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Found 1,815 results

  1. sammie2123

    profractional laser treatment

    I want to explain my experience with pro fractional treatment and how its been the next few days and i was hoping for some feedback on how long this lasts because i need to return to work. i just had the pro fractional laser treatment done on Tuesday. I'm going to be totally honest it was so much more horrible then i was told or expected. i do not agree that this procedure is almost painless. although they try there best to numb your skin first you can still feel the HOT needles poking in your skin, not to mention the loud machine and burning skin smell. And to be totally honest i have about 24 tattoos so my pain resistance is not that bad i think the idea of anything poking your face is discomforting. The good part was it didn't take too long, and after the first few minutes you get a little more accustomed to it, but the nose, the upper lip, and near the eyes hurt the most. It's totally bearable of course, but the first time you don't know what to expect and i also did not know what it was actually doing. i had this awful idea in my head i was going to look like i got burned, like scabby and bubbly LOL!!! To speed this up, my first day i bled alot and it burned pretty bad which is normal i know, 2nd day no blood really just very very red and all these millia (white puss looking bumps) appeared and i mean a lot, today i kind of wiped them away but now there's bumps everywhere like i broke out, I'm still really red, and those tiny lines and wholes from the laser are still really visible. How long does that last? how bad do you peel and when does is it generally start and stop? Also, how long did it take to fully heal and your skin see an improvement. I have to get 2 more treatments and i dont know when i should do them, there schedualed for 4 weeks after i think but if this is going to take a long time to get better its not a good idea. They make it like u can return t work 2 days after - i would never LOL
  2. I've done everything from changing my diet to using Proactiv but the acne just won't go away. I'm very self conscious and have been using makeup to hide my acne for six years now. I would like to have laser treatment done but I fear surgery. What do you think?
  3. femme_fatale

    Sciton Profractional Laser r/o

    After meeting with a series of dermatologists and hearing what various derms had to say I am finally getting the Sciton Profractional Laser done. I was wondering if any of you have had this particular laser done and how good your results were? I am getting my first treatment next week and my dermatologist said it will take a series of 8-10 as some of my scars are more than 1 mm deep. Each treatment will be spaced four weeks apart. I basically had some mild scarring on my cheeks before that were almost gone but something went wrong with one of my at home chemical peels and I burned my skin wound up with some deeper scarring only on two sections of my cheek. These scars are about six months old. I am fairly lucky in terms of cost as this dermatologist is a good friend of another dermatologist who's a family friend and they are doing this laser on me practically free of cost when it is normally 500 per treatment. This dermatologist rarely does this but he said he felt very bad for what I was going through as I told him how much I'd been crying a lot the past few months as well as the fact that him and the other dermatologist I know have been good friends for years. I really liked this dermatologist the moment I saw him as well as the nurse. They were both stressing that my skin won't be 100 percent but that I will be fairly satisfied and it will be near 100 percent once they are done. This nurse has had a lot of practice with this laser and she will be the one performing it. They gave me several pamphlets about before and after care and they have emergency contact numbers listed as well as my doctors cell phone in case anything goes wrong so I was quite impressed by their sincerity and genuine concern over my distress. They classified my skin type as Type 3 and they plan on going fairly deep with the laser.
  4. I have a boyfriend that just had some green light laser treatment done for freckles and they appear to have gone away on his face. He said it works for freckles anywhere and it leaves no scarring or anything. I wanted to know if anyone has tried this and how much did it cost? Thanks.
  5. I tried 4 sessions of laser genesis ( at 280.00 per visit ) as the doc told me it would get riid of the redness. After each visit for about two weeks my skin looked somewhat better.............but now, without having it for one month my skin is exactly the same as before. red blotchiness ect ect... has anyone else found positive results with laser genesis...?
  6. If you had improvement that lasted 9 months or longer, which type of laser was it and do you remember the setting level or number of passes?
  7. Violetmoon

    Yag laser

    Read Below
  8. AcnePwns

    Laser and sensitive skin

    Anybody here with sensitive that has had one or more laser procedures? Please share your experience and results.
  9. has any1 has n-laser for scars (not acne but actual scarS) and has it improved scars. i have alot of scar tissue that is flat and looks wrinkled, and im wondering if this treatment will improve my scars or will it waist time, i have an appointment with dr chu soon and im worried im going to be dissappointed with what ever he treats me with, but he is my last resort
  10. I just got a brochure for the PPx system for treating acne. It's like IPL, but "painless and faster", so they say. Has anyone tried it? It's made by Aesthera.
  11. jamesjoyce

    laser hair removal

    its been 2-3 years since i stopped getting laser hair removal. i think i had about a dozen treatments or so. question is why is my hair loss still all patchy? i mean the hair fell out in patches during treatment and they said this was normal. but it has not gone away. more hair just keeps growing in as time passes. it looks awful!
  12. I am about a week since my MiXto SX and 70% of my flakes have peeled. The new skin looks so smooth and healthy and nice with the sweling filling up the scars. My skin is very raw and red in the treated areas. The demarcation lines are very obvious. Please help me with a makeup brand/type/specific to apply to cover this up so I can go out and not be stared at. BTW, I am a guy so something that would look natural please. And, do you apply sunblock after or before the makeup? HELP and thank you.
  13. Hi guys how much is laser treatment is the uk and do you have you pay all the money straight away? The reason I am asking is because I really need to get my skin sorted while I am young but don't have the money. At the moment I am on a NHS apprenhaship and don't earn much money Also the Nhs has laser treatment so If I told the doctor how it is making me feel and that is really depressed I have been thinking about taking my life would he put my on the list and how long is that any advice would be great thankyou
  14. I must be mad because in 3 months time I will have what will be my fourth laser resurfacing treatment. It's been over 2 years since my 3rd one and I must have had a true improvement of around 60% - post healing, once the dust had settled. This time my derm is going to concentrate on the deeper and more stubborn scars rather than do a large area - spot treatments. Parts of my skin actually went almost back to perfect, but it didn't help my self esteem much because the deeper scars were still there and it was a case of changing the look of my scarring rather than removing it. So here I am again, and I hope I'm not doing something crazy because the risks get higher each time you have the treatment. I don't think I'd dare to have a fifth one though, so if the deeper scars don't soften to almost nothing I'm going to look into fillers and other non ablative stuff. It's a gamble, but after a couple of years of still being unhappy I think I'm ready to take my chances. namaste
  15. Hi, I have mild/moderate acne and i have booked a course of N Lite laser treatment (3 blasts at two week intervals) starting in one weeks time, and i was pretty confident it was an effective and safe treatment when i booked it. I have read about N Lite on the net and have found many people have great results - but recently i have found a small percentage of people have said it made their acne worse! Which i really don't want, as it has just started to calm down slightly by itself over the last few weeks. Last thing i want it to make it bad again, i was hoping the N Lite would finally help it on it's way to clear up. I just wonder if anyone has any first-hand experience of N Lite, or know anyone that has? As i am unsure what to do now!! Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks in advance!! xx
  16. I am now in the last month of my Roaccutane treatment. After finishing this last batch of Roaccutane, I need not take any more of these pills anymore. From what my Dermatologist said, he mentioned that I should still use laser to remove these red marks. The good thing is I have not had any breakout since the Roaccutane. My question is whether laser 100% eliminates red marks? And how long does it take for the red marks to disappear? Please reply. Peace out.
  17. Since pimples are formed in hair follicles if you get rid of your hair wont that cause you not to get clogged follicles anymore?
  18. My skin seems to be doing great. One side of my face is definitely going to be super smooth within a few months as it's about 90 percent levelled off and the redness I had in those particular scars is down to a very light pink and my skin has a healthy glow to it. The other side I would say is around 70-80 percent smooth as I had burned it a bit more from the glycolic peel I used. I only have one concern now which is how some of my scars are healing, as they are being smoothed out a few of them have a fleshy pink appearance to them that is not similar to my surrounding skin although it's getting as smooth as my surrounding skin. I would like to know if this is permanent or if it goes with time? Can tazorac help change that fleshy look? Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated!
  19. I'm having an initial consultation for fraxel laser treatment at Drexel Univ. Med Center Dept of Dermatology with Dr. Abdefmolek. Has anyone had treatments there? Can you tell me of your experiences? What questions should I ask? mj levels? R1? R2? I intend to have just my cheeks done. Any advice will be helpful.
  20. Hey Everybody, I recently went in for a consultation regarding bacne (body acne) and the doctor recommended the Smoothbeam and VBeam laser treatments for both my face and back. I underwent the treatments on Wednesday, and today (Sunday) the acne on my back looks a bit better, but my face looks far worse. Is this to be expected? I'm nervous to have the treatment done on my face again, especially since facial acne was very mild prior to the treatment. Thanks! -C10 PS - I am also combatting acne with a gentle cleanser, as well as Differin, Evoclin, and Minocin (100 mg) twice daily. Any advice on these meds are appreciated as well .
  21. Please view the following video on youtube that warns against skin damage from IPL and lasers. Among other things, these devices cause lipoatrophy or loss of the good layer of fat in your skin. The layer that makes you look young and healthy.
  22. Miss_Prolixity

    Silk Touch Laser

    I am not an advocate of ablative lasers, but the results in some of these photo's were surreal. Here is the link, what do you guys think? http://www.skinsite.com/index_laser_dermatology.htm
  23. ljwhite

    Cool Laser

    Hello All, I'm brand new to the board. I've got some acne scarring on the back area of each cheek. I've been waiting for a procedure that has little or now down time. I have been reading about the cool laser. The studies have shown the people had about a 50% improvment in their scarring after about 4 to 5 treatments. Has anyone had success with the cool laser? If so, does anyone know a plastic surgeon/dermotologist who does this in the Atlanta area? Or is there any other procedure that is effective with minimal downtime? Thanks for your help!
  24. Hey, all. I had no idea there was such an interest in cold lasers! Here's where I ordered my Son's equipment (http://coldlasertherapy.us). I bought it myself because I didn't consider going through insurance or anything, but I'm glad I went through with it!
  25. Smoothbeam: http://www.boston.com/business/globe/artic...or_acne?mode=PF Aura: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/031125/latu025_1.html