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Found 41 results

  1. Hi, I am 15 years old and suffer from acne. I have started my skincare routine which is made up of African black soap, a pore unclogging face scrub that contains sacrylic acid, a toner, and a moisturizer which is just cocoa butter. after these products, i apply benzoyl peroxide and go to sleep. I am on day 3 of this routine and am noticing my skin is very very dry throughout the day. I lather lotion and it dries up 20 minutes later. I'm experiencing a lot of skin flaking, occasional burning, and
  2. Day 8 has proven so far to be quite the challenge. First, let me just say that the Regimen is still awesome. My skin is still progressing quite smoothly and at the proper pace However, my skin is definitely feeling the increased amount of BP, and it seems to be purging like no other. I don't really mean that it's breaking out. It just seems to be screaming, "EVERYTHING ON ME WILL DIE A PAINFUL DEATH." So, what's going on with my skin? Time to investigate: 1. I did have a mi
  3. Trudi

    Day 20

    Almost 3weeks! oh my days, it feels like 2 months! soo many side affects but they are starting to stop now, i used to be exetremly itchy but now not so much, i would get a sore, bloodshot eye etc but no longer that but possibly worst ive been getting very slightly blurred vision in my left eye, what should i do about this? i can barely notice it but when i can its pretty annoying? has anyone experienced something like this? the eczema on my hands are starting to peel and make my hands not lo
  4. I’ve been using Paula’s Choice benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. It works great, it’s keeping me for the most part pretty clear. However, the dry skin is miserable. And I’m 33 so it makes me look older. It’s flaky, peeling, just not so good. It itches like hell too. After I wash my face I moisturize, then wait about 15 minutes to apply the BP. I do it morning and night. Still having issues with the irritation. What can I do to lessen the irritation? Maybe instead of twice a day just once? Idk. I also don’
  5. My face is literally burning red and everyone in my family is asking what's the problem. I'm on the day 10 of the regimen and have been experiencing very big dryness and redness of the skin. I am using 4%BP and have started with a small amount of it as mentioned on the regimen (and I am gradually increasing the amount). I see marks on my face which i think they are from the skin peeling. Is this huge redness OK? Am I allergic to something? Please help I don't know if I should continue or stop im
  6. Hi guys, So I'm new to this and not sure if I got this in the forum or not - so go easy on me if I haven't Basically I was wondering if anyone knows of any products that can help me to stop scratching my face at night. I seemed to be doing this in my sleep and so I am unaware of it. I've tried to use mittens at night, didn't work. Have tried anti histimanes, which seem to keep it somewhat in control. Use olive oil occasionally but even that seems not to work these days. My skin has become s
  7. Ok, here's a little disclaimer before I explain my issues: I LOVE THE ACNE.ORG REGIMEN. It's a total lifesaver, I'm so glad I tried it out, it REALLY WORKS, I have mostly clear skin with maybe only 1 whitehead once in awhile. Ok, so now that know I absolutely love this and would recommend to ANYONE with acne, let me explain to you some issues I'm having. #1: Tightness. My skin often feels tight, and dry. Usually accompanied by itchiness, right before I go to do my regimen. #2: Flaking &
  8. Is Mineral Makeup Good for Acne?

    All makeup contains some minerals, which are necessary for makeup to have color. Pure mineral makeup is makeup that consists only of minerals. In other words, true mineral makeup does not contain any fragrances, water, oils, waxes, or preservatives. Just minerals.1,2 Since pure mineral makeup only contains dry solids, it usually comes in the form of loose or pressed powders.1,2 However, many manufacturers today use the term "mineral makeup" loosely to market a variety of products. For...
  9. i have been using bp for 10 days and i only have a full face of bp twice! Most of the time i focus on my acne. Now, my face is so dry it hurts and i can't apply any moisturizer because of the burning sensation! I dont know how to describe all the symtoms because english is not my first language, forgive me but right now i have the feeling that my face have become so dry, even though i have oily skin before using bp. This area is where i feel itching the most! You can see its a bit swollen as w
  10. HOLY COW! My face burns. Ouch. I used the DKR from 2005-March 2013, and it kept me mostly clear during that period of time. I was REALLY sick of "gently rubbing" for ten minutes every morning and night, and I was really sick of the itching and flaking and burning. Plus my skin was looking really dry and kinda wrinkly. Anyway, so I decided my problem was internal and I cut out gluten. That went well. But then I did something funky and it jacked my face UP! I'm talking WORST BREAKOUT EVER SIN
  11. Hello, about a year ago I went on Dan's Regimen and it really cleared up my skin, almost completely. I enjoyed the clear skin for a couple of months at which point it became harder for me to keep to the rigorous schedule i used to keep for the regimen (I began to miss a day here and there, and eventually a few days at a time, until I was doing it once a day every so often). This intermittent use of the Regimen kept going through this most recent summer but I wasn't getting the results I wanted.
  12. So I heard about the regimen online and decided to give it a shot. I'm using the Neutrogena foaming cleanser, acne free's spot treatment (2.5% BP), and the Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer. I'm used to using products with BP in them, so I can tolerate the pain, but my whole face is red and burns after I apply it. Also, it appears more whiteheads have shown up onto my itchy red face. From what I've been reading, this sounds normal for the first week though. I also have some peeling- so hard to put
  13. I used the regimen before, and it worked wonders. I stopped and it's been about a year now and I finally went back to it and applied an application last night, I woke up this morning and my face was itching and red and burning like crazy! Even in my last hour of sleep I was waking up from the irritations. What should I do? Is this normal? For the mean time I put Vaseline on my face. I don't know if that's going to help. PLEASE HELP THIS IS URGENT!!!!
  14. Sorry about the length, but your read/help is seriously SO APPRECIATED...this website is the most help I could ever ask for! I am desperate for the help of acne.org in finally figuring out what the hell is going on with my face. I am a 20 year old female with quite the history. Acne as a pre-teen and teen. Took minocycline for like...2 years or something in jr. high and high school. Significantly cleared but then it stopped working. And now there are a whole bunch of (permanent) digestive issue
  15. Hello, I wondered if anyone had a bad experience with Bare Minerals loose powder foundation? I have had a horrific couple of days, trying to keep a rash covering my entire face under control and after doing a bit of research online, have a feeling that Bare Minerals may be the culprit. I purchased the Bare Minerals foundation, primer and finishing powder just under 2 months ago. No issues at all at the beginning but after a few weeks of daily use 'buffing' the powder into my skin with the
  16. ITCH NO MORE! I have been taking 40mg of Accutane (one pill) per day. Tomorrow will be Day 10. I have experienced a bit of dryness so far in my hair and scalp, lips, eyes, and face. I watched about 30 Accutane diary videos, have read more than 50 Accutane blogs, and have spoken with my dermatologist about products to use while on Accutane to combat the side effects--especially dryness. So if your scalp is itching like crazy and you're sitting next to a tube of chapstick, don't worry. Just re
  17. NEEM can TOTALLY Destroy BEDBUGS! The blood-sucking BEDBUGS are spreading fast all over the world in places of human habitations. They have become a great nuisance, as It is very difficult to eradicate them with the commonly used method of spraying insecticides. Their bites can cause severe itching, sleeplessness, irritability, depression, anemia and other related problems. Even by using different types of insecticides regularly, I had failed again and again to remove all the BEDB
  18. So I'm 16 (with 'moderate' hormonal acne) and I've been using Benzaclin (in the pump) for about two days now. I use it just after I've washed, at night before I go to bed. Now the thing is, I have a few questions about it. It would be great if any of you can help me. First of all-- Is it really alright to just use it once (as prescribed by my doctor) at night, but then wash it away in the morning? I'm set to use it like this for only 3 months and throw any remaining gel away. Then, anothe
  19. I made another post about this, with my pictures, but has anyone had this happen from something they've done or used, and MOST IMPORTANTLY...has it gone away?!?!IM SCARED TO DEATH that my skin won't return to how it was 3 weeks ago.id rather have my cysts back from 4.5 years ago and just go on accutane again than have my whole facial skin uglified in a matter of days just from using a retinoid twice and GENTLE as hell exfoliation. I literally sucked Google dry for search results on this exact si
  20. The bumps appeared one morning out of nowhere, two weeks after a car accident I had in July. My gyno put me on BCP because she said it would help to clear up my 'whiteheads' These are not whiteheads and now in the last four months I've developed painful cystic acne as well. Retin-A didn't help. Spiro didn't help. Sulphuric soap didn't help. I try to eat as clean as possible. My face burns and itches as well. Any ideas???????
  21. When I run out of the acne.org cleanser or BP, I usually buy over the counter products while I wait for the acne.org products. I have been using the acne.org regimen since April and it worked ! I continued to use it , however , I don't know what happened , but I broke out , like crazy . I wasn't sure if it was because of the cold weather , the over the counter products I used, stress , I don't know . I have all 3 acne.orgproducts (cleanser , BP, and AHA) and I use them according to the instruct
  22. Hi, I started the regimen maybe a week ago. It has been a bit hard. I thought I would be ok with the BP and used a very liberal amount. Turns out I should have started small. Now, I am really itchy, burning, and completely uncomfortable. Is there anything at all I can do? I have the jojoba oil and I use that along with the moisturizer, but nothing is cutting through the burning itching sensation. Right now I just took the BP out of the equation. How should I get back into the regimen? I've n
  23. So I have these flesh colored bumps all over my forehead. I have been applying nizoral for 2 weeks with no effect, so I figured it can’t be follulitiois. I did further research and saw that people had a problem with St. Ives apocrot scrub. I have been using that for the past month everyday, 2x a day. As soon as a stopped, these bumps appeared all over my forehead. My forehead is rough like sandpaper (I’m sure the nizoral hasn’t helped). They are extremely noticeable in sun light. I also noticed
  24. I'm going to a winter camp this weekend, I leave Friday afternoon and I'll be back Sunday afternoon/evening. There's a "lights out" time where we all have to be in by by then. I know that I won't have enough time in the morning/night to get ready and do the complete regimen. If I just used my regular facewash and moisturizer (not the regimen) instead on Friday night, Saturday morning and night, and Sunday morning, would it interfere with the process of the regimen? I'm also worried about the fl
  25. Sensitive Skin: What It Is and What You Can Do about It

    Symptoms of Sensitive Skin Why the Product Label "For Sensitive Skin" Doesn't Mean Much What to Do If You Have Sensitive Skin What Causes Sensitive Skin? How Common Is Sensitive Skin? Who Is More Prone to Sensitive Skin? Where on the Body Does Sensitive Skin Occur? The Bottom Line Today, many skin care products and cosmetics on the market sport the label "for sensitive skin." Many people also report that their skin is sensitive. But...