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Found 31 results

  1. WishClean

    My Grocery List

    ** EDIT: Ask me if you want a low histamine list of cosmetics and makeup** Hi everyone, Some of you asked me to post my grocery list a while ago and I haven't had time until now. For anyone who is interested, this is what my typical grocery list looks like. Not all foods here are 100% "pure" "whole" "natural" or whatever, but for busy people like me, this works fine. When I stick to these foods and rotate them, I don't get big cysts or face swelling. I included specific brands to help you o
  2. Bare with me. Its a long story over 8-10 years of knowledge but I hope this helps someone. #Skin RE-CLOGGING ITSELF endlessly My acne slowly slowly started when I was 12 and atm im 22 (first with bumps and pus filled ones and at 20 years oled they were deep big under skin cysts- it was a stressful time w bad relationship/ I ate very much processed food and oils and dairy). At 16 I was on birth control for half a year which didnt help acne and my whole body hated it (depression, low energy, br
  3. It's been a while since I was on this! Anyways I'm currently healing heal my leaky gut/ digestive issues/ acne and was wondering if there is anything else I should start doing or incorporating into my diet. My diet looks like this; 2 cups of bone broth per day 2 probiotic capsules (only started a few weeks ago) 1 tablespoon of pysillium husks each morning hlf teasp of triphala and neem after meals 1-2 allicin tablets per day Gluten free sourdough bread Gluten free cereals (ie- Buckwhea
  4. I'm 28 and have been on acne meds for a very long time. I was on and off Accutane from age 18 to 22--two cycles of small doses. Since 2009 I have been either on aldactone (worst drug--regret taking it, because it helped with body acne but not hormonal) and antibiotics. I have gotten nasolabial fold pimples in the same places and so often that I have finally started developing scars for the first time. My skin is scaly, discolored, and covered with whiteheads for three weeks per month. It has
  5. Hey all, Can anyone tell me if they had success with a round of doxycycline hyclate? For instance, after they came off the round of doxycycline, has their acne been much milder or disappeared completely without it causing more problems? The reason I ask is because last march (2012) I broke out in some crazy pustular acne which started out from hives (allergic reaction to peanuts <--- which i never had before in my life). I went to a dermatologist in april 2012. The dermatologist looked a
  6. Hello all! I have written my testimony/story for those who want to read it! For those who don't, keep scrolling and I will talk about my cure below I was taking oral medications to treat my acne for about five years. My dermatologist thought it would be okay for me to be on such medications for that long. Somewhere in those five years, there was a time where I didn’t have a period for nine months. My hormones were completely out of order, and after that nine month time frame, I got off Sp
  7. Hi everyone, I got some labwork back today, and it turns out my vitamin D is low (it's 28, the doctor said it needs to be at least 60). The doctor prescribed a high dosage of D2, 50,000 twice a week. That's a total of 100,000 IU/ week for 2-3 months. Is that a lot? I'm worried about possible toxicity and side effects. The doctor said she will be monitoring my levels every 2 months to make sure I'm not taking more than I need, but for now she thinks it's crucial to megadose on D2. What do you th
  8. I have been on acne treatments for a long time and I would say the acne mostly appears hormonal; I get hard lumps in the same places two weeks before I menstruate. Antibiotics helped very much for six months and now, not only have they stopped, but either due to yeast issues or the failure of the antibiotics to work any longer, I am breaking out again in big, angry cysts, including those that only come when I take a supplement that doesn't agree with me. My solution was to go on Diflucan an
  9. I don't even know where to begin. I am a 25-year-old Asian male who has dealt with acne for a better part of the last 10 years. There have been good times, there have been bad. And I've tried pretty much everything — including countless hours reading this message board and trying to figure out "cures." I did accutane when I was younger which helped but I don't want to go back on it. I did erythromycin, which didn't help, and I did tetracycline, which helped for three months this past sum
  10. Hi everyone, Has anyone had success with l-glutamine? I would like to address my leaky gut, and my naturopath recommended Designs for Health - L-Glutamine Powder 250 gms. Has anyone tried it, or other glutamine supplements? I'm not sure whether it's best to take it on an empty stomach or after a meal, and there are no specific directions on the box.
  11. Today I saw my doctor (integrative) for my ongoing hormonal & digestive issues. She believes I have systemic inflammation and all the symptoms for leaky gut (this I already figured out). She gave me a hypoallergenic diet to follow for 3 weeks, which contains some fruit. I wasn't sure if the fruit included would be ok, since I have issues with histamines. She also said I have to ROTATE foods every day - eat different foods from the list each day otherwise I might develop intolerance for foods
  12. Hi there. I am 34 and have dealt with acne for more than half my life. I have used almost every conventional medicine under the sun, including Accutane (one full course and three weeks of a second course). None of these drugs has ever dealt with the condition to my satisfaction, so I have been recently looking into a more natural/holistic solution. I have been eating paleo for the last 10 days or so, and I thought I'd try drinking a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with water last night. I
  13. The cycle for a few years past has been the same--with the switch to each acne med, my body would readjust too. The first three years after Accutane were pretty horrible (aldactone made my skin green and kept wounds from healing). For six months Doxycycline was a wonderful answer and actually relieved some of the hyperpigmentation/big damaged pores. Now it's lost it's potency and may be worsening the acne (which I still think is primarily hormonal, but a lot of the most painful stuff is
  14. I was lucky not to have much acne after my teenage years. If I ate a lot of sugar, or after getting more Candida while on birth control pills, I would get a little bit of acne, but nothing terrible. Then I got Lyme disease and was on antibiotics for a few years, often many antibiotics at once. It wrecked my gut and gave me really, really terrible Candida and leaky gut syndrome. I didn't notice the damage while I was on them, since I had no acne, but when I stopped, I got this terrible cysti
  15. This seems to be working for me. It hasn’t been a quick process though. I can be 100% clear (if I chose to). But I still need to follow step 1, as I don’t feel I’ve fully completed step 2, and therefore can’t complete step 3. Here’s my suggestions in a nutshell. Step 1 – Elimination diet Figure out your trigger foods and eliminate. For me, going on a 100% whole foods (single ingredient, nothing processed) diet and avoiding the most common allergens keeps me clear (eggs, dairy, mil
  16. I'm 22 years old and have been dealing with acne since I was about 14. It started with normal white heads, black heads, etc. and i was young and going through puberty and have naturally oily skin anyway. I was frustrated when generic otc medications wouldn't work so i visited a dermatologist. I was prescribed dioxycycline first, then minocycline, and it all worked for a few weeks and the acne was back. By now I'm 16 or 17 and still having issues with acne and won't take the antibiotics because t
  17. Has anyone tried Edible Earth's Digestive Detoxicant and Trace Mineral Supplement? My acupuncturist gave it to me a month ago to clear out toxins and ease my digestion but I was nervous to use it. Basically, you dilute a bit of the clay in water and drink it throughout the day or at night, always on an empty stomach so that only toxins can be pulled out. I was nervous about a detox breakout, but the clay is supposed to absorb the toxins and then gets pushed through the bowels. Well, today I saw
  18. Denise BG

    Sebaceous Hyperplasia

    First time posting and having trouble navigating the forums so I am starting a new thread. I'm hoping to find current info on my trifecta of skin issues complicated by systemic immune issues. I am female, 58, and have had mild to moderate acne off and on since I was a young teen. I have been treated over the years with lots of different topical meds and also oral antibiotics. I have sebaceous hyperplasia ( I'm going to call this SH) that is indeed getting worse as I get older. I ha
  19. Hey so its been a while since I've been on here. Was just wondering if anyone has any tips or pointers when with the candida diet, like; when to introduce antifungals (they severely break me out), when and how to introduce probiotics/ fermented foods ( probiotics badly break me out, usually constipate me, fermented foods like sauerkraut make my acne way worse (possibly feeding the candida?). My liver is also toxic, I really need to do liver flushes but I wont risk them until my digestion has
  20. Savannahclarke

    Help Me

    I've had acne for years little colourless bumps on every inch of my forehead, then random white heads. I've tried attacking it from the outside and it's not working. I'm hoping someone that has cleared their forehead acne by eating proper food and drinking water will read this and help! I heard it takes about 3 months to get completely flawless skin. But I'm willing to stick with it if I know it will help me. Btw, as of now I have a very poor diet. Pop, candy, cookies, chips fast food every day.
  21. WishClean

    The "results" Are On

    Oops, I typed the topic title too fast...I mean results are in, not on. anyway Ok, so today my doctor called to report my blood work results. I wasn't expecting anything major or anything accurate anyway. She said I have thalassemia and macrocydic anemia (enlarged blood vessels), and my 17 hydroxyprogesterone is VERY low (it's 38, and the healthy range for young women is 185-300). So, even if my hormones fluctuate daily, there is no way my hydroxyprogesterone could be within the normal range ev
  22. The question has been circling in my mind for a while now... is the fact I’m having more sex the reason I’m getting acne? Ill give you some background info on my situation. I’ve never had any huge breakouts for most of my life. Always had clear skin. Until I went on the implant/met my man. i hated the implant and had it removed pretty fast. They say the hormones leave your body, but I’m not sure if they have? (Could be a factor) I have been vegan for over a year, but recently gluten fre
  23. Is weight gain a sign that a leaky gut is healing? I'm suspecting I have leaky gut due to various symptoms, and I don't think my body was able to absorb nutrients from food or vitamins....I looked malnourished even though I was eating all the "right" foods in decent amounts. Since I started a low histamine diet a few months ago, along with regularly eating sweet potatoes, taking digestive enzymes, selenium & vitamin E, and sometimes vitamin C, I noticed that I have put on a few pounds. Could
  24. What's good guys and gals, I'm reposting a topic that I posted yesterday in the antibiotics section. Hopefully someone can shed some insight on this: "Hey all, Can anyone tell me if they had success with a round of doxycycline hyclate? For instance, after they came off the round of doxycycline, has their acne been much milder or disappeared completely without it causing more problems? The reason I ask is because last march (2012) I broke out in some crazy pustular acne which started