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Found 16 results

  1. Hi , Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation I have messed myself really bad. Looking for some sympathy / re-assurance and solutions. How I did it : Earlier had little pigmentation near eyes / forehead. Was using Melacare Forte (Hydroquinone 4% + Tretinoin) in night and Kozimax (Kojic-5% plus VitC-10%) in day. This helped. To remove little pigmentation that was left and seeking overall improvement : 1. Applied "Nomelan Fenol" medium strength chemical peel. This is a combnation peel , me
  2. Okay, so I've been using lactic acid peels for a few months and I use a fan brush to apply it. I recently bought a mandelic peel and a mandelic/salicylic acid peel and on the instructions for the mandelic peel it says to apply it with a q-tip. The other peel just says to apply it without specifying what to use. To me, using a little q-tip seems a bit time consuming and pointless. I've also heard people that use their hands or cotton balls/pads. But wouldn't cotton balls just absorb a lot of the
  3. Yesterday I received my first Lactic acid peel to help with my hyper-pigmentation. And the past few days I've been using the AHA again to also help with my scarring I broke out around my mouth but it looks like it's starting to clear up now. Has anyone had success with Lactic Acid peels and dans AHA for shallow scarring and hyper-pigmentation? About how long does it take to see improvement?
  4. Read the title basically! I have only ever tried one, can't remember the name, but it was like applying cake icing to my face the way it set, it still however really helped my red marks! Any Help?
  5. Hi all, I am so happy with my results using the Regimen, I had to post something. I am 32 (female) and have had acne since I was a teenager, it has never gone away. Every few years, my breakouts get so bad I just want to stay home and not show my face. I get cystic acne, whitehead and blackheads. I never used to get acne on my cheeks but for the last few years, acne has found a home there and around my chin area. I have worn make-up everyday since my late teens to cover up the acne. But
  6. Hi I'm mark I've had acne since middle school and recently I have been more concerned with my skin because it really messes with my confidence so ive started using different treatments. Right now my routine is to wash with cetaphil cleanser twice a day I will apply a bp product on my few active pimples on my chin and then use dans aha on my cheeks where the pih is which so far hasn't been much help. My biggest concern is just for the pih i have been stuck with these spots for atleast a couple y
  7. So if you read my last entry-I had a decent breakout and since I lost my lovely tan from the summer, my skin is pale and the marks are more noticable. I'm so relieved to have the breakout subside but I hate the red marks just at much as the bump itself. Anyways a few years ago I did a series of lactic acid chemical peels to fade my PIH (post inflammatory pigmentation) from an acne breakout. I did one peel a week for 6 treatments - so 6 weeks and it made an amazing difference. So I am tap
  8. Hi! I just want to know if my skin is irritated or not. I just need to know what is going on with my skin. background: Currently, I am going through some blood test to find out what is going on with my hormones (i've had my period for 3 weeks and have never had a regulated period). I have an IUD in right now (copper) so i don't have any hormones regulated. Other than that I've always struggled with acne. ALWAYS. I cannot read my skin anymore. There was one day a couple years ago my whole face
  9. HI everybody About a year ago I tried a 40% LA peel, but I soon gave up on it because it didn't improve my skin. A few days ago I was reading some reviews and decided to further research chemical peels. I soon saw that the LA peel was quite mild, probably not potent enough to do anything to my skin. Just today I ordered a TCA peel, in 12%. It took me a while to decide whether to get that or a salicylic 30%, but I went for the TCA. Is the tca too dangerous or strong for me to try it? I
  10. Has anyone ever had any problems with breaking out when using products with lactic acid or AHA's in them?! I've always used cleansers with salicylic and always had clear skin until I switched my cleanser to tri-active cleanse by dermalogica that contains lactic acid in an attempt to get rid of hyper pigmentation from excessive tanning. The first week my skin was actually better then ever, super smooth and soft but after about 3 weeks or so I noticed what I've found to be closed comedones on my f
  11. Hello all, I am currently struggling with PIH and possible shallow scarring (not too sure). I've been reading posts on the forum for a couple of months now and I still have not found all the answers I need regarding lactic acid peels. I know they are extremely beneficial, but before embarking on this journey I had a couple of newbie questions: 1) What is a good percentage to start at when first starting chemical peels (especially for Indian skin)? 2) How effective are they at reduci
  12. Okay so I have came across this product by the Skin Doctors called Gamma Hydroxy and there is also a stronger version called Gamma Hydroxy Forte. I am not really sure about the percentage of AHA's and BHA's that are in the both of them. You are supposed to use the first one for 3 months before you use the Forte one to build up tolerance to the skin because the Forte is so strong compared. So I was wondering if I could use these creams over the top of BP? Or if I should just stop the BP and only
  13. Wow i never would have thought if be posting in here. I never had bad acne until i turned 19... Most of it was due to birth control. Anyways, I started getting bad cystic acne and here I am. Last week, I got a lactic acid chemical peel and noticed a little difference. I've decided to keep up with it at home. I bought a 60% lactic acid peel with 5% kojic acid. It should arrive within the net couple of days. I plan on doing my first peel with it on Thursday, which is a week after my next one.
  14. So I've actually always had clear skin, I've been very lucky until recently. I'm 21 years old (don't know if that makes a difference here) and I had a bit of hyperpigmentation from excessive tanning a couple years ago so I decided to do something about it back in March. I purchase the ChromaWhite tx kit from dermalogica and started using their tri-activ cleanse every day. It did help with the pigmentation a little bit, but after about 3 weeks or so I started noticing these little bumps on my for
  15. How Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) Help with Acne

    Introduction to AHAs Types of AHA Used to Treat Acne How AHAs Work to Clear Acne AHA Treatments for Acne Characteristics That Affect the Strength of an AHA Product Side Effects of AHAs According to the FDA: AHAs Do Not Cause Cancer Efficacy of Alpha Hydroxy Acid on Acne Introduction to AHAs Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a group of acids used to treat skin diseases like acne, ichthyosis, keratosis, warts, psoriasis, and sun-damaged skin....
  16. So I finally decided to sort myself out with a proper skin care regime. I use a lightly exfoliating seaweed and lime face wash in the Awake and Revive brand from PHB (Pure Halal Beauty), it's product range is non alcoholic, has no animal ingredients or animal testing and contains 100% natural, organic ingredients, making it eco friendly. I also use the Sweet Orange Floral water toner Skin soothing spot treatment gel And Moisturiser from the same Awake and Revive range. With my acne v