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Found 158 results

  1. My routine consists of washing my face with Clenia in the morning and washing with Plexion at night. I was using Duac once daily in the evening, but unfortunately my skin is sensitive to BP so I had to stop using it. Instead of Duac, my dermatologist prescribed Klaron for me. He told me to apply it once in the morning and then once on the evening. I have only been using Klaron for about a week, but I have actually been getting a few more pimples since I started using Klaron. My question is,
  2. Hello, From all the ratings it seems that Sulfacetamide its one of the very best prescription meds for Acne, unfortunately I cannot find Sulfacetamide in my country, and even if I could buy it online without a prescription, is quite expensive. Nevertheless searching for a Sulfacetamide lotion in drugstore.com I found a 10% Sulfacetamide eye solution that is pretty cheap. Any ideas if this would work as a regular Sulfacetamide lotion (Klaron)? I cannot really see why not...
  3. Hi. I was onBactrim/Sulfa wash/Klaron from approx 2006-2009 with fabulous results. Doctor took me off the Bactrim as i was on so long. I continued using the wash with first good, then ok, then poor results. I recently tried the regimen (for the 2nd time) but all it did was burn the top layer of my face off, despite going slow. After much frustration and feeling down, I contacted by derm about going back on the Bactrim since its the only thing that worked. My liver test came back fine. I
  4. I'm on Klaron but only the generic versions because they cost cheaper. This time my pharmacy gave me a CLEANSER not a lotion. It's Actavia 10% Sodium Sulfacedemite + 5% Sulfur. Did I waste my money by getting the cleanser instead of a lotion? What is the % rate that cleansers actually work just like lotions do? I feel like the cleanser won't do anything for me while lotion stays on your face for a full day. It was so frustrating that my pharmacy could not find a manufacturer this time that
  5. Hi guys, just wondereing if someone can tell me if Klaron or something similar containing Sodium Sulfacetamide is available in the UK? Considering getting on it. Thanks very much, Tommy
  6. Here is my situation: I was on accutane 4 years ago and started breaking out again about 6 months ago. I got a prescription for doxycycline in December and used it until febuary. After I stopped taking it my acne went downhill and I started breaking out worse and worse. I made an apt. with my derm and said I wanted accutane again. He said that I should try Yasmin birth control for 2 months and gave me a topical prescription for klaron. I was upset but I kept trying to get better. At this time I
  7. Hi- I've been using Klaron for 5 days in am/pm and have broken out with those little bumps all over my face. Has anyone else using this experieced it? My face is worse now than it was before. Any suggestions?
  8. hey, i just recently went to the doctor and she prescripted me with a doxycycline (anit-biotics) and gave me two small samples of topical treatment. One was Klaron and the other was Benza Clin and she told me to try it out and see which one worked best for me. Well, the problem is how can I tell if one is working? On the first night I used Benza Clin and it seemed to make my skin kinda dry. I guess I can feel it working but it didnt do much to my pimples. The next day, I tried out Klaron, well,
  9. Hi! My name is Jennifer. I am new to this board, and wanted to introduce myself. I am 26, and live just outside of St Louis MO. I have recently begun taking Accutane (Claravis) last week, and am anxious to meet others who are going through the same thing. I have read a few logs, and they have been helpful. I feel like I am in this "alone" since I don't know many people who have taken it, much less understand it. So I promise, I am going to have quite a few questions in the future! I have
  10. HI! well, before i started accutane i read a few journals on this site, and they helped me a great deal, by letting me know what to expect, and how to help deal with the side-effects. So, i figured i'd post one as well, i might do the pictures thing later, but as now i don't have a digital camera on hand... So, my story with acne is that i've had a pretty bad case of it from when i was 15ish, at that time i started taking prescibed meds of all sorts, and for the past two years i was using
  11. is it just me or does Klaron eventually become less effective over time? i've been using it for about a year now and my skin seems to know whats up. any suggestions on what to do next? i've been on accutane (made me severly depressed), minocycline (didn't really seem to work), Klaron, and a plethora of over-the-counter medications. i'm thinking homeopathic, but i'm not sure how effective it will be on my moderate/severe acne.
  12. yo ive been on differen, klaron, nd mino for lik 6 months nd its working okay...no more cysts nd i get new zits rarely but they jus take a while to go away...anyways my question is is there any possible way i cud go to a tanning salon just a few times before the summer to get a base tan. im white as chalk right now nd it really bothers me nd something must be done..
  13. heyy i got my bottle of klaron lotion lik 9 months ago nd for some reason it never seems to run out nd so it say is expires 1/06 but my next derm appointment is on feb 23 so do u think itd be okay to use it one month past its expiration date just caus i dont want to refill it if im gona be taken off it soon
  14. Has anyone out there been successful at getting rid of oily skin. I have tried a lot of products out their with the exception of accutane, and that is the next step (for my acne, not oil). I am on tazorac 1.% gel and klaron in the mornings along with a daily antibiotic of bactrim. I am still incredibly oily even though my derm said these meds would dry me out. Has anyone found anything that really seems to work for them to get rid of the oil slicks? Within a half hour of make up I am alread
  16. yo guys ive been on mino klaron nd differin for a few months nd ive seen decent improvement i still geta pimple every few days but mostly all i have left is red marks from months ago. anyways i was looking through my moms avon catalogue nd there was this personal facial sauna steam thing for only 15$ which seemed lik a good deal. it said it unclogs pores. does anyone kno if this wud actually help or shud i avoid it
  17. Hey everyone, I'm new here and wanted to get everyone's opinion. I have struggled with moderate acne since the age of about 12. I did not seek prescription treatment until I was 26 years old. Since then, I have been on Tetracycline, Doxycycline, Minocycline, Spironolactone, Clindamycin gel, Clindamycin lotion, Benzamycin, and I am now on Klaron, Tazorac, and Ampicillin orally. I have been on the Klaron, Tazorac, and Ampicillin for about 10 weeks, no improvement- in fact- my skin is probably
  18. Okay, here's the deal. I had been taking 50mg of mino 2x a day. Now my derm has me taking 50mg 4x a day. That's just way too many pills for me! I want to ask for a antibotic wash to replace the oral antibotics, but I don't want to come off as a know-it-all to my derm. So what would be the best way to ask for something like klaron lotion instead of mino, without coming off like I'm placing an order at McDonald's...lol. I mean I respect his expertise, but just think that I need something differe
  19. I was on differin, then retin-A micro, both made my face break out horribly. My derm then prescribed Klaron. My question is, does Klaron have an initial breakout stage like differin & retin-A? I really dont want to go through more weeks/months of breakouts... thanks!
  20. hey i want to start using Klaron since i've heard so many good things about it and i was curious, are you supposed to use it alone? currently im using proactive and i was wondering if i use the clenser and the proactive toner, will it work with klaron? thanks for any advice
  21. I've been on this regimen for the past year... and for a few months my skin became perfect (occasional blackheads), but now it's back to horribleeeeeeeeee. I've been on EVERYTHING in the past (klaron, clindamycin, tetracycline, minocycline, triaz, tazorac, the list goes on) Now my routine is: Morning: Purpose Facewash Duac Gel (clindimycin and BP) Night: Plexion Cleanser (Sulfur-Sulfacetamide) Retin-A Micro switching off w/ Differin Plus, I'm on ortho-tri-cyclen lo Is this too much crap t
  22. I dont find them abbrasive or drying, would tea tree oil disrupt the accutane?
  23. Enough is enough, I made an appointment with a derm I saw a year ago. I took his antibiotics, klaron, plexiron. I had others give me benzamyicin, benzaclin, differin, retin-A, Mino... Im broken out all the time now, never a light week. I am in a buisness environment and 32 years old! 20 yrs of this! Its about time one of these derms take me serious and actually try to help me because I have taken everything else. I finally got bright and took pictures the last month, some are downright nast
  24. Hi all, My dermatologist has prescribed me this medicine, Klaron lotion. I know nothing of it, and was wondering a few things. How does it work (I couldn't find much on the active chemical in it)? Has anybody ever used it, and if so, what success did they have when they added it to their regimen? Lastly, when I apply it in the morning, should I apply it before or after I wish with a gentle cleanser (I've been doing after for the first few days, but want to make sure)? Thanks!
  25. yo i went to the derm today and she prescibed me klaron lotion and metrogel (what is that). anyways she didnt give me any directions on how and when to use them....any advice would be welcomed