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Found 223 results

  1. ive been using dans jojoba oil on my moisturizer for over a week now & have gotten these tiny whiteheads around my chin, mustache, and cheek areas .. Has anyone experience this with jojoba oil?? how can I get rid of it?
  2. Imthorpedo

    Jojoba oil cleanser

    HAS ANYONE TRIED TO MIX IN JOJOBA OIL WITH THEIR CLEANSER??????????? I have really dry skin and only wash my face once a day.....I read on numerous retail sites that jojoba oil is good for cleaning out pores.....This along with the oil cleansing method testimonies have me curious as to whether or not this will increase or decrease the effectiveness of your cleanser.....ANYONE have any ideas or experience??
  3. pimples :((((

    jojoba oil and scars

    isit true that jojoba oil helps with scars?
  4. I had used jojoba oil in the past, and when I would use a lot of it, it would cause breakouts. I found out today that the stuff I was using wasn't organic. The stuff I used was desert essence. I recently got a free bottle of jojoba oil from Dan. Would the non-organicness be what caused the breakouts? An should I try using Dans jojoba oil?
  5. Robynxo

    Trying out Jojoba Oil

    (not sure if this is the right place to post sorry) Received Jojoba oil to try out from acne.org, excited to try it out and see what happens! Right the first time I used it was the day before yesterday. I used a few drops on my face in the morning, my skin was supple all day though a bit oily for my liking, but then again I used a bit more than I should I think. I used it that night as well, and have been using it morning and night up till today. My skin is clear anyway due to the success of
  6. I have Posted this in the reviews for this website. I would also like some feedback and recommendations from you guys. (: Thank you! First, I want to share my background. I have never had a problem with acne. I have always had very smooth clear skin, with an occasional outbreak. I started washing with proactive in 2006 when I was 18 for prevention of those minor outbreaks (I don't recommend this because it destroys your skins natural barrier). Two years ago, in 2011, I started getting a cys
  7. bifferpooh

    Jojoba oil

    I just got my package in today. I think the thing I love most is the Jojoba oil. I've been using it for lip moisturizer all day!
  8. Connor Cliche

    Benefits of Jojoba Oil?

    All right, this isn't going to be long, as I have to go to the dentist soon, but I'm eager for replies and answers! I bought Dan's 8 OZ of Jojoba Oil, BP, and Moisturizer... and I've always wondered, (I've researched the other two products, well, BP at least) what is so benefitial from using Jojoba? I must say, my skin is VERY silky smooth now, and I can see why many so like it! But, what are the overall benefits of me using Jojoba Oil on my face daily? I'm really interested in the answers. T
  9. bethanyd

    jojoba oil?!?

    Can it really work if your acne is mostly caused by really oily skin? If so how should I use it?
  10. First off, I would like to say the new Moisturizer is amazing! The directions say to use 2 full pumps, which I first did, but it seemed a bit to much and left my face looking a little bit shiny. I switched and I am now using 1 full pump, which seems to be perfect for me. I may switch to 1 full pump during the day and 2 full pumps at night w/ Jojoba Oil, as my skin seems to be a little dry & flaky in the morning after I wash my face w/ the Cleanser. QUESTION: What is everyone else doing,
  11. Last time i ordered jojaba oil i still had some left so didn't use the bottle that came in the mail which was about a month ago. Well today i went to use it and noticed there to be a small patch of brown something looks like mold in the bottom of the bottle. Never have seen this with any of the other times ive ordered jojoba oil. Is it safe to use? or should I return it?
  12. I just ordered Dan's BP a few days ago as I plan on using Cetaphil and CeraVe (and sublock in the AM) in place of his cleanser and moisturizer. After seeing some people's issues with their faces turning darker, now I'm really worried! I always thought BP was originally marketed many years ago as a bleaching agent (I mean it definitely does a good job at bleaching my hair line!) before the discovery of its uses for treating acne, so I'm curious as to why this is happening to some of you guys. I a
  13. Hey guys I only use the regimen at night but when i wake up the morning my skin is often dry. Could I put 3/4 drops of JJ oil in my BP? (I don't moisturize) Thanks Aliass
  14. This is probably my first and last post on the forum. I have had acne since grade 8 primarily on the forehead, in grade 9 it started to worsen until grade 10 when I decide I wanted to get rid of it. By this time I had all different types of acne (except for deep scarring, luckily for me my skin did not do this). I began to experiment with Clean and Clear products, Proactiv products and other easily accessible products I found that none of these seemed to work. (my acne is mainly found on my
  15. tjatjatja

    Can I use PURE jojoba oil ?

    Can I use PURE jojoba oil on my skin.. ? Or is the oil only to mix with other moisturizers ? Any experiences ?
  16. Hello! I'm 5 weeks into the Regimen. I ordered more moisturizer which should arrive in a few days (hopefully), so I've just been scraping out the remnants of the one I have now and using extra jojoba. Is this okay to do? I did notice my face is a little redder than it normally is. I just don't feel like dropping money on a drugstore moisturizer. Thanks!
  17. lizardanne

    Day 16: And We're Back

    Well, I freaked out yesterday, but it looks like my skin is back to progressing. Most of the areas that were popped yesterday are either now red marks or smaller whiteheads, which I'm fine with. It could've been worse! Of course, my skin is also back to its insanely dry, red, and burning routine. Applying the BP is never bad, but for some reason when I put on the 2 pumps of moisturizer (and 5-6 drops of jojoba now ) my skin starts freaking out and stinging like mad. It definitely needs
  18. Im not 100% with this theory, but using jojoba oil drops with my moisturiser seems to make my skin more flaky. As the jojoba oil mimics natural oils in your skin preventing your skin from producing too much (to some extent). I dont have perticularly oily skin and it seems my skin is more flaky/dry using jojoba drops with my moisturiser, as it seems to be preventing natural oils being produced. Does anyone agree with this? Has anyone experienced this? Cheers
  19. So I started the regimen a little over a month ago mainly to clear up my back, but to get rid of the little bit of acne on my face as well. Everything has been working great. My back has been getting progressively clearer and my face has stayed clean. I've been impressed with all the products I've bought, and as a result of my great results, I've bought all of them. Starter kit, AHA, Body buddy, and most recently, Jojoba oil. This is where I've become worried though. The night after using the J
  20. lizardanne

    Day 43: Holding My Breath

    Well, after some much needed moisturizer and jojoba, my skin is back on its way. The swelling is completely gone, and the redness has gone down significantly. Also, the popped areas are still healing. They're not completely gone, but they're looking a lot less angry! I did have to exfoliate with jojoba oil this morning, though. I rubbed a good amount of it between my hands and massaged my face with it in the shower. It works better for me when my flakes are wet; they just come right off
  21. mama_bird

    Updating My Progress And Method.

    I wish I had some photos of myself... Just to update on the progress of my current skin cleansing regimen which I have found works well for my sensitive skin. To reiterate, I do have sensitive skin that stings & burns when it comes into contact with certain chemicals. What exactly those are I never know, but I'm trying to be minimalist and more natural in my skin care. For example, I burned myself with a small amount of Vaseline. Go figure. In the future, if I require something to help
  22. Hello fellow acne sufferers, I have been on Duac(benzoyl peroxide + clindamycin) and retin a micro .04 % now for over a year, and my skin is so oily, yet so flaky. I am trying to cure my flakiness. I am currently using cetaphil moisturizer, but it is not doing enough. Here are my options: -jojoba oil -Cetaphil moisturizing cream -aquaphor -cerave pm moisturizer what are your thoughts?
  23. Julia0577

    Day 15 - Changes

    Hi guys so I'm really enjoying this idea of me blogging everyday on my skin, its very relaxing for me and its a nice way for me to unwind at the end of the day! Progress: So today I woke up and it was my time of the month, sorry if this is TMI but I thought I'd add it becayse usually around this time I'd get a few more breakouts. I surprisingly didn't have a huge pimple anywhere, but i did notice a 2 or 3 tiny pimples on my forehead but theyre tiny, barely noticeable Also the big under the sk
  24. hello everyone this is my first ever post as i just signed up for some guidance.. i would say i have fairly mild acne, its not alot in any one area its just spaced out over my face so its not cystic and i dont very often have white heads on my face which is good, although i constantly have blackheads on my nose that are only really noticeable up close. okay so heres my story ive had acne since i was around 15 (im now 20) the severeness has changed a few times.. in june 2012 i suffered a bra
  25. HisFirst

    Jojoba Oil

    I bought some yesterday and it has a nutty/chemically smell to it. It's not strong, but I don't remember when I bought jojoba oil years back it having a smell. When I went to the store to buy it they had 3 diff. brands w/3 diff. prices. I bought the cheapest one, maybe that was the mistake.