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Found 130 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new here but really hoping someone has had similar experiences or has an idea of something that may help me. I've had acne since I was 12 or 13, so at least 7 years. I've tried salicylic acid, Rodan + Fields (the Unblemish line and the Soothe line), some Korean treatment for acne + sensitive skin (which actually sometimes seemed to help), essential oils/tea tree oil (used to help more than it does now), various face masks, acne creams, antibiotics, etc. and now using Young
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve been using the regimen for about a year now and last week my eyes became very itchy, red, and swollen. They are still red and swollen but no longer itchy. The skin is sort of flaking away. Has this happened to anyone else? I never put BP near my eyes. I’ve used Benadryl with no change. Is there anything I could put on my eyes to help the redness/flaking? They feel very dry. (Clinics have been full capacity due to flu/cold season...)
  3. Last week, I noticed a red circular shaped spot on the side of my left breast which appeared to be a ringworm. I wasn't sure what it was but I just left it alone. However it wasn't long after that that I began to form red spots all over my stomach and some on my bikini line area. At first I thought I was just breaking out because I tend to get red spots on my body however considering the amount of them and the fact that it's accompanied by the red circular shaped spot on my boob, I think it is a
  4. From the album: Benzoyl Peroxide reaction near eyes

    Yeah, it's swollen and messing up my winks. Good times.
  5. I've had hormonal acne on my chin and around nose but never on my nose. Ive done 2 rounds of accutane ro get rid of that and have been clear since. Ive recently been getting breakouts in my nose only, little clusters at a time. Is this acne or could it be something else? I should add that it can get itchy and feels a bit burning sometimes
  6. Hey guys! For over a year now, I have had a small-medium patch of tiny little bumps (almost like white heads) and darker pigmented skin in the area on my cheek! The reason I've only started worrying now, is because it seems to have spread on to my other cheek (refer to 2nd photo) and ignore my lil bit of peach fuzz in photos! The patch is not painful, or itchy, it's just kind of there! I tried apple cider vinegar and betamethasone, toothpaste, the whole nine yards. If anyone has any suggestions
  7. Hello everyone. This is my 21st day on Accutane with 40mg per day. I have been experiencing the worst break out in my life. The initial break out started at the end of the first week, it lasted for one and a half week, and just when I expected it to clear up, the second round of IB kicked in. My face right now is covered with cysts and white heads( sorry if my pics are disturbing). I have also noticed some tiny white spot on my face which was never there before Accutane. Those spots eventually b
  8. Hello everyone, i am a 22 year old female. I have been told by my dermatologist that I have acne on my forehead, therefore in the summer of 2013 he gave me a topical solution to put on every night called Tactuo (benzyl peroxide and andapolene). I have been determined to get my skin healthier in order to stop using this harsh substance on my skin. I felt like I accomplished getting it healthier by using natural products such as raw honey and apple cider vinegar, therefore I have stopped using T
  9. I am a female teen and have been using the acne.org regimen for a little over 5 months. Up until the last month it worked as it said it would, I was completely clear. However, within the last month the benzoyl peroxide has caused extreme redness, dryness and itchiness. I did not change anything, that I am aware of. Because of the extreme discomfort of the benzoyl peroxide, I took a break for about a week. I started using a natural regimen recommended by a women with much knowledge in natural
  10. My dematologist prescribed me 100mg of doxycycline per day for a month and it's my 2nd week. My face is kinda clearinf up but my bacne and chest is becoming worse and itchy also I noticed that theres some bumps in a few parts of my body Im worried is it normal or what?
  11. i received the full regimen 2 days ago and i was so excited that i started right away that night. I only used a pea sized amount of BP as directed, and about 2ml of moisturizer since my face is super oily and im living in a super hot and humid area. So i have used the regimen once a day at night for 2 days. The next day i noticed red, not dry but rough and leathery patches here and there all over my face, which is kind of similar to the eczema symptoms. And it itches really bad. Im really wor
  12. One side of my cheek it has acne, not to severe just red marks, one or two whiteheads, they go down from my cheek to my chin and some pimple scars; the other side of my cheek is red, barely any acne, which happened 2-3 weeks ago. So i stopped using a cleanser as i realized it was making my skin worse and started applying honey to my face, which it did help. After i wash the honey off my face it then starts to become kinda itchy at a random spot on my face, a lot of times in the side of my head n
  13. So I don't think I have a major problem with acne. I have some acne scars but they don't bother me. What bothers me are these patch of bumps on my forehead which never seems to go away with any topical medication I use. My acne got better but the rash looks worse and has spread since winter started. It's very dry and the bumps are raised SO makeup cannot cover it. A few months ago the patch bumps were there but they were flatter and less visible. I don't understand why it's not going away but it
  14. Hi guys, I've been looking through this place a little bit for the past few weeks, and I thought I'd make a post today. I'm now 18 (almost 19) and I started having spots/acne in certain places around 2 years ago. I didn't know much about cleaning and moisturizing back then, and I unfortunately used to go crazy at these spots and pick and pop. Fast forward today, I have dark spots/marks from previous spots (it'd probably be the same as red scars, but I'm dark skinned so--) and I still get
  15. Ok, so I've had acne pretty consistently for a year now. I've tried many different product packages, and plans. None of them seem to work. But what is strange to me is that my acne is itchy, and its really hard not to itch. Idk if they make anti-itch for your face or anything but I don't know why it would be like that. I have red patches of small pimples and then larger ones. Most focused areas are the center of my forehead, my cheeks on the sides close to my nose, and my temples. Its really the
  16. hey everyone, this is my first post. I started accutane about 16 days ago when my dermatologist prescribed it to me. I have had acne since I was in the 4th grade and now I'm in my senior year of high school and it's out of control. I'm on 40mg once per day and I'm getting horrible side effects from the drug and I wanna know if it's normal. If I don't drink enough water during the day I get the worlds worst migraine, like so bad it hurts to think. Also the insides of my nose are painfully dry, I'
  17. Hey I'm new here so I thought I'd try my luck and see if anyone has ever heard of anything like this before... I am a 26 yr old male that has always had clean skin but I have been dealing with a recurring skin sore infection for about 5 years now. It all started when I was prescribed Prednisone for a bronchial infection. After the course of Prednisone, I noticed two itchy bumps on my scalp and developed acne all along my beard area. Every day I would wake up with about 10-20 whiteheads t
  18. Hey everyone, I started on Accutane 20mg about one week ago. A few days after I started on it I noticed my face became a little red and dry - this is to be expected. I also developed a small rash under my right eye, as well as on my neck. These have both been mildly itchy for the past few days. I haven't changed any products or any part of my facial routine. Hoping this isn't an allergic reaction because I really want to stay on Accutane!! Has anyone else experience this before?? Th
  19. Started "The Regimen" and while I waited for my 2.5% to come in the mail, I used a TINY bit of my old 10% that i had used previously. Around 6 months ago before doing the regimen, I used BP in my daily face wash routine and would use the 10% and one day had a reaction that was little more red and felt like sunburn and I stopped using it. It was probably just because I used too much at such a high percentage. So, now, I used this 10% (VERY small amounts) twice for two days and then I ex
  20. I used the Regimen for the second time this morning before school. My face was itchy the whole day and I kept scratching around my eye and jaw area. I just woke up from a nap and now both my eyes are mildly swollen and a little bit of redness around my face. I'm thinking it might be the BP. Anyone else had this problem? What should I do?
  21. I'm about a week into the regimen and for the most part everything is going okay. My face doesn't look or feel like its sunburned these past few days, so I think I'm getting used to the BP. But the last two days my face has become VERY itchy about eight hours after applying the regimen. No redness or swelling, just itching. I can't stop touching my face and it's driving me nuts! Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
  22. Hi, I struggled with forehead,chin, and a little bit of cheek acne, more than a year ago. Since starting on birth control a year ago, my acne has significantly improved and when I get a way of breakouts now and again they are usually smaller,less, and easier to deal with. However recently I have broken out in these red clumps of pimples near my nose. It started with a small, barely noticable pimple on the nostril opening of my nose & quickly spread to these red, dry clumps of tiny pimpl
  23. Becs85UK

    Day 5

    How longs does it take for Roaccutane to kick in? I mean I'm mildly itchy which I attribute to 'something' happening but and I have one painful joint at the base of my thumb (RSI from googling 'roaccutane' on my phone and playing HQ trivia maybe?? haha) and I would say am mildly less spotty than usual for 'this time of the month' but other than that...nothing. Is that normal?? Most people seem to report extremely dry skin and lips literally within a couple of days...I guess I'll see how thing
  24. Hello I am a new member, long time lurker of this expansive community. I used to suffer from mild acne that turned moderate and then it peaked at severe cystic acne. I treated and "cured" the cystic acne with an unconventional method called "cave man regimen" Yes this new method worked by allowing the cystic inflammation to heal, but I believe not washing my face for an extended period of time brought about a whole new issue that I have never experienced before: Seborrheic Dermititis. The people