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Found 12 results

  1. This is a repost of a previous discussion. I am reposting because I feel that I had put it in the wrong category. Ok, so I'm going to try and fit this all in together. Also, excuse my grammar....I'm just typing my thoughts and they're not all perfectly spelled, or punctuated. Awhile back I had posted that I had burned myself with TCA cross. It's 2 years later and unfortunately I am left with the permanent scars. They're certainly not what they were, but I have permanent red hy
  2. I'd like to get laser hair removal asap. My skin breaks out daily from hair removal. Has anyone with a skin tone tone close to "caramel" had a positive experience in the Bay Area CA? Where laser center did you use? I'd love to hear any success stories, thank you!
  3. hey, about two weeks ago, i shaved and as always got a few ingrown hairs on my upper lip. ironically, the bad ones have actually dissapeared now and have left no mark. however, there was a small red mark on my upper left moustache area, so i put some toothpaste on it in an attempt to calm redness. i did this for three nights, however by night three it had filled with pus and in the morning it exploded, leaving an open wound. it then scabbed over, and i had to constantly moisten the scab and
  4. Okay so I started getting bumps around 2k15 and I think that’s when I started shaving my face although I’m not tooooo sure about this but yeah i started getting skin coloured bumps all over my face, I also started getting light skin coloured bumps which were basically exposed hard pieces of sebum I think?? Not sure. My texture just went REALLY bad and you could definitely notice it all in sunlight. It became really really bad in 2k16 and then I started taking antibiotics and they calmed down
  5. i'm looking for a laser center that has experience treating black skin. Some of my acne/follicultis is due to hair removal. It's time to laser. If you have had a personal positive experience with laser hair removal on black skin or "caramel" skin tone in the Bay area, i'd like to know your experience, cost and where you had treatment done, thanks!
  6. So when I received my Acne.org AHA+ almost a month ago. I have this pretty big bottle and I used very little of it every time I did my skin regimen. I looked it up online if there were other uses for it and I found that it works really well to prevent ingrown hairs. As a lady, I get waxed every couple of months and I found out that two days after getting waxed, you can use the AHA as a lotion to deal with those ingrown hairs. I alway get a couple of those on my legs, underarms and bikini lin
  7. Hi, I'm an 18-year-old girl and I recently had a weird experience with a pimple. So about 2 weeks ago, a couple of - quite noticeable- pimples started appearing on my face, around the same time. I guess it's probably due to stress since I've just started college and all. One of these pimples formed in my nose. It was a painful one, and it really seemed to be on the inside, and still deep within the skin. It almost felt like a little ball. Of course I touched it and tried popping it, I know
  8. Over the past 2 years I've faced terribly annoying eyebrow acne that's gotten only worse each day. When this acne began it was only one or two spots or wanted to pimples that came from what was first a blackhead. When I first started seeing these blackheads I would of course tried to get rid of them by squeezing which worked for the most part. However no matter how gently I applied pressure or no matter how short I clipped my nails, a scar would appear smack in the center of my eyebrows. Thu
  9. About 3 weeks ago, I was able to pull out the root (or base) of an ingrown hair I had under my lower left jaw. However, as I was pulling it out, a portion of the hair broke off and remained under the skin (the tail end that was stuck). Several weeks later, the broken piece of hair appeared much deeper and now there is a small cyst in its place. Earlier today, I went to see my local dermatologist and tried to explain my situation as accurately as possible to him, however, I'm not sure he under
  10. What Are Razor Bumps?

    Who Is Most Likely to Develop Razor Bumps? How Do Razor Bumps Develop? Prevention and Treatment Razor bumps or "shave bumps" are a common skin condition that develops as a result of shaving and are a type of ingrown hair. While ingrown hairs can result from many hair removal practices, such as waxing, plucking, or threading, razor bumps are ingrown hairs caused specifically by shaving. The medical term for razor bumps and other types of...
  11. What Are Ingrown Hairs?

    The medical term for "ingrown hairs" is pseudofolliculitis barbae. Hair removal practices which can cause it include: Shaving Waxing Plucking Threading Ingrown hairs result in firm skin-colored or red or dark acne-like lesions that can be itchy or sore. When they are caused by shaving, they are often called "razor bumps" or "shave bumps." Sometimes, these lesions can fill with liquid that resembles pus. Although these breakouts appear similar to acne, they are a completely different phenomenon. Who Is Most Likely...
  12. Guest

    How I stay clear!

    I finished accutane 10 months ago. I was on 10 mg/day for 6 months. My acne was mild and only on my face. After the course, I was still breaking out a little and I didn't know why. My regimen during the first half of the course was spectro jel or cetaphil, but the last 3 months, I gave up on any products because everytime I put products on my face, I get new pimples. The only thing I was using is water and shaving cream every 2 days. It's been a year since I started the water regimen and I ca