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Found 694 results

  1. PaulWoodhouse

    Outbreak At 5 Weeks

    Hi there I'm a 31yr old male and the dermatologist has me on Isotretinoin to cure some acne on my back and shoulders that i've had for quite a long time. It's had the added bonus of clearing up my face where I've still been getting small amounts of spots. I'm just starting week 5 of the full dose - 60mg a day, with 5 more weeks to go of this course. From starting the treatment everything has been great spot wise, i've seen a massive improvement, they are nearly completely gone... until 4
  2. Elouise Guilder

    First day on Roaccutane

    Hey guys! So yesterday I had my appointment at the hospital to start my Roaccutane journey. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get started. After doing a pregnancy test and a long chat with the dermatologist I signed the papers regarding pregnancy and birth defects and was prescribed Roaccutane YAY. I am only on 20mg to start which is the lowest dose but said I will go up to 40mg in month two. Was just wondering if anyone who is on 20mg could let me know when to expect side effects e.g dryn
  3. ScarletBegonias

    Post Accutane Update

    Hey everyone! It has been nearly a year since I have logged into acne.org because as of today...I am 100% CLEAR!! Hooray! I wanted to share a quick update to inspire any apprehensive acne sufferers to give Accutane a try if you have found yourself out of options and out of hope. I suffered from persistent, painful, cystic acne for 10 years and on that milestone year I decided to be brave and take the plunge into Accutane world. I was prescribed Zenatane 40mg then eventually my dosage was upped t
  4. Hiiii you guys out there. I am a 19 year old girl from Finland. I just, only a few minutes ago, took my first portion of accutane - to start my second round. The first one, six month cource, cleared me up for four months - oh geeez, the best months of my life - but after starting birth control pills somewhere around in July, I gradually started breaking out again. Since I knew it was due to my hormonal changes and the first months weren't so bad, maintainable with some 5% benzoyl peroxide cream
  5. Ryan1997

    My Accutane Progress

    This is the first time I have posted about my accutane experience since starting treatment, I just wanted to share with other accutane users how far i've come as I enter my 4th Month, currentlt 143 days to be precise, and as you can see I haven't a single active spot on my face, it is all dominated by slight redness and left over red marks from breakouts. Overall though I am thrilled with my skin and I cant wait to finish treatment so that I can get rid of the left over marks ). Hope this helps
  6. I live in the United States. I'm a nineteen year old male college student. I don't have insurance, but I know I'm going to find a plan that works to get accutane. My question is how hard is it to get accutane? I don't want to mess around with antibiotics or creams/ anything that I will have to use continuously. I know some people need a second course or so with accutane, but honestly short term relief sounds dandy to me right now. I can't take the social anxiety anymore. So, if I'm uninsured
  7. Hi, I am looking to buy isotretinoin powder from a chemical research company in China. Has anyone done this before and know of a reputable supplier?
  8. Kate123

    My Accutane Journey

    Hi there! I've spent these past few weeks reading every accutane blog I could get my hands on in preparation for starting the treatment myself, so it only seems fitting to start my own blog now, both in hopes that it might help someone else, and in an effort to track my own progress and reactions to the drug. A little bit about me... Gender: Female Age: 18 Weight: 130lbs Height: 5'6" Dosage: 60mg (30mg twice a day) Generic brand: Myorisan Acne type: moderate, persistent, dry
  9. wred23


    Is Acnomor a relaible drug to take? Has anyone used it before?
  10. Hey everyone, I was just recently put on 40 mg a day of Isotretinoin under the brand name Amnesteem about a week ago by my dermatologist for my mild/moderate acne. She suggested it after I told her it was difficult for me to even look at myself in the mirror and go out, despite it being mild/moderate acne. I'm about 8 days into it and I have a few questions: How long is the initial breakout supposed to last? Like I said, I only have mild/moderate acne and am on 40 mg a day, but I know e
  11. I got prescribed isotrex 30g 0.5% gel and I've been using it since Tuesday (18th) and it's been fine up until now! I put it on this morning and my face is burning, (not stinging, burning). My skin is sensitive as it is, and I don't want to have to deal with bad super sensitive skin again. I was just wondering if this was normal or not? I use it 2 a day. Thanks
  12. Hello, this is my first post on this forum but I've been a lurker for a long time. I hope my english is understandable as it's not my native language QwQ I am a soon to be (yeay!) 19 years old male and struggle with mild to medium acne since puberty hit around ~7th/8th grade. While it started i had no concerns as everyone in my close field of friends hat pimples etc. aswell, but it faded. Mine did not ... You know the drill when you just get frustrated and kinda hate yourself (like asking yo
  13. Hi there. I've signed up for an account here to vent more than anything else, and perhaps find some support if there's anyone else in a similar situation. I'm female, and I've had mild/moderate acne since I was 14. It's been a part of my life for nearly twenty years now, and yes, I'm SICK of it. I'm sick of not being able to answer the door without make-up, of being afraid to do any watersports with people I know, of worrying about how much of my back is visible in the top I'm wearing. My sc
  14. (Thanks in advance but I know the dangers of buying accutane online..but I know this site very well and can confirm they're legit..) But anyway I'm self medicating and I've been on 40mg to 20mg for the last month.. I want to do a low 20mg a week dose now as I believe it's less toxic and better for a longer period of time... would I have to wait and detox the current month of accutane and then start over with the weekly 20mg or can I just start taking it every week?
  15. Hi all, I'm having the worst breakout of my entire life and I'm on my second month of Accutane. Ive never had cystic acne in my life and I'm starting to get it. It's so bad that its painful to smile or move any part of my face really. I don't see my dermatologist for another week or so. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle a breakout during Accutane? I've just been making sure to wash all my makeup off, gently cleanse and use a lot of Cetaphil lotion on my face. Do I just have to wait
  16. shourpower

    Day 3 Of Claravis, 60 Mg/day

    So I just started day 3 of isotretinoin treatment and I did not expect the IB to start this soon! I've been taking 30 mg pills twice a day and haven't noticed any dry/sensitive skin yet, but I switched my daily cleanser to neutrogena soapless face wash just in case. At first I thought I was just getting a few pimples because I stopped using my clairisonic and salicylic acid cleanser, but today I noticed a bunch of small bumps coming to the surface all over my face, especially on my forehead. I a
  17. shourpower

    Isotretinoin/loss Of Appetite?

    Has anyone else experienced a loss of appetite? I'm seriously nauseated and thinking about food makes me sick to my stomach. I'm on day 5 and I feel horrible!
  18. runner7891

    Accutane (Isotretinoin) Questions!

    For those on Accutane(Isotretinoin) or those that have completed Accutane treatment, when did you notice the biggest improvement in chest/back/shoulder acne? Also, those of you that have finished the 6 months or so on Accutane...have you been clear since stopping treatment? Did your acne improve even after stopping Accutane?
  19. MissSac17

    Derm visit / Isotrex Day 1

    So I had my first dermatologist appointment last week. Long story short, it was a total of maybe 6 or 7 minutes (I swear) he was rather nice actually. He prescribed me Isotrexin - a mix of Isotretinoin and erythromycin. Unfortunately there was a lot of confusion with this gel and it took me a week to get it plus they gave me the wrong one - Isotrex. Isotrex is just a gel with Isotretinoin 0.05%. Its a retiniod (vit A derivative) and apparently less irritating but less 'superior' than Tret
  20. The rundown: I've been on aldactone (no less than 50 mg, 100 mg for a while) since September 2009. I am in the end-run of laser hair removal (taken up to help with acne, and just in general). I am half-Asian, have light to medium skin tone, and have still suffered serious, semi-permanent hyperpigmentation due to the lasers and aldactone. During two years of Accutane, I NEVER experienced the awful pitting, inelasticity, and permanent red/purple marks and bumpiness/bad texture I did on a
  21. SendMeAngels

    Unusual Question About Water

    I have a bit of a weird question, or story rather. I was on Accutane from January 2013 to July 2014 (40mg daily). After my treatment I was completely clear. Not a pimple in sight for months. Then in August of 2015 I moved into a house that gets its water from a pond in the yard. The water is filthy and no one in the home drinks it. When I let the water run, I noticed that the color is a dark yellow. I don't smell an odor in the water, but all of the water in the house is this color. Oddly, almos
  22. I took Accutane a year ago and it cleared my skin beautifully. However, around a year later, I am noticing that my acne is relapsing and it is getting back to the state it was before. I weigh 53kg and calculated that my cumulative dosage was 5880mg back when I took Accutane. Is my acne relapsing because I didn't take enough Accutane? What is the minimum dosage I should be on to maximise the chances of clearing my acne permanently? I am considering a 2nd round. Please help! Thank you!
  23. sdevine

    Accutane Treatment Week 4

    Acne Status: I went to the dermatologist today to check in, get my blood work done, and refill my prescription! I’ve been getting used to the dryness and occasional flare-ups and things are slowly but surely starting to clear! My dermatologist increased my dose of Accutane to 80 mg a day (Two 40mg capsules per day). Not sure how I feel about this, but hopefully it’s a good thing. My chest is SOOO clear right now it’s so nice feeling confident in my swimsuit! My back is getting better, but still
  24. Bexxs

    Week 3: TMI side effects

    *This week I mainly experienced more/new side effects rather than a change in my acne. Acne Results: Don't see much of an acne change from last week. I got one or two on my shoulders and another on my left cheek but nothing too bad. Side Effects: In addition to previous side effects I've mentioned, my scalp became super dry and I have dandruff like crazy. I didn't think I scratched my head that hard but i started bleeding (photo). The inside of my nose has become super dry and there is alwa
  25. Hey guys, I have some questions ! *I'm on a low dose (20-40 mg) and I have been on accutane for about 4-5 months. Didn't have cystic acne but a lot of pimples that left acne marks on my face and back, and they wouldn't go away with any other treatment.. 1: Have any of you tried anything that could remove or just reduce red marks/hyperpigmentation while ON accutane? 2: my skin tend to blush up and get red, especially my nose and cheeks which make my acne marks look worse, I have started using