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Found 140 results

  1. I had my monthly appointment last week, My dose went up to two 30mg pills a day. And now My skin has started to peel awfully like I am working and I see little flakes of dry flesh fall on my desk! (Sorry about the details) but it’s the reality of Accutane and I saw it coming.. I use a lot of oil free screen protector and some moisturizer to help it a little but tbh it doesn’t really do much.. The skin still looks very dry even if I put on moisturizer. What does help it is to exfoliate it before
  2. I had a small breakout on both my weeks this week but I think it has to do with the fact that I’m during ‘that’ time of the month. There was one huge one on my left cheek to that was so painful and it was blind too which makes it worse! Eyes and lips extremely dry to the point that I have to put in eyedrops a couple times a day to refresh them and I put on caramex at least 20 times a day!!
  3. I’m sorry But I can’t get over how great my skin looks on this week! I think I had not seen my skin so clear for a verg long time. Side effects are all the same, now my hands are becoming very dry and the dryness of my lips is only getting worse.
  4. When I started taking the pill my Dr told mw it was going to get worse before it got better. Honestly from the first day I started taking it I only saw improvement. I was feeling so happy that I was seeing results so fast, it was unbelieveable! I mean, it had only been one week and there was so much improvement already.. As for side effects My lips were a little dry and I had lower back pain every now and then but that was about it.
  5. I’ve had severe acne SINCE I WAS 10 YEARS OLD (not even exaggerating). My parents have paid thousands on creams and such while growing up to get rid of my acne and nothing would ever help bc unfortunately I have severe acne from my genetics ): But I started accutane 40mg/day and I’m currently 3 months on it. My skin has never been clearer.
  6. Yvogue

    Day 1

    As you can see I have moderate acne, I will get maybe 5 cysts a year. I usually wake up to 2 new pimples every week which leave very bad hyper pigmentation that will last for more then 6 months. I am lucky in that I do not get bad acne on my forehead, back, and chest. I get all of my acne on my cheeks and recently it has been leaving ice pick scars, that is when I got serious about tackling my acne. Today is my first day taking 40mg, and the one thing I am nervous about is dry lips and eyes beca
  7. Hii, I'm kinda at a point where any light at the end of the tunnel has disappeared for me. But I discovered that the internet, and this site in particular gave me strength in a way, since people went or go through the same. Since I don't see any options anymore can someone help me and give an input? Doesn't matter what it is. I couldn't be more hopeless right now. Anything would help. I'm going to list the things I'm doing right now for my acne. But first let me give a background. My s
  8. Hey everyone. I'm writing this as a summary of my Accutane experience. I'm a 34 yo Male who's suffered from moderate to severe acne since my mid-teens. I know it's cliche, but I've done everything under the sun (basically all products) and very expensive food sensitivity tests and monthly esthetician visits. My acne would go through brief periods of clarity (although there was always a little acne) and then breakout quite regularly. About once a year i would have a MAJOR breakout where whi
  9. Hello! Its been a while since I posted on here so I wanted to post an update on my scaring. Today I went through my progression photos before starting any treatments, up until today where I have had a CO2 laser, 3 subcisions and several sessions of dermapen. Its always hard to get lighting the same each time, but I still think I have some good results. Looking at the first photo, on the right side the scars look very "sharp", I remember my plastic surgeon saying the laser would smooth the
  10. I would like to start by giving a little background on my acne. I started to get acne as long as I can remember especially in my middle school and high school years. I have been to the dermatologist so many times I feel like she knows everything about me. I have been on literally every cream and antibiotic possible (such as spironactalone, differen, tretinoin creams, retinas, clindamycin phosphate) and NOTHING worked for my skin. I had moderate to severe acne, meaning i broke out all over my fa
  11. Im 18 and 175lbs Alright, here is the start of my accutane journal. Im excited to try accutane and I hope to see results without too much of an initial breakout. I'm already on my 5th day of taking the drug. I didnt notice any side effects yet exept a tiny dryness. My doc put me on 30mg but I started with : 10mg for the first 2 days 20mg 3rd day 30mg 4th day I have my next appointment on march 12th at another derm because I visited a private one when I got is prescribed. Now I hope th
  12. HannahSloan

    Day 7

    Day 7 - Tuesday 6th February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg tablets with breakfast. Nothing much different to yesterday, still feeling really crappy with this cold. My skin still hasn't broke out...yet (touch wood) Both lips and skin feeling very dry, also around my nails my cuticles are dryer than normal. Excited to take a picture tomorrow morning and compare to a week ago!
  13. HannahSloan

    Day 6

    Day 6 - Monday 5th February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg tablets after breakfast. Still feel crappy today with this throat thing thats hanging about. Taking painkillers to ease the soreness of my throat and neck. Skin feels dry in some places, particularly around my nose and also my cheeks when I smile and talk I can feel some tightness there. Tonight I noticed that my lips are really dry, despite having been applying lip balm constantly since starting the accutane (it is also very cold here in
  14. HannahSloan

    Day 5

    Day 5 - Sunday 4th February Took 2 x 20mg pills after brunch. Skin has some dry patches on it, not sure if that is the accutane or its the spot cream that I have applied. Spot on side of my nose squeezed again this morning, few other little sore bumps around my chin and lower cheeks, but nothing major, will have to see if they turn into their usual big and sore selves. Feeling crappy still today but thinking I have a throat infection or tonsillitis, my mum read somewhere that accutane lowe
  15. HannahSloan

    Day 4

    Day 4 - Saturday 3rd February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg pills with breakfast. Breakout around my chin is still there but whereas usually the spots would be very swollen and sore for around 3/4 days, they have actually near enough disappeared bump wise, leaving only red marks. I have one very large cystic spot on the side of my nose which is still the size of a mountain however! I feel really crappy today, tired, achey, headache is hanging around and my joints in my legs are aching (not sure if flu
  16. HannahSloan

    Day 3

    Day 3 - Friday 2nd February 2018 Took 2 x 20mg pills after breakfast. My skin has broken out terribly, woke up with about 5 new whiteheads on my face, feeling very sore. Have felt very sick all day and my stomach has been upset a couple of times. Feeling achey and tired, again not sure if thats the flu hanging around our house or the tablets. My throat is very very dry again today. No matter how much or what I drink, constantly running to the toilet at work! Trying to keep drinking even m
  17. HannahSloan

    Day 1

    Day 1 - Wednesday 31st January 2018 Pretty normal skin day, red and bumpy, nothing fresh had popped up during the night. Took 2 x 20mg pills after breakfast. Headache came on around 10am and continued for the rest of the day , paracetamol didn't take it off. Still had a fuzzy head at bed time.
  18. Hi everyone! I just picked up my first Accutane (Absorica) prescription (40mg once a day), and will begin taking it later this week! I just wanted to keep a log of my experience and maybe help others who are thinking about using it! I have had moderate to severe acne ever since I can remember, probably starting around 7th grade. I am now 21, and I am still struggling with it. I have tried topical creams, antibiotics, and every secret home remedy, but to no success. It has definitely affected my
  19. From the album: Carl Granger

    7th day of using epiduo , and teranex soap
  20. Hi guys! I just went to my 3 month Dermatologist appointment last week. This was my first time there since I got prescribed my medications. She ended up telling me we probably didn't need to reschedule and I am guessing that is because she really thinks I am on a good treatment plan. No, I still am not clear. I have seen definite progress and reduction in acne, but I still get pimples pretty often. I still have small pimples on my forehead, a couple nasty ones on my right cheek, and some random
  21. Hey guys. I'm new here. Anyways, as most of you-- I basically tried EVERYTHING there is to offer in the market but nothing ever worked for me. Ever since I was 10 (which was when I first started having my periods and now I'm 19 nearly 20), I was already experiencing acne breakouts. My mom would send me to the best dermatologist every Saturday in my city 'til I was 13. Constant extraction from the doc. Constant shit on my face and it would never ever stop! So my dermatologist then suggested
  22. Hey guys. I'm new here. Anyways, as most of you-- I basically tried EVERYTHING there is to offer in the market but nothing ever worked for me. Ever since I was 10 (which was when I first started having my periods and now I'm 19 nearly 20), I was already experiencing acne breakouts. My mom would send me to the best dermatologist every Saturday in my city 'til I was 13. Constant extraction from the doc. Constant shit on my face and it would never ever stop! So my dermatologist then suggested Ac
  23. kasims

    Acne Journey 2012 - 2017

    Acne journey 2012 - 2017 Hello everyone, My acne began my first year of college (I had very mild acne as a teenager) and it was very stressful to take such a beating to my confidence during a time when I was supposed to "go out into the world and find myself." Instead, I found myself constantly browsing the aisles of CVS in the hopes of finding a miracle cure. I don't have any photos of this time in my life, because I hid from cameras and deleted all evidence of my red a
  24. Hello, I am a 19 year old female. On July 21st 2017, I was put on Spiro, at 100 MG a day. I take Nuva Ring Birth Control with it. I have struggled with moderate to severe acne since age twelve. A very brief history on my acne, I tried every OTC product that exists and three step system. I tried Bactum antibiotic and a topical prescription in High School. I had persistent and moderate acne for four or five years. It really destroyed my social life, self esteem, and put me into a deep depression
  25. Serious question, I'm 21 and have zero experience with girls never even kissed one and this is all due to acne. Girls ignored me and thought I was grotesque in high school because of it and now I feel behind everyone else in the dating/sex scene and I barely have a social life as it is. Acne screwed me over hard when I was 14-16 now I'm clear but crippled if that makes sense. Anyways every girl already has a bf so getting a gf at this point is impossible. The only thing going for me right now is