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Found 20 results

  1. lionheart88

    Folliculitis or acne?

    From the album: My face

  2. I’m currently nearing the end of 3 months on Isotretinion, and starting to develop a rash on my arms, stomach and inside of my thigh. Starting to get a bit worried and wondering if anyone else had this and what they did to remove it? I’ve been using e45 spray moisturiser on my arms and putting sudocreme on after it’s dried. I have scratch marks from where I’ve itched at it. Pictures attached. Other side effects I’ve had are dry lips, dry face, muscle aches, eyesight being a little worse towar
  3. Hello friends! Im 26 and new to this site. A few days ago I had a sudden breakout of probably ten whiteheads overnight. Today I have over 40, and my face is very bumpy (washing it feels crazy). It's starting to itch and sting a bit, but I try my best not to touch my face. My acne is all over my cheeks, around the mouth and some down on my neck. My forehead and temple are flawless. Before breaking out, I had switched my cleanser from Neutrogena stress free cream to Alba deep pore gel (becau
  4. Hi ! I'm on the middle of week 3 of the regimen and I noticed redness during week 2 (not so much). Sometimes my skin prickles after BP application (and sometimes after Mosturizer too) What about this ? Too much of BP ? (I put a half finger and I mosturize a lot to limit dryness) Thanks for your anwsers!
  5. I can't believe all the trouble and money my family and I have spent on acne products. One day at Wal-Mart I was looking for a new facial cleanser cause I had just ran out well I came across a travel size bottle of Cetaphil and decided for .97 what harm could it do trying and that's the thing there was no harm it cleared my face up the next day! It's so gentle I can use it 3 times a day because sometimes after work I feel like my face is so oily I like that I can use it unlimited times. Also an
  6. Warning: Long as Hell I'm going to include many things I've experienced in the past with my skin (not just the current issue) so that anyone reading this can hopefully take something away from it. And so that the history of my skin is not an unknown variable in what happened to me. Today: My entire face is wrecked right now. And I don't know what to do, I'm pacing around my house,losing sleep, sobb
  7. lionheart88

    Follitulitis Or Acne?

    I have had acne for 12 years and last year finally went to my GP about it. He prescribed doxycycline which cleared me after 3 months, however the capsules ran out and it took a week to get a new prescription, I therefore broke out like never before. After that the doxy no longer worked, after 3 more months I switched to lymecycline, which did nothing, 3 months later erythromycin, which also did nothing, along with differin, which made things even worse. My acne has never been this bad and now I'
  8. I am real going crazy ..... How terribly dry and burning my face is???? It is unimaginable.. I could hardly smile literally.. really... I have real oily and dry skin at the same time.. Dan's moisturizer wasn't rich enough for me.. so I used Loreal's future C something.. this is better than that.. but still feeling a lil bit of driness and burning!!! my face is like.. literaly burning.. and face is so red.. And the area around nose is peeling .. lots of flakes.. what the hell is going on wit
  9. aanabill


    what i want to know,desperately, is why am i suddenly have small but red angry white headed zits on one of my cheeks. some of them do slightly itch sometimes.not all. am also having teeny-tiny whiteheads on the same chick. and today i had a new one..the place itched for quite some time and then after a while i noticed i have a red head there. i anyway have many spots/PIH on that part of my face and now this. **it could be heat(i spent cooking hours one in the kitchen,its summer here)
  10. ChampAchieve

    Help! Itching

    It’s my first week on the regime (fourth day), today I started to increase the BP and realized that I started to itch but it’s mostly around my nose and right under my lips. I’m wondering is this is normal or has anybody experienced this?.
  11. Hello, I am applying acne face products ie ( cleanser,treatment,moisturizer) as per the as per the instructions given. After 20 days I am facing extreme dryness all over face and specially at the neck area.My skin is also peeling off.As other experience I came to know that skin will peel off.Agree but how many times or till when this skin dryness and peeling off will go on.As per the current scenario my skin got peel of once special at neck area but it continues keeps on drying also doesn't
  12. Gmiller091

    Help with chest itchiness

    Hello, I’m new here so please bare with me. I have a very concerning itch that’s just on my chest. I’ve literally tried everything. Change sheets often Use laundry detergent that’s free and clear changes towels often tried moisturizer on chest hydrocortisone cream and others I can’t think of right now. Anyways a lil background, I’ve never had a problem with this. I moved to a place with more humidty about a year ago but my acne on my body and the itch didn
  13. katkilpat

    Acne or Something Else? Need Help!

    Ok, this is going to be a long post so bear with me, please. I am desperate for help. I am 27 years old and back in school so I have no insurance and can't see a dermatologist. In August, I decided to switch from Rodan & Fields Unblemished to TULA. I was wanting to get away from putting all of the harsh chemicals on my skin. I had extremely mild acne growing up and there really wasn't a need for me to be using the product. When I started using TULA I developed these small bumps around my
  14. i get itchy raised red patches(almost like allergy ) ,which sometimes feels like red spread bumps or some other times its just a red skin area that itches..they remain for sometime and go away. they generally tend to happen in similar or same places.like the middle area of forehead,near the eyebrows,around my nose or so. i think they are fungal(many have suggested here that they might be fungal folliculitis)...i'm not sure as well. since they go away by themselves almost everytime ,its dif
  15. at times i get these sudden reddish areas which itch(slightly or more) and is all raised(over an area) /bumpy. i am told its dermatitis of some kind(by mates here!). although i have kept track of my food and other aspects,i'm yet to figure out the sure-shot cause. it could be anything,really - water,food,stress or i-don't-know-what!! (i've taken cough syrup with chlorphenamine in it along with other cough suppressing ingredients) kindly recommend a good anti-histamine with minimum
  16. I am 21.. Got acne from the age of 14. It wasnt that severe though. But presently its scarring alot. Black heads on ma face and white heads on my nose and chin and side of mouths even below my nose ..I have been to several doctors like more than 6-7 doctors in last 7 years. I have tried clindamycin, azelaic acid, microdermabasion and right now i am on DIFFERIN from past 6 weeks...today is the start of 7th week.DIFFERIN on face and ACNE DERM(azelaic acid) on body acne. I had severe rash because l
  17. Hello! I'm new to the Regimen and have just begun using benzoyl peroxide this week. After washing my face at night, i allow my skin to dry, then apply benzoyl peroxide. After about 15 min, I use Cetaphil moisturizing cream. I expect my dry skin to feel relieved from the cream, but gradually the burning and itching sensation increases. It is really difficult not to rub or scratch my skin when this happens, but I notice that when I do a couple minutes later, what looks like a grey version of the f
  18. at times i get these sudden reddish areas which itch(slightly or more) and is all raised(over an area) /bumpy. i am told its dermatitis of some kind(by mates here!). although i have kept track of my food and other aspects,i'm yet to figure out the sure-shot cause. it could be anything,really - water,food,stress or i-don't-know-what!! (i've taken cough syrup with chlorphenamine in it along with other cough suppressing ingredients) kindly recommend a good anti-histamine with minimum
  19. Maybe this will be the time that I actually LEARN and stop squeezing! My face has finally stopped breaking out with these horrible huge cysts and two nights ago I thought it would be a good idea to try to extract a huge blackhead on my cheek. I typically cover the mirror with a piece of paper because one mirror in my bathroom is basically dubbed the "skin picking mirror" by my sister and I because you can get so close and see everything. We had guests staying at our house last week, so the mirro