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Found 44 results

  1. Hi, I'm a long-time reader, first time poster. I've been on a pursuit to cure my acne without Accutane. I've had acne since I was a teenager (I'm 38, Caucasian, female), and the only reprieve I got was from going on Accutane in my early 20s. My acne came back during my first pregnancy in my early 30s, and I have been battling with it ever since. I've been reading many forums on acne.org for several months now, and I have many of people's suggestions: I'm taking Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5 (in large doses); avoiding Vitamins B6 and B12, (also avoiding Iodine and Biotin); Vitamin C; Vitamin D3, Vitamin E; as well as fish oil, zinc, magnesium aspartate, chromium, selenium, MSM, ACV and green tea extract. I've been spacing out these vitamins and minerals throughout the day, per the advice on these forums. I was also on the Face Reality Skin Care Regimen, which improved my acne, but was not a cure. After reading about the Oil Cleansing Method with Olive and Jojoba Oils, I was intrigued. Furthermore, I read that some people were using anti-dandruff shampoo (e.g. Head and Shoulders), and then I had an a-ha moment when looking at the ingredients on the back of my husband's anti-dandruff shampoo (Jason Natural Dandruff Relief Shampoo) while taking a shower one day. I washed my face with it, and while massaging my skin, I felt an acne scab peel off! Sure enough, when I got out if the shower, the acne scab was gone; replaced by pink skin. I then started using the shampoo every morning and night, and by the following weekend, my friends were telling me that my skin looked amazing (I wasn't wearing any make-up, and it was the best my skin looked in a long time.) I started researching the ingredients a little bit more, and I became concerned that the shampoo contained both salicylic acid and sulphur (I read somewhere that the two shouldn't be used at the same time.) I was also concerned about the menthol content, because I read elsewhere that menthol can aggravate acne (one caveat being that if it's listed as one of the first three ingredients - which it is not). Paranoid that I was it not doing good by my skin, I stopped using the shampoo and started using other products, which caused my skin to break out heavily. Fed up, I started using the shampoo again last night, and sure enough, two acne scabs immediately fell off, and by this a.m., my skin is again on the road to recovery. I tried researching if anyone else had used this as an acne treatment, and there were only two reviews on Amazon. One purchaser said she used it on her body acne, and it was cured (the same purchaser, though, warned not to use it on the face, without giving a reason). Another purchaser did use it on her face, and it did clear up her acne as well! The combination of ingredients in Jason's Naturals Dandruff Relief Shampoo is quite possibly the perfect anti-acne topical cocktail, at least, it is for me. I will continue posting and letting you know how I'm doing. Plmk if you try it, and if it's working for you too.
  2. Hi. Have any of you tried : The Jojoba Company Spot-on Pimple Control?
  3. Whenever I apply Cerave + 4-5 drops of jojoba oil after bp, the bp immediately clumps up, turns white, and is just super hard to rub all over my skin. Whenever I mix in AHA+ with the Cerave and jojoba oil, however, this doesn't happen and everything goes on smoothly. Does anybody have any advice to stop clumping and/or an explanation of why AHA+ doesn't cause clumping?
  4. sammirae

    Tazorac And Jojoba Oil?

    Hi all-- I've been using tazorac for about 3 weeks. I was using Clenia facewash as well but it is too drying. I wanted to see if jojoba oil would moisturize my skin and also help with my acne so I started using it about 4 days ago. I think my acne is starting to calm down (who knows from what). I've been using the jojoba in the morning with my moisturizer SPF and also at night before my tazorac. I read that putting on moisturizer before tazorac is good to do (from the tazorac website), but I don't know if that applies to jojoba since it's oil. Should I put it on before or after? Or should I only use it in the morning?
  5. Okay, so I've noticed a pattern when I go without shaving for a few days while using the regimen... My skin flakes and dries a lot more! Even if I apply a ton of moisturizer and jojoba oil. My beard just irritates the crap out of me, so now I try to shave as much as possible. I want to know, does this occur with you also? Or is it just a random occurrence? Thanks!
  6. somebody.talking

    Tamanu Oil

    Always checking up on this forum as I've been suffering with acne/blemishes on and off since I was around 15 (am now 23!), but this is my first post.. Just interested to know what experiences you guys have had with certain oils? For instance, I'm pretty sure it was from this website that I first started looking at using oils as a cleanser/moisturiser a few years ago, and I started off using Jojoba after the glowing reviews it had. For the first few days my skin and hair felt absolutely unbelievable.... smooth, old blemishes fading and no new spots; I thought I'd found a miracle! But after a week or so I was suddenly breaking out un-controllably and eventually after about a month I just had to stop, my skin was just so clogged. I decided after a few months to give it another shot but the same outcome -even more/worse breakouts! It was a few months later that I heard about Tamanu oil, and as I was still interested in using natural oils, I decided to give it a go.. and wow! Although it may have an awful curry/nutty smell, it instantly felt nice on my skin, and has made a huge difference to my breakouts. They're extremely rare now, and when I do get a spot, the Tamanu oil seems to stop it's longevity as well as how red/horrible it looks. I've been using it for about a year leaving it on as a night-time moisturiser and it still hasn't clogged my pores/caused breakouts. I'd be absolutely lost without it, and am now using a Tamanu Oil/Aloe Vera cleansing bar as well which is proved to be another incredible find. I've also experimented with Castor/ Coconut oil recently (for my hair as well), but again after 2-3 days my skin just breaks out extremely badly from both, and when I stop and go back to Tamanu my skin calms down again. My question is, does anyone actually know how some oils can affect your skin so badly but others seem to do miracles? I've read so many posts about people who love Jojoba and what it does for their skin, and I've read posts about people that find Tamanu oil causes them to breakout really badly, yet I've had completely different results from both! Literally every other oil I've used has clogged my pores... Olive Oil, Jojoba, Castor, Coconut, Green Tea oil. So what's so different about Tamanu oil? Surely they all possess the same sort of properties?! Jojoba definitely made my skin *look* the nicest (after a few uses) so I wish it didn't eventually cause breakouts, but it does for me. Interested to hear your guys verdict on other oils! Cheers
  7. So I've been using Jojoba oil, zinc oxide and benzoyl peroxide for the past week. Zinc with benzoyl does not seem like a good idea since my skin got super dry after I washed it. I've got cystic acne on me cheeks, I believe its from touching/pillow but the oil production hasn't decreased yet and zinc is working like a charm(not sure if it's good in the long-run tho). Has anybody else tried doing this? How can I modify this routine to get more results? btw going to stop using bp and see if anything changes.
  8. Soooo I am wondering if my acne is getting better or worse, I cant tell. I have a few whiteheads and breakouts, and alot of red spots. I am trying to figure out a way to get rid of them, but everything seems hopeless. My regimen for tonight is Cerave Cleanser, a mix of witch hazel ( 40 drops) and tea tree oil (2 drops ) and moisturizer. I'm I doin something wrong, or is my skin actually healing? Also, whats a good way to get rid of those damned red spots? Thank you guys.
  9. Hi! I'm new to this forum but have occassionally came across with discussions here when searched other acne/skin problem related things from the net. I started jojoba oil to my regimen some 2/3 weeks ago. I read many articles where people have praised the oil and finally decided to give it a try since my then current regimen didn't really help with the forehead/large pore problem/oiliness. When my 3rd week of jojoba oil use started my forehead was a mess and is still (ofc). I stopped it 3 days ago because I got scared it would get even worse. I have had this bumpy-like texture on my forehead quite some time already, large-ish pores and some barely visible blackheads. I don't know is the condition called closed comedones. I have battled with skin problems/acne since junior high. My skin broke out badly at the age of 14-15 (can't remember exact). Previously I've had perfect skin. I am now 24 and I still battle with oily skin and its wonderful "side effects". T-zone is the oiliest. My cheeks are pretty clear/normal (some mild light scars). I have some blackheads and large-ish pores on nose area also. Scars/hyperpigmentation/scars that linger (those reddish/brownish ones) on the jaw area. Occassional mild breakouts occur in the jaw area every month before/after period. I have gone through several hundreds products and back then in my teens a dermatologist prescribed me a mild capsule-like drug which name I cannot remember anymore, to my acne. I had to stop it though after a month due to side effects. I haven't taken any acne medication since 'cause they are toxic. Anyways, my problem is now the forehead that looks like crap. I have read similar kind of effects on people who have used jojoba oil. However, I can't seem to find an answer whether they have stopped using the oil after their horrible breakout (I assume it's the purging process?) or continued the use. Is it an allergic reaction or is it about the so called purging? I feel down because of it. My forehead was way better that it's now. I started Differin on to it yesterday evening (16th of August). As I told ahead, I stopped the jojoba 3 days ago. Should I continue the jojoba oil so that the gunk under my skin comes out and bear the bumps, red pimples/whiteheads and shit. Please someone who has used the same oil, tell me your experience and what have you done to tolerate the "purging"? Background: I used the jojoba oil first as a moisturizer (felt greasy underneath (?) but skin was dry) but it wasn't enough moisturizing and dried out my skin/made it flaky so I used it with a moisturizer. Then week 2 I started to use it only as a cleanser for my whole face and followed with a foam wash. I then already noticed some whiteheads/bumps. On week 3 my forehead "erupted" to those tiny bumps/pimples/whiteheads and now it looks just horrible. I'm kind of clueless now. Should you know that I am using Clarisonic Mia 2 and changed my Sensai Cleansing gel + mud soap (foaming) some weeks ago to the Clarisonic's sample Refreshing gel cleanser. I have used the double cleansing method (oil+foam etc.) i.e. Koreans use. The gel seems to be a bit drying. I also used Clinique's dramatically different moisturizimg gel for about a week or two but stopped it 'cause I thought it caused me the breakout. I took back my Sensai II emulsion and softening lotion with the above products/regimen. I am on a search of a new regimen and maybe leaving oils at bay. I've considered Mario Badescu and Renee Rouleau but haven't puchased any yet. Has anyone here have any experience of those products?
  10. creamymustard212

    No Relief From Flakes

    Hi, I've been on the regimen for over 3 months now, and I'm still struggling with flaking. They're always there when I get up in the morning, and it takes a lot of spot picking to make sure none surface throughout the day. I know what you're going to say: use aha! I use Aha every night as my nightly moisturizer, and still there is no difference. I lather jojoba oil over my face after I cleanse in the morning, and before applying Bp. Is there some mistake I'm making that permits these flakes to exist? Do I have to sleep on my back all night so they don't rub off onto my pillow? I need guidance.
  11. A few set-backs since I last wrote. #1) that moderate pimple turned into a cyst yesterday. It came to a head last night but little came out when I tried to pop it. Tried again this morning & had better luck. Exciting because it should flatten out now right? Wrong. This evening, it remains raised in all of its inflamed glory. However frustrated I am, I'm distracted by issue #2) DRYNESS. FLAKINESS. SCALES. out of nowhere, my skin has gone from taught from the BP to full out scaly and flaky. It was so bad that I did not put on any BP this morning. I considered not putting on any this evening too except that I spent most of the day at work googling what to do about my new found scales. Dealing with #2) Dryness. I came across a post on acne.org that talked about massaging the dry skin with jojoba oil. Another post talked about the benefits of adding AHA+ every few days. Exfoliating has not worked at all so I decided to try one of these previously mentioned methods. I was afraid to keep using the BP on such dry, irritated skin. It's not red, but clearly not in a state to respond favorably to the treatment. I tried to buy the jojoba oil at Target but surprisingly did not find it. Apparently most of America has much better skin than I do and is not on the Regimen. Luckily, my acne.org friends like you : ) made some great recommendations on where I can pick this stuff up. I tried Whole Foods on one of your suggestions and found it immediately. I read that the organic kind is the best and that's what Whole Foods carried. It smells nice too, added bonus. I came home after work and purchasing, washed my face (gently), mixed some jojoba oil with moisturizer, and let it sit on my skin as a mask of sorts for 1.5 hours. I just washed it off and while I was still dry, I felt my skin was able to handle tonight's BP treatment. Back to #1) Still Developing Cysts That Refuse to Leave. I don't understand why my pimples get so inflamed, fester, love me so much they refuse to come to a head, and then leave a mark to remind me it was there (I remember, trust me!). I was half joking with my sister the other day that I should really name these things---kind of like how hurricanes are named. They start off as tropical storms, warning signals go off, then they die out or come at me full fury. I think my moderate pimples and cysts deserve their own names. I can at least keep track of them and tell you about the devastation (scars) they leave in their wake. Just like hurricanes, my lovely cysts will have people names and will be named alphabetically in order of appearance. Agatha (June 15th) - deep cystic & painful, right along my jawline. luckily, somewhat tucked away but very very large. took 3x to pop, lots came from it when it finally gave way. took 2 weeks to fully flatten out. Bertha (June 24th) - this was/is the unforgettable cyst that formed in the center of my cheek for all to see. became extremely inflamed and was super painful. never came to a head, still has a raised bump almost 3 weeks later. Caroline (June 24th) - adding insult to injury, Bertha's sister popped up and really made my skin look awful. It took 1.5 weeks to go but is now flat. I cover the mark it left every day with make-up. Dylan (July 11th) - inflamed and refuses to flatten despite having popped/drained it 2x already Minor pimples: 1 (excited!) Moderate pimples: luckily no new ones at this time Active Cysts: Dylan <sigh> Healing Cysts: Big Bertha, flat enough to where it doesn't bother me too much but still raised and noticeable Thanks for listening : ) hope you all have a great week!
  12. Hi All, I have been on the regimen for about a month this time around, I used the regimen for a while about 5 years or so ago, I can't remember why I stopped (I think because it was just too much hassle and my skin wasn't that bad at that point). My skin is super dry, tight, kind of sore, wrinkles look way more pronounced (I am 31) and I am still breaking out I am using probably 1/2 the full amount of BP morning and night, 1 full pump of moisturizer (even 1 pump takes forever to absorb for me, in truth it kind of never absorbs and I still look greasy afterwards), and have dabbled in using jojoba. My skin is very dry and tight and kind of uncomfortable, and the flakes are pretty noticeable and make me feel super self conscious. I wouldn't mind the flaking so much, but I am still breaking out, both big gross whiteheads and deep cysts on my cheeks, both of which are at least as bad as they were before starting out. My forehead has cleared though, which is one thing at least, and my chin and around my mouth are better I think. I am feeling really disheartened, I don't remember the flaking/dryness/discomfort as much last time, and I am sure my skin cleared faster, although maybe I have forgotten. Last time around Dan's moisturizer had not come out, I can't remember what I was using but maybe that made a difference? The way my wrinkles around my eyes are look so much worse due to the dryness is really depressing, they were barely noticeable before, and now due to the dryness they are super bad, which I feel makes me look really old The dryness and flaking are much better if I use jojoba oil, but if I do I feel like I get a couple of big cysts the next day, although as I am still breaking out anyway it could just be coincidence. I feel like giving up, what should I do? Thanks, Lily
  13. I have been satisfied with the acne.org jojoba oil, however I am a bit worried that something is affecting the oil. It has begun to form dark floating precipitates in the bottle. It looks pretty weird/gross and the dark bits even come out onto my hand and this worries me. Does anyone know of this happening, and if not, I would like to look into finding out what steps I can take to correct this (i.e. return for another bottle, or simply ignore the weird goopy precipitates). Thank you for your time.
  14. hello everyone! there's malaysian out here? hope to find this solution from you guys. my face is really2 flaky at this moment and i cant find jojoba oil near my place. so, there's any local blogshop that sells jojoba oil or any places that i can go and buy it? i live in malacca. hope to get any reply just wanna share here, today is really2 knocked me down. i just went out to the groce shop and there was couple of guys approaced me. one of those guy asked me where the Abbey village, and yeah i nervously told him where it is. on the same moment, the other guy looking at my face. i can tell you he actually looking at my flaky face. how im so ashame. i try to brave my self to go out and maybe its not the right time. what a shame . i feel so horrible right now.
  15. Hi all, I have been fighting with my acne for years. Looking in the mirror and for the first time feeling my acne is under control and confident is amazing. I want to share with you all, especially all the Australian regimen users what I use and what has worked for me. Please note this is my variation on the regimen. I tried the acne.org cleanser, and moisturiser, however the products I am now using worked best for me. Cleanser - Dr Wood Black Soap . The most gentle cleanser, and really gets rid of makeup! Doesn't dry out skin. Cannot say enough good things about it. Purchase from eBay. Moisturiser - NIGHT (dab jojoba oil on all parts of skin, then Cetaphil moisturising lotion, again can't say enough good things about both jojoba oil and moisturiser, my skin literally soaks up the jojoba and has never looked better) DAY (Cetaphil moisturiser only) Treatment - Acne.Org treatment (use a touch more at night on areas of my face more prone to break out. Moisturiser - Cetaphil moisturising lotion The reason for double moisturising is that my skin became very dry with the treatment and would be so flaky and difficult with moisturising after treatment. I tried moisturise twice after reading a recommendation from the forum and have not looked back, my skin feels and looks much better than when I moisturised following treatment. *makeup (foundation) - nude by nature in light and concealer for under eye sheer cover in light/medium. I also use jojoba oil around my eyes as an eye cream, and on my eye lashes as a treatment. Best thing I have ever tried!!! Love It! So thankful for Dans treatment and love love love my current routine which has left me acne free and my skin looking better than ever!!
  16. Peace456

    Makeup remover

    Hi!! dans fash wash doesn't fully remove my makeup. Is it ok to use the Miceller Cleansing water with a cotton ball first to remove the makeup, then begin the regimen?
  17. Hi guys, so, it has been hard. You know, we are in the New Year and I really want clear skin. I started my New Year crying because of my cystic acne. I am extremely exhausted because of how much time the acne.org regimen takes. Plus, my skin just seems to not get better at all. So, I have decided to try something else other than the acne.org regimen. With much research, I have decided to use these products: - Cerave Cleanser - Thayers Witch Hazel with Rose Petal - Dead Sea Mud Mask - Jojoba Oil - Three cups of Green Tea a day I have read that Witch Hazel and the Dead Sea Mud Mask help with acne, I am willing to give up the acne.org regimen to see if these products work better for m and my skin. If not, I will seek a doctor. Please wish me the best of luck.
  18. Using advice from this forum, I have tried using jojoba oil in several ways, from using it in moisturiser, as a scrub, with face wash, as shaving oil etc. I have had some success in combating flakiness, but not total. However, one thing I have not seen mentioned on this forum, but I have heard elsewhre, is mixing it with the BP. Has anyone had any experience of this or think there is any reason why it may not be effective at reducing overall flakiness? Living in the UK, I have to use panoxyl which is extremely drying compared to Dans BP (or so I have heard)
  19. I started a new regimen almost exactly a month ago, and my face has exploded since then. Not all at once, but it definately has gotten much worse. Attached are pics from a month ago (day 1 of new regimen) and a pic from today (day 34 of regimen). Is this normal/good? Yes, my skin is peeling quite a bit and yes, it hurts!!! The reginem I am on is 100mg minocycline morning/night, benzyol peroxide and clindamycin in the morning and benzyol peroxide and differin at night. Yes, I cleanse my face (using cetaphil cleanser) before i apply topicals and yes, i use moisturizer (with jojoba oil) afterwards. Day 1: Day 34: Is this just the "initial breakout" or is this something else? How long should I expect until my face starts to clear up, or even stop being so red?
  20. Hello all, I recently made a review on Jojoba oil and whilst writing I thought I would continue a sort-of blog as I've learnt so much from others that I feel a duty to give back and hopefully, this will help somebody. Ok, this is going to be long. I've put a summary at the bottom. I decided to give a long explanation as that way perhaps more people can relate to different bits of details. I'm 23, male & have cystic (inflamed) acne. I have had very mild acne since 16 (1-2 every month) but since I came back from Uni 2 years ago, my face has exploded (1-4 cystic spots every week, coupled with acne marks makes unpleasant viewing). I tried Proactiv about a year ago and it cleared me up in 1.5 months and was naturally over the moon and become overconfident. I didn't like being dependent on a 3 step programme everyday for the rest of my life so I decided to switch to a more mild cleanser. And that's when it happened, my acne became much worse and more persistent - which I have seen with a lot of other people using Proactiv. In September 2013 I became depressed and went to a dermatologist who put me on antibiotics (minocycline I think), I didn't notice much difference and after 8 weeks, I decided to quit. I didn't want to become dependent on antibiotics everyday and didn't feel comfortable taking them. In November 2013 I then started BP and the regimen, however this made my face extremely red and whilst I got no new spots, my skin was extremely dry and my acne marks just would not go away (I heard BP slows down the healing process). The worst thing about the BP is it stimulated my oil glands to work overtime, because my face was so dry after a week I noticed about 5 hours after applying, my forehead especially was secreting a large amount of oil. This made me panic and I knew would just start a battle on my face of oil production vs BP and decided enough was enough and this was not the best approach. I kept researching online and in December 2013 I found Jojoba oil (briefly it has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties whilst containing essential fatty acids and Vit E), since this was natural and chemical-free I thought this would be the best option long term. I firstly used it as a moisturizer but it just sat on my skin and made my face feel really greasy. I left it for 6 hours and it still didn't absorb.. so I was about to throw this product away and went to wash it off. I noticed that when I washed it away, my skin was left feeling soft and had that 'glow' i had been reading about. I researched further and saw that people used this as a cleanser.. and herein starts the real story. HOW I APPLIED IT In the shower, I washed my hair with shampoo first (trying not to get too much water on my face) so that the steam and heat from the water would open my pores. Once my skin was damp, I then took about 2-3 drops of oil into my palm and used my index finger to dip into the oil and place on my face, massaging in a circular motion. Once all the oil was on my face I would massage for about a minute and let it rest for 30 seconds before washing it off with the shower water. It will feel like its not coming off your skin but this is normal, don't try and scape it off. Once you finish, just gently pat your face with a towel and let the rest of the oil sink in. DURATION I had a lot of acne marks more than active cysts at this point so I was looking to see any improvement with the hyper-pigmentation. However, this didn't really help. I honestly believe time is the best remedy. Having said that, I didn't get any new acne and my skin-tone had evened out after 3 weeks. In week 4 though I noticed I had some clogged pores, but they weren't cystic - they were under the skin. At this point I nearly quit as I heard it was clogging for some people and thought my face might explode. BUT I continued and by week 8 SOME of the clogged pores came to a head (very small dot like cysts that went away with minimal marks remaining). However I still have 1 remaining clogged pore still but because it is not inflamed or red, it isn't visible and I'm confident it will come through eventually. OILINESS After 12 weeks, my skin became 85% clear but I had one major problem. Since using BP, my face was producing excess oil. I heard Jojoba would regulate that but it didn't in this timeframe. I showered at 7am and by 3pm my face was quite shiny. I decided that I would stop the Jojoba to see if my oil would decrease. A week after I stopped I noticed a considerable reduction in oiliness so I left it off for another week. However last month (March 2014) I developed 3 large inflamed cysts on my left cheek (I NEVER had this whilst using Jojoba oil) and I'm still recovering from the marks. I decided to go back to Jojoba but cut it down to 1 drop for my entire face. I did this for 3 weeks but the oiliness was roughly the same as using 2-3 drops. PRESENT So 3 weeks ago I decided again to come off Jojoba, and for 2 weeks it was great, my oiliness was reducing by the second week and had no new cysts - I finally thought I'd beaten acne! I decided to swap the Jojoba for ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) toner followed by Aloe Vera gel in the evenings instead of the morning. I heard ACV can balance oil production and remove acne marks (I had a few left on my left cheek). I diluted 50/50 with water and had no irritation... Then last Friday I developed one HUGE spot on my right cheek and 4 more large cysts on the right hand side of my face. I'm now back on Jojoba in the morning shower since Sunday and there is gradual reduction in the inflammation which I expect to clear by next week but will have more marks to deal with which will probably take another 2 months. COMMENTS I think Jojoba is great, it did what I wanted and cleared up my cystic acne. It takes a long time to be effective, 8 - 12 weeks to see the full benefit. However I have 2 (perhaps minor) issues with it: It causes some clogged pores (although not inflamed) which take forever to reach a head... It's not visible but you know its there which is frustrating. Secondly it didn't reduce my oil production (in fact my skin was more oily). Although, strangely enough even though my skin was oily I never broke out whilst on Jojoba. My theory is this is because that if my pores became blocked, they would be unclogged the next morning by Jojoba. I've heard it can take 6 months or more for skin oil to become regulated so maybe this is a premature criticism. BLOCKED PORES AND NEW REGIMEN Jojoba oil is NOT non-comedogenic (for those who hate double negatives, jojoba IS COMEDOGENIC). It has a rating of 2/5 on the comedogenic scale (0 being non-clogging and 5 being certain to clog pores) and so this is why people break out from it. I've now discovered a new oil.. Hemp Seed Oil which I am beginning this week which has a comedogenic rating of 0 (Yes - ZERO, it will not clog pores at all). I am replacing Jojoba with this and will use it for 12 weeks or more. I want to see if it is as effective whilst being able to control oil production and not cause clogged pores. I am going to keep you updated on this progress. SUMMARY PRO'S - Clears cystic acne - Reduces inflammation - Makes skin 'glow' - Prevents new breakouts CON'S - Can clog pores - Did not reduce oiliness after 3 months use - Requires 8 - 12 weeks to see significant improvement - Does not fade acne marks/scars If your skin is not suitable then I think you will know in a week. I had a small 'purging' phase but my face didn't explode, I just had small cysts come to a head. If after a week you are breaking out badly, I wouldn't continue using it - it is usually bad sign in my experience. Having said that if you don't see anything/minor improvements then keep going. With any treatment I have to remind you as I've learned - persistence prevails. It will take time to see results. I don't think absorbing chemicals through our skin everyday is beneficial in the long term - it creates more toxins that your liver has to remove. Best of luck friends, I know this is bullsh** that we shouldn't have to deal with but I guess there are worse things in the world. Hang in there... and you will eventually beat it! I will keep updating perhaps week by week with comments on the Hemp Seed Oil. I hope you find this useful. Appreciate your feedback also as I'm keen to learn more/help if i can.
  21. TenderCosmo

    Acne.org tips

    Some tips for using the regimen that I have found thus far: Firstly- the key is to follow what Dan says and not just use the products how you've always used acne products if you want it to actually work. 1) For me, the thick layer of benzoyl all being applied and lightly smeared and then the thick lotion being applied and smeared lightly (after the benzoyl dried of course) made me feel really sticky and goopy like I had a thick layer of stuff on my face. So to help with this I applied (still a lot of benzoyl) but instead of putting a ton on my finger and lightly smearing it I put little dime sized amounts on my finger tips and lightly smear it in sections of my face and then once it runs out i put another dime size amount and smear it in a different section until my whole face is covered. and i do the same thing for applying the moisturizer. 2) After my benzoyl and lotion have completely dried on my face as much as they will (my face has a problem where it doesnt fully absorb all of the moisturizer no matter how long i wait) so after it is all as absorbed as possible (about 20 minutes) then i take some of those Clean and Clear blotting papers (the blue ones you can buy at any drug store) and i blot my whole face down to remove the excess. 3) Personally, I try to not wear makeup everyday but I do wear makeup often on the regimen. My first two tips help it go on smoother. Then, for taking off my makeup, I use the jojoba oil that you can buy on this website (i bought the regimen with the jojoba) and I pour some of that into my fingers and rub it gently all over my face and eyes and rinse with water and all my makeup comes off super easily and then I continue with the regimen wash, etc. 4) this is kind of unrelated to the regimen, but I know Dan says you don't need any other products for your skin and people fear using others with the regimen cause they think their skin with get irritated but for me I use a face mask about once a week (not for blemishes or bumps because the regimen works great in clearing that stuff up) for uneven skin tone and blackheads and pores and just a better texture and I have found it works great and doesnt irritate me and gives you that extra little something. The one i use is Mask of Magnaminty by Lush. I highly recommend this one!
  22. It's been nearly two years since I started the regimen, and no, this is not a success story (bummer, right?). Here's my problem, my face is STILL red. The difference in skin tone between my face and my neck is super obvious. Neck skin is a slight tan and my face is a tomato. Gross. Last week I dropped from 1 pump morning and night to just under half a pump. Very slight reduction in redness. I'm still suffering from acne but I've "given up" on being 110% clear all the time, the regimen for the time being gets me close enough (I'm a 17 y/o male whose parents had acne...can't complain to much). What I want to know is has anyone been on the regimen this long and is still suffering from redness? Even if you're not a regimen user, does anyone have any tips, ticks, or products to help tone down the redness?
  23. Hi, i've recently started the regimen and am having issues with dry skin. My skin is not ovewhelmingly dry - I suppose long term use of proactiv which contains benzoyl peroxide has got my skin pretty used to harsh products, but it's certainly a little flaky and tight with the benozyl peroxide. I'm having real issues finding a decent moisturiser. All moisturisers I currently had or have bought have contained comedogenic ingredients. I am using aveeno daily lotion which is labelled non comedogenic but contains isopropyl palmitate as the 5th? ingredient, which ive read is terribly pore clogging. The other i bought, QV lotion, has cetyl alcohol and cereateth 20, again very pore clogging. Ive experienced breakouts using both of them, and while it could well be a natural breakout, the fact that the one while usng aveeno appeared on my forehead where i just about never get acne made me think it might be the product. All the lotions I want to use seem to have so many ingredients and usually a few of them are comedogenic. I'd like to take a more natural approach to my moistoriser considering benozyl peroxide is so harsh, I'd love to give my skin a moisture boost that is natural and organic while being effective and non pore clogging. I've read that jojoba oil is both these things. I sort of love using oils on my face despite being quite oily, I love the glow and sheen they give me, I especially enjoy rosehip oil but have read again that this is also moderately comedogenic (so frustrating that everything that seems to give great moisture will also clog my pores, ugh) Anyway, to the point of this post, is it okay to use jojoba oil as a stand-alone moisturiser? Some people are saying go for it, while others say it is very bad for the skin if it's already dry if you dont use another lotion added to it. Anyone have any experience using jojoba oil alone as their regimen moisturiser? I'd love to hear some accounts, particularly if you have a similar skin type, which is oily/acne prone but also dry in places especially on BP. Any scientific views on the matter also very welcomed!
  24. Can I use argan oil instead of jojoba oil with the regimen? Jojoba oil is really hard to find and I don't want to order online.
  25. Hi! I would like to post my experience regarding Jojoba Oil. I had been using Jojoba Oil for 3 months already but stop using it on the third month. This is what happened: First month- acne started to clear, flare uo and existing cystic acne started to fade away, as well as the few comedones on my temple area. Second Month- few small bumps are starting to come out. I didn't mind since its not so obvious anyway. Third Month- I started to get a lot of closed comedones (its color isn't reddish, the color of the comedones are the same with my skin, it looks like small bumps all over my face) Almost all over my face. I dont kmow if its purging or if I am breaking out already from using Jojoba Oil for Oil Cleansing and as a moisturizer after. I am also using dove for babies sensitive skin for my facial wash before I tried using jojoba. I also try to do aztec face mask twice a month and leave it for 20 minutes. But I realized that somehow the aztec makes my skin dry. I have a combination skin. I tried using jojoba oil because I really want to treat my acne prone, sensitive, dehydrated skin.