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Found 29 results

  1. I wanted to share my story and struggle with acne in the hope other people can relate and share their advice, including any information they may have found that could help. Long story short, I began to suddenly suffer with severe acne two years ago - unsure and frustrated with why this suddenly occurred I was put on a 4 month prescription of Accutane or Roaccutane depending where you're from. The accutane helped, it cleared my skin significantly and didn't damage my liver etc. 1 year later
  2. So i was clear for 1 week about 3 weeks ago. I had stopped taking accutane after being on it for 6 months 5 weeks ago. I didn't actually finish the treatment. My skin was dry up until recently. I used to have severe acne back in febuary but i cured myself mostly through the gut diet and accutane, Im on the 3rd month of the gut diet now. I started eating fermented dairy again when i started the diet as it was a good source of probiotics. Because of this consumption of probiotics in the form of m
  3. So, my skin has been pretty bad for a while now, but the last few days it has gotten significantly worse. Then today, I got my period and now I'm laid up in bed with the WORST cramps, possibly an ovarian cyst. A little backstory... my mom and several other female relatives have PCOS. I'm pretty sure I do as well, though I've never had an x-ray to prove it, but my last OBGYN always referred to me as having it, and I've experienced (very, very painful) ovarian cysts a handful of times in the past.
  4. Hi My acne and a condition called keratosis pilaris were caused by insulin resistance. They both went away when i lost excess weight and ate blood sugar balancing meals, eg real foods with protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and wholegrains. Also my cystic acne was caused by oxalates in certain foods. I found that squeezing lemon juice on medium oxalate foods, such as brown rice and lentils, prevents cysts for me but high oxalate foods always give me cysts. I read the lemon juice tip somewhere
  5. Balance Bird

    Just Ate Baked Beans

    I really believe low stomach acid and vitamin + mineral deficiencies are a serious part of acne. I have been doing the oxy powder cleanse and getting liquid stools. I have far less bloating since doing these supplements. I took chromium with my baked beans, which would probably normally spike my blood sugar. But I also took ACV, cause I haven't received my HCL pills. My skin was clearing up a little, except for these weird deep bumps on my left jaw/cheek. I was craving them. Been really cr
  6. Keywords: acne; insulin-like growth factor-1; insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3; isotretinoin Summary Background  Isotretinoin is an effective treatment for acne vulgaris. However, it has numerous side-effects. It was previously reported that serum growth hormone (GH) levels decreased with isotretinoin treament. Objectives  To analyse whether isotretinoin has any effects on insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP3) and GH
  7. A place for little good to know things. Because I just came across a good one: Sniff Test to tell if Oil is Rancid Check all commercial products made with oil for toxicity before you eat them by doing the “oil sniff test.” If the oil is rancid, it’ll smell similar to oil paint, which is actually oxidized linseed oil. If you get a hint of this odor in anything that has fat content, whether it’s nuts, whole-wheat flour or oils themselves, don’t eat it. Rule of thumb about Antioxidants in
  8. New blog so I can post photos! Duh! For your reference... this is me: Meet Natalie! Today at work...I'm dead. I'm so sleep deprived I have no idea how I'm still functioning. I ate and I feel sick. It's about 4pm. I'm ready to go home and sleep. I had to start this blog because my other one ran out of MB??? I don't even know. Ain't nothin' changed...Drinkin' tea...Workin'...YOU already KNOOOOW. photos with my hair down are last night and today with my hair up at work looking like death hah
  9. Heeey my first Topic.. DIM is good for me and im muuuch clearer thanks to this supplement. i am underweight, so im wondering if it would it be okay to take double dosis (200 mg), and does it help more than just taking the 100mg dose? I am strict on diet. No sugar, refined carbs, gluten or dairy. But still have acne and pcos. Do you guys think, that someone can be insulin resistant when they are very skinny, and have no fat on the body.?
  10. As I've stated in previous threads, I've tried almost everything to rid of acne.. Spent over $20,000 easy on multiple laser surgeries, supplements, medications, etc. The only thing I really didn't try yet is accutane. I'm a bodybuilder and the side effects of accutane might effect my workouts which is why I've avoided it for so long. Over the past year or so I've been going 1 month without a certain type of food that might be causing the acne.. I've tried coffee, nuts, dairy, fructose, etc
  11. Many people are convinced that high insulin levels can lead to acne. A new (Peer-Reviewed) Study proves that smoking marijuana can help balance your insulin. It talks mostly about how this can help diabetics but who knows it can help acne to. It does not say how other than that is messes with your brain. http://healthland.time.com/2013/05/21/marijuana-the-next-diabetes-drug/#ixzz2UBbEl5Ij
  12. Hi guys, So I’d like to pick your brains on something- I’ve figured out the underlying cause of my SUPER oily skin. I’m happy I finally have my acne portion under control- however I really need to cure my oil problem as it’s excessive and causes me a lot of stress and anxiety. I went for blood work last week and my doctor sent me for more because he believes I may have high insulin levels. After researching like crazy I’ve realized this directly affects sebum production and androgens as
  13. Hello everyone, To put my situation is perspective I will give you a little background information: I'm a Caucasian male in my mid-twenties. I have had acne since I was a teenager (I don't remember the exact year it started). Like almost everyone here, I have tried just about every topical treatment and antibiotic; all of which either did nothing, made it worse, or helped for a period of time, but then worsened my condition. The topical treatment that worked the best for the longest per
  14. Hi I'm an 18 year old guy who has suffered from mild acne for around 4 years now. I'm very skinny (3.9% body fat) and I'm a competitive runner so exercise is not an issue. These are the supplements I am taking Vitamin A 25,000IU daily (started today) Vitamin B complex (100% rda of all B vitamins) Vitamin C powder ~ 3 grams daily Vitamin D have been taking 10,000iu daily but severe deficiency, doctor advised to start 30,000 daily (started yesterday) Vitamin E 400iu (started the other
  15. Diet: I do my best to follow a paleo template. I am learning more about the glycemic index and I try to eat low-glycemic meals. I avoid sugar, dairy, gluten, and processed food. For supplements I take: 1.2g of NAC (BulkSupplements), 300mg of Milk Thistle (Jarrow Formulas), 50mg of Zinc Picolinate (NOW), 200mg of Selenium (every other day), B-Complex (TwinLab), Cod Liver Oil (going to switch to Krill oil), Probiotics (Nature's Bounty) 5,000 IU of Vitamin D-3 (NOW). I have considered taking 500m
  16. My name is Natalie Darlin

    August 16

    Last night was the same mask as usual-- I tried the rosehip oil out finally, after the Argan and before the aloe. It's 5:55am right now and it's time to punch today in the face haha!! It's 10:25am right now...Work is KA-RAZZZZY. I'm going on my walk after I eat a snack. Yayyyy. its almost 8:30pm I'm going to lay down and rest I'm dead I'll deal with life tomorrow
  17. My name is Natalie Darlin

    August 15

    Hey y'all. Same ish as usual. Just working my butt off. For the past week or so, I have been taking my walk around the lake in the mornings usually at 10:45-11:45 or sometimes 11:45-12:45. Depends on how work is goin and if shit pops off. I've been getting good sun. The morning sun is the BEST. It's currently 93 degrees where I'm at. AND NO BREEZE LOL. I have not been putting argan oil on my face in the mornings-- just at night before I put on my aloe. So my routine for the past two nights ha
  18. Hi, everyone! Many of acne suffereres have noticed that Low-GI diet improve their acne by ~20-50%. Theoretical explanation of this like "high insulin level causes acne". BUT, if acne really caused by high insulin then to prevent it you should stick with Low-II diet because this is not the same. Not only carbs causing insulin spike. GI is not always proportional to the insulin response. For example II of dairy products almost as big as II of white bread, but GI of dairy couple times lower than
  19. Intermittent fasting improves glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, reduces oxidative stress and it slows cell proliferation which means it might reduce the hyperproliferation/hyperkeratinization of skin cells that leads to acne. In studies on cancer, both calorie restriction and intermittent fasting slow cell proliferation. It also promotes progesterone levels as they drop after a meal. Constant meals mean constant drops. And impacts androgen production. I'm interested in this because
  20. Hi all, Just a really quick post to say that I have started following a low G.I diet. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which causes my acne and it has recently flared up again, much to my dismay. Doctor was no help at all, so after years of trying nearly every prescriptive treatment available, I've finally started trying some natural remedies. So far I seem to be having a lot of success with the low GI diet, vitamin D supplements, multivitamins & zinc, cod liver oil.... I h
  21. Hey guys, so I'm new here. I'm kind of at my wits end with acne. I want so badly to be 100% clear all the time, not 99.9999% SOME of the time. Let me fill you in on my acne history: Acne reared its evil head(s) sometime shortly after my first menstrual period during the summer of my 12th birthday. Middle school was absolute hell, both for my face and my social life. The acne was, I'd say, mildly severe, mainly localized on my cheeks, forehead, and around my lips. It remained this way through m
  22. Insulin resistance can contribute to acne, but I just found out that everyone may be more insulin resistant in the morning. It's called the dawn phenomenon. The dawn phenomenon, when blood sugar rises during the night, is related to the Somogyi effect, where blood sugar falls during the night. http://www.ncbi.nlm..../pubmed/6368151 That study says: "The observed increase in insulin in the early morning hours despite stable levels of glucose indicates a temporally increased insulin need in non
  23. hello diet-dwellers! i am sure u're aware of the effects of cinnamon on our insulin level and blood sugar level. i would thank sleptember ,for i 1st got a fair idea about the results cinnamon has on us. i searched a lil' more and what i understood is "cinnamon acts as insulin inside and thus,doesn't allow an insulin-spike and also,takes care of the sugar in the blood. what i am concerned about is the side effects of cinnamon(or negative effects). i can talk about it causing ulcers/sores et
  24. is the only/main reason(way) high GI diet harms is spiking the insulin level? if no,then why should HIGH GI Diet be avoided? also,care to explain how high GI diet may/may not make skin oily/greasy (increase sebum production)? thanks.
  25. So I saw that almost everyone started to avoid junk food and sugar to stop breaking out. Ok !! It's a good thing and I'm glad that people are more conscious about nutrition and the results of our healthy are behind our food and nutrition. But I saw that the people are afraid to eat even HEALTHY FOOD. I saw topics that users don't know what to eat even more and they avoid even the vegetables and fruits. I saw comments which say that "sugar is my biggest weakness" or "I don't know what to eat