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Found 28 results

  1. Hi there guys I was just wondering if someone could tell me what severity of acne I have. I have had acne since I was about 12-13 much worse than it is now. Currently I use epiduo every night with aveeno moisturiser afterwards and I use a black pore mask once a week. However despite this I continue to suffer with large red pimples under the skin that are painful and take a long time to go away. Does anyone have any tips to help get rid of these because they make me extremely unhappy and make me
  2. Hi! Do you recommend this regimen even if I don't have severe acne, just some occasional breakouts? I'm mainly struggling with hyperpigmentation, but I really would like to completely clear out my skin first. I'm scared it will dry out my skin and do more harm than good though... perhaps I can use it only in the evening paying a lot of attention to the dosage. Please help me if you can, an answer would mean a lot to me! Thank you in advance xx
  3. Revised due to: caffeine's effect on melatonin, and folate's ability to influence light-induced melatonin suppression. Morning EGCG + caffeine along with moving folate intake to evening is about the only significant trick I've discovered in the last couple of years. Recap: Zinc is one of the longest-studied nutrients that correlates with statistically significantly less acne. Some months years ago, I discovered that around 200mg/day of zinc picolinate could, under some circumstances, make m
  4. So like most of you, I've struggled with acne since I was about 11 1/2 years old. Pretty much when I hit puberty. I started getting my worst cystic breakouts at the age of 12 and tried every prescription on the market, other than accutane. Birth control helped me the most, since my acne is primarily hormonal. It's 5 years later and I'm still not completely clear. I get the occasional lesions, not really too many, at least none that are incredibly painful or long lasting. However, I still hav
  5. White Skin and Acne

    White Skin Acne very common in Caucasian skin Higher incidence of nodules and cysts Less chance of hyperpigmentation Tendency toward dryer skin Overview Acne is a common skin disorder in Caucasian adolescents and adults. According to Cutis, a clinical journal for dermatologists, "During visits by white patients, the...most common [diagnosis] recorded [was] acne."1 According to a recent study, white adolescents experience slightly more acne than black or Asian adolescents.2 Expand to read details of study A study published in Pediatric Dermatology in 2012 looked...
  6. I am 16 year old female, who recently started getting acne on her cheeks. Well not super recent.. It started about a year ago when I realized it was a constant thing. I break out ONLY on my cheeks, and just a few weeks ago I started getting tiny pimples on bottom corner of my lips. It has gotten a tiny bit better though, I used to get what started out as a hard bump that you can feel under the skin when you would press on it, but later on it would become into a very painful pimple on my cheeks.
  7. Is Isotretinoin (Accutane) Overprescribed?

    Isotretinoin is an oral medication derived from Vitamin A that is normally used to treat severe nodular and cystic acne. Isotretinoin is taken orally once a day, normally for 15-20 weeks, with a meal that contains an adequate amount of dietary fat to aid in absorption. Even though isotretinoin is one of most effective acne therapies, it can come with severe and serious side effects. Because of these side effects, the FDA developed strict conditions under...
  8. Hi there. I am a 17-year-old girl with hormonal acne. I have tried birth control, Ortho Tri-Cylcen Lo, and I did not like the side effects of it. I gained weight and my mood swings were absolutely TERRIBLE. What sucks, my acne and my weight are two of my biggest insecurites, and the pounds were just packing on, I had to go off of the birth control, no matter how much work it was doing for my skin. So, I am here ready to move on to my next option. I am looking at light or laser surgey, but I d
  9. Figured starting a log would help while I start my Accutane course. I'm 25 years old, and I've suffered with persistent mild acne and oily skin since 14, never really got out of hand. In high school I started seeing a Derm and he put me on Minocycline/RetinA, which worked for a while, but eventually wore off and I started getting persistent breakouts again. Nothing crazy, but definitely enough to lower your self-esteem before going out. When I graduated college I was still getting persistent
  10. I know this has probably been talked about many times, but I just wanted to get this off my mind and onto a post so then I can see others who can relate in some way. For the last couple of months, I have been hiding away from people or any source of light whenever I can. I am always afraid of people seeing the bumps on my face and them judging me. I have always been a shy person, but ever since I produced this severity of acne, it hasn't helped. Sure, it makes me try to be less shy s
  11. Hello ! I have severeish acne mostly on my face sepecifically jaw and cheek area Parts of my face are kind of left with red hyperpigmentation scars. NOW THE PROBLEM IS I have a prescription for Accutane but am terribly terribly afraid to put that into my body. My parents had Acne until they were 20-21. I just need treatments to hold off my acne for 4 more years. I'm not asking for a cure because I know lasers can;t do that. A treatment that will make it manageable for 4 years would be extremely
  12. Hi, I am new to this message board but have been browsing it for a number of years on and off. For the past year or so I have been using a home light therapy product called 'omniux clear u' which worked perfectly to remove my acne, as it was quite bad. The instructions say that it is meant to be used for a 6 week treatment, then the acne should be cleared after that period and use should be discontinued for a period of time, and that results last for about two-three months minimum, or permane
  13. Has anyone seen improvement to their scars even under angle light where once the scars stood out?
  14. Hi everyone! So I am possibly going to cosmetology school this fall. I'm all about not wearing foundation every day, but I feel like there will be days where I want to not look gross in school (especially on days where I will be working with clients). I don't know, I feel like a lot of clients wouldn't want their hair done by someone with acne marks and occasional acne flare ups... Anyway, have any of you found a super light weight foundation that provides a decent amount of coverage, but did
  15. Photodynamic Therapy - PDT

    How Is It Performed? What Type of Light Is Best? Which Photosensitizing Agent Is Best? Side Effects Results Cost The Bottom Line For about a decade now, dermatologists have begun providing in-office light therapy to their patients in a 2-step procedure which helps traditional light therapy work better by helping to shrink or destroy sebaceous (oil) glands, albeit with more side effects. Photodynamic therapy is normally administered 3-5 times at 2-4 week intervals and is often reserved for moderate to severe acne...
  16. Lasers and Acne

    Types of Lasers Does It Work? Side Effects Long-term Concerns Bottom Line Lasers are an acne treatment option performed in a doctor's office aimed at treating and preventing light-to-moderate acne, although it has shown some promise in the treatment of severe acne (cysts/nodules).1 Laser therapy tends to work better and have fewer side effects on lighter skin tones. How it works: Lasers may work in the following 3 ways: Kills acne bacteria: Much like at-home light devices, lasers...
  17. Hey guyz, i am an 18 year old with just a littpe bit of acne thanks to Differin and many healing processes i had to learn while treating acne. Alright so a while back around 6 month ago a pimple ( white head i think ) had appeared on my chest, it happened that i popped it and of course it came back a lot bigger yet when it came back i really dont know what it was anymore, it had no head and seemed burried under skin, its color was a bit LIGHTER than the skin back then, anyway like 2
  18. Hey everyone, After doing a little research I thought that this might be interesting to post. I would like to see what you all think about this. Here are a few abstracts from this site: http://heelspurs.com/led.html#skin - If you use LEDs check this out. 1. LED light arrays are a means to provide these wavelengths. Companies may claim lasers and pulse rates are important, but the only things are the wavelength and total amount of light energy applied. For example, 880 nm is a bad choic
  19. I remember like eight years ago there was a big fuss because the FDA had approved the use of UV light to treat acne. I remember there were some very professional looking small tabletop units you could use at home to treat acne on your face and neck. I believe they had a UV A and UV B lights, because I remember them having alternating blue and pink bulbs. I have looked for these recently and have not been able to find them, only very cheap looking crappy designs from China. This model was FDA
  20. I have these bumps on my face that you can only really see when the light hits the side of my face, but when the light is directly in the front of my face it doesnt look bumpy???????? How do i get rid of them and get smooth looking skin in any light? without irritating my face further?
  21. Been On accutane for almost a month now, 20mg/day. Feel normal for the most part. Around 2 weeks ago I noticed my eyes were red, watery and uncomfortable. I purchased lubricating eye drops called refresh tears plus and have been using it consistently twice a day, and the problem soon went away. Eyes felt like they did before I took accutane or even a bit better. But this is only when I'm indoors.. When I'm outside i realised my eyes are quite sensitive to light and it's hard to keep my eyes open
  22. Hello! So, I know the title of this blog post is Week 10, even though this is my first ever post about using adapalene and clindamycin, but I wanted to name Week 8 b/c it's the 8th week of me going through my treatment. I was just too lazy to start a blog back in week 1 haha Skin Type: Little oily, had mainly closed comedones, not many cysts, acne mainly on my cheeks, moderate acne Background Info: Up to the age of 16, my skin was clear and good. I would be able to eat junk
  23. AutreMonde


    From the album: Before And After

    I do not own many pictures of my acneic skin, as I avoided the camera as much as umanly possible. This picture does not do its justice.
  24. my sons before and 6th week picture. tried proactive... didn't work for him. cycstic painful acne. so we are on week 6 of using the Tria Blue light, also applying tazorac to spots of pimples. so much has cleared up, and left behind scaring (which is what you see). his skin is much more even toned, and smooth. started retin A and an antibacterial perscription, and an antiobiotic yesterday, so i'll post pics again at the 10 week mark. don't give up everyone!
  25. I currently own the omnilux clear-u which I have been using for over a year with great results. The only problem with it is that following use I get a small amount of hyperpigmentation/darkening of the skin in the areas that I use the light on. This is due to the light being held so close to the skin, because when I was having alternative red and blue light therapy at my dermatologist from the professional machine I didn't have this problem. For this reason I was planning on purchasing the Be