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Found 23 results

  1. hello, I made a consultation at Medline Clinic in Dubai and the doctor suggested PRP and Infini for my scar treatment. I would like to ask for your reviews and recommendations for scar treatment in Dubai. Thanks in advance!
  2. So this idea of AFTERCARE came up in another thread. And thanks to @beautifulambition and others for the encouragement to start this thread. Anyway, there appears to be a lot of posters in recent months who have confessed to getting their scars sliced (subcision), poked (microneedling), zapped (laser), or poked and zapped (Infini) as well as burned (all things acid). There's endless debate about what treatment is considered optimal for what types of scar. However, there's not enough dialogue abo
  3. Hi guys, So I consulted a dermatologist regarding my acne scars and she recommended 3 sessions of Scarlet RF. When I told her I only heard about Infini RF, she told me that they are basically the same thing made by different brands. So my question is, is Scarlet RF as effective as Infini RF for pitted acne scars? She also told me that the treatments will be done by a beauty aesthetician, not by her. I am also worried about that. Does this machine require good technical skills to yield good re
  4. I have severe acne scarring, i have received 3 co2 smartxide dot laser (i dont know how deep) back in 2015 when i was 19, due to work and school i have ignored my scarsuntil now. I have decided 2018 will be the year i will get a bulk of tx done ( i know 100% improvemnt is not real so spare me that comment). Money is not the problem nor is time. Thankfully i have a well paying job where i interact with practically no one so being swollen is not a problem. I have about 6 months off from school, an
  5. so like most the other members here i had really bad acne on my face, i took accutane which helped clear my acne, i rarely ever break out ( depends on diet ) but last month i wanted to cure my scars, i have a few on the side of my cheeks and 1 big on on the front, the derm suggested infini and i agreed on the day on the infini ( about 2 days ago, had it done in the afternoon on Wednesday, its Friday morning now), she numbed my whole face for an hour and then did the procedure, during the proce
  6. If you've done some reading on the treatments available for scarring, you probably would have come across horror stories; especially from laser. After all, its just nature to overestimate the odds of dreadful but infrequent events. And I'm ultimately, not rewarded for not taking any action. Somewhere in April, I've tried out dermarolling; which I'd seen slow but substantial results from. Strengthened by newer advances in technology, I'm glad that I've finally took the first step to solve my prim
  7. @beautifulambition I'm currently about a week out of my very first Infini and subcision-suction treatment and despite mad gridmarks and PIH I'm certainly optimistic about these results in the next two months compared to my three prior Fractora Firm (RF microneedling) treatments in 2014. As of now I'm planning what should be the strategy going forward. My rolling and boxcar scars are slowly being less visible at angled lighting but I was thinking another round of Infini in three months
  8. Our skin weighs about 8 pounds, with a total surface area of about 22 square feet. It does not come as a surprise that it is the largest and arguably one of the most important organs of our body. Our skin is waterproof, shielding us from extreme weather conditions, and keeping out harmful chemicals and pollutants out of our body. Although the skin sounds like an invincible shield that protects us from harm, it is also very vulnerable. A minor injury can make a big difference in how it looks
  9. Should I do fillers before or after INFINI? (Swelling after subscision) (Before subsision, morning skin) (Scars looking totally horrible in the worst possible lightning again two weeks after subscision) I live in Denmark, subscision was done by Emil Henningsen, was pretty expensive and didnt seem to bring basically any good improvement after the first treatment, however he mentioned it will be this way, and i will need fillers to see some progress, the question is would it make sense
  10. Hi, im wondering if anyone can advice me what treatment should I go for. I did about 6 times of fractional co2. I’m thinking of going for tca cross or infini or ematrix
  11. One clinic near me (Waterloo, ON, CA) offers RF microneedling using the Alma V Shape Ultra. I googled it and information on it was scarce. This video is the most informative I've found on the device. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ClV02y-dms The clinic's consultant told me that needles penetrate the skin at a fixed depth, with the heat input controlled by the doctor. Does anyone have experience with this machine or something that works the same way? I am looking into getting RF
  12. The papers seem to be solid, I really don't know what to think of this? All the dermatologist seem to practice old school method, expect for the ones select ones in the US and UK. It now seems that acne scars can be prevented or treated early with safe outcomes on patients on Accutane. It make sense to prevent scars, rather than treat them in the first place? I wonder how many dermatologist and plastics actually read and follow the latest research ? I think its a controversial video as most derm
  13. I had Subcision with Infini about 9 days ago on one large deep rolling scar. I had it done almost 10 days ago. I think I am seeing only minimal improvement. In addition I have significant redness and bruising. Nothing that makeup can hide. I have been suctioning but I think I will stop due to this extreme hyperpigmentation. My dr used the highest settings on the Infini. Has anyone had these treatments together? I'm wondering how long this will last. I would at least like to get to a po
  14. After three bouts of acne flare ups over the course of 6 years (I'm 24) I have noticeable scars on my face that I'm finally ready to take care of. I was meant to get Fraxel this winter but after reading some posts here and watching this video https://youtu.be/38Wty2Rpj7U I discovered Infini could be a really good option. It's different because it combines micro needling with radio waves so you get the kinds of benefits of laser, but it's delivered deeper in the skin for better results. So, inst
  15. Holy cow.. that must have taken a long time to do, but I think this guy has covered a lot in that time slot. Great video - a must see as he tell it like it is.
  16. I've been trying to alleviate my acne scars since 2014 with expensive and self applied treatment. Yes, I have done that treatment too. But at what session do you say I'm losing money for not much gain? That is your skin as time goes on won't look better than this 8th TCA session or 5th Infini treatment. I'm just curious as I'm soon to be 30 and am still complaining about my acne scarred face as if I was still in high school. Should we just keep dropping money at Dermatologists unt
  17. Went abroad for five weeks specifically for the purpose of at least one subcision session and one Infini session at a good rate (which I did compared to NYC) I got sold a plan that I could not object to if I wanted to get treated. It included subcision of the whole face targeting specific rolling and boxcar scars, TCA 100% for icepicks, and adding an upgraded version of PRP called PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix) According to my dermatologist, PRFM is supposed to be used in lieu of s
  18. Hi Everyone! I had had a really bad medication induced breakout that lasted for months this year and left tethered saucer shaped scars all over my cheeks and chin and jawline. I am finally done with accutane and planning my first Scar treatment with a specialist in NJ. Because I'm currently living in the UK for school I have to go for a one week period and have the treatments done in that time. After assessing my scars he said they weren't that bad so he'd do PRP, Subcision, infini, and frax
  19. This seems to be an emerging treatment, becoming very popular among different doctors. There are diverging opinions and experiences regarding Infini (RF insulated microneedling) and PRP is not even clinically proven to have any effect on the skin. Has anyone undergone any or both of these treatments recently? What were the results? I haven't seen a lot of info around the forums about this, maybe people that know a bit more would care to comment!
  20. 35 year old female suffering from acne scars. In a span of 15 years I have had the following procedures on and off. Erbium yag :2 treatments while on accutane which gave me a rolling scar on my right cheek. TCA Cross 90 % : 5 Treatments in a span of 4 years. Suture Excision : 2 deep boxcars Dermarolling 1mm : 3 treatments Subcision plus dermapen with PRP : 1 week ago. I am trying to get rid of these scars but have hardly noticed 40 percent improvement in a span of 15 years. Previo
  21. Anyone did those 2? I was performing a couple of dermapens and thinking about Scarlet RF, however this procedure is 3,5 x more expensive, so I wandering if anyone performed both of them and seen better results after RF.
  22. Hey all, So if you look at my thread you'll know that at this point I've been planning my third acne scar treatment with either subcision or Infini. I've noticed when I use overhead/angled lighting that the scars do indeed look less depressed but I'm looking for an additional two or three treatments before I brush my hands and say "this is the best it'll get at this age". There's this guy on Reddit who had amazing results off his first subcision like most of us but after going into hi
  23. Hey all! Newbie here, but nice to meet y'all. I'm embarking on a new journey to improve my scars. I thought I'd start a thread to document my process. I'll my best to keep it updated. I'm hoping my experience helps you in some way. My scars I've had some form of scarring for most of my life. First, I have linear scars caused by someone who scratched up my face when I was a kid with long fingernails. Yep, childhood sucks. Second, I have mild to moderately depresses scars from adult acne during