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Found 15 results

  1. From the album: Return to Clarity: Natural Journey Back to Wellness

    This is what six months of overeating rice, potatoes, and olive oil got me. Now I'm back on a healthy raw vegan diet. Let's improve!
  2. I'm 21 years old and I've had clear skin for most of my life. Even when I ate junk food. Never really got serious acne in high school and barely did anything to my face, just water and body moisturizer or baby oil. Then came university. i started getting these pimples with large whiteheads all around my central chin. It was bad, it always occurred in the same spots and continued to get worse. It was so frustrating. On top of of that it scarred really really badly. Now I'm left with a circular r
  3. Hi My acne and a condition called keratosis pilaris were caused by insulin resistance. They both went away when i lost excess weight and ate blood sugar balancing meals, eg real foods with protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and wholegrains. Also my cystic acne was caused by oxalates in certain foods. I found that squeezing lemon juice on medium oxalate foods, such as brown rice and lentils, prevents cysts for me but high oxalate foods always give me cysts. I read the lemon juice tip somewhere
  4. I’m pretty sure that I have PCOS (almost positive)- irregular periods, ovarian cysts, acne, hormonal imbalance , etc. Sometimes I have clear skin and sometimes I get huge flares. This month 1/2 I got a terrible flare. My skin feels rough/ waxy like I’ve never felt it before. I have tiny bumps all over my face that won’t go away no matter what topical medication I use. Does this look like a food allergy? Can it be something other than acne that’s mimicking it? About 10 years ago I had such a flar
  5. First and foremost, I haven't been formally diagnosed with KP, but I am 95% sure that's what I've been dealing with for the past year. Now that I think I'm on the right track of treatment, I'm hoping to see some progress, and maybe my story can help someone else! Relevant info: 23 year old female Skin history-- Pale with freckles, burn fairly easily. No problems with pimples leaving marks or scars. Oily forehead and nose, normal to dry everywhere else (used to be oily T-zone, normal elsew
  6. Aingealag

    Any Ideas For Last Hope?

    Hi everyone, I could really use your help... I've suffered from hormonal acne off and on for about 8 years now. The last 18 months constantly. I've tried everything I can think of by now and would love your opinions on what else I could try. I'd prefer keeping it fairly natural and avoid prescription medications though. Here's a brief hormonal history that might illustrate the problem: Because of my many problems with the pill, I've been totally off it for 18 months now. I've been on about
  7. MariaMariaHello


    Hey, I’m a new member of the forum, although I’ve been reading the comments for a while now. straight to the point: I have had really bad acne on my face all through my teens. Now I’m 20 and the acne on my face isn’t gone, but has drastically improved, I still break out quite often though. I also have back and chest acne. But that’s not the main problem. The problem are my arms. For about 10 years I have had acne on my arms and it looks really bad. I have it on my entire arm, including my fore
  8. Could these red bumps on my forehead be keratosis Pilaris? I also have them on my temple area. I've had pretty perfect skin before this, and they've only popped up in maybe the past 2-3 months. They also occasionally itch. (I also know that I have KP on the back of both of my arms).
  9. Hi there! Lately my face has started itching along my hairline and chest. This could be because it's dried out from acne products (my skin is super oily but also dehydrated). Does this look like acne or is it possibly Pityrosporum Follicutlitis? I tried Nizoral but it didn't really help, neither did an anti fungal cream. The acne on my chest is also resistant to EVERYTHING and if I try to pop a spot it gets SUPER red and inflamed. If I do manage to pop any of the spots on my face, a white string
  10. First a little background information · Girl, currently 19 years old · Started getting acne around 14 years old · Dry, sensitive skin + large pores (the most ironic combination) · Few big ones on my forehead or near my mouth / chin, never my cheek, often pretty deep with no head + ooze for a really long time · Doctor prescribed me clindoxyl(Benzoylperoxid/Clindamycin), did not do much but irritate my skin · Dermatologist who put me on lymeceline pills (two years ago), helped with the infl
  11. cindy3665


    From the album: Cindy

  12. Please excuse me for this post, but I am so frustrated with my body acne. I am such a freak that I get acne even in weird places like my forearms, hands, and stomach. And yes, I do think that it's actual acne for reasons that I will explain later in this post. MY RANT Having weird body acne is so frustrating because I'm such a freak. Virtually nobody else gets acne in such weird places. It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to have acne on the face, back, or chest. It's frustrating
  13. KnowingRant

    My "Miracle Product"

    So I made this account just to share this story in case it can help anyone else! I turned to acne.org a lot for tips and advice so I figured it's good karma to post how I cleared up my acne. For starters, my skin was always super low maintenance, I never broke out in high school or middle school. It wasn't until I was in college, at around 19 or 20, that I started to break out a little here or there. I always chalked it up to stress and eating poorly at college but it consistently got worse.
  14. Madeleine24

    How Many Of You Have Kp?

    Keratosis Pilaris, the rough bumpy skin that can form on upper arms and legs. It looks like 'chicken skin'. I can't believe mine has come back after being free of it for up to 3 years ! I wasn't even treating it, it just went away :S. Now a lot has changed in my life and it's back. What treatments do you use for it? Anyone had success?
  15. Hey guys, I'm 18 years old and I've always had extremely clear skin until last summer. I got some on my cheeks, and they decided to stay on my cheeks - my cheeks haven't been acne-free since last year. Since then, my acne has been moderate, persistent acne that won't go away no matter what I did. I'm currently on my third week of accutane, and I'm questioning whether I should continue my accutane journey or not. But now I'm experiencing weird side-effects and after reading about others wh