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Found 53 results

  1. My skin has been relatively clear until the temperature started getting much cooler. Seems like every time this year all my pores and I mean EVERY pore becomes clogged with blackheads. I can even see extremely tiny pores clogged along my jawline (and yes I have a bad habit of analyzing every inch of my skin) which have been causing painful whiteheads to form there. I've tried tazaorc at night to clear them, doesn't work. I tried using Paula's choice 2% bha and that had no effect on them so I thi
  2. Hi everyone, I’m looking at getting advice on how to finally clear my acne that I’ve had from age 16 to now 19. Here’s my backstory. (Male from the UK). I had cystic moderate acne on my face for about a month aged 16 before I finally went to the doctors. I was prescribed lymecycline capsules (antibiotic) and benzoyl peroxide cream. It worked and did clear the cystic acne to some extent. About a year in I swapped benzoyl peroxide for adapalene because the BP was too drying on my skin. At 18 I
  3. So I stopped tri-sprinted (birth control pill) about a year ago and since then, my skin has been out of control. Based off what I’ve read, I’m pretty certain it’s hormonal. It was good for a couple months, and then had been progressively getting worse. It’s also unlike any acne I’ve ever had before. The texture is really gross looking, small bumps, lots of blackheads. I don’t know what to do. I’m awaiting an appointment with a dermatologist, and in the meantime I am using Beauty counter cleanser
  4. So I made a post in March 2017 concerning my use of L-Lysine. After about 2 weeks or so I noticed the left side of my face was breaking out terribly so I quite. After, I stuck to my eating habits and by the summer time I was (and still am) vegan. Here is where it gets a bit interesting.... Over the summer, I decided this would be my time to finally CURE my acne. I saw a dermatologist in the spring who prescribed me a benzyol peroxide wash, retin-A, a lotion, and of course birth control. I
  5. Hello, I'm 22, i have noticed that i have acne since 18 years old (maybe earlier), i had acne on my temples (dark spots) and a little on jawline. It wasn't bad at all, I didn't take it seriously. But in winter of 2017 my acne got worse and spread on forehead, chest, and upper back, shoulders. So i tried to clean it every day but it didn't help much. On the face my acne is in T-zone, cheeks are clear. On the back it's in triangle or T shape. I read about that and someone said that it's acne v
  6. I don't know if this will work for you, but it helped me so I wanted to share hoping it can help someone else. I have struggled with acne for a long time. I'm 31 now and had success with Accutane in my mid teens and again at college age, then Spironolactone when I was in my mid twenties. Spironolactone was the best! Until it wasn't. It stopped working for me after 3 years. I was so disappointed, I thought I'd found the answer. I started getting cystic acne again and it was brutal. It was all
  7. Hello there! I NEED HELP! I didn't have much of a problem during my teenage years. 1 to 3 acnes during the time of the month, and they get cleared pretty quickly too. I started having more breakouts when I reached my 20s. Most of the time around my jawline and chin area. Once, I touched makeup for the first time and my face broke up with many tiny little bumps. I immediately seek a doctor and was prescribe a gentle form of antibiotic known as tetracycline. And I was cleared. Happened e
  8. I want to start off by saying I am a 21 year old female. I have NEVER had a problem with acne before. As a teenager I might have had a couple zits here and there but never full blown acne. I started the depo shot when I was 20 after being on it for 9 months I noticed really bad breakouts that would come and go. My doctor said to try one more cycle (1 shot, 3 months) to see if it would go away. The acne got worse at the end of the three months I decided I HAD to do something else. He put me on qu
  9. I really need help figuring out what is going on with my skin. Ever since I was a pre teen I remember having pimples on my chin, but only on my chin. I figured it was just hormones and it never really bothered me. Then I started breaking out on my back. Just in this past year or two, I've been experiencing a LOT of nausea and motion sickness that I never had as a child. I also feel very dizzy when I do things when I never used to have a problem even at amusement parks on every single ride.
  10. Hey all. I am in my late 20's- Female- I started breaking out BAD about 2 years ago. Only on my chin cheeks and jawline, which I always read is hormonal. But its not just around that time of the month, its always. I have tons a hard cystic acne, rarely ever coming to a head, now scarring (and I don't pick) and leaving marks behind. It's MOSTLY on my left cheek and I wash my pillow cases, and clean my phone all the time. I've tried everything from Expensive brands, cheap brands,
  11. I'm a male , 19 years old. I work out every other day. Strict diet. No diary no suger etc.. Eat healthy, a lot of veggies and protein. I wash my face each workout and 2 times a day. The past few years I've been fighting this ance war and i tried all the methods. I tried proactive, clean n clear, Neutrogena, None really worked. Clean n clear were great, take out all my black heads until my skin got immune to it. I don't touch my face at all. I drink zero calories Vitamin water Eat a leas
  12. I started the acne.org regimen about 3 weeks ago and it has done a decent job for the most part at keeping my cheeks and the rest of my face clear, with red marks still fading, but it does not seem like the bp is helping me with my jawline and even less with upper neck acne.. iv had quite a few breakout on my neck before and after starting the regimen and they have not stopped.- i get usually 1 or 2 new zits on my neck every day and it is very frustrating because im following the regimen like im
  13. My doctor put me on birth control (ortho-tricyclen) after my first period in middle school. Fast forward - clear skin for almost my entire life until I turn 19 and decide I don't need to be on synthetic hormones. Three months later, cystic acne all over my cheeks, jawline, and neck. Sound familiar? Straight away I go to the derm. Get put back on ortho-tri. I stayed on the ortho tri only to experience mediocre results, then moved onto yaz for three months which caused a literal facial explosion
  14. I'm a 35 year old female and I've been suffering with acne for many years, mostly around the jawline. I get big cysts that hurt my face and small black and whiteheads. I've tried everything over the years--visits to the dermatologist, topical ointments, laser treatment, facials, different makeup products, steroids, Accutane, etc. and nothing works. I notice more breakouts occur during my menstruation, but they never really go away. After doing some research, I realized that I have
  15. I posted in hormonal acne section but starting to think maybe my breakouts are something other than hormonal . I'm 27 my skin was clear through my pregnancy 2 years ago even after breastfeeding then last year I got this breakouts only on my right side of my face . Three months ago started not getting them on both sides of my face after I came back from vacation I got the same on my previous side that was clear . ( I had a lot of caffeine and sugar on that trip) I believed it Contributed to my b
  16. Hi all! New user here I recently turned 26 and started to break out along my jaw line and my upper neck. I never have broken out like this before and I am looking for any advice to treat it. Also, does this warrant a trip to a dermatologist? Or should I be able to control it over the counter? Thanks!
  17. I'm a 32 year old Asian male who had severe cystic acne in the late teens and early 20's. I developed some large keloid scars (abnormal scars that keep on growing beyond the original wounds) on the chest and shoulders. I took accutane, which worsened my acne initially but cleared me up for a few years and I remained mostly clear until my late 20s and my acne started worsening again. In december 2015, I noticed some of my "jawline cysts" seemed very persistent and have been their for mo
  18. I've had like 3 cystic acne it looks like on my jawbone for the longest time. They will not go away it's been almost a year. It sucks because they seem to get swollen when I break out in that area. Anyone know how to get rid of them ? I tried to get them surgically removed but they came back and the scarring is pretty bad and reddish. Can the regimen fix it? I'd appreciate a reply because it's killing my confidence.
  19. I have been suffering from acne since I was 13, im now 23 and its the worst it has ever been. I have tried almost everything over the counter, ive been to a dermatologist, ive tried natural remedies, and have bought proactiv which did nothing. I recently gave birth to my second child and started birth control (nexplanon) and my acne is worse than its ever been. Its on my shoulders, my jaw, my cheeks, and my neck. I ashamed to wear anything but a tshirt and I do not even consider wearing my hair
  20. Hi. I am a malaysian currently living in Macau. I have always been suffering from jawine cystic acne where the regimen didn't really work for me only at the jawline and chin area. But since january where it is winter here in Macau, i got the most terrible time of my life. The BP got my skin really really dry and my skin is peeling off, became really itchy, and in the end left me with several deep under the skin cystic breakouts at both side of my jawline + chin at the same time. It has been 2 mo
  21. Hi everyone, I'm an 18 year old with what I consider to be severe acne (and as said by my dermatologist, it cant get much worse). Lately, it's been really dropping my self confidence levels to the point of where I just want to burn my face. Anyway, I've tried everything except accutane and birth control because of the scary side effects, and probably will not risk my health for it. I've had acne since I was 13 and it was its worst when I was 15, but it's starting to pop up everywhere again and I
  22. I have had severe adult acne for years now. Acne on my back, shoulders, chest, around my hair line, and severely painful cystic acne on jawline and neck. I tried prescription strength acne face wash, washing with natural oils, changes in my diet, etc. To make a long story short - I was given a new shampoo and conditioner to try and my acne immediately started to clear up! I still have scars, whiteheads and pimples that are drying up and are in a healing state. But since I stopped using Pantene P
  23. My skin has been relatively clear until the weather started getting much cooler. Seems like every time this year all my pores and I mean EVERY pore becomes clogged with blackheads. I can even see extremely tiny pores clogged along my jawline (and yes I have a bad habit of analyzing every inch of my skin) which have been causing painful whiteheads to form there. I've tried tazaorc at night to clear them, doesn't work. I tried using Paula's choice 2% bha and that had no effect on them so I think m
  24. Hello All, So I'm a 22 year old female and have mild acne. I am also on the pill (Ortho Tri Cyclen) just for reference. I have done a little research, and as far as I can tell, my chin/jawline acne is due to hormones. However, I thought that the pill was supposed to help regulate this? I keep my hands off my face, I don't rest my chin on my hands... I use mild products, and very few products. Despite all this, I keep getting one or two deep, under the skin pimples on my chin/ja
  25. Let me start off by saying acne is a b****, and I respect and understand ALL of you on this site, and have frequently come on here to learn about my acne. However this is my first post on this site, so I hope I can relay my information the best I can. Few things about me: 22 years old Male 5'10 160 lbs (athletic build/low body fat) Workout 5 times a week (weightlifting) Ill start with a brief overview of my acne. I never had too much of an acne problem in high school. I would get