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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have gone ahead and started the process towards a journey on accutane. I've gotten through the 30 day period prior to being able to take accutane and today I received a call from my pharmacy telling me they have my prescription from my derma but they couldn't access it because it wasn't cleared in the iPledge system. I also received a call from my derma saying I needed to answer the questions online on the iPledge system. So, I logged on to it and clicked "comprehension quest
  2. Hello everyone! I will start taking 80 mgs of Accutane per day in a month, and I am terrified and excited at the same time! I can't wait to get rid of this disgusting, oily skin. However, I am terrified of an IB!! So any support and/or advice is greatly appreciated. My skin is soooo gross and embarrassing that I don't know if I can wait to start! (Well, I guess I can survive the wait). I just have a few quick questions. First, is it true that you have to take your second pregnancy test the first
  3. I'm sure we all agree that any program that attempts to stop potential birth deffects is a great and necessary thing. However, I don't think they had me in mind when they designed the IPledge program. Even the dermatology assistants were confused and insisted that I needed to go on birth control pills along with an additional secondary birth control method, before they would hand over the Claravis prescription. When I reminded them that my tubes were tied, they didn't quite know how that fit
  4. Sigh.... So, cut and paste everything from 2.5 years ago, insert sprionolactone, add iPledge glitch (they didn't send my info) and here we are today. Last time I threw in the towel, but I'm going to stick it out this time. I'm sure the folks at my derm's office have had quite a few women sucking their teeth and rolling their eyes during this process. Tomorrow morning, I'll be the next.
  5. Isn't it wonderful that I last made a post on here five years ago and still haven't solved my acne problems -___- So, brief overview so as not to bore you (I'm sure no ones reading this anyway), I am 20 years old. In college. Had acne since I was 13. I've tried benzoyl peroxide, (works awesome as a spot treatment, not for prevention), salicylic acid, epiduo (great spot treatment too), some antibiotics that made me feel like vomiting 24/7, and I've finally made the decision to try accutane.
  6. I'm really confused because my derm put me on Accutane today and she registered me into iPledge and gave me the booklet and the ID cards and everything, but I'm not sure if I have to log into the iPledge program because all these posts say stuff about having to have your password emailed to you but I never got an email nor did my derm say anything about passwords or usernames, she just mentioned my ID cards and that she registered me... Do you only need a password to log on to if your a female a
  7. I need to get my next 30-day supply of pills by May 6 in order to continuously take them (Day One was April 7 for me). However, my doctor can't see me until May 12! Has anyone ever stopped taking Accutane for a short time (about a week) and started again and if so, did that set you back in your treatment?
  8. So, when my dermatologist agreed to prescribe me Accutane she didn't say anything about me having to be on my period, even though it says you have to in the ipledge booklet. She even set a date for me to come in and take the second pregnancy test, and she didn't ask me at all about my menstrual cycle. If I was to take it on that date, it would be two weeks before I was to start my period (I'm on birth control). I'm so confused!
  9. I'm a male and I have never logged in to the iPledge website because I hadn't needed to until now. I have to switch doctors through iPledge in order to pick up my new prescription from my new doctor, as I recently moved back home. Unfortunately, when I used my ID number and password all the website says is "Your current program status does not allow you to log in. You may not log in at this time. Please contact the call center." I tried contacting and it's an automated voice system and it does
  10. Need some advise on researching accutane prices after insurance. The pharmacist said that they can't give us the insurance price until they enter our iPledge number. Once they enter the iPledge number can we still try to go somewhere else to get another insurance quote? I heard that we couldn't.
  11. Hi everyone, After reading things on this site for years, I have finally decided to make my own post because I am starting a course of accutane today. I will make my long story short, hopefully. ) I am a 21 year old female... I have tried almost everything, just like most people on here. Benzoyl peroxide and moisurizer keeps my face under control most of the time. My main problem is my chest, back, and upper arms. The acne on my face and these places is not severe, but it is EXTREMELY pers
  12. I'm taking the ipledge test and a question confused me. "You should talk to your doctor about birth control: each month during your office visit, only when you have a problem, only when you signed the consent forum" I think it's each month but i don't know. My doctor didn't put me on birth control. I selected abstinence and none. Please help x
  13. I picked up my prescription today, and it says "requires confirmation"... does this mean I did everything right?