out like tiny little clearish/lip colored bubbles/bumps on my lips... theres more. WTF is this. when i stretch and examine my lips i can see little specks underneath the skin or something. i think this is almost worse than acne. Im not stopping the regimen but please somebody, if you have had this and know how to get rid of it please tell me? I honestly can't leave my room. I know t
  9. Piaz

    Orange lippy with clear skin :)

    From the album: No More Skin Problems

    Almost 5 years after I've stopped taking diet pills and no more GERD, and now I can show my bare skin to the world
  10. I have been on accutane for nearly 2 months. I have 5 days left in my 2nd month. I am currently on 60 mg a day and my lips are so dry I can't even begin to describe it. The entire surface is completely peeling and the corners of my mouth are cracking. I constantly put lip balm on all day, everyday. I mainly use aquaphor. I am so fed up with the corners of my mouth peeling, it hurts like no other. I can't even open my mouth to talk or eat with out the cracks respiting and causing extreme pain. Wh
  11. It has been three years since I've been off Accutane. While on it I had the usual dry lips, etc. But my lips have gotten worse. They hurt all the time - hurts to talk, laugh, drink. And they "shed" every other day or so. I've tried everything my derm has suggested. Been on all kinds of meds and treatments and nothing. I'm starting to worry that it will never go away. Derm says it's Cheilitis but has never seen a case where it's continued this long. We are at a loss. Anyone else have this? Know o
  12. unlovely2011

    Prone To Chapped Lips, Help

    So this isn't relevant to acne but it is a cosmetic issue I've always had trouble dealing with. My lips chap very easily, maybe because they're very full? I'm not sure why. I know some people have these problems due to Accutane or other drugs but I've never used that. I make certain never to lick them, and apply a Burt's Bees honey based lip balm often. Still I get huge flakes on my bottom lip. I've also tried exfoliating with sugar. That seems to work temporarily too. I also know dehydration ca
  13. EmmaHumphreyss

    Second Time

    Was on Roaccutane last year for 5 months and my skin was as clear as anything when I had finished my treatment. Then this year, they came back (just my luck). I have gone back on the medication except this time I am having way more side effect than last year and I am on the same dosage. However, I have found a great lip care product from bodyshop called Hemp balm. This made my lips go from cracked to very smooth, I highly recommend to anyone that is reading this!
  14. I'm around 80 days into my 6 month course of Accutane, while the spots seem to be calming down, I'm worried about the dryness of the skin. I have quite a few red marks from previous breakouts that will, no doubt, fade with time when I finally stop breaking out. I've been getting severely dry skin that is peeling recently, however the last time I tried to moisturise, I broke out crazily! After using the Cetaphil moisturiser for 3 days, I'd had enough and stopped using it and like magic, spots cal
  15. Hello everyone! I started accutane 19 days ago, at the 12th day my lips started to get dry and chapped but now they are swollen and crusty and they really hurt. The crust has a light yellow color. Some white heads formed, as well, at the corners of my mouth. I use a lot of chapstick and Vaseline but it hurts a lot and I'm a little scared. I can't contact my doctor and I really want to know if it's something serious. Have you experienced something like this while on accutane?
  16. EmmaPolly

    Sore sides of lips

    My sides of my lips are an actual state right now. i'm coming towards my 5th month on Roaccutane (Been now 60mg during this month do 40mg for the rest) and I've had these cracked lips for over a month now so they started whilst I was on 40mg. it literally doesn't make any difference how much i drink, how much lip balm I put on etc they look like this all the time! The sides of the lips usually peel everyday as if they're shedding skin or something haha! They are even hard to cover with mak
  17. SendMeAngels

    Mauled Lips Help!

    I've been on Accutane since December, and have had slightly chapped lips for the duration of my treatment. But within the past three weeks or so, my lips have become a gruesome mess. They are red, sore, and itchy. And my lips seem to have extended, and above my lip lines are dry red, sore patches. Almost like a raw ring around my mouth. I have a month and half left to Accutane, and I don't know what to do about this. It's getting worse by the day, and my dermatologist won't see me. He just conti
  18. I'm on month 2 of accutane and I've started to get bumps on my lips. The bumps are on my actual lip, and on the lip line. They aren't painful or really visible, but you can see them if you look close.
  19. And the winner is Bag Balm!! I caved a bought a green tin of Bag Balm from Walgreens and boy does that stuff WORK! Don't get me wrong, Aquaphor is awesome too, Bag Balm is just a little better. Here's the rundown... Aquaphor: - helps dry lips a lot - needs to be reapplied more often than Bag Balm - a lot more expensive (around $3 per ounce) - main ingredient is petroleum (this stuff is vaseline on steroids) - smells better Bag Balm: - smells really bad if you're not used to it (a m
  20. So I have had acne for the past 5 years on and off, unfortunately I am now 17 and still have this unfortunate illness. Recently I have been put on roaccutane and without jinxing myself, would say it is going quite well! My skin has cleared up but not without side affects. My lips are very swollen and very chapped which makes them sore, I use Carmex to treat this but I'm thinking about changing to blistex. My skin is very dry and find when I'm putting make up on it peels off which makes my face b
  21. nick-o-lass

    Day 36!

    So pretty much the same stuffs going on. I stopped the use of Bio-Oil as I do not want to make my skin oily. I really believe results are just around the corner as my skin is getting drier. My lips are so chapped I hate having to literally put lip balm on non stop like not one minute can I go without it. Im starting to get really dry pathces of skin on my body and I am moisturizing as much as I can. I still use the Basis Cleaner Clean face wash and that awesome Earth Sciences SPF 15 moisturiz
  22. AcneTeen2015

    Is this hormonal acne - what is it?

    My acne is really starting to get me down and I have a big job interview soon! What is it because it's around my mouth and on one cheek only, I've never seen anything like it. It was worse until I started using benzoyl peroxide 10% - I'm 18 btw Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  23. for years growing up I had severe back and chest acne, i am now 24 and the issue has seemed to go away for the most part—benzoyl 10% worked well once i stuck to it. But in recent months while the back and chest / body has disappeared i have been getting routine cystic zits on and around my lips. i stopped using benzoyl on my face, (6%) because it would severely dry out my skin. i have a mild case of exima around my body so the benzoyl, and also Peter thomas roth (salycic 2% face wash) would c
  24. acneruinsmylife

    Day 15

    holy lips. so I developed a little red spot/sore on the side of my lip the other day. it wasn't that noticeable so wasn't worried. I also am not sexually active and test negative for herpes. I'm pretty sure it's from the accutane. HOWEVER, today I notice more red spots. the first side one has gone mostly. But midday I look in the mirror and it looks like theres a clear blister right in the middle of my lip. what the actual fcuk. I ran home and sorta squeezed it, clear liquid. it's a blister.
  25. So I am a few days away from my first month on accutane at a dose of 80 mg/day. The 2nd-3rd weeks gave me pretty bad dry skin and chapped lips, not too mention a gradual initial breakout. Now the breakout is subsiding except for 2 old cysts that were re-inflamed and now healing along with one new one which im pissed about because I had one in the summer in the same spot but on my other side of the nose which caused me so much grief (like how are they the same exact pimple in the same exact s