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Found 97 results

  1. I was reading that on a site that said by juice fasting, the body starts to take the nutriets from the juice and the rest of the body and rebuild skin. it also takes dead skin cells among other thing. Here is a link: http://www.healingdaily.com/juicing-for-health/fasting.htm But, I was wondering if anyone has tried anything similiar? I eat a lot of junk foods and I wonder if going a day or 2 without any foods, just water and healthy fruit drinks and shakes would cleanse my system and possibly help my skin since i have a lot of redness from old acne. Advice?
  2. hey everyone, so i've been juicing vegetables and eating a high-raw, mostly vegetarian, mostly organic diet for about a week and i'm feeling really good. i've definitely had some detox symptoms... i had one of the worst headaches of my entire life a few days ago, but overall i'm experiencing a heightened sense of wellbeing, my body feels lighter, my mood is good, etc etc. i have been spending a lot of time reading/researching/contemplating, and what i'm really wondering about now is whether or not our bodies can successfully and thoroughly detoxify GRADUALLY over time. i would love to EVENTUALLY do a hardcore colon cleanse/irrigation thing, but there are a number of reasons why i'm hesitant to "take the plunge" right now. i was just wondering if anyone else had given this any thought. do you HAVE TO fast/cleanse in order to get rid of all the mucoid plaque, or can our bodies gradually dissolve these toxic buildups if we sustain a truly clean lifestyle over an extended period? thoughts?
  3. There appears to be a great divide between those who believe that: 1) Diet has absolutely no relation with acne (says the medical community who have done supposed "studies") 2) Diet simply aggravates acne and nothing more 3) Diet does directly affect your skin, cause acne, etc. Especially in the long term have acne and have life-long experience) For those who do believe that diet has an adverse affect on your skin, then why not take those crucial steps to changing your life. People go crazy on low-carb fad diets. How important is your skin to you? Even if you don't believe, it's always good to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. This is why a Diet*Food choices *Recipes (cooking, juicing) *Exercise tips *Home economics *Much more! Let's vote!
  4. Hi everyone. As the title says, a tapeworm came out during my bowel this morning. Here's a brief story of my diet. I am trying to clear my acne with the below regimens I am currently on my 10th day of my 30days smoothie/juicing diet. The recipe includes : 90% vegetables 10% fruit Spinach Parsley Bitter gourd Celery Kiwi sometimes green apple Coconut Oil Almond Milk Chia Seeds avocado I drink this smoothie twice everyday, in the morning and night. Beside the smoothie, I eat steamed cauliflower, brocolli, and bittergourd during lunch consistently. My dinner is chia seeds pudding with avocado and almond milk. I drink 2 liters of lemon water everyday, I eat sauerkraut as well. I am taking cod liver oil and milk thistle supplements. I am not sure how the tapeworm came out. Anyone experience this? Edit : Before I forgot, I am doing the castor oil pack as well. I am on my third night last night. I rub the castor oil on my right abdomen for 15 mins then put a cloth and the hot water bag for 45mins-1hr.
  5. Well, I've decided that I'll start juicing more often. Now, I'm wondering how long juice will keep in the fridge because I sure don't want to juice every day since the clean up is a bit of a hassle. Maybe once every three days, I'll make enough juice to last three days or so, is that fine or does juice not keep well? What are some good juice mixtures that you've tried? I have a booklet of juice recipes that I'll be trying but I'd like to hear what others have made and liked as well. Thanks for any input. Also, what do you do with your pulp? I'm thinking of doing carrots/apples first and then putting the pulp in a blender and making some sort of carrot/apple sauce out of it. Anything else that can be done with pulp?
  6. I just wanted to make this quick post sharing the benefits of lemon and what you can do to help you clear up your skin with it. First, Lemon has a lot of vitamin C which helps the immune system as well as exfoliate dead skin cells and helps new healthy skin cells replace those. Lemon also cleanses and helps the body become more alkaline which is a healthier environment. You can do several things with lemon to help clear up your skin. First, add lemon to water and have lemon water or add lemon and stevia and make 100% natural lemonade! (Stevia doesn't raise blood sugar levels so this is fine, it's the best natural sweetener) Then you can also take lemon and cut it in half then rub the lemon onto your face or skin and it will cleanse and exfoliate your skin! I actually did it today in a video and you can really feel it "stinging" or "burning" your skin which it's just cleansing really well. You can also juice lemon with other fruits and vegetables to get a lot of nutritional benefit. This is good because you can get other vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients that help keep your skin clear as well. You can do all this with one lemon! So start juicing lemons, adding them to your water and using it on your skin! Hope this helps! David "The Skin King"
  7. freehelp


    If you want your face to clear up you must do a few things ... 1. Stop eating greasy food ( frech fries, burgers, pizza ) 2. Eradicate all junk food ( candy, chips, sodas ) 3. Exercise with resistance bands ( get a set with 20, 30 and 40 lbs ) 4. Don't use oily soaps ( dove, irish spring ) 5. Always pat dry your face or infected area ( don't rub ) 6. Avoid poping cause it will cause scars and allow acne to spread 7. Start juicing! Fresh raspberry kills acne bacteria from the inside out. 8. Clense your body internally with ocean spray cranberry juice If you drink enough it will cause you to take make more frequent bathroom breaks. It also promotes weight loss. 9. Mix beets, apples, cucumbers and asparagus with a juicer. This also clenses your bladder and when you take a leak you will leak red which is normal. This is simply a sign that the juice is clensing your body. Keep drinking it every day until your leak turns back to clear white. This builds strength and also promotes weight loss. 10. Change your bed frequently, especially your pillow case. 11. Get some sun! Sun does not cause cancer. Cancer is caused by the chemicals in various products. ( SP5 Lotion ) A new study was release not too long ago linking icyhot pain products to cancer also! It's always the chemicals in the products or the pollutants in the air that cause health issues. 12. Avoid coffee! Coffee is good for people whom have asthma because it opens up the body's ability to breath better. Caffeine contains many chemicals that even scientest are not aware of yet. If you have anxiety attacks cut down on caffeine also. 13. Buy everything low fat and sugar free! 14. Eat plenty of fiber! TOTAL Cereal with low fat milk is the the way to go. 15. Take vitamines ( EG. Centrum Multivitamine ) 16. Kill stress by lifting weights - people now use kettlebells 17. Pay attention to acne break outs - what did you eat ? or what did you touch or came in contact with that caused you to break out ? You may have an allergic reaction to certain types of cloth and or soap used to wash your cloth. 18. Sleep in a well ventilated area. ( As dust free as possible ) 19. Use small concentration of benzol peroxide to avoid dry skin and constant redness and peeling. 5 % You want you skin to peel but gradually. 20. Get laid! lol ) ( 18+ Only ) --- I see many people whom write reviews and are angry that their acne gets worse when they start using some acne products. Acne always gets worse before it get's better. Some people get it worse then others but this is just a sign that the product is working. However, if you get really bad and you notice no improvements after 2 months then you are doing something wrong. Check the list above ... You also want to make sure you don't have allergies to any of the ingredients of the products you opt to use. You can simply test your skin with a few dabs of the products you wish to use before committing to it. -- Use this knowledge to help yourself and others. I just turned 30 and have been dealing with acne since I was a teen. I tried everything under the sun including Acutane but the one thing that helped me was a complete lifestyle change. Besides all the things I have listed above, you must want to change! This is my shopping list as far as fighting acne - Clearasil 5 % benzoyl peroxide - Put on before going to sleep - TOTAL Cereal ( Loaded with Multivitamines! ) - Low Fat Lactose Free Milk - Low Fat Yogurt ( 70 - 80 calories ) - All types of fruits - All types of vegetables - Lean skinless chicken steaks - Poland Spring Water - For Mouth Wash I use 1 table spoon of Hydrogen peroxide mixed with luke warm water ( This kills bad breath instantly and acne causing agents in the mouth - Don't drink it! ) If you have back acne keep your shirt off at home to allow your skin to breath fresh air. Keeping your shirt on all day will make things worse. If you are a girl put on a see through gown which allows air to flow freely. -- Cucumbers, Raspberry and Lime are the ultimate natural internal acne fighters! External medicine only helps kill bacterial on the surface of the skin. You are fighting the symptom not the cause! You must fight the cause to stop the symptoms. You do this with proper eating and exercise. These are you best friends --> Cucumbers, Raspberry and Lime to fight acne at the source. This does not mean you can continue to eat junk food! Lime kills bacterial Raspberry nurishes the cells and fights off acne Cucumbers makes your skin radiant - gives a natural glow! You must also speed up your metabolism by running on a treadmill, doing light exercise or some activity to get your heart rate up! This will help clense your blood by eating and drinking the proper foods before and after working out. I hope this information will help all of you! ) Take care
  8. I'd like your opinion on this one. We all know vegetables are sources of fat-soluble vitamins A,E, and K. Now, do you guys think it's necessary to drizzle that olive oil on your salad or have your veggies with some meat? Would the residual oils in the vegetables be enough or should we add more oil/fat to make sure we get those A,E, and K vitamins in our system? So, when i'm juicing veggies, should i add some kind of oil to it?
  9. Maximus Decimus Merideous

    Question About Juicing...please Help!

    I love juicing greens! I use so many good ingredients: spinach, kale, dandelion greens, raddishes, etc. BUT making them every day is super annoying and time consuming because cleaning my juicer and preparing the veggies takes forever. Does anybody know if it's okay to make a bunch of juice in one sitting, and then save it in my fridge for a few days? How long would fresh juice last in the fridge? Or is it not even worth drinking it if you can't drink it right when you make it. Id really appreciate anybodys input on this. Thanks so much in advance!
  10. Heeeey guys. I know that green smoothies are pretty popular on here, but what about juicing? I'm not really a fan of the consistency of smoothies, never have been. I've decided to start juicing again, the first time I tried a few months ago, I broke out. I don't know if it was my body detoxing (I was also having some...interesting bowel movements, if you know what I mean) or if I was getting too much fiber at once or what, but it kinda scared me off. But then again, my diet wasn't as clean as it is today (wasn't gluten-free yet, occasionally eating processed sugars, more rice than vegetables, etc) and I'm ready to start making juice again! And who knows, maybe the two weren't even connected. Does anyone have any recipes they'd like to share with me? I'm a total newbie at this and I want to start off slow, and with more vegetable based juices than fruit based. Also, if anyone has any tips that'd be great too, like which fruits and/or vegetables work the best together, and which ones I shouldn't mix. Thanks in advance! (:
  11. aflowerpot


    Hi im April ann. so. my story is i started getting acne while i was pregnant. It was quite the shocker because i always had perfect skin. my son is 4 (almost 5) now and the acne has been progressing year after year. In the beginning i was just buying a new cleanser almost every week, rinsing my face with scolding water, putting astringent on every few hours. all things that inevitably began to scar and inflame my acne. about a month and 1/2 ago i found out i could see a dermatologist with a referral. so i went to the doctor (i was pretty effing excited i must say) she gave me benzoclyn and an antibiotic that i can't remember the name of. the benzeclyn made me very uncomfortable. My skin ached and burned , especially if i happened to sweat. i kept using it for abotu a month, in the last week or so my face was ridiculously scarred. red. but clear. i through out the benzeclyn. and then flushed the antibiotics while listening to a really old homemade cure cassette. this ritual was pretty invigorating i must say. i realized i was going against a lot of my beliefs, and my foundation. i was raised vegan, and ended up in complete rebellion at around 14. taco bell was the most exciting place on earth for me. birthday cake was like a drug, ice cream... like sex. this experience was a very enjoyable one for me because i finally experienced lunchables and squeeze its, pizzas and parties. where as a child i was very excluded from these events unless my parents were mimicking them. i also came to the conclusion that it was okay to eat meat and dairy. and i also came to the conclusion that processed foods like american cheese were wonderful. I figured out that these things were made out of love, not to hurt anyone. people that immigrated to america were leaving famine, death of children, and disease.... america was the first country to come up with foods that "wouldnt go bad" i dont believe these foods should be eaten all of the time but i believe when they are consumed these triumphs should be taken into consideration. after gaining about 25 pounds and apparently getting acne, i went back to my roots. i only eat these foods socially, and i try to at least eat something processed or of animal content once a month... just so my body can handle it. my memories of sneaking birthday cake at 7 and vomiting are far to vivid. i also make sure my son takes time to consume these foods, so that if we were ever in a situation where thats all there was... our bodies wouldnt be in complete shock. i mean what other country can people just decline foods and ingredients, because they are anti that? its quite the gift. i love america. even our attempts at pharmaceutical synthetics. but my point is.... this stuff didnt work, my body didnt feel good. the only thing that had any type of feeling was the hope they gave me. i decided to start juicing again.... carrot and cucumber mostly, sometimes radish and beets. and drinking a bottle of water mixed with a table spoon of acv everyday along with kombucha. my skin is finally soft again, my scars are diminishing.... my face feels good. my decision feels good. i can smile without cracking. im not completely clear yet, but i can see it happening. i dont want an immediate result anymore, i want to take care of my body. i want to balance myself with nature and its really working. i wash with organic Q10 cell revitalizer. and i dab acv on after, (i dont rub it on) every other night i steam ACV over my face after washing then dab it on to close my pores back up. i know there is a different balance for everyone, a different conclusion, a different realization but i just hope that something i have done get someone going where they are to be. -april ann.
  12. Bobby Mcgee

    Common Sense Skin Habits

    I used to frequent this site a few years ago. I have been able to do very well with my skin and wanted to leave you guys with a few habits that I've tested over many years. You will probably notice some of these across other people's post. I am an adult in a career, so you will notice that these are lifestyle changes not products that you use. Some of these do cost money, but the benefits go well beyond skin. You will probably add years to your life and have twice as much energy as normal. Habit #1 Juicing This is a great thing to do for your skin. Go buy a juicer, which unfortunately will cost you a lot. I originally bought a cheap juicer by Jack LaLanne. I now use the more expensive Breville model because it gets more juice out (costs around $300 compared to $100 Jack LaLanne juicer) This absolutely gives you energy and you will notice within weeks your skin will start to clear. Read up on juicing, try to do a glass and use these ingredients: Kale Apple Grapefruit Spinach Celery Carrots Beet Ginger Peppermint Brocoli Swiss Chard...\ These are just ideas, there are many more fruits and vegetables to use. Try the book the 150 healthiest foods, read it in the bookstore or buy it. In there you can find some good ideas for the best fruits and vegetables. Juicing is a must Edit: I will concede that blending these foods will also benefit those who are on tighter budget. The point is that it has to be done daily. Habit #2 Healthy Oil Intake Take a good amount of Flax Oil and Fish Oil everyday. Don't take capsules, buy the bottles instead. I use Now brand because it has high quality and is economical. I take about 6 grams Omega 3 with flax and 3 grams of fish oil. I weigh 200 lbs so I may take more than a smaller person. Habit #3 Working out pretty hard I say "pretty hard" because you don't have to kill yourself. You should be able to talk while do cardio (run, elliptical, or whatever). 30-45 minutes. 5 to 7 days a week. 45 minutes if you want to be great. Be consistent. Working out 5 days a week is a must TRUST ME Thost 3 habits alone are huge. I see people wondering what pills to take and what soaps to use and they don't have these three building blocks. They have it backwards. Make your body strong and it will be able to take care of itself. I say it again because it is so crucial... don't go looking for products and soaps etc if you are not doing the first three habits (and the other 4 habits! Clean water, clean diet, etc) These habits are crucial and what the heck you use on your skin other than a mild quality soap is not as important as you think. The mistake most people make is they look for what to put on the skin rather than how to keep their body and environment clear skin conducive. Habit #4 Great diet You don't have to eat perfect always. Instead shoot for 80-90% of the time. The first three habits will all be for naught if you eat at McDonalds and Burger King most of the time. What is a good diet? Although most people argue on this, there are some SIMPLE basic principles to follow that almost everyone agrees on. Eat all 3 macromolecules (fats, carbs, proteins) What are healthy carbs? Carbs that have fiber digest slower and turn to blood sugar slower. Therefore they will be better for you. Look for 100% whole grains, vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, brown rice is ok but not great. Think fiber and slower digesting to get a great carb. What isn't a great carb? anything that is high glycemic and quickly digesting. In other words, sodas, breads that are not 100% whole grain, pasta's, candy, fruit drinks, etc. What are healthy proteins? I have tried vegetarian and couldn't get it done. Meat isn't that bad, try fish/chicken/lean proteins. Whey is good too, shoot for lactose free if you can or limited lactose. Which brings up dairy, I would avoid dairy unless you are 1000% sure that it doesn't negatively affect you. If you aren't sure, go without dairy for a few months and see how you feel (allergies, sinus, digestion, etc) What are healthy fats? Primrose, Flax, Fish Oil, Olive oil, fats from nuts like almonds and walnuts which are monosaturated and omega 3 respectively. Good meals ideas: Chicken salad with walnuts/carrots/peppers etc (get creative with vegatables) Turkey avocado sandwich, steel cut oats and eggs whites with almonds, etc. Just grab a healthy option out of each category (try energyfirst.com for a good health book for 19.99 or try to read books like YOU: on a diet. by Dr. Oz. Or do some searching on the internet, don't go overboard on diet, the two books I just mentioned are good strong places to start. Habit #5 Exfoliate I think the best way to exfoliate is apple cider vinegar. I use it every night (small amount) with a cotton ball. You may want to try something else, but this is cheap (a $1 bottle lasts months) and natural. Avoid chemical products that have a bunch of junk in them. Try a baby's hair brush to dry skin brush your face. Habit #6 Clean Water This is #6 but it is still very crucial, don't put this one off. Wash your skin only with clean water. Water from the tap is filled with chlorine and junk to kill all the bacteria. Guess what, that stuff destroys your skin. Buy a shower filter like the Aquasauna filter, it is only $60 for 6 months of filtered water. I guess you could buy clean distilled water from the store but a filter will end up being cheaper, plus you need warm water to wash and store water won't be warm. Habit #7 Clean hygiene Make sure you shower before you go to sleep and wash your body well, your body has oils which will get all over your sheets. So use new sheets every 3 to 4 days, the higher the thread count the better. If you have cheap sheets then they can absorb less oil which means more oil on your face from your sheets. 100 -200 thread count are usually cheap and 600 or higher usually means better, again just make sure you get a good brand with a decently high thread count. Wash your face a few times a day, some people may need 3 but 2 will work for most. Use a basic mild soap and don't change soaps often. I've used the same soap for 3 years, Cetaphil from normal to oily skin. Make sure also for women that you avoid make up (or try to use powdered makeup). Natural make up tends to be better as it lacks a lot of chemicals. Don't equate natural with good though. Some natural products are horrible. Bare minerals seemed like a quality product, just be smart and don't slather anything on your face, use little and be gentle. That is it Well, and sleep 7-8 hours everyday. Try to go to sleep at a good time. If I could recommend a good book, "Success Is not an Accident". It will teach you basics on how to achieve goals and become an excellent person. It is only $10 and probably will be some of the best money you ever spend besides the money on the juicer. The juicing is so crucial. Ask anyone who juices regularly, they will tell you that it is one of the most beneficial habits in their life. This is everyone who juices! Give it a try people. Also try to avoid a bunch of junk products on your face. Retin A, Differin, Benzoyl Peroxide (or just limit benzoyl) etc. These products do attack bacteria but also irritate the hell out of your skin. It is like hunting a rabbit with a cannon ball launcher. You kill the rabbit but you can't eat your hunt because you blew it to smithereens. Favorite product: Zeno works well, it is a pricey little device that heats your skin in the problem area effectively killing the bacteria underneath the skin without irritating it. This can be pricey but is much better than buying topical after topical and destroying your skin. Zeno isn't a must but is a nice addition. You might be thinking, wow, this is complicated and costs a lot. The juicing does cost a bit, $300 to start and probably 20 bucks a week to keep it going but its well worth it. It will help you earn more money and be a more effective person. Everything else doesn't cost that much. Remember each habit is a category, so if you excel in each area then you will be great and have great skin. I realize I didn't lay everything out in a specific step by step so you may have to do some reading and homework, but follow these guidelines and I promise you that you will have huge improvements in your skin. Try adding 1 or 2 habits a month, or try to add 4 or 5. Just get to a point where you are doing all of these eventually.
  13. Does blending (not juicing) leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach make them lose any nutritional content or absorption qualities? This may have been answered already somewhere on the board and I apologize in advance for that!
  14. AcneDood


    Heres what kinda helps my acne less visible. Abvously all of these veggies are washed and cutt into little peices before juicing. 2 big brocccoli crowns small bag of carrots One huge cucumber 1 small package of blue berries Small package of strawberries small bag of pre cutt cauliflower And small package of grapes If I eat something somewhat healthy(chicken not beef) and avoid junk food the next my face looks ALOT better.
  15. cubsfan1

    Vegetable jucing

    I started juicing carrots, celery, apple and cabbage. These vegetables are suppose to be awesome for your skin and health. I started juicing for about 2 weeks, but I am breaking out crazy with whiteheads everyday ??? Could this possibly be my system detoxing? I truly belived this will help with acne, not make it worse. I am about to give up. Any experienced juicer who had this effect? Thanks P.S. I only get acne around my chin. Basically below my nose and I believe this is hormonal acne. Also I am 29 years old male.
  16. I've found a website that covers EVERYTHING on these forums. It's author is just a normal guy who I now have the utmost respect for and mainly relates to overall health but most of the topics also are covered extensively in these forums. I was browsing through the net and found a concept that I found to be really interesting. It's called food combining and you can read about it here: www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/food-combining.htm It would take alot of time to accurately do this, but just be sure to space your meals and wait to eat your fruits and skip dessert. 'Food combining' refers to the combination of foods which are compatible with each other in terms of digestive chemistry. Food combining is a basic component of optimal nutrition because it allows the body to digest and utilize the nutrients in our foods to their full extent.' 1. Starchy carb foods (pasta, wheat, rice) different times to protein 2. Staches at different times to acidic or sugar foods (so obviously fruits) 3. Protein and fats at seperate meals 4. Don't eat dessert with a meal as they ferment and bacteria turn them into poop 5. Melons are to be eaten ALONE as they combine with no other food To read about 1000 other things: www.healingdaily.com Bentonite Clay (some people have been asking how it works): Bentonite clay and flaxseeds assist with the colon cleansing process. Bentonite is a type of edible clay that acts as a bulk laxative by absorbing water to form a gel. It binds toxins such as pesticides and helps to carry them out of the colon Rebounding (on a mini trampoline! I actually went out and got one for $39!) paraphrased: The lymphatic system carries nutrients and cleans our body and relies on movement as the heart does not pump it around. 'Vigorous exercise such as rebounding is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times' ... 'The rebounding motion stimulates all internal organs, moves the cerebral-spinal fluid, and is beneficial for the intestines.' ... 'Many immune cells such as T-lymphocytes and macrophages are self-propelled through amoebic action' ... It facilitates oxygen delivery, combats depression, normalize blood pressure, lowers cholestrrol AND triglyceride levels, muscle tone, relief from pains in back, neck, slows down aging, and can help with allergies and colds etc.... Rebounding is a good form of mild exercise as you're not putting pressure on your body. Do it whilst listening to your iPod! Niacin flush: Niacin opens blood vessels wider. Niacin, when used properly, offers benefits in terms of cholesterol reduction, as well as for detoxification. If you want to know more theory behind it, then visit the website. From what I gathered as well; Potassium Bicarbonate (No idea why I wrote this down) Eggs have cysteine! Chlorella (and I assume all chlorophyll products) lower mercury levels! The website also talks about NAC and if a large enough group decides to take NAC (N-A-Cysteine) and also then take 2 b5 pills a day they should see the same results as taking 10grams of b5. The importance of nuts and seeds - their low calories, good fats, low carbs, high protein, antioxidants and phytochemical, omega’s and lignans (fibre). READ MORE HERE Nutrient density rankings for foods – I don’t really agree with this method as it would be impossible to compare every nutrient and olive oil is at the bottom of the list. Nevertheless… READ MORE HERE Additionally; everyone should look into Chlorophyll for detox and it also assists in wound healing. It's green, doesn't taste bad and is affordable. CHLOROPHYLL BENEFITS: GREEN MIRACLE! There's so much information out there, but the website that talks about all of this really is one of the best websites around as it's very straight forward, easy to understand and covers alot of ground. If you don't want to scour the forums for health topics and wait for people to answer your questions, read it at the website. Then if you have any more queries relating to acne, come ask the pro's here. More topics of importance covered there: Colon/kidney detoxification Conditions Exercise Juicing for health Liver detoxification Oral chelation Healing diet Related Links Bathing in epsom salts
  17. vpm


    Hey all, any success with juicing for skin health? I thought I would start juicing as a way to get more greens, etc and more water too; just for general health. I made my first green drink today and it was super yummy! But, I was wondering if anyone has success with clearing/helping their SKIN by juicing, and if so any good recipes? My smoothie today was: celery, spinach, cucumber, Italian parsley, nettle tea, mango & raspberry
  18. All you need is Ivory soap, luke-warm water, and a healthy diet. You can get rid of all of the facial scrubs, facial washes (that don't work and burn the face), face wash cloths (hard on the skin). For women - don't wear makeup, or very much makeup - as anything put on the face will clog pores, even if the label says "non comedogenic". It's aboslute BS, since anything that is caked on the face will prevent the skin from breathing and getting rid of toxins. This includes sunscreen - so the best thing to do with the sun is to get a sunhat (straw is the best kind) - and avoid too much direct sun exposure. This doesn't mean none at all, and I frequently go outside without my hat so I can get direct exposure to the sun daily. After my skin has had enough (you can feel it, trust me), I wear my hat anytime I am outside. Usually about an hour to 45 min of direct sun a day is best. The sun is really good for the skin in moderation. Always drink lots of water. Drink water constantly all day every day. Also limit sugars - like candy bars, white sugar, and soda. Natural sugars found in carbs are okay. START JUICING with raw veggies and fruit. Watch a movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" - you can watch it for free on HULU. Make juicing veggies/fruit your primary food source, and compliment with limited amounts of meats, grains, etc. Do not eat food in boxes or that are frozen. Shop only for fresh produce as much as possible. Avoid alcohol as much as possible, as it is toxic. Start drinking your coffee and tea black with no sweateners (it's not that bad - trust me). It's better to limit as much dairy as possible - or none at all. Eating it occassionally is ok - like in pizza. But daily habits like coffee, where you are constantly introducing dairy into your body, is best avoided. Obviously - get exercise daily, preferably in the sun. When you bathe in the shower, use luke-warm water. Do not scrub your facial skin. Lather the Ivory soap, apply with warm water, wash, apply more water, gently stretch your facial skin and wash all crevises of the face, then relax your face, apply more water to the soap, and gently wash the skin. Keep applying water to the soap on your face until you are confident it is cleaned thoroughly. The key to ridding the acne is to clean the skin thoroughly, but also gently. Ivory soap is very gentle on the face, and I usually add the soap to my face first with the bar, then keep washing and adding water as needed until my skin is cleaned thoroughly. I never get that over-washed feeling with Ivory, but the skin will flake at first when you start using it. If you follow my method, you will eventually see that this is dead skin that was simply never being washed off - this is what causes the acne. By washing the skin thoroughly, you can get rid of the dead skin. Just do it gently with Ivory soap and warm water. You don't need benzoyl peroxide, and you need not worry about "overwashing" with Ivory - that's just a misconception. You don't need to scrub your skin to get it clean, but you do have to apply enough soap and water until it is clean. This method worked for me. My face doesn't ever feel like it's hurting - my skin feels GREAT now. It works. It worked for me, and I had acne - cystic acne - from 16 until my 30s. Ivory soap is THE best way to clear acne. It's pure and gentle - exactly what the face needs. And it cleans thoroughly. Make sure you bathe when you first wake up, after exercising, and before going to bed. Bathing twice a day is best.
  19. How's it going everybody! Well, I'm new to participating in this community (long time reader and site-surfer) and I need to figure something out. Recently, about 2 weeks ago, I adopted an entirely new diet; one that I hope will assist with finding the real underlying reason for my acne. A little bit of background: I've had acne since I was 13 years old - I'm 18 now and heading into college (I'm a guy by the way). At first it was mild/slightly moderate with occasional inflamed pimples. I went to the derm and was prescribed clindamycin, differin, and doxycycline and the acne was gone! I was so happy! But after about a year, the acne came back and became moderate/severe - occasional cysts with mostly inflamed acne. I was so depressed =[. After trial and error with minocycline and other products, I went on Accutane. After 8 months of hell, my acne was gone, and I thought for good. However, 7 months later, it slowly crept back to the surface of my face. That's when I went on a paranoid frenzy of trying to find the right products, the right prescription, the right regimen, the right supplement, etc. nothing was working well. I've been on (in no particular order) in their full courses: - Doxy - Mino - Bactrim - Erythromycin - Benzaclin - Clindamycin - Benzamycin - Differin .1 and .3 - Aczone - Duac - BP - Ziana - Veltin - Sodium Sulfacetamide Suspension - And the grandaddy... Accutane After countless errors through all of my trials, what has calmed my face down the most is washing gently (almost like in the Acne.org Regimen way) with mild foaming cleanser and simply applying a moisturizer like Vanicream Lite afterwords. I spot treat problem areas with some things, but that's about it. I've also been taking the typical vitamins that are "supposed" to help acne - multi, A, D, Zinc, Chromium. Yes, what I've done is quite extensive, but that's why I think that my issue originates either because of hormones or because of diet. I'm ready to change things around. I am now at the point where I want to find the real reason for this damn curse/disease, whatever you want to call it. I am determined to see if it originates systemically. So, back to the real reason for this post. I did have a decently healthy diet - mostly organic except for when I eat out, minimal dairy in the form of cheeses, no milk, no white breads, decent amount of fruits and vegetables, what I thought was a good amount of water, and other typical healthy people things. However, just cutting dairy and eating "relatively" healthy seemed as though it wasn't cutting it. Two weeks ago, like I said, I began the following: - No more gluten. Period. - No dairy at all in any forms. - Limit greatly processed sugars. - Minimal soy. - Increase consumption of organic fruits and vegetables. Vegetables mostly with every meal. - Juicing every morning. One large glass, combination of kale, cucumber, broccoli, beets, carrots, apples, and leafy baby greens. *ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS JUICE, MAKES YOU FEEL SO GOOD AND ENERGIZED* - Changed my Multi to Rainbow brand for Teens (Contains herbs and specific vitamins for teens with acne.) - Large increase in water intake. Drink a one gallon jug from full every day, throughout the day. - Minimal intake of red meat. Eat 90% chicken and fish. - Sun exposure for 20 - 30 minutes each day. Avoid burning. - Try VERY hard not to pick, scrape, pop spots. Only do so if the white head is visible and only requires light squeezing. - Probiotic with about 5 billion active cultures in order to remedy issues most likely caused by extended antibiotic usage. With these changes, I have noticed a decrease in large inflamed spots that I'm getting. However, I have in the past 2 or 3 days, broken out in smaller whiteheads and slightly inflamed mini-pimples. Not too many, maybe just 4 or 5 on each side.They're nothing compared to the honkers I would get before, but it's all frustrating acne regardless of the type. Is there anyone here who can tell me if a purging or "detox" of the skin is possible with a diet change like mine? Especially with the juicing, which I think may be helping to cleanse my body. SN: I recently was using Dan's AHA+ for some closed comedones on my face. Used it for about 2 and a half weeks, no longer using it now. Could it maybe be a minor breakout from the AHA+ use? Anyway, thanks so much to anyone who reads this! Sorry for the long post, I just want to make sure that I'm covering all the angles. Also, if anyone wants to chime in on whether or not my diet sounds beneficial, please do. I am adding Spirulina, Chlorella, and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar to my diet change as well in the coming days. Any thoughts on those? Thanks again, Alek
  20. Milk Free Diet Cleared My Cystic Acne, And.... ... Eliminating Sugar and most High GI/GL (Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load) foods cleared the rest of my 'white heads'. This worked for me, and will work for you. What I have been able to learn and understand for the past several years is that each and every person is different, and everyone will need to find what works for them and them alone. No one can do it for you, but this will do more for you than you could ever imagine. If anyone wants to see my skin pictures, I've left them up in my galleries. They are all completely PUBLIC. This is last post I will make here on this website. Anything else I do will probably be on a personal blog. I considered coming back on occasionally to update some information, but my personal blog would be more than sufficient to answer any and all questions. The link to my blog will be on my public profile on this website, and that will lead you to where I actually am. I'm not going to make complicated and fancy threads on Acne.org because I've already spent a lot of time on this website as it is. I also apologize if you eventually come across any broken links on this particular forum, however I am only too happy to move on with my life and continue living the way I want to and care to. If anyone wants to put this post into a more recent success thread, then please do so that others may see this. -------------------------------------- I joined this website when I was 22 years old, completely cleared when I was 23-ish/24, and am now currently 30. I came back to adjust some old information and update a few FAQs, as well as respond to several followers who were asking me questions. Hopefully this post, as well as my FAQs page shown in my signature bellow, will answer most questions so that you make the diet and lifestyle changes you need for healthier skin AND healthier life. This is what you need to do if you have severe and long-term cystic acne: 1.) Put aside some time for yourself so that you may learn about acne and what it actually is. The past and even the future is not important, what's important is what you do HERE and NOW. Not what you did last week or what you'll do in 5 minutes... it's what you'll do NOW. 2.) If it's at all possible, get a blood test done at a clinic or doctor's office. Nothing fancy, whatever you can afford, although more data is probably more beneficial. It's always best to know where your starting from and where you stand when it comes to your health, and to make sure that you are ready for a GRADUAL diet change. 3.) Completely get rid of all your milk and milk-containing products for about three months to one year. And I mean everything. Yes, this includes pizza, yogurts, ice cream, milk creamers for coffee, several packaged and boxed foods, dressings and sauces… this also includes butter, powdered and evaporated milk, unique preservatives, etc. anything and everything with milk in it. Not just cows milk, ALL milk. As long as it is milk, it is a hormone. Milk is milk, it is not water. It is meant to make you grow, and it's purpose is to carry large amounts of NATURAL HORMONES into your body. So read labels: If it contains milk, skip it. Most supermarket mil comes from cows, and most cows are injected with growth hormones, which makes this process even worse than any raw specialty milk you may find at farmer’s markets. I am heavily emphasizing a three to twelve month time period because from what I have researched and experienced, some people responded well to only a few weeks to a few months but others were so bad that it took an entire year for their skin inflammation and acne to settle down. This is due to the high amount of dietary hormones running in their system. This may seem like a long time to go without milk, but hopefully these articles will explain in better detail why that is: http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/dairy/ http://www.acnemilk.com/the_no_milk_acne_diet http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500165_162-573443.html http://www.cgfi.org/2007/05/hormone-free-milk-ad-is-false/ http://randomfoodfacts.com/2013/07/02/rff26-theres-no-such-thing-as-hormone-free-milk/ http://dairycarrie.com/2011/12/07/boneless-bananas-hormone-free-milk-other-bs-bslabels/ http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/magazine/articles/2007/12/16/a_clear_connection/? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21717454 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21663648 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22081694 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-157290/Do-know-truth-milk.html http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/news109.html#sec1 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/do-milk-and-sugar-cause-a_b_822163.html http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/new-mrsa-superbug-strain-found-in-uk-milk-supply-8431187.html http://www.krispin.com/lectin.html http://www.marksdailyapple.com/dairy-insulin/#axzz2PXiYLGfy http://www.mendosa.com/insulin_index.htm http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23542805 I will also say this: I am not sure if boiling milk, melting cheese, or further processing milk-ingredients destroys the harmful hormones that may affect your health and skin, but for myself it still did. I am also not sure if fermenting your own milk-based kefir or yogurt will work, but for me it also didn’t... at least not in my early years. Maybe it's acceptable for someone to have fermented milk every now and then, or maybe the IGF-1 Growth Hormone that aggravates acne in acne prone people is killed off by heat when it is fermented and cooked, which might explain why homemade yogurt is beneficial to some with acne and not harmful. This is extremely difficult to tell unless you can somehow manage to track your skin at this time and know exactly where you are. Personally, I recommend getting ALL dairy out of your system and seeing if you skin clears FIRST before assuming that you may or may not have melted/cooked milk and fermented milk products. 4.) Get rid of as much sugar from your diet as you can... white refined table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, cereals, ketchup, breads, preservatives, etc., and instead retrain your taste buds to enjoy the more natural, sweeter side of your foods. This is especially true for your vegetables. 5.) Go to your local library (and/or free PDF Internet databases) and find/research charts with High Glycemic Index/Loads foods. Begin omitting as many blood sugar raising foods as possible. This is completely and 100 percent possible without putting your overall health in a nutrient deficient state. You'll want to change your diet as calmly and safely as possible, but not to the point where you feel as though you are starving yourself. Do this slowly and gradually, preferably changing only a couple things per week. Here are just a few articles I have read that have the most impact (Please wait for some of the links and PDF files to load): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17616769 http://www.cancersupportinternational.com/CID%20Diet%20Acne.pdf http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/161/12/1094.full.pdf+html http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/86/1/107.full.pdf+html?sid=3b884d3c-73c0-4315-9167-9bb325b88d78 http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CDMQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.medicaljournals.se%2Facta%2Fcontent%2Fdownload.php%3Fdoi%3D10.2340%2F00015555-1346&ei=unpAUo_ANYGDrAGKjIGACQ&usg=AFQjCNFvrY2LVwzAsX0SLKl9-RTnZ8hWYw&sig2=ytkP9_0_ZnhvP8brqtJypg&bvm=bv.52434380,d.aWM http://search.medscape.com/news-search;jsessionid=C0A1D518B8E32A4983E3A2F792610264?newSearch=1&queryText=diet+and+acne&submit.x=0&submit.y=0&submit=Search http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/76/1/5.full.pdf http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18194824?ordinalpos=1&itool=En…bmed_Discovery_RA&linkpos=1&log$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15688807 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17083856?ordinalpos=1&itool=En…bmed_Discovery_RA&linkpos=3&log$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3523245?dopt=Abstract http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/printerfriendlynews.php?newsid=77676 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17448569 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15692464?ordinalpos=1&itool=En…bmed_Discovery_RA&linkpos=2&log$=relatedarticles&logdbfrom=pubmed http://archderm.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=479093 http://highaltitudecrossfit.com/Primal_Blueprint.pdf http://www.eat-real-food-paleodietitian.com/support-files/Paleo-FODMAP-food-list.pdf http://www.eat-real-food-paleodietitian.com/support-files/sibo-gut-healing-protocol.pdf 6.) Find a user on this website known as Alternativista and find her topics/posts in the diet/holistic health boards, and read as many as you can. Start here: https://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/230714-good-things-for-the-many-factors-that-lead-to-acne/ 7.) Drink a minimum amount of 4 bottles of water a day (does not have to be bottled). 8.) Sleep 7-8+ hours a day if possible. 9.) Do not stress about your acne. There are millions of other things you could be doing or not doing, and getting it off your mind is important so that you are open and available to everything else in life. Learn better things. I was able to be stress-free the entire time I was learning, and created great positive energy and inspiration from the entire experience. I had no idea if and when my acne would go away, no guarantees, no ‘easy’ path, no ‘one-time answer/cure’, and no one to turn to for help, but I deeply knew that my diet played a huge part in it. I remained calm, centered, and absorbed everything I could. Learn, be open, relax and breathe. 10.) Walk, or at least create an exercise regimen. Don't just strenuously run for long periods of time, just walk if you are not able to do anything else. Walk for long distances if possible, and enjoy every single step you take. Do it at least once a day, two times a day being your best bet. If I don't walk, I am already naturally moving around a lot throughout my entire day, or have been training in such activities like AiKido. Don't turn it into something you won't enjoy, and don't think/worry about it anything much, otherwise you'll just end up hurting yourself and your skin even more. ------------------------------------ You're not going to like this answer, but no matter what I tell you or how much you read, you'll never find out what works for you until you do something. I'm not you and you're not me. But I do know that a diet change will help you, and you'll never know yourself unless you try, and honestly try. Truthfully, honestly, and knowingly try. You have to want this, not want to want this. See the benefits, see the possibilities, and explore. Be brave, and watch everything you say, do, think, and realize. Just begin. A diet change helped me greatly, and it will help you too. My diet is basically vegetables, fruits, beans/lentils, and SOME nuts/seeds. It is a beautiful, vast, powerful lifestyle, and is something that we all benefit from, and it has no name. It is not a magic pill, but it does allow for magic and creativity to be born within you. Also, despite what some articles say about High GI/GL foods, I still occasionally eat potatoes and rice. I do not eat meat due to compassion for all living things. I do not eat eggs because they are cholesterol raising and heavy for the heart. I drink mainly water and fresh, hot tea (real, loose leaf tea, not the bagged kind) almost every single day. Once in a while I'll fast. I take no vitamins and supplements since they are not necessary on a wholesome, real foods diet. All my fruit is usually eaten raw, and the vegetables I eat are either fresh (raw) or bought fresh/frozen and then steamed/boiled/stir-fired/baked. I avoid probably around 90 percent of most average westernized grocery stores. Nothing I do is scheduled or recorded. I simply live my life to the best extent I can, eat when I need to, sleep when I have to, and I always find ways to enjoy whatever I do and whenever I do it. I've spent less money, sopped washing my face with harsh chemicals, stopped putting my hair up, stopped visiting my dermatologist, and stopped having cystic acne. I honestly cannot see what others have to lose, but I do understand that a diet and, let's face it, a lifestyle change, is not something people are anxious to do. I didn't care for the diet I had before, so this wasn't a problem for me. Maybe you do care about your diet, in which case you may need to work on how to get off it, and be ready. If you're having difficulty wanting to change the way you eat and live, then try putting some time aside and watch a few of these movies bellow. They may help you make the diet change. Look on Netflix, YouTube, your local Library, Amazon.com, etc., whatever it takes for you to watch them: Food Inc. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Supersize Me Food Matters Forks Over Knives The Future of Food Hungry For Change King Corn May I Be Frank Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days There are probably dozens more food/health documentaries out there, but I'm sure you get the point. I'm not trying to shove Raw Food-ism, Veganism, Vegetarianism, Paleo Diet-ism, Cave Man-ism or whatever kind of diet into your face. I'm just giving you the suggestion that you should definitely be exploring all other ways and alternatives before going to the extreme with pills, lasers, steroids and all those other chemicals most of us have sought out at least one point in our lives. I am also not suggesting that you not talk to a doctor or nutritionist first before making changes. Certainly get yourself checked out if you suspect something is wrong with you, or you just to make sure nothing else is wrong. If you can't afford that, network and find some good trusting friends in a similar field who may be able to help. I am not on any particular diet, nor am I choosing a side of the nutrition war. I am simply myself... nothing more. My diet has no name. I am as natural and organic and I can be with exceptions that I know my body can handle. I make most of my own food and found things that I liked to create. Telling you every detail of my diet would be impossible since I am natural and constantly changing. I enjoy and love all the varieties that life has to offer when it comes to food. Again, I will say that the biggest thing that helped me with my cystic acne and white heads would be NO MILK, NO SUGARS (table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.), and NO (OR VERY FEW) HIGH GI/GL FOODS with lots of water, vegetables and fruits. Certainly, always consume more vegetables than fruit. That is all I have to say about acne. -------------------------------------- Help for you to get started: I'll provide a list of links for you to read and explore whenever you get the chance. Make sure you are getting as many vitamins, minerals, EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), sunlight and exercise that your body needs to function and maintain itself. You don't have to be completely strict and daily with everything, but it does have to be an overall lifestyle change. Becoming friends with your doctor and/or nutritionist, or people who appreciate this lifestyle and know the in’s and out’s of change, would be a good support, so try starting with them. I've always enjoyed properly organized and easy to print PDF pages and information… the specific lists/charts I will give you bellow will help you decide on choosing what foods you want to eat and/or are able to get your hands on based on the minerals/vitamins listed (you’ll have to figure out your own lifestyle and custom made diet): The minerals your body needs: http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html The vitamins your body needs: http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html The protein your body needs (Legumes): http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html The protein your body needs (Animals): http://www.health-al...tion-chart.html Although this website provided the above information for free, it also has the information available for sale as Printable PDF Formats. However, with any luck you should be able to either copy and paste the information onto your computer, as well as using any internet search engine to find other websites with similar nutrition information. I personally prefer the printable charts because they are easy to read and understand, as well as organized. The FDA's Educational Resource Library: http://www.fda.gov/F...s/ucm239035.htm I understand that a lot of us do not agree with what the FDA does, but getting the raw data is more important. If you don't agree with any of the information and/or are skeptical of who has collected it/funded it, then make your own charts and seek those with greater truth. Personally, any resource is always a plus, and is an important first step for anyone to consider. With that said, this site has free "Nutrition and Labeling" information in printable PDF formats. Just click on your term of choice, such as Vitamin A, from the drop down menu list and explore the information. Here’s another website with some of their own printable PDF documents and extra information: http://www.abcompany...n/nutrition.htm To the upper left of the home page http://www.abcompany.com/index.htm , there is a search bar. The site seems kind of unorganized, so I just typed in "nutrition" and followed whatever links were promising. Read and understand website's URLs to backtrack to other places that may or may not be hidden, too. For example, they didn't have the link on their website but it still exists. An example of a printable PDF page they have is "food combinations": http://www.abcompany...d_combining.htm . Learn about labels and what they mean: http://nutritiondata.self.com Here's a good Vitamin D website: http://www.vitamindw...om/VitaminDWiki Here’s a great popular educational website with easy to understand videos and articles. Just a heads-up, this website is practically vegan. If you're worried about that then please move on, but the information on the fruits and vegetables alone are amazing: http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/milk/ A complete lists of Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Nuts and Seeds: http://vegetablesfruitsgrains.com An alphabetical list of Fruits and Vegetables and some extra data (PDF Format): http://www.education...tionSection.pdf A website where people, mostly vegetarians, discus updated research about Vegan, Paleo, Raw Food, Fruitarian, etc… diets: http://www.beyondveg.com And finally, I saved one of the best for last. It's the only other acne website that we all can trust since it has outstanding data and articles to read: http://www.acneeinstein.com . Definitely worth the cost of membership. There are printable PDF formats there, and so much information to seek out. I had also bought and enjoyed reading it very much. It's possible to always find more information, but learning as much as you can makes the road traveled much less suffering. ---------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL NOTE: I had eczema as well. That's right. Acne AND Eczema. People have asked me if they were possibly related to the same "cause", and I’m pretty sure they were. I have never met anyone else like myself, and very few people online with this double-sided nightmare. After doing a lot of extra reading, I discovered that many skin issues come from the gut, and that it is possible and common for someone to have more than one kind of skin issue at a time. In fact, it's more common that inflammation is hidden under the skin and/or inside the body, not just exposed outwardly like mine was. My eczema's outbreak was not milk, like milk was for most of my cystic acne. It was actually food intolerance's, and the body trying to constantly detox itself without fully understanding what was going on. That particular food was tomatoes. Eczema had been with me most of my life, longer than the acne was, and no one ever really knew the cause of it. Most of the time it was just dry and slightly red, but a few times it was bright red and painfully burned. My family and I just assumed that it was incurable, and I was given topical steroids and creams to make the rash go away. Most of the time the creams worked, but sometimes they didn't. My rash mostly appears on the bend of my arms, and s a child it was behind the kneecap and on my feet. During my early 20's, it started to spread all over my fingers, hands and face, but the other areas disappeared. Eating healthy for my acne ironically inspired me to go on what most people would call an ‘Elimination Diet’. I joined acne.org after a year of reading online articles from it, and while doing the Acne.org regimen I began to expanding my research into other community boards as well, eventually finding my way into the diet and holistic health stuff. I had always deeply suspected that my diet played a role in my skin. I was surprised that acne could be "cured" by diet and lifestyle changes, I without hesitation I immediately started eating more vegetables and fruits, simultaneously omitting tons of other things. This is also when I started juicing vegetables, inspired by this post: https://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/288705-how-i-cleared-my-acne-after-26-years-try-it/ When I was juicing vegetables and eating a ton of tomatoes, my childhood eczema came back with a fiery vengeance. It was all over my face, arms and hands. I suspected tomatoes when I was getting nauseous and from my rash flaring up immediately from eating them. When I took them out of my diet, my rash immediately stopped reacting. After a few months of wrapping and moisturizing my rashes, they too began to heal. My skin literally began changing; Fresh, new skin began to show where the eczema had overtaken. My rash was basically due to a mixture of detoxing, and not being able to handle tomatoes. If I weren’t trying to eat healthy to get rid of my acne, I would have never discovered this. With all this said, some people have told me that eczema/psoriasis is actually a food allergy/intolerance and not just itchy skin: http://www.dryskinsrash.com/a-skin-rash-caused-by-food-allergies/ and http://www.fda.gov/Food/IngredientsPackagingLabeling/FoodAllergens/default.htm If I were to eat tomatoes during this time, it would only take an hour or so to feel the eczema develop. This time frame, bodily sensations and symptoms, and lack of any other issue outside of diet suggested that my gut was what was causing the rash and rejecting the food. Interestingly enough, the gut also held the main cause for my acne as well: GUT Acne: http://gutflora.com/?p=344 http://chriskresser....ffects-the-skin http://www.ncbi.nlm....les/PMC3038963/ http://www.acneeinst...kin-connection/ GUT Eczema/Psoriasis): http://www.medicalne...cles/255235.php http://voices.yahoo....iet-195093.html http://www.medicalne...cles/264719.php http://www.caringdoc...is-in-your-gut/ http://primaldocs.co...a-or-psoriasis/ So, naturally after learning this, I was curious to see if this issue could be physically detected in other ways. Unfortunately, after several allergy tests and an endoscopy, my doctors couldn’t find any evidence of a gut problem within me, only to avoid whatever it was I was eating. Is avoidance a cure? Yes and No. It’s a cure in a sense that you no longer have the rash, and no because it’s not the magic pill that people are looking for when they still want to consume the produce. Also, after about seven years of avoiding tomatoes, I was able to eat them again. I have heard similar stories from people who were allergic to things such as onions, strawberries, etc. since childhood, only to realize that they grew out of it. Some people do not, which is often the case for allergies related to nuts, peanuts and other harsh chemicals, but it’s still worth safely exploring and discovering. No matter what happens, we must accept what we are given if we are to go beyond the past a move on with the natural changes of the universe. This may not be what everyone likes to hear, but it's the closest thing to truth that can be understood. If you want to see pictures of my eczema/psoriasis they're right here (Please note that my acne AND rash was going away at the same time, so I did not catch the rash at it's full strength... it was already healing at this point. After these pictures, everything was gone in about 2 months): This woman's blog may also be helpful to you (the pictures of her hands were exactly how mine looked): https://thebutterchurn.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/dyshidrotic-eczema-a-malady-of-concerning-cause-and-effect/ . Rubbing Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted) on my hands seemed to help keep the redness, itching and blisters disinfected, but it painfully stung when the blisters were open. Diluted ACV is also great for getting rid of ringworm, athlete’s foot, and eczema caused by direct mold/bacteria contact situation. Unlike alcohol, ACV does not dry out your skin and even leaves it soft. People say there is no "cure" for eczema, but I am convinced that that's because they refused to get rid of their daily allergens, which over time overwhelms their bodily systems and becomes the "cause". Why did no one else in my family suffer Eczema like I did? I don't know, but I was also the only one to discover and admit that my diet and lifestyle was terrible for a young female like myself. I now know and understand that my gut went out of whack with the overwhelmingly polluted and unhealthy diet and lifestyle environments that society had to offer, and that the physical allergens and pesticide carrying food was too strong for my already unhealthy and exhausted body and skin to keep up with. So no matter what people say to you, do not be tempted by their lazy and over simplified statements that what you eat does not affect you. Others will not understand our skin because they simply do not have what we do, and do not experience what we went through. Do not let this deter you, and do not be tempted by ignorance. ---------------------------------------------------- Seriously, thank you all for your support, love, and kindness. I could have never made it this far and this fast without everyone who helped, and the research that was provided in the world. Surprisingly, most of this knowledge is already basic, and free, if you know where to look and apply yourself. Whatever you decide to do, be smart, be safe, and be open to ALL possibilities. Blessings to you all In Spirit and Truth, Renee ReneeAwen@gmail.com
  21. This is my first post and I hope to help people. I found a spanish site in 2003 http://www.ocvive.com/salud_y_familia/reme...reme_acne.shtml they have a recipe to get rid off acne by juicing. here is the translation. The acne is a symptom that reflects the impurity of the body that it is trying to eliminate through the skin. Ointments, creams and local remedies, without a doubt they help, but to eradicate it definitively, the best is to encourage to the body to wash up internally. Three formulas are the indicated. Its recommendable to take each formula once a day, in addition to drink several natural glasses of water between meals. The ideal is to take these juices for a minimum of 21 days in the meantime the body itself remineralize and sobers up . If you can drink it for 42 days is still better because that way it is guaranteed that It become the total renewal of the cells after the initial cleanliness of 21 days. After this, you can drink only one formula as maintenance. Formula 1: Carrot and Spinach. Formulate 2: Carrot with celery and parsley. Formulate 3: Carrot, lettuce and spinach. A daily spoonful of seeds ground of linseed to any of the juices could be added in order to clean the intestine. You can add also Acidophilus's tablets in order to reconstruct the flora intestinal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I tried it time ago, and it worked!. I noticed that it helped my skin alot, but once i discontinue i had just little breaks out, but not like before. ps:If yuo dont have all these vegetables, I recommend you only use carrots, thats what i did. Good luck.
  22. I went to an authentic mexican restaurant and got steak tacos that I remember getting as a kid. I remember them being soft corn tacos, like id assume any authentic mexican restaurant would use, they tasted pretty neutral(yes, I know it was pretty dumb that I kept eating) and into my second taco I decided to spill the filling and smell the tortilla. It smelled how soft flour tortillas smell, now I am a little worried, but i am going to turn this into a positive, if I get a bad acne reaction then I will know wheat is still a problem for me. Any suggestions?, I plan on juicing 8 carrots, a lot of blueberries, an apple, and some spinach and drinking tons of water and 1000 mg of niacan, to try and flush, to minimize the reaction, if I get a reaction. Any suggestions to a flush?, or comfort to my worries would be nice, haha.
  23. Okay. I'm sorry. No pics but I will try and explain Forehead-block pores no red marks or spots Chin-clear but two red marks Right Cheek-tiny red marks lots of blocked pores Left cheef-a mess. Six very inflamed spots Please help. What the hell should I do? Could eating raw food help? Juicing etc?! the pic is me with makeup on p/s I have used BP for 3 months-no improvement. Actually it's got worse. I would like someone to give me a regime and i will follow it!!
  24. I have been on Bactrim DS twice a day for 6 weeks now. Honestly, it hasn't really helped. I am using Tazorac and BP in the morning though and am starting juicing and other dietary modifications. My derm gave me a 3 month supply but she did not really talk about tapering off. She basically said to use it twice a day for 3 months and just stop. I was thinking of using it twice a day for the full 2 months and using it once a day on month 3. Does anyone have any tips on coming off? While it hasn't really helped, I know that when some people come off antibiotics they break out a lot more so I am really trying to avoid that.
  25. I have suffered from cystic acne for a larger part of my life than I'd like to admit and more so as an adult. Just wanted to share my experience so that others may get help. I took antibiotics for years on end and as woman got the side effects. Once I got off the medicine (years later) my body was able to be itself again. Through lots of hard work and trial and error I discovered several things that have actually cured my acne... 1) I was a vegetarian who developed a soy allergy-- I never even thought of allergy/food testing!! This was a major cause for big flare ups 2) I really respond to no dairy and have substituted milk with almond milk (you get used to it, trust me and when you taste milk again after a long break it will taste wrong to you!) (fyi the hormones in milk can cause acne-- yes, even organic milk) 3) JUICING!!!!! OMG, I cannot explain to you exactly how much this improves my skin!!! Especially vegetable juice made with carrot, tomato, celery, tiny bit of onion, spinach, kale, even a little garlic!! Unbelievable. I try to juice everyday at least once. I feel better and look better and def notice when I stop. 4) NO more medications at all! NONE! 5) IF you can't eat it, WHY WOULD YOU PUT IT ON YOUR SKIN???! let alone on your delicate face!!! Your skin absorbs what you put on it, duh. If you need acne spot treatment, mix baking soda (and it's cheap!!!) and a little water and dab it on the spot! Amazing curing and nourishing face washes that actually feed your skin: **Cut the top of a tomato, rub it in natural organic sugar (everything I use is organic and i recommend that). splash a little water on your face and then rub the tomato and sugar on your face gently exfoliating. Exfoliating is important when you are acne prone but be GENTLE with your skin! This treatment is pleasant and slightly moisturizing. just rinse off, no moisturizer nothing. **When your acne is bad try squeezing a lemon in a bowl, take a cotton round and dip it in the lemon. then sprinkle sugar on the cotton round. splash your face with a little water. and rub the cotton round in circular motion over your face again gently! Try to let this sit on your face for a while, it may sting but usually does not and just ignore it. then rinse off. NO moisturizer after just soft skin (this does make your skin super soft). Bonus, this helps with sun spots. ***Last for best!!!! Believe it or not and I was desperate when I tried this one (figuring it couldn't get any worse)... Extra virgin coconut oil (only use this kind of oil)!!! mixed with fine organic coffee grounds and sugar...... splash face first with water then scrub with the mix gently again and enjoy the smell! Rinse with luke warm water (luke warm so that you do not leave too much oil on your skin) and you're finished! This will supply the moisture that your face is often lacking and trying to make up for especially in cystic acne. I couldn't believe the difference, it is literally AMAZING!! Plus you can cook with the oil. It has a higher temp. range so it does not become toxic to you body like olive oil or anything else when doing simple cooking. *** Wash your face with simple honey and leave it on your skin for an hour if you have the time b/f washing off. simple and good. Lastly, acne prone skin has also kept me looking youthful and with these beauty tips you will be pleasantly surprised like I was! Try to eat raw and healthy as much as possible!! And go for it!!!! You will thank me! Love to all of you!