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Found 24 results

  1. likewatchingtv

    Accutane Ib Help

    SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR LONG POST AND QUESTIONS =) PLZ PROCEED WITH PATIENCE LOL Hey people =).. well ok so i'm new hear just registered today. Anyways i just started amnesteen (accutane) three days ago. I am 18 years old, male, weigh i believe 134 pounds. So i have had acne since i was 15. It started off with a few pimples and now its become moderate to the point where i don't want it to keep scaring me had a recent huge continuos breakout for some random reason). Anyways i've tried everything
  2. lillysimyhair

    1 month on spiro

    So I can officially say that it has been a whole month of taking spironolactone. I've decided to keep my dose to 50 mg as I have noticed major improvements on my face - starting with forehead which was filled with cystic acne just over a month ago and now I have none. I still have a small number of breakouts on my cheeks and a couple on my jaw but it is not as worse as how it was before I started taking spiro. I am however left with a lot of scars and pigmentation which I know can be sorted out
  3. How many of you have tried spiro? I have a dermatology appointment in five days and I want to ask about spiro. I have taken doxycycline, Oracea, and minocycline. I also use retin-a cream and clindamycin solution but nothing seems to be keeping my hormonal acne at bay. I have a few questions for the current and past users: 1. Did you have an initial breakout? If so, how long did it last? 2. Did you gain weight? 3. Did you experience any other considerable side effects? 4. Did you take bi
  4. My doctor put me on birth control (ortho-tricyclen) after my first period in middle school. Fast forward - clear skin for almost my entire life until I turn 19 and decide I don't need to be on synthetic hormones. Three months later, cystic acne all over my cheeks, jawline, and neck. Sound familiar? Straight away I go to the derm. Get put back on ortho-tri. I stayed on the ortho tri only to experience mediocre results, then moved onto yaz for three months which caused a literal facial explosion
  5. madi98


    hey everyone, this is my first post. I started accutane about 16 days ago when my dermatologist prescribed it to me. I have had acne since I was in the 4th grade and now I'm in my senior year of high school and it's out of control. I'm on 40mg once per day and I'm getting horrible side effects from the drug and I wanna know if it's normal. If I don't drink enough water during the day I get the worlds worst migraine, like so bad it hurts to think. Also the insides of my nose are painfully dry, I'
  6. Hi Guys, I'm new to this website. So basically, I always had mild to moderate acne since I was 15 (I'm 21 now). Nothing worked for me. I tried cleansers, masques, changing my diet, the regimen, etc. but nothing seem to have permanent results. I went to my dermatologist and he prescribed me doxycycline (100 mg) and my acne was under control. Now evertime I stopped using the antibiotic, my acne would flare up again. So my doctor put me on Accutane (40 mg a day) and I'm on day 6. I was afraid to ex
  7. accutanerookie

    Accutane Newbie

    Hi there, So, I'm new to this whole accutane business and I have asked all my questions to my google search bar, and to no avail, have received 0 reassurance or certainty in the answers I have found. So, here we are. Welcome. What's my story? Well I've suffered from hormonal and genetically induced acne since about the age of 12 or 13. It started as localized breakouts mainly in my T-zone (forehead, chin and multiple blackheads on the nose). Those on my forehead and chin were often cystic,
  8. accutanerookie

    My Accutane ~Journey~

    So it's day 45 on accutane and I'm still waking up with cystic below-the-skin acne, as well as smaller, sometimes painful whiteheads. I'm so bad with picking at them too, I just think they look so gross! My skin is worse now than it ever was before accutane. I read that the less severe your acne is, the less severe your IB will be - clearly this is not always the case! I'm experiencing almost 0 side effects minus kinda dry lips. Is my dosage high enough? Is this normal/what can I do to fix this?
  9. lillysimyhair

    Day 7 on Spiro 25mg

    So I'm on Day 7 now and I feel worse than I did yesterday. I woke up with new cysts popping up all alongside by lower jaw and under my chin and forehead. It's absolutely horrible, I don't even want to look in the mirror anymore. I'm also currently in the middle of my exams for university so I think I might be breaking out due to stress as well. I've also been using Epiduo on active acne in the evening to get them to shrink down and all but not much of a difference because when one goes another c
  10. My doctor put me on birth control (ortho-tricyclen) after my first period in middle school. Fast forward - clear skin for almost my entire life until I turn 19 and decide I don't need to be on synthetic hormones. Three months later, cystic acne all over my cheeks, jawline, and neck. Sound familiar? Straight away I go to the derm. Get put back on ortho-tri. I stayed on the ortho tri only to experience mediocre results, then moved onto yaz for three months which caused a literal facial explosion
  11. acneruinsmylife

    Day 33 - just complaining about being ugly

    I have pictures from last round that show I didn't have dramatic improvement until after the third month. I just started my second month so I know I shouldn't see dramAtic improvement, but damn am I tired of looking like this. Been on 70mg for 3 days now, worried about a second IB. so far my skin does look a little worse honestly but I don't feel as sad and frustrated about it as I did that one day last week. I've also been working out (speaking of which, i need to do today) which i think makes
  12. *DESPERATE FOR CLEAR SKIN BY APRIL 1 2015 - GOING ON VACATION* Hi there. I am a 16 year old female on ziana and 100mg minocyline every night. Last year i achieved beautiful skin after 3 months on epiduo and doxycyxline but I became resistant so the derm switched it up. However I am 2.5 months into the ziana regimen and am not pleased. I haven't seen any improvement honestly and have just recently gotten huge cysts on my naturally clear forehead.... I get so hopefull from peoples stories that s
  13. Elouise Guilder

    1 week on Roaccutane

    So today marks my first week on Roaccutane!! I have to say I haven't noticed any side effects whatsoever! No dryness of the lips and skin, no headaches, no joint or back pain, no nosebleeds. But i know it is very early on! I am thinking this may be due to my low 20mg dose and I have also been drinking 3 litres of water, keeping aquaphor on my lips and cleansing and moisturising with cetaphil and cerave. I can't tell if I am experiencing an initial breakout (IB) or if I just have a few spots a
  14. I have almost been on Accutane for two weeks now and I am suffering from an initial breakout. Eek! I've got two hard lumps on my jawline that don't hurt but are really deep and huge. I also have a big chin pimple that's deep under the skin but it doesn't hurt which I find strange. I'm using an icepack to numb the pain and the sides of my face are filled with scabs that are slowly healing up. My forehead had lots of comedones before but they are starting to fade. I suppose that's something posi
  15. A month closer to clear skin!!! I got through the initial breakout, it only lasted about a week. Though I got some leftover hyperpigmentation and scars that are still red but at least flat! My skin is much less oily and my hair is too. I just use water to rinse my face in the morning followed by a ph balancing toner and soothing moisturizer. I have a cyst on my upper lip that came up a few days ago. I'm using all my willpower to just leave it alone because it's really irritating! I also broke ou
  16. Hello acne.org fam, Today is day 34 and this week I have been experiencing new results. Right now, it is the beginning of my 2nd month and until recently, my skin continued to clear up with each day that passed. This week, however, things have changed for me -- the "purging period"/ "IB" Initial Breakout has began. After going through the first month with no crazy breakouts I totally thought I was in the clear for this!! But now that the time has come I would like to share with you all how
  17. Hi. I´ve red this site for many years now but this is my very first post. I´ve had acne for seven years now, everything from small bumps to severe cystic acne. For the last year my acne has gotten worse and worse, and after trying literally everything my dermatologist finally put me on accutane This morning on my three weeks mark and my skin had broken out like CRAZY - it looks absolutely horrible So to enyone hos has experience with accutane, is this normal? How long does the IB norm
  18. lillysimyhair

    Day 15 - Okay wow clearing up I see...

    SO, it has been 2 weeks since I started taking spiro at 25mg and my forehead has cleared up, which makes me happy as hell. However, I still do have acne and some cysts on my cheeks, it looks like its clearing up too but very slowly. I don't wanna jinx it tbh. Even though my doctor told me to up my dose every 2 weeks, I feel like 25 mg is okay for me as the side effects are barely noticeable and I have heard that you do breakout again once you up your dose. Since its only been 2 weeks since I've
  19. destinyreanne

    Initial breakout with Spironolactone?

    I just started spiro yesterday and by the evening I had three different breakouts. Nothing too serious just small whiteheads. I'm just wondering how many of you that took spiro experienced an initial breakout and how long did it last? Any comments and advice is appreciated.
  20. katy22

    Diane 35 log

    Day 3: I've never done a log before but I want to have a place where I can actually compare improvement instead of just get annoyed or whatever. I just took my third diane 35 pill and I know it might seem crazy to get an initial breakout so fast but my cheeks have been full of pimples since I started. Also, the first night, I didn't take with a big meal and I woke up at 4am to vomit. The sickness got a little better and I haven't thrown up since.
  21. PLEASE HELP Here is the short version of my acne story: In december 2017 I stopped taking my birth control pills. This sparked the fire that has engulfed the past 3 months of my life. I began seeing more acne than I was used to (I knew this was from stopping my birth control) so finally in March 2018 my dermatologist prescribed me 150mg Spironolactone. The first month of Spiro my skin was the worst I have ever seen it (purging from spiro). I am now in the second month and I can see the SMALLES
  22. Hello everyone, I just finished my second month of Accutane (60mg a day & I weigh 68kg). Since the beginning of my treatment, my skin has slowly but surely been getting WORSE (Wasn't expecting that lmao). My question is has anyone else dealt with a not so initial breakout? When I think breakout, I thing waking up with several spots then waiting for them to go away and Boom you're done. My case consists of two to three pastules a day that go away pretty quickly and a wonderful cyst or nodule
  23. Hi guys! I'm so desperate... The last 3 months I've been on ziana and 100 mg minocycline. Until about two weeks ago, I was applying ziana every morning and night, along with moisturizer and lathering tea tree oil all over. Too much, I know. But in the last two weeks I've said goodbye to tea tree oil and stuck to ziana and 100mg mino just at night. Wash with cetaphil oil control in the morning, along with moisturizer. But... My question is, did those two and a half months of "over doing" it, no
  24. Plantit

    1st week on Accutane

    Well as I'm typing this I'm sitting in my counselors office waiting to go home because my acne is just that bad. I don't want to show my face. The initial breakout sucks guys! It just seems to be getting worse and worse by the day. Anyways, I have some peeling especially around my nose. My lips are definitely getting dry but Aquaphor and argon oil have really helped with that. But the drying just means that the pill is working right? Also dandruff is real, if anyone has tips please let me know.