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Found 41 results

  1. Hey, I’m 14 years old supposedly struggling with hormonal acne. I’ve got spots and blackheads on my forehead, acne scars on my cheeks, whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and clogged pores pretty much everywhere. I’ve considered using AHA and BHA peels by The Ordinary as I’ve heard chemical peels really benefit your skin. I was wondering if they really work or if they make things worse. Has anyone tried chemical peels or are there alternatives?
  2. I've struggled with these blackhead like bumps on my forehead for a long time and I need help! I have white heads and black heads along my chin and whiteheads on my cheeks. Especially on the one side I have huge pores that are bumpy. Please help me! Anything that might help. I sometimes break out and get puss pimples.
  3. Hey. I've managed to clear my face of acne for the most part and i'm happy with my skin now, however I have a lot of small scarring left over that I'd like to improve. Retinol, dermarolling, oil cleansing and lifestyle changes seemed to have helped clear my complexion and scarring the most, I don't have any other 4k photos like these, but my skin was so rough, congested, scarred and irritated all the time that it's pretty amazing where i'm at now. but of course, I still want to improve. a
  4. Hi all. I have started Adapalene a week and a half ago, and so far, it's going well. my closed comedones are really starting to go down, and I have noticed my complexion is getting more even. However, I am nervous about my pores. They have expanded a bit, and I'm not sure if they are clogged, or if they are actually becoming enlarged because of the retinoid. I'm nervous, because I've read all of these horror stories on the Internet about people's pores not closing up, and they remain large.
  5. After a few hours, my make up becomes like this. Any idea what is wrong? Any foundation I use will result to this.. It looks like the foundation surrounds every pore I have, even those that cannot be seen! (Beside mouth area). It's really weird. I'm guessing it could be the oil coming out of the pore which dissolves the make up. Hence looking like that. But how do I fix it!? It's so gross!
  6. Hello All! I'm going to be purchasing the acne.org system but wanted to get a few questions answered before I do! And sorry if these types of questions have already been asked, I've been searching the forums and haven't had much luck. But first, my skin! I have had acne since the age of 10/11 with extremely oily skin from both parents. I have large pores, and what most would consider mild or moderate acne now. I do have some sensitive acne every month, primarily hormonal based and on my ja
  7. So i have started a new regimen which seems to be working in reducing my acne (which is mostly just clogged pores) i am not going to tell you what i am using (and taking) until i am sure that it is actually these things for sure that are helping. My original post mentioned that i was trialing Vitamin D however that really wasn't working out so i stopped taking it. If my current regimen keeps working i will post back within a few days so stay tuned. I have taken before and after pics of my new
  8. I just wanted to post this in hopes of maybe helping some people before they mess up their face like me. I went to a derm for acne and was given a script for Retin A (Tretinoin). I only used it a cpl times following the directions and stopped because it made my skin SUPER oily and irritated. Now 7 months since stopping I still have extremely oily skin, an uneven skin tone, and probably the worst part of it all is I now have enlarged scarred pores all over my face. My cheeks look like they
  9. Hey guys I'm just wondering if there are any treatments out there that can help at least diminish the appearance of my scarring. Its mostly those 3 large holes that bother me I had 2 microderm treatments the results are good but only for exfoliating the skin and the results are only temporary. So I'm here hoping there are other treatments that could help me thanks in advance
  10. Hello everyone! I will start taking 80 mgs of Accutane per day in a month, and I am terrified and excited at the same time! I can't wait to get rid of this disgusting, oily skin. However, I am terrified of an IB!! So any support and/or advice is greatly appreciated. My skin is soooo gross and embarrassing that I don't know if I can wait to start! (Well, I guess I can survive the wait). I just have a few quick questions. First, is it true that you have to take your second pregnancy test the first
  11. I was wondering, would microneedling a week prior to doing a TCA peel result in greater improvement of large pores and ice pick/ boxcar scars? My theory is that the scars would be temporarily raised after the microneedling due to the plumping inflammatory effect that microneedling has, thus the TCA would reach the bottom of the scar and trigger collagen production. Has anyone had any luck with this? (I would do TCA cross on some of the deeper scars, but for the flat and more
  12. Hey! About 2 years ago, I over exfoliated my skin with a clay mask due to my very little knowledge of skin care at the time. I had perfect skin, I probably had a blemish or so once a month. After using the clay mask for almost a week (daily), I started to get pimples here and there. I really didn't care for it, until a week or so later it got worse. You can say at that time I had mild acne, but even so it lowered my self-confidence a lot. I started getting into a proper skincare routine. In
  13. I suffer from extremely bad oily skin. I have tried absolutely everything and spent hundred of pounds trying to find a cure to this, but have never been successful. The oily skin affects my mental health severely as I feel every day is spent obsessing over my face, and I have had enough. I previously had oily acne prone skin but I have been on antibiotics for the past year and my acne is not as much of an issue any more but it still remains, but it is the oily skin that is the real struggle. My
  14. Hi there, for years ive been very insecure about my pores/scars. My acne has mostly gone ...other than a few whiteheads when I eat bad. Are these scars? Large damaged pores? They are on my cheeks and nose. They fill with dead skin cells quite easily and require constant maintenance. ive noticed that when I’m not stressed, eating healthy and drinking lots of water they appear better... but I want them fixed because half the time they look really bad ...especially in bright light. FYI: pi
  15. Hello I'm Demetria, 17 years old and I have troubled skin. I have Oily / acne prone skin that is very shiny and red, large pores with acne scars. My skin is combination oily skin and pretty sensitive. I would like to have smooth, matte skin naturally but none of the products or diets have helped me. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks in advance.
  16. Does anyone have the same problem as me?URG! Now it has gotten better in terms of post acne red marks and clog pores. But now my pores are enlarged. Especially when the light shines on my skin, it's so disgusting! Why is my skin so overly wrinkled as well? There are so many fine lines, and putting make up over makes it look even more disgusting. It's like elephant skin? Or orange peel skin. Is there any treatment to treat enlarged pores? Skin profile: Asian- hot humid weather oily skin IM
  17. Hey guys so I've been an acne sufferer for some time now.. Im now 19 and as for acne itself I guess i can say its getting better but im being left with scsarring that looks like orange peel skin texture. I visited a dermatologist he told me i have blocked pores so he recommended i research microdermabrasion i so far had 1 session going for another one in the near future. However the ''skin specialist'' in the belair laser center highly recommeneds that i should try fraxel restore to see good re
  18. Hey y'all! So I've been noticing that I'm gettin more and more blackheads along the sides of my face, near my temple. I have huge pores! I mean huge, you can probably see straight to the core with these things. So that's why I think my skin is more prone to breakouts. But anyways, what do y'all do for your blackheads? I was thinking about switching my cleanser to one with salicylic acid (as mentioned in my last post) I heard that helps with the little under the skin bumps and blackheads. I'd lov
  19. Hey guys Im seeking for help with my skin condition. It really bothers me i have a dermatologist appointment coming up soon but i thought coming on the fourm can also be helpful. So ive been an acne sufferer for some time now and now im 18years old and things are getting better but im stuck with these scars.. Id say some are scarred pores and others are ice pick, i have scarred pores that gunk builds up in them .. when i try to get it out but it sometimes just worsens the scar so i just dont kno
  20. Yeah there's always a but Well the but is that I have been using a regimen that most likely will not work for the long term. It's one of those regimens where you have to constantly keep using for the rest of your life (That is if your skin does not get used to it and regimen ceases to work like usual). Anyway a bit about my skin...I rarely get cystic acne and if I do its probably that occasional inflamed pimple every 6 months or so..but what I do get is clogged/blocked pores. They are ever
  21. OK, so Ill keep this short. Hopeing someone will provide me some straight up no bullshit thinking, hopefully with some proof or somethinbg of some kind. Anyway, went on massive amounts of antibiotics, which ruined my digestion and gave me thrush, which i cant get rid of. My Super Oily skin (I could smear oil arounbd my face in the mirror and watch it spread around up close, likes little pools of oil under where my finger is) Is now dry and greasy. Also started getting pimples, which i havent
  22. Okay. I know some of you might say "you don't even have anything to complain about!", or "I WISH I had your acne", but I seriously am to the point where I'm questioning if I want to go on in life if this problem persists. I've always had acne since I could remember (pretty sure I had it as a fetus). From age 18-20 were markably the BEST years of my life, because I was put on Doxycycline and moved down to FL to go to school, and my skin was always bronzed and for the better part, pretty dayumn
  23. I completed my Accutane treatment and now I am supposed to wait 6 months-1 year before I proceed with the scar treatments. My doctor who will perform the subcision told me that 6 months would be enough. In the meantime I'll try to combat the discoloration by applying fortifying serums/creams. Time is on my side... I've read that 6 months is all it takes for the PIH to fade away. My face is still drier than it used to be and I hope it stays that way, because I don't want to deal with the same o
  24. Hi everyone. I have been suffering from acne as long as I can remember.. literally. Back in elementary school is when it started and when it ruined my life. I was made fun of on a daily basis for it and quickly became super insecure and I still am to this day (I am now 27 years old). I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my acne and NOTHING helps. Does this look like cystic acne? Maybe that’s why over the counter products are not working? I’m not familiar wirh cystic acne, so I don’t know. I jus