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Found 230 results

  1. Jakesimon1234*

    11.5 Weeks On Diane-35

    so it's been awhile since I've been on here. And I gave up doxy because in the long run it become ineffective so I wanted something more long term. So I have started Diane 35 and I have been on it for 11.5 weeks and if say it's gotten substantially worse... I have read that 3 months is the magic number so it a week or two i will be at the 3 Rd month mark so I'm hoping things start to improve. I'm assuming my acne is hormonal because I'm almost 18 and I had only gotten my period twice in my li
  2. Do you remember that course on Mario Kart called "Wario Stadium" where all throughout the track, you were faced with massive bumps to ride over? Well that's my face. Not only are there bumps everywhere, but if they were just the slightest bit bigger, I swear a car actually could drive over them. So week two on Oratane/Roaccutane. Probably one of the hardest weeks with my skin I've had to face in a long time. I'm guessing week three with be much of the same. In my last post, I asked whether p
  3. I've been on accutane for just over a month now. I'm on my fifth week right now. My face is much worse than it has ever been and seems to be getting even worse by the day. I had mild ish acne before. I thought it was pretty bad but I am also somewhat critical of myself. It was definitely affecting my every day life. I started to get huge breakouts on my back and chest and that's when I decided I needed to do accutane. Anyway, I'm 18-girl-125lbs on 40mg twice a day five months. When I started my
  4. So currently I am on day 12 of Ro-Accutane with bactrim antiboitcs which I will be finishing at the end of this week. I was shocked how my face had suddenly been pimple free (red marks/scars still remain of course) as soon as I started Accutane. Then at about day 10 I started to breakout and now I have about 9 active pimples, they are in the usual spots though. From experience would this be an IB or am I just breaking out as I normally do? Also for people who have been on antibiotics, when you w
  5. I'm on my 15th week of retina-a 0.05 and what was once hundreds of small under the skin bumps on my forehead are now around 50 under the skin bumps, so thats ok. But the biggest problem is that i am randomly breaking out in big red pimples. Where i get about 7 in a row, which disappear after 2 weeks and then come back later. Should i still be purging? I never used to break out in inflamed, large bumps before, when should i call it quits?
  6. Hey everyone, i made a blog but i thought just making a question in a forum would be easier. Here my blog (From start to week 2) WEEK 3 (21 Days) I am still getting new spots more or less everyday or every second day so i guess im still going through the initial breakout, hopefully this will stop at week 5 or sooner because it is my birthday (woo) then and it would be great if it did. At the start i was drinking a lot of milk and other dairy products to try and get the "high fat"
  7. I am currently on 20mg Accutane for Back acne, my face has always been clear but my back has very deep painful cystic acne...however I have now been getting a few small spots on my face too. Has anyone else experience an IB on their face even if they had clear facial skin before starting treatment (didnt take accutane for facial acne) Any comments will be helpful. Thank you
  8. ConqueringAcne

    Accutane Log

    My Accutane Log! Hello and welcome to my Accutane log! I am 5'9" and weigh 135 lbs and am female. I have had moderate acne since I was 13. My acne is not exactly cystic, but is rash-like--spreading over certain parts of my face and stubbornly staying for long periods of time. I would also say that I had plenty of closed comedones, which are incredibly frustrating because they give your skin a rough, bumpy look that is especially embarrassing in the sunlight. Not too mention the ugly, swollen pr
  9. Fairlie

    Day 5

    So last night while I was working (5 HOURS LATER THAN I WAS SUPPOSED TO) I got anxious and annoyed so I picked at my face, horrible I know but I won't anymore. There were just so many pop-able ones. Anyways, oddly enough my face looks better today kinda and I've had a bunch of little baby pimples pop up on my checks, nose, and chin. No dryness yet other than potentially inside my nose. Also, my mouth tastes a little weird/different right when I wake up. I wonder if that is related to accutane.
  10. runner7891

    Day 9

    So, I don't know if it is my initial breakout or if it is because I haven't been on my antibiotic for a couple of weeks now, but my skin is crazy broken out! Everyday I have sooo many whiteheads all over my chin and above my upper lip! Crazy! (and quite stressful) BUT I guess this is what happens before things get better. Only time will tell! How's everyone else out there doing on there Accutane journey?!
  11. Hey everyone! So I'm doing pretty good right now (knock on wood. knock on wood. knock on wood). Summary of weeks 1,2, and almost week 3: Week 1 - Drying out. Skin shedding its top layer. Starting to get small bumps/ more zits. Week 2 - INITIAL BREAKOUT. Happened to forehead first, then in different sections of my face. Broke out on forehead, nose, chin, then right cheek, then left cheek, then chin again a bit, then right jawline, now left jawline a bit. Tons of small bumps, more zits, a
  12. Today was Day 20 on Spiro (75 mg), Benzoyl Peroxide face wash (PanOxyl 4%), and Atralin gel, aka topical retinoid (0.05%)! Overall, things are improving My face is doing so, so much better. The pink mark on my left cheek from that stubborn zit is fading and healing. There's a small pink mark on my right cheek that's fading. And there's a bit of a red mark healing on my lower chin/jaw from a pore that purged an acne seed yesterday. Right now, my complexion looks so much better! It's mor


    Hello I am 20 year old male experiencing very mild acne. I have about 4 active pimples most of the time, although they are the deep red ones that turn red and lurk forever on my skin. I also have an obsession with picking my skin, which in turn makes it worse. My derm prescribed me Ziana gel ( Clindymycin/ Tretinoin). I have used Green cream level 9 in the past, so irritation is not really a problem as my skin is used to retinol. It has been 1 week and 4 days since i have been using z
  14. I have been using 0.05% renova cream for about 6 days at night. Day 1 was fine, but since then it has gradually got worse. I was acne free prior to using renova except for neck area. After 6 days, my face is very dry, itchy, irritated, red, and peeling badly ;( I have been using CeraVe PM Lotion for moisturizing, but my skin peels like snake nonetheless. It looks gross and feels unpleasant. I was wondering how long this peeling process usually lasts for. Also, I have IB on my neck area b/c i
  15. I have been using Adapalene (aka Differin) .1 gel for about 2 and a half weeks and the initial breakout is terrible!! Pustules and a lot of cysts on my chin! How long does the initial breakout tend to last? And from personal experience, does anyone have any advice on how to lessen the initial breakout? Did you use any other products on your face such as benzoyl peroxide or anything? Thanks
  16. Hello, long time browser first time posting! So I guess I'll go into a short bio- I've suffered with acne since I was about 11 years old. I used to have horrible cysts, would cancel plans, the worst self esteem--it was bad. I went on Accutane in 2012 and it did wonders for my skin. After 6 months of treatment my derm took me off of it because I was clear. My acne then crept up later in the year and I was put back on Accutane and again it worked its magic. However, my acne has just recently c
  17. ofCasterlyRock

    Accutane Round 2: Absorica, Month 2

    Hey guys! I'm a 20 year old female, 5'4'' and 115 pounds. This is my second round on accutane. I was only on it for three months last time until I had to stop because I couldn't afford it anymore. Last round I was taking Claravis and it cleared my face up really fast without any initial breakouts at all. Now that I can afford it again, I'm on accutane for a second round because it came back a little more severe but still moderate. I started Absorica on July 29, 2014 at 20mg. I'm currently at 40m
  18. Hello everyone! I will start taking 80 mgs of Accutane per day in a month, and I am terrified and excited at the same time! I can't wait to get rid of this disgusting, oily skin. However, I am terrified of an IB!! So any support and/or advice is greatly appreciated. My skin is soooo gross and embarrassing that I don't know if I can wait to start! (Well, I guess I can survive the wait). I just have a few quick questions. First, is it true that you have to take your second pregnancy test the first
  19. Month one of Yasmin my skin got pretty clear (but that may have been due to the tetralysal which I've been taking for 3 months now) However, now I'm nearing the end of the second pack and have been breaking out since about the second week of pack two.... Is this normal? If so how long does the initial breakout usually take to end?
  20. Hi! So I was on Gianvi (generic of Yaz) for almost a year and my skin was looking great. Still a few breakouts here and there. Then my pharmacy switched me to a different generic of Yaz. It didn't have a name, it was just labeled "Drospirenone Ethynil Estradiol" by the brand Glenmark. Even though it was the same hormone, within the first week of using it it gave me a minor break out. My skin was much more oily and my pores were very clogged for the whole month. Then, around my period it got wors
  21. NicoleEz

    End Of Week 2

    So earlier this week I posted a half way post mid-week 2...still not sure if I was experiencing the initial breakout, or not, since most of the reviews I've read don't mention it until week 3...which I'm just about to embark on! Upped my dosage to 40mg today and will keep it so for another month before seeing my derm for a blood test and update on the treatment. I have switched my moisturiser to 'simple everyday moisture' as it's a little less oily and I don't think that the accutane ha
  22. When I said my skin was the worst it has been in years, it's worse now. The cheek that wasn't as bad has started up. I have a massive thing in between my eyebrows and one on the side of my forehead. There is nothing to do but carry on.
  23. Have a week until I start month four of Yasmin and am still breaking out ): My skin is maybe slightly less oily, however I haven't seen much change in it. Month one my skin felt really smooth (am also taking Tetralysal and started that a month before Yasmin, so may have been due to that kicking in?), month two I had a lot of small skin coloured bumps on my forehead which I never usually get, and month 3 I've started to get quite a few whiteheads. However, my cheeks which are always clear have s
  24. Hey guys, so I've successfully been on Syeda (I think it is a generic for Yaz?) for over a year now. My skin looks great but I get bad migraines during the placebo week so I've been recommended to switch to Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. I've heard there is an initial breakout with OTC Lo. My question is, since I'm already on the pill and my skin is adjusted to the hormones now, do you think I will experience an initial breakout? Or should my transition be smooth?
  25. My son has been on accutane 10 days now and has broken out rather bad with about 20 active acne, he's never had more than about 5 at one time, on both sides of his face. It seems that this is happening quite early so I am worried that accutane may be causing a reaction? Or could it be a bad case of ib since he is on 80mg a day from the start? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.