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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everybody, This is my first post here, though I have used this website as an information resource as well as purchased products several times. I recently started using topical Nizoral and have seen unprecedented and rapid success in treating my persistent and severe acne, so I thought I would share my history of treatment and describe some preliminary results. I began breaking out when I was around 12. At first, it was small red bumps on my back and pustules on my face. As I entered high school, the bumps on my back progressed to cysts and the pustules on my face were appearing at a higher frequency and severity, and on occasion were developing into cysts as well. At this time, I began experimenting with OTC topicals. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid appeared to be completely ineffective. After a trip to my GP, I was prescribed doxycycline. The doxycycline helped tremendously, though never seemed to make much of a difference for the cysts. I continued taking it from my sophomore year in high school to my freshman year of college. At some point during my freshman year of college, the doxycycline began to lose its effectiveness. I first noticed many non-inflamed and very small bumps on my cheeks, and the pustules I was experiencing during high school began to return. I switched to minocycline, which made no difference at all. I tried OTC topicals again with minimal success. During my senior year of college, I went back to the doctor and started seeing a dermatologist. He told me I was a good candidate for isotretinoin. To begin the process, which requires ineffective treatment with oral antibiotics and a topical retinoid, he prescribed ampicillin. It was ineffective. Then adapalene (differin). Also ineffective. Finally isotretinoin. Isotretinoin sucks, but it worked quite well. Most of my acne went into remission and this has been the only effective treatment for cysts. At this point, I was 22 years old. I am now 25, and I am still observing a decrease in cystic acne. Now, my acne has began to return. I am beginning to observe a consistent increase in inflammatory lesions on both my face and back. About a year and a half ago, I approached the same doctor again, and he prescribed benzoyl peroxide+clindamycin topical. I observed moderate success with it as a spot treatment for inflamed lesions. Fast forward to now, after a particularly severe breakout, I decided to use the benzoyl peroxide+clindamycin again, but not as a spot treatment. After using it for a few weeks, I observed that not only was it mostly ineffective at treating spots, it actually seemed to make my skin worse generally. I also have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp, which I have been treating (ineffectively) with Neutrogena T-gel coal tar shampoo. I recently discovered that Nizoral is once again available in the US, so I decided to give that a try. I have previously had success with ketoconazole for my scalp in the form of pet shampoo, the only ketoconazole shampoo available for some time due to patents for use as human treatment. I started using it on my face a week ago. Persistent flakey lesions that have existed for multiple months are healing. The number of inflamed lesions has dropped from six to zero. There is no spot on my face that is infected right now. While it has not been a long time since I have started using it, and I am hesitant to attribute the symptomatic reduction entirely to ketoconazole, it is difficult to ignore the fact that for the first time in months, I do not have any inflammation on my skin. I do not know if the effectiveness is due to anti-androgenic or antifungal of topical ketoconazole. It could be either or both as far as I know. I am also taking DHEA for mental health related issues, which notably increases acne severity due to hormonal activity. It is hard to say if others will benefit from using Nizoral, but if you have undergone long-term antibiotic therapy, have seborrheic dermatitis, have acne that does not seem to respond to typical antibiotics or topical treatment, or you suspect a hormonal cause, you MIGHT consider trying topical Nizoral. I simply use it as face wash in the morning. I am not using any other treatment. I'll come come back in a week and post updated results. Thank you for reading and thank you for being a supportive community, Greg
  2. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I have been told by two different doctors that I have Seborrheic Dermatitis, specifically on my chin and chin only. I am a 22 year old male, I live in Colorado where the weather is dry with low/no humidity. This condition has lasted for about 6 years. I grew up believing it was acne, and therefore treated my chin as acne. The truth is, my SD causes pimples on my chin. My SD could have been caused by the climate I live in, the food I eat, the treatment of harsh benzoyl peroxide products, oral antibiotics, genetics, some factor I don't know of, or all of the above. My face will either produce surplus sebum levels leading to a breakout or dry, tight, flaky skin which also leads to breakouts. I have removed sodium lauryl sulfate products, and this has helped. Ketoconazole has SLS in it, which helps with my SD, but still causes breakouts. I have also tried taking it orally. My current routine is T/Sal Therapeutic Neutrogena Shampoo at night sometimes followed by Aczone. In the morning, I only use sea salt with water. Currently take a strong probiotic, turmeric pill, and zinc. I have tried many other supplements and tropical creams and nothing appears to work. I do believe what I eat affects SD as well. Looked into taking Accutane, have not decided if it is worth it or not. Thoughts?
  3. Hi, as per title: If you have taken Nizoral shampoo [ketoconazole] how long did it take to work before you started to notice an improvement with your acne? Did you have an initial breakout? Do you think an initial breakout would be possible from Nizoral considering what ever the mechanisms are that help with acne etc. Cheers.
  4. I started taking Nizoral shampoo (active ingredient ketoconazole) a couple of weeks ago. I think around the 22nd of October. So it's been a couple of weeks now. I think it's an anti-fungal and anti-dandruff shampoo and i have been using it on my face and scalp after a shower. I remember seeing it being mentioned as somehow working for acne as well, i think it is supposed to be a DHT inhibitor, or something like that, it can reduce sebum production maybe. I have never bothered with it in the past because of the DHT bit and possible side effects, by my brother left some around and i was f'ing pissed off with spots so just thought i'd try it. My brother has been using it to try and stop hair loss and he's clear when he used to get the odd spot, but could just be coincidental as i've been using it every day for 2 weeks and so far so nothing. If anything my skin on my face and scalp has been shit whereas as my body - chest and back are pretty much clear. Doesn't mean it's the shampoo that has broke me out though.