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Found 96 results

  1. How's it going everybody! Well, I'm new to participating in this community (long time reader and site-surfer) and I need to figure something out. Recently, about 2 weeks ago, I adopted an entirely new diet; one that I hope will assist with finding the real underlying reason for my acne. A little bit of background: I've had acne since I was 13 years old - I'm 18 now and heading into college (I'm a guy by the way). At first it was mild/slightly moderate with occasional inflamed pimples. I went
  2. This is my first post and I hope to help people. I found a spanish site in 2003 http://www.ocvive.com/salud_y_familia/reme...reme_acne.shtml they have a recipe to get rid off acne by juicing. here is the translation. The acne is a symptom that reflects the impurity of the body that it is trying to eliminate through the skin. Ointments, creams and local remedies, without a doubt they help, but to eradicate it definitively, the best is to encourage to the body to wash up internal
  3. There appears to be a great divide between those who believe that: 1) Diet has absolutely no relation with acne (says the medical community who have done supposed "studies") 2) Diet simply aggravates acne and nothing more 3) Diet does directly affect your skin, cause acne, etc. Especially in the long term have acne and have life-long experience) For those who do believe that diet has an adverse affect on your skin, then why not take those crucial steps to changing your life. People go c
  4. Hi everyone. As the title says, a tapeworm came out during my bowel this morning. Here's a brief story of my diet. I am trying to clear my acne with the below regimens I am currently on my 10th day of my 30days smoothie/juicing diet. The recipe includes : 90% vegetables 10% fruit Spinach Parsley Bitter gourd Celery Kiwi sometimes green apple Coconut Oil Almond Milk Chia Seeds avocado I drink this smoothie twice everyday, in the morning and night. Beside the smo
  5. Hey all, any success with juicing for skin health? I thought I would start juicing as a way to get more greens, etc and more water too; just for general health. I made my first green drink today and it was super yummy! But, I was wondering if anyone has success with clearing/helping their SKIN by juicing, and if so any good recipes? My smoothie today was: celery, spinach, cucumber, Italian parsley, nettle tea, mango & raspberry
  6. I just wanted to make this quick post sharing the benefits of lemon and what you can do to help you clear up your skin with it. First, Lemon has a lot of vitamin C which helps the immune system as well as exfoliate dead skin cells and helps new healthy skin cells replace those. Lemon also cleanses and helps the body become more alkaline which is a healthier environment. You can do several things with lemon to help clear up your skin. First, add lemon to water and have lemon water or add le
  7. Heeeey guys. I know that green smoothies are pretty popular on here, but what about juicing? I'm not really a fan of the consistency of smoothies, never have been. I've decided to start juicing again, the first time I tried a few months ago, I broke out. I don't know if it was my body detoxing (I was also having some...interesting bowel movements, if you know what I mean) or if I was getting too much fiber at once or what, but it kinda scared me off. But then again, my diet wasn't as clean
  8. I love juicing greens! I use so many good ingredients: spinach, kale, dandelion greens, raddishes, etc. BUT making them every day is super annoying and time consuming because cleaning my juicer and preparing the veggies takes forever. Does anybody know if it's okay to make a bunch of juice in one sitting, and then save it in my fridge for a few days? How long would fresh juice last in the fridge? Or is it not even worth drinking it if you can't drink it right when you make it. Id really
  9. All you need is Ivory soap, luke-warm water, and a healthy diet. You can get rid of all of the facial scrubs, facial washes (that don't work and burn the face), face wash cloths (hard on the skin). For women - don't wear makeup, or very much makeup - as anything put on the face will clog pores, even if the label says "non comedogenic". It's aboslute BS, since anything that is caked on the face will prevent the skin from breathing and getting rid of toxins. This includes sunscreen - so the best t
  10. I've found a website that covers EVERYTHING on these forums. It's author is just a normal guy who I now have the utmost respect for and mainly relates to overall health but most of the topics also are covered extensively in these forums. I was browsing through the net and found a concept that I found to be really interesting. It's called food combining and you can read about it here: www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/food-combining.htm It would take alot of time to accurately do this,
  11. I'd like your opinion on this one. We all know vegetables are sources of fat-soluble vitamins A,E, and K. Now, do you guys think it's necessary to drizzle that olive oil on your salad or have your veggies with some meat? Would the residual oils in the vegetables be enough or should we add more oil/fat to make sure we get those A,E, and K vitamins in our system? So, when i'm juicing veggies, should i add some kind of oil to it?
  12. I used to frequent this site a few years ago. I have been able to do very well with my skin and wanted to leave you guys with a few habits that I've tested over many years. You will probably notice some of these across other people's post. I am an adult in a career, so you will notice that these are lifestyle changes not products that you use. Some of these do cost money, but the benefits go well beyond skin. You will probably add years to your life and have twice as much energy as normal.
  13. Heres what kinda helps my acne less visible. Abvously all of these veggies are washed and cutt into little peices before juicing. 2 big brocccoli crowns small bag of carrots One huge cucumber 1 small package of blue berries Small package of strawberries small bag of pre cutt cauliflower And small package of grapes If I eat something somewhat healthy(chicken not beef) and avoid junk food the next my face looks ALOT better.
  14. Well, I've decided that I'll start juicing more often. Now, I'm wondering how long juice will keep in the fridge because I sure don't want to juice every day since the clean up is a bit of a hassle. Maybe once every three days, I'll make enough juice to last three days or so, is that fine or does juice not keep well? What are some good juice mixtures that you've tried? I have a booklet of juice recipes that I'll be trying but I'd like to hear what others have made and liked as well. Thanks for
  15. I was reading that on a site that said by juice fasting, the body starts to take the nutriets from the juice and the rest of the body and rebuild skin. it also takes dead skin cells among other thing. Here is a link: http://www.healingdaily.com/juicing-for-health/fasting.htm But, I was wondering if anyone has tried anything similiar? I eat a lot of junk foods and I wonder if going a day or 2 without any foods, just water and healthy fruit drinks and shakes would cleanse my system and possib
  16. hey everyone, so i've been juicing vegetables and eating a high-raw, mostly vegetarian, mostly organic diet for about a week and i'm feeling really good. i've definitely had some detox symptoms... i had one of the worst headaches of my entire life a few days ago, but overall i'm experiencing a heightened sense of wellbeing, my body feels lighter, my mood is good, etc etc. i have been spending a lot of time reading/researching/contemplating, and what i'm really wondering about now is whether o
  17. I started juicing carrots, celery, apple and cabbage. These vegetables are suppose to be awesome for your skin and health. I started juicing for about 2 weeks, but I am breaking out crazy with whiteheads everyday ??? Could this possibly be my system detoxing? I truly belived this will help with acne, not make it worse. I am about to give up. Any experienced juicer who had this effect? Thanks P.S. I only get acne around my chin. Basically below my nose and I believe this is hormonal acne
  18. If you want your face to clear up you must do a few things ... 1. Stop eating greasy food ( frech fries, burgers, pizza ) 2. Eradicate all junk food ( candy, chips, sodas ) 3. Exercise with resistance bands ( get a set with 20, 30 and 40 lbs ) 4. Don't use oily soaps ( dove, irish spring ) 5. Always pat dry your face or infected area ( don't rub ) 6. Avoid poping cause it will cause scars and allow acne to spread 7. Start juicing! Fresh raspberry kills acne bacteria from the inside out.
  19. Does blending (not juicing) leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach make them lose any nutritional content or absorption qualities? This may have been answered already somewhere on the board and I apologize in advance for that!
  20. Hi im April ann. so. my story is i started getting acne while i was pregnant. It was quite the shocker because i always had perfect skin. my son is 4 (almost 5) now and the acne has been progressing year after year. In the beginning i was just buying a new cleanser almost every week, rinsing my face with scolding water, putting astringent on every few hours. all things that inevitably began to scar and inflame my acne. about a month and 1/2 ago i found out i could see a dermatologist wit
  21. After a failed attempt with Saw Palmetto (for acne & facial hair;result: disaster zone), birth control (Ocella for 3 days, I broke out immediately), Retin A (peeling, redness, sensitivity and even worse with Differin), Minocycline (it's just okay, but someday the body will resist), No more vitamins and herbs, such a waste of money -except L-lysine (helps my skin heal quicker, its awesome, and juicing (ahhh juicing ...juicing WORKED!) My skin never looked better. I first tried fresh jui
  22. I think that carrot juice is healping my acne - but i take it daily - i started to get dry lips maybe also dry eyes - maybe i wonder if it has the same dangers ? cause im juicing 8 carrots a day i think it has as much vitamin a as the pill - right ? why does raccutane have to be taken constantly ? why the say you need to complete a cycle ? isnt it just stored in the liver and that shouldnt matter much ?
  23. Okay. I'm sorry. No pics but I will try and explain Forehead-block pores no red marks or spots Chin-clear but two red marks Right Cheek-tiny red marks lots of blocked pores Left cheef-a mess. Six very inflamed spots Please help. What the hell should I do? Could eating raw food help? Juicing etc?! the pic is me with makeup on p/s I have used BP for 3 months-no improvement. Actually it's got worse. I would like someone to give me a regime and i will follow it!!
  24. I have suffered from cystic acne for a larger part of my life than I'd like to admit and more so as an adult. Just wanted to share my experience so that others may get help. I took antibiotics for years on end and as woman got the side effects. Once I got off the medicine (years later) my body was able to be itself again. Through lots of hard work and trial and error I discovered several things that have actually cured my acne... 1) I was a vegetarian who developed a soy allergy-- I never
  25. I was introduced to juicing about two years ago and have become a bit of a fanatic about it and its benefits. I follow the detoxs and recipes by the Juicemaster Jason Vale. He has written some fantasic books about the subject which are really inspiring but this guy claims that juicing cleared his acne. He also mentions he had severe eczema from head to toe which he has been free from for years thanks to his programme. I have done his 3 day detox plan once a month for the last 4 months and I h