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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Guys, My name is jake and I'm new to Acne.org. Basically, my story is like everyone else's. I had great skin all of high school and then one day in college BAM. I broke out with the worst cystic acne of my life. Long story short, I took Accutane for 7 months which helped clear my acne tremendously. But after I got off it, the cysts started to come back. Now I am currently eating a dairy-free diet and use Tazorac cream (.01) and I rarely break out anymore. Now all I have to deal with is my
  2. My doctor put me on birth control (ortho-tricyclen) after my first period in middle school. Fast forward - clear skin for almost my entire life until I turn 19 and decide I don't need to be on synthetic hormones. Three months later, cystic acne all over my cheeks, jawline, and neck. Sound familiar? Straight away I go to the derm. Get put back on ortho-tri. I stayed on the ortho tri only to experience mediocre results, then moved onto yaz for three months which caused a literal facial explosion
  3. Today, I went to a laser tech that was highly recommended by reviews and also by my sister in law! She usually does hair removal, but had realized that the tech had different treatments that would help skin texture and skin over all. I did my research before my consultation which was today and I wasn't planning to even do the treatment today, but heck... Why not. The treatment lasted about less than ten minutes, but ten minutes max as well, not horrible at all. I am a 19 year old asian little la
  4. Hi all, I have started my IPL hair removal treatment for around 3 months ago, and it includes removing hair on my chin. However, my chin area breaks out a lot and the last time I remember it was clear of acne is 4 months ago. Since I started my IPL treatment, I avoid the pimples or avoid the chin area overall and proceed with the rest of my body. And now I'm considering using an over-the-counter treatment for my chin acne because they are getting really annoying (plus some few pimples on my c
  5. I'm considering getting laser work done on my red marks leftover from acne. I do not have that much scarring but rather, red hyper-pigmentation marks. For whoever has gotten IPL done for red marks (not deep scars), what was your experience like? Did you see positive results? How much did you pay per session? Thanks!
  6. Just wondering if like me anyone else (in an effort to help their acne) has been left with atrophic (deep dishes) scars from an ipl/laser treatment?
  7. Hi. I haven't had acne for about 2 years but unfortunately I've been left with some scarring. I was told the redness would diminish over time but it hasn't. Can someone help me identify this scarring and what I should do to treat it? There's a lot of dents in the skin, which I assume can only be treated by laser and chemical peels. I was thinking of doing three sessions of Fraxel Restore followed by three sessions of IPL to treat the red marks. Has anyone gone through a similar treatment and/or
  8. I'm curious. For people who are struggling with hyperpigmentation after acne and have tried either of the methods mentioned (IPL or VBeam), has it worked for you? I'm trying to decide between the two.
  9. I'm looking for the treatment to shrink my large pores. Anyway, I have only "two choices" between ND:YAG laser and IPL because the clinic I trust has only these two. I have already known that ND:YAG is better than IPL because it is more efficient in producing Collagen which is a cause of large pores. However, my question is "Is ND:YAG really 'much' better than IPL in terms of shrinking large pores? " ** I've attached my photo again to hear your comments which treatment is proper to me.
  10. Howdy! So let me fill you in really quickly on my acne journey, a real journey of trial and error! I started getting acne when I was about 12/13. It was never too bad but as I got a little older it started getting worse and began to bother me. When I was 16, I went to my GP about it and he prescribed me Dianette (contraceptive pill). This surprisingly worked so well but I think I took it for granted looking back now. I always had the odd spot or 3 but my skin became the least of my worries a
  11. I'm interested in IPL; in terms of helping pores to look smaller, even though it is not eternal. My question is that Does it help to solve large pores? See my photo for your decision whether it is appropriate to my problem or not Thx
  12. Hey everyone, I am a 21 year old male 5'11 165 lbs. I started Accutane (40mg) on December 23, 2013, almost near the 4th month now. My experience with accutane is okay so far, and since I'm near the end of my course I don't expect any new side effects to surface. Typical side effects I have on accutane are the dry lips and dry skin on the face, lip balm and moisteruzer takes good care of the dryness, and honestly the dryness is a non-issue for me. While on the subject on accutane I like to no
  13. Tomorrow will be a week since my first IPL treatment for my fate hyperpigmentation scarring from post acne issues. They are a red/pinkish colour, not brown. Ever since I got it, I feel like it's been more noticable, but I do know that the spots are suppose to rise to the surface before scabbing off, so maybe this is what I am experiencing? Does IPL get worse before better
  14. I’m going to be getting TCA cross done for my enlarged pores, ice pick scars, rolling scars, and box scars and I had some general questions. What should I expect during and after the procedure? Do they put the soloution directly in the scar, in the center, or on the walls of the scar? ( very confused on that part)How long does the scabbing take place? How many times a day should I apply the ointment? Do I wear sunscreen and put on ointment the next day after treatment? How long should I try to a
  15. some days its redder than others and id like to know if this is gonna go away. i need it to:( ive been looking into laser treatments
  16. When I was around 17 years old, I started using Proactiv because I "thought" I had acne. I had tiny white bumps and minor congestion. I was young, never really did any research on the products I was using on my face, and just wanted clear skin. Proactiv was doing just that! My skin was always clear with the odd pimple every so often. Until about 2 years ago, I was always happy with Proactiv until the little bumps slowly started coming back, I was noticing my skin was very dull, dry and very sens
  17. ** Duplicated topic. Sorry please reply the topic below
  18. OK i have had this mark for a year now due to a glycolic/ tca peel burn i put on aloe vera for a month and nothing so i left it alone completely for 2 months nothing then i went to derm he suggestive mix hydroqouinine with tretinoin cream for 3 months and nothing so im at that point where im tired of this mark and want to get IPL but hear it is very dangerous leaving scars ans loosing fat so is it worth it? http://i50.tinypic.com/t53kid.jpg
  19. Has anyone had IPL here and want to share their experiences? I'm seeing my derm tomorrow and might ask about either IPL (photo rejuvenation, as it's called at this clinic) or possibly Pulsed Dye Laser, or lactic acid peels. I am clearish (still get small blemishes here and there) What would help fade my gnarly red marks as fast as possible and possibly help on the acne front?
  20. How do I cure my red marks? I try to drink plenty of water during the day, I use Epiduo everynight and spot treat during the day I use an SPF 30 sunscreen every morning and sometimes extra during the day Would you recommend IPL?
  21. Hi all, I am so glad to come across this site as I have been in tears the past couple of days over my skin. Is always reassuring to read other people's stories and realise I am not alone in this struggle. Right now I am feeling really depressed over my skin, and I feel horrible even being down about it because there are worse things happening such as my Grandad who is dying, and here I am in tears over my face. I feel like the most superficial person. I'll try and get straight to t
  22. I have spent over $1000 on IPL and microdermabrasion and today FINALLY realized that Ive been done! AND ripped off... I said to the lady who has been doing these treatments to me, I dont think the Photo rejuv/ ipl is working for the large pores on my nose, Ive been getting it done for 4 months.... and she was like oooh okay so maybe we need to try something else.... How can these people get away with ripping acne sufferers off!?!?!?!?!? More fool me I suppose.