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Found 42 results

  1. Hey peeps! Iv’e been using jojoba oil mixed with moisturizer twice a day for a month and a week and im still flaking like crazy. I have noooo idea about what i should do to take care if this flaking. Any help please?
  2. Hi! I would like to post my experience regarding Jojoba Oil. I had been using Jojoba Oil for 3 months already but stop using it on the third month. This is what happened: First month- acne started to clear, flare uo and existing cystic acne started to fade away, as well as the few comedones on my temple area. Second Month- few small bumps are starting to come out. I didn't mind since its not so obvious anyway. Third Month- I started to get a lot of closed comedones (its color isn't reddi
  3. So I've been using Jojoba oil, zinc oxide and benzoyl peroxide for the past week. Zinc with benzoyl does not seem like a good idea since my skin got super dry after I washed it. I've got cystic acne on me cheeks, I believe its from touching/pillow but the oil production hasn't decreased yet and zinc is working like a charm(not sure if it's good in the long-run tho). Has anybody else tried doing this? How can I modify this routine to get more results? btw going to stop using bp and see if anythin
  4. Whenever I apply Cerave + 4-5 drops of jojoba oil after bp, the bp immediately clumps up, turns white, and is just super hard to rub all over my skin. Whenever I mix in AHA+ with the Cerave and jojoba oil, however, this doesn't happen and everything goes on smoothly. Does anybody have any advice to stop clumping and/or an explanation of why AHA+ doesn't cause clumping?
  5. Hi, Recently i've stopped using my Cerave Moisturizing Lotion because I noticed it made me oilier in the morning, and using AHA+ every day seems fine to me. Is it possible to start mixing a few drops of jojoba oil with a pump of AHA+ and apply that every night after bp? I normally have very oily skin throughout the day, so I really hope this won't make me oilier.
  6. Hi!! dans fash wash doesn't fully remove my makeup. Is it ok to use the Miceller Cleansing water with a cotton ball first to remove the makeup, then begin the regimen?
  7. Hi, I'm currently using the acne.org Regimen and my skin has been really dry as of lately and I've heard using coconut oil or jojoba oil with the moisturiser will help immensely. I'd usually order the jojoba oil from this site but I need it as soon as possible so I was wondering if anyone would recommend some good alternatives of coconut of jojoba oil. I live in Australia. Thank you!
  8. I've recently heard some negative feedback about artnaturals jojoba oil, as it's made in Israel. The reviews on Amazon are all very positive though, just wondering if anyone knew just how legitimate/safe the company and its products are?
  9. Soooo I am wondering if my acne is getting better or worse, I cant tell. I have a few whiteheads and breakouts, and alot of red spots. I am trying to figure out a way to get rid of them, but everything seems hopeless. My regimen for tonight is Cerave Cleanser, a mix of witch hazel ( 40 drops) and tea tree oil (2 drops ) and moisturizer. I'm I doin something wrong, or is my skin actually healing? Also, whats a good way to get rid of those damned red spots? Thank you guys.
  10. Hi guys, so, it has been hard. You know, we are in the New Year and I really want clear skin. I started my New Year crying because of my cystic acne. I am extremely exhausted because of how much time the acne.org regimen takes. Plus, my skin just seems to not get better at all. So, I have decided to try something else other than the acne.org regimen. With much research, I have decided to use these products: - Cerave Cleanser - Thayers Witch Hazel with Rose Petal - Dead Sea Mud Mask - Jojoba
  11. TenderCosmo

    Acne.org tips

    Some tips for using the regimen that I have found thus far: Firstly- the key is to follow what Dan says and not just use the products how you've always used acne products if you want it to actually work. 1) For me, the thick layer of benzoyl all being applied and lightly smeared and then the thick lotion being applied and smeared lightly (after the benzoyl dried of course) made me feel really sticky and goopy like I had a thick layer of stuff on my face. So to help with this I applied (still
  12. so I recently started a new regimen along with watching my diet and keeping my pillows clean and stuff, I'm a 17 year old Male. i wake up and massage jojoba oil into my face and then rinse it off in the shower, then at night I use an Aztec healing clay mask every single day for the past week because I heard it brings up all your pimples and impurities. after I use jojoba oil. should I continue to use the mask everyday? I like it and it doesn't really irritate my face however I'm notici
  13. Can I use argan oil instead of jojoba oil with the regimen? Jojoba oil is really hard to find and I don't want to order online.
  14. It's been nearly two years since I started the regimen, and no, this is not a success story (bummer, right?). Here's my problem, my face is STILL red. The difference in skin tone between my face and my neck is super obvious. Neck skin is a slight tan and my face is a tomato. Gross. Last week I dropped from 1 pump morning and night to just under half a pump. Very slight reduction in redness. I'm still suffering from acne but I've "given up" on being 110% clear all the time, the regimen for the
  15. Always checking up on this forum as I've been suffering with acne/blemishes on and off since I was around 15 (am now 23!), but this is my first post.. Just interested to know what experiences you guys have had with certain oils? For instance, I'm pretty sure it was from this website that I first started looking at using oils as a cleanser/moisturiser a few years ago, and I started off using Jojoba after the glowing reviews it had. For the first few days my skin and hair felt absolutely unbelie
  16. Hi! I'm new to this forum but have occassionally came across with discussions here when searched other acne/skin problem related things from the net. I started jojoba oil to my regimen some 2/3 weeks ago. I read many articles where people have praised the oil and finally decided to give it a try since my then current regimen didn't really help with the forehead/large pore problem/oiliness. When my 3rd week of jojoba oil use started my forehead was a mess and is still (ofc). I stopped it 3 da
  17. Can you tell me about your oil cleansing experience because I just started it Hey there girl, So my experience was awful, but I also wasn't doing it correctly. For about 6 months, I used only coconut oil and warm water on my face (and saw great results for the first 4 months or so). My mistakes were: 1. using coconut oil (use jojoba oil, from this site too) 2. using a wash cloth (I loved the feeling of rubbing my make up off, but I think it was too harsh and abrasive) 3. using the
  18. I've had severely oily skin for years. I always see people post about how oily their skin is but nothing I've seen online compares to my face Every inch of my face is drenched in oil minutes after washing. The temples, jawline, forehead, cheeks, nose, etc all look like they're coated in melted butter. In fact, after I use Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets, my eyelashes are so saturated in oil that it looks like I rubbed vaseline on them! And to top it all off, my face looks the same an ho
  19. Hey, I use La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo cleanser. I normally wash my face twice with it in the evening, massaging gently. The first rinse gets rid of my makeup and the second cleanses again. Then I wipe my whole face with a gentle glycolic pad and apply my retinol/topical antibiotic mixture. However, I feel like I have to apply too much force to remove my foundation with this cleanser. If I massaged my face with jojoba oil and warm water to remove my makeup and THEN used my La Roche cleane
  20. Hi, i've recently started the regimen and am having issues with dry skin. My skin is not ovewhelmingly dry - I suppose long term use of proactiv which contains benzoyl peroxide has got my skin pretty used to harsh products, but it's certainly a little flaky and tight with the benozyl peroxide. I'm having real issues finding a decent moisturiser. All moisturisers I currently had or have bought have contained comedogenic ingredients. I am using aveeno daily lotion which is labelled non comedogeni
  21. Hi, I've been on the regimen for over 3 months now, and I'm still struggling with flaking. They're always there when I get up in the morning, and it takes a lot of spot picking to make sure none surface throughout the day. I know what you're going to say: use aha! I use Aha every night as my nightly moisturizer, and still there is no difference. I lather jojoba oil over my face after I cleanse in the morning, and before applying Bp. Is there some mistake I'm making that permits these flakes to e
  22. Hello all, I recently made a review on Jojoba oil and whilst writing I thought I would continue a sort-of blog as I've learnt so much from others that I feel a duty to give back and hopefully, this will help somebody. Ok, this is going to be long. I've put a summary at the bottom. I decided to give a long explanation as that way perhaps more people can relate to different bits of details. I'm 23, male & have cystic (inflamed) acne. I have had very mild acne since 16 (1-2 every mo
  23. I started water-only caveman regimen 2 months ago with great results on my hormonal cystic chin acne (had on and off for 15 years), but still had a little congestion of black/whiteheads on my chin and a few other spots. Almost 2 weeks ago I went strict caveman (no water) and added jojoba oil in am/pm -one squirt only, massaged onto entire face. I also have added fermented cod liver oil. My face is looking amazing! I even think the jojoba is clearing up scars too! I'm beyond excited! Jojob
  24. I had literaly just written about 500 words about my trials and tribulations with acne..Not doing it again but here are my coles notes. - oily face, dandruff scalp - have beee having continuous acne over the last decade - tried OCM... combination of Grapeseed and castor oil. This cleared me up, made my skin really soft. I altered the mix and added jojoba which was suposed to be great for scalp and skin. Also used jojoba treatment on scalp. At the same time I also did the NO shampoo thi