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Found 33 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new here but really hoping someone has had similar experiences or has an idea of something that may help me. I've had acne since I was 12 or 13, so at least 7 years. I've tried salicylic acid, Rodan + Fields (the Unblemish line and the Soothe line), some Korean treatment for acne + sensitive skin (which actually sometimes seemed to help), essential oils/tea tree oil (used to help more than it does now), various face masks, acne creams, antibiotics, etc. and now using Young
  2. (last paragraph sums up everything if you don't want to read it all) i already have a problem with picking at my skin unintentionally, and 2 days ago i tried taking a bobby pin and using it to pop my black heads, my skin was clear besides a few pimples and black heads on my nose. so i took the bobby pin and all i know was that i started popping them at 4am and ended at 3pm (a long time), and my skin was really red and my pores were huge, which i'm guessing is from me scraping at my skin to get
  3. It's been just over a month and a half on Accutane. I'm on 40mg once daily. My skin had an initial breakout when I first started that was really bad but only lasted about a week. Once my skin healed from that it was nearly flawless besides scarring and hyperpigmentation. Then once again my skin broke out last week, assumably from my period, and it's slowly starting to heal up now. I've also gotten a few closed comedones (?) their like little headless pimples on my cheeks. They aren't too bad but
  4. Do you share some of the same skin problems as me? So im on minocyclie right now.Started it a week and a half ago and my acne has decreased very much. I only have two active pimples and the rest are either bumps or marks. I wash my face with sea salt morning and night which does make the skin soft and works as a spot treatment. And i moisturize with neutrogena moisturizer. But the skin on my acne prone areas is red, as if it is irritated or sweating. All other areas of my face are clean and fres
  5. Hey all, I'm very new to this and just wanted to seek some advice to an issue I've been having. I developed acne on my forehead in November 2015. After months of trying to get it in control I finally have found a product that reduced the appearance and has been slowly reducing the pimples on my face. But now I have a recurring problem, random rashes that occur on my face in weird patches. I do not put the acne treatment all over my face, just on the affected area. Below I have a picture of the
  6. Hi fellow acne sufferers, I started the regimen almost 4 weeks ago and I am experiencing extreme extreme, redness, tight skin, swelling, cracking and skin constantly peeling off from dryness. I follow the regimen very strictly (cleanse gently, bp, then 2 full pumps of moisturizer). The first week, I started with a small about of bp, then slowy ramped up to 1 full pump day and night. I have probably been doing the one full pump day and night for 4 days and my skin is freaking out. My breakouts
  7. So I'm three weeks into the regimen at the moment. As frustrating as it is still seeing no significant positive results, I'm continuing to follow the regimen diligently and trying my best to be patient. I'm having quite a significant reaction to the benzoyl peroxide however, and I was looking for further clarification regarding applying the regimen. As is apparently typical even in the third week, my skin is horrifying at the moment. It's dry, very red, and extremely flakey - as in, every mor
  8. Overall, all the areas I applied the benzoyl peroxide are red, itchy, and feel fragile. There also appears to be no visible improvement but no additional breakouts. I've also noticed that my skin is especially irritated in the shower/bath (most likely due to the hot water). It's my second day on the regimen so I'm hoping it's just my skin adjusting. However, I'm wondering if anyone experienced the same or if I may be allergic/reacting poorly to the products? Also, if it is just my
  9. On to week 5 and my skin is still red irritated and it's also swollen. I thought it was normal but everyday my skin looks more and more swollen. Not sure if this is normal anymore it looks super round and red. I don't even look like myself anymore.
  10. Hi everyone! I will spare the background and history about me until later on as I progress through The Regimen, but long story short, I have been a lurker for a long time and only now decided to try The Regimen out. I am a 19 year old male. I am about a week and a half in, and like everyone else, I am experiencing dryness and flaking. I would like some advice on what exactly it is I should do next, so I signed up a few minutes ago haha. I started slowly at once a day before I went to bed, sl
  11. I was wondering if anyone could help me. 3 months ago I put on a cleanser (12% glycolic acid! along with other harsh ingredients in it) for 2 weeks twice a day. It left my skin extremely irritated, tight, dry & inflamed. I didn't know what I'd done so then I used another aha & bha product (worst thing you can do when you have irritated skin, I know this now) and so my skin was really angry at me. Anyway, I think I over-exfoliated or something and now my acid mantle is very badly damaged
  12. Hey guys! I'm new here, so if I'm posting this in the wrong place, please forgive me. I'll kind of give you an overview on my skin... I started getting acne blemishes when I was in 2nd grade, just on my nose and cheeks. I think it eventually went away, up until middle school. My face started breaking out pretty bad. I eventually went on accutane, and although it was absolute heck, after about 6 months, I had GORGEOUS skin. seriously... never had to wear makeup, it was pretty much flawless. I al
  13. Oh God, trying to treat my acne is causing me more trouble then If I just would have left it alone. I never really had bad Acne and most of my pimples have gone down but I'm still dealing with very noticable red marks and so I'm using the regimen to try and get rid of the acne/marks once and for all but all I see is red, irritated skin on my cheeks. This did not start with the regimen but way back with harsh products such as Proactiv, the creases of my nose are badly irritated and damaged, some
  14. My doctor is unorganized. I was supposed to be starting Accutane today but couldn't because she never told me that she had wrote a prescription for birth control..seeing as how you have to be on birth control for a month before going on accutane, I have to wait ANOTHER month before i am able to start it. Another thing they messed up on was telling me i have to get my blood drawn a week before i go in, so that was another big deal.. It is extremely upsetting because none of the 'mishaps' are m
  15. I have been on Dan's regimen for about five weeks now. Everything seemed normal at first and although there was extremely bothersome peeling and flakiness (and there is still a lot now), I've managed to control it using Cetaphil's Moisturizing Lotion combined with Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 30 during the day, and Cetaphil's Lotion by itself at night. I did use up an entire 8 oz. bottle of Dan's moisturizer for the first three weeks and although it is very moist
  16. Why is my skin still red and irritated at week 4 will it eventually go away ?
  17. Week three... skin is still very red and itchy and irritated is this normal? Also is it normal for it to almost look swollen and making my face look fatter ? It's very red when I first put the product and stays like this for maybe 2 ours but it stays looking round all day
  18. It's been nearly two years since I started the regimen, and no, this is not a success story (bummer, right?). Here's my problem, my face is STILL red. The difference in skin tone between my face and my neck is super obvious. Neck skin is a slight tan and my face is a tomato. Gross. Last week I dropped from 1 pump morning and night to just under half a pump. Very slight reduction in redness. I'm still suffering from acne but I've "given up" on being 110% clear all the time, the regimen for the
  19. Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking the forums for a long time but this is my first time posting. I’m a 22 yr. old male with oily skin and my main problem aside from the scars is these bumps under the surface of my skin that are all clustered on my cheeks and chin; they’re not inflamed or painful but they’re hard and give my skin a lumpy feel, and I’ve had them for ages. I haven’t had a breakout in a a long while, however when I sweat I can smell a foul odor coming from my pores so I know pus or s
  20. Hi, i've been on the regime (but not using acne.org products) for... 5-6 days only. The amount of BP i applied on my fface was the length of the tip of my pointer finger to the first joint, like what Dan picture shows. The first 3 days my face was normal, not dry, red or irritated at all and my skin was slowly clearing. But till the 4th day, my skin started to burn and be red. No dryness yet though. The next day my skin was dry and SO RED and it burned ALOT. I didn't decrease the amount of dosag
  21. Hello everyone! THIS POST IS A MUST READ! I have figured out the root cause of my skin issues and I strongly believe that I have the knowledge which can end almost all cases of acne. The solution is simple! If you have been reading about the caveman regimen then you're on the right track! *However we are no longer cavemen and should remember that in many cases the caveman regimen will have diminishing benefits once you reach a certain point.* The majority of the skin care industry is a s
  22. So I've had this pretty bad acne/rash since Mid May after doing a juicing cleanse. I'm just trying to determine what this is and how to treat it. I have never had acne like this I follow a organic vegan gluten free diet and don't really eat anything processed on a regular basis. My face is oily in the pics because I've been using coconut oil with tea tree oil and this is just after applying. My face is itchy and sore in certain areas. I am just not sure what to do anymore.