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Found 27 results

  1. I've had acne since I was ten, and for the past 3 years it's grown into an extremely severe condition. Overall, I've managed to keep my emotions and feelings towards my face under wraps. But recently I looked into a mirror and I completely broke down. I hysterically cried for about an hour. Now it's not like this is the first time I've noticed how bad my acne has gotten in the past three years. In fact, prior to this day I looked at my face very closely in the mirror, every single day, and just
  2. Hey Guys, I am trying to cut down on meat and eat lots of vegetables etc. I bought a lot of stuff to use for food, but they all contain some sort of soy. I once heard that soy did contain some hormones like milk, that could cause acne, is that true? I don't eat dairy
  3. Hi, I'm an 18 year old male, and up until a year ago, I had flawless skin. Acne was an issue, that I never imagined I'd have to deal with. I have a simple question about Dairy. My diet, has never really been healthy, but it's never really been unhealthy either, and milk, up until a year ago, did nothing but make me happy. I've read many internet threads about how avoiding milk can significantly clear your skin and that understanding the inner issue and the personal problems inside your body that
  4. I am a 15 year old who has struggled since i was in 6th grade. All i can say is that acne has been terrible. I have tried EVERYTHING. I tried bone broth (grossest thing), vegan diet, clean eating (no processed), indian healing clay, acv, zinc, vitamin d3, benzoyl peroxide, epiduo, anti biotics, manuka honey ect ect... Nothing even improved it a little. Just dried our my sensitive skin. I know life would be easier with clear skin.i have oily skin that gets inflammed and worse with stress (aka sch
  5. ReneeAwen

    My FAQ's/About Me

    From the album: About Me

    My FAQ's (Last updated 03/21/18): Greetings strangers! *^Me *^You So... Let's just jump right into it, shall we? Time to say goodbye to "Regimen's" and live life to the best of your ability! ------------------- A lot of people have sent me messages since I joined this site at the age of 22. Many of the questions were similar, so I decided to gather my top frequently asked questions (FAQ's) here based on what people have asked me numerously, and what people are probably sti
  6. I am a woman turning 27 in a few weeks. My face has been covered in acne since I was 12. I have not had clear skin for 15 years and it is causing me severe depression. I have struggled with everything from mild to severe acne, cysts, whiteheads, and pigmentation on almost every part of my face. As a teen, my acne was primarily in my t-zone, accompanied with oily skin. As an adult, it has migrated to my jaw with occasional cysts on my forehead. The oil has dissipated. HISTORY OF TREA
  7. In this initial post, I want to share my origin story with acne. I think it's important for everyone to note the causes of their acne (when and why it started) in order for them to find the most effective treatment. I will then share my treatment philosophy following the origin story. In the next entry, I will post a break down of my goals as well as possible obstacles I might face. Origin: Like a lot of people, I had clear skin in high school. My skin care routine was to wash my face twic
  8. Hey Guys, I am trying to cut down on meat and eat lots of vegetables etc. I bought a lot of stuff to use for food, but they all contain some sort of soy. I once heard that soy did contain some hormones like milk, that could cause acne, is that true? I don't eat dairy
  9. Hey there. My name is Emma. I am 22 years old and live in London, England. Please support me in my experiment I will live on a whole foods, organic, vegan, high-carbohydrate diet for 3 months. I will track my nutritional info on CronoMeter. I will document my progress and experience so we can all learn from it. PURPOSE We can research journals, watch youtube and read the forums until we're blue (or red and lumpy) in the face. Only we, ourselves, can truly learn from experience. So here
  10. Hello everybody My name is Nina, I have been studying natural health and lifestyle yor many years with a focus on how stress/ food / exercise/ etc. affect our skin and what we can do to heal our skin and our bodies. I'm right now working on developing a programme which would include information on everything lifestyle related to heal your skin and why it is so difficult etc. I have a few questions and I would really appreciated it if you could answer some or all of them. Have you ever pa
  11. so I play football and I wear sunblock because I feel as if its bad not to, but I also feel like I grow bumps on my face after a work out, although, I can't afford glycolic acid, I also need another resort, maybe in a month or so I buy it when I get a little more money
  12. I've finally figured out how to "solve" (read: effectively manage) my acne problems and thought I would let people know what worked for me. Firstly, I want to thank Tracey from The Love Vitamin for giving me the ideas that have helped me manage my acne. Check out her website--it's a great resource! My Struggle With Acne So my story is that I started out with some acne in my teen years. My Ob-gyn put me on the pill when I was 16 (which I now believe was a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE idea--pl
  13. So, from my research, these are the foods to go for to help get rid of acne. Please feel free to tell me anything that you think is good for acne that I can add to my list, or anything that is actually triggering that I should take off Honey Ginger Cinnamon Green tea Rooibos tea All fruits Berries Sweet potato Green-leafy veggies (e.g. spinach, kale) Nutmeg Fish Oil Oatmeal Lemons Turmeric Extra-virgin olive oil
  14. Hi again! This is what I've seen/heard people say can help clear acne so far: Drinking water Eating a lot of fruits/vegetables Removing dairy from diet Zinc supplements Exercise I've also seen a video about a study where people with acne had less vitamin A, D & E, than people without acne. People with severe cases of acne had even less vitamin A, D & E. If this can be applied to the general population then I can see how eating a lot of fruits and vegetabl
  15. So I recently went to my dermatologist yesterday and my mom asked her if certain foods like dairy, eggs, chocolate, sugar will trigger acne? And the dermatologist said no. And with that, my mom and dad have now been forcing me to eat foods like eggs, noodles, milk because they said its good for your body. I've been on a regular diet for almost a year now which consists of brown rice, spinah and fish and it has gotten rid of my acne. Now all of my hard work on losing weight and getting rid of acn
  16. I've always had mild-moderate acne. Always struggled with lots of blackheads, a lot of bumps and then I'll get the big hard painful ones sporadically. About 2 years ago I managed to get it cleared up with the help of medication and that lasted for about a year and a half. But the last dix months it's just gotten worse again. Tried going on medication again but that hasn't done anything. I have a good diet (vegan, lots of natural foods, little junk), I exercise regularly, wash my face twice
  17. Hi! I am new here (obviously ) and wanted to start out by asking a question of those who frequent these forums. I'm about to jump into the forum officially and look into posts and what not, but there is so much to read it'll take a while to scope out. Meanwhile, what I'm looking for is some idea of how many people on here are trying natural methods (with success!) instead of purely creams, cleansers, washers, pills etc. If you've had success with some personal method or lifestyle change that do
  18. So I'm so excited to tell you guys how I mostly cured my acne! I've never wrote on here before but this site helped me a lot. And I hope this post helps someone out there I'm 16 and most people say it's hormones that cause acne in teens. I would say yes but diet also has an effect on it. I've been struggling with acne since I was 13. At first it was minor but then it started getting worse. So I tried a lot of different over the counter products like proactive. Non helped and really ruined my s
  19. Hello everyone, welcome to my first post. This is for me to track my progress as I make changes to my lifestyle and diet inorder to clear my acne for good!! I normaly get spots on the temples of my forehead, along the jaw and on the lower parts of my cheeks. It gets really, really red and just looks so bad. I'm hoping that anyone reading this will be inspired to change parts of their lifestyle that could also be causing acne. If it helps just one person, I'll be happy. Firstly, let me start
  20. Literally. I went from this disaster (peep the Tazorac lathered onto my face): to this: I went through the worst depression of my life last winter. I stopped caring about everything, so that meant my two-hour long skincare routine and healthy vegetarian/low-dairy diet were no longer. In addition, I stopped taking all supplements, drinking a gallon of water per day, and going to the gym. Yes, I thought that terminating my extremely healthy lifestyle would evidently result in my skin get
  21. Hey, If you are here then you are most likely interested or actually doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle and stop your acne breakouts from within. I struggled with acne and weight issues for over 7 years! In the last 12 months, I’ve helped myself and 9 people to stop their breakouts and get a clear skin! I am not a doctor, dermatologist, or acne expert who never had acne, so most likely I can relate to your current situation. I am not some guy who
  22. Hi, I'm 20 years old and never had acne (accept the odd pimple) until I was about 18. I developed acne on my chin but it has gotten extremely worse over the past few months and it's really getting me down. I don't want to go outside the door and trying to disguise it with make-up just doesn't work anymore. I just feel so embarrassed and keep thinking it's never gonna go away. It's really red, inflamed, sore and itchy and I can constantly feel it on my face and never stop thinking about it.
  23. I've had a lot of trouble with my skin the past few years, but this summer was bad. My entire right cheek broke out into tiny little red bumps everywhere, and then I'd breakout all over my face to top it off. It was terrible, ok not as terrible as some cases, but I was hysterical. I became a tad bit obsessed with ridding my skin of the imperfections I was facing every day. And guess what... I did!! All I'm left with now are some red marks and one itty bitty cheek pimple that's already flattened
  24. i think the heading says it all. i will just elaborate saying that i would like you to add your valuable opinion on what dietary changes,lifestyle modifications,habits and safety measures one should take up near that time of the month. i primarily talk about those who are not on any bcp or hormonal treatment but it should be equally good for those who do as well. add notes,anecdotal evidences or anything you feel or know is related to hormonal acne and it's 'other-treatments'. also,