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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everyone, long-time lurker here! I'm finally in a good place financially where I can start considering acne scar treatment. I've posted my pictures below (natural light) and I think I have a mix of icepick, boxcar, and enlarged pores. I've mainly been looking into Infini RF and TCA cross. However, there aren't any providers near me that offer TCA cross, so I'm thinking of just starting with Infini RF for now. Am I a good candidate for that? I would also love advice regarding pre-treatment (A
  2. I have acne scars and was wondering if anyone knows who the best acne scar doctor is in California. I'm from the Bay Area, but I don't mind traveling to Southern California if the acne scar doctors are better there. I'm thinking of doing infini RF for my scars. I have slight indents from acne scars. Who is the best at microneedling RF in California? Thanks!
  3. Should I do fillers before or after INFINI? (Swelling after subscision) (Before subsision, morning skin) (Scars looking totally horrible in the worst possible lightning again two weeks after subscision) I live in Denmark, subscision was done by Emil Henningsen, was pretty expensive and didnt seem to bring basically any good improvement after the first treatment, however he mentioned it will be this way, and i will need fillers to see some progress, the question is would it make sense
  4. Post three weeks subcision/PRP and my dermatologist in England has recommended Infini which I quickly accepted. During the procedure I noticed that Infini did not have that "oomph" or burning flesh sensation that I experienced with Fractora Firm back in 2014. I remember this laser gave me noticeable results in a month but was VERY expensive for one session compared to Infini RF. Post-session I noticed there were no immediate scabs with Infini compared to Fractora Firm. I spoke with the der
  5. Hello Everyone, So here is a brief but interesting breakdown of my journey with acne. I am currently a 35 year old male and up until I was about 25 years old I only struggled with the occasional pimple (or two), along with hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, something changed as I turned 25 and I would now get the occasional CYST instead. Fortunately though, these cyst's almost never left major scarring or atleast not that I noticed. Around two years ago, my stress levels skyrocke
  6. I had subcision with suctioning done on 09 December 2019 and then two weeks later had Infini RF done at 3.5mm at Level 6. I did this procedure abroad so I did not have the time to wait between the two treatments. Needless to say I am waiting til March (the three month mark) to get another acne scar treatment. Looking at my scars occassionally in the harshest of lighting I can say that the scars are definitely less deep. They're still somewhat pronounced but not as bad as they used to be. H
  7. Hello all again, I'd like some critique on my update schedule as I have found a dermatologist who can do cannula subcision with Sculptra 1. Infini RF - June 30, 2020 2. Subcision with Sculptra - August 1, 2020* 3. Infini RF - October 15, 2020 4. 35% TCA Peel (scheduled) - December 10, 2020 I don't know how adversely I will be affecting my collagen production from my Infini session in June as it will only be 4 weeks out compared to the recommended 3 months. Af
  8. I just got back to California and am planning my next round of subcision and Infini RF which will be about a four month time frame. Once my acne scars are leveled and evened as possible I'm looking to add phenol peel to help smooth out the rough and moon-cratered skin that I have. Someone had phenol done here by Dr. Rullan in Chula Vista/San Diego however I can't find the post. Their results were really good! I've noticed that the general consensus here is that Rullan is a great guy and an
  9. Was unaware that you weren't meant to pick at the flakes. I'd say I picked of 90% of the flakes 2/3 days post procedures. Wondering if this would impede the results - bit scared it will.
  10. So I looked on Lutronic's website and still can't find the settings that the machine is set under. My dermatologist told me she set me to a really low level and pulse rate but won't reveal what level and pulse rate she had me at. I'm planning to have my second RF treatment from a respected and well informed surgeon in about three months time from my first session.
  11. I'm one month one of three of my first Infini treatment and am really excited for my second one which I'm planning to schedule in April. Do any of you happen to just drop your Derminator or other microneedling/dermarolling devices in favour of this powerful yet expensive treatment? I'm slowly seeing progress every week with what I think were minimal settings when I got it done in Singapore - Level 6.
  12. Can anyone tell me who all can do infini rf treatment in India /Delhi.
  13. Hey all! Newbie here, but nice to meet y'all. I'm embarking on a new journey to improve my scars. I thought I'd start a thread to document my process. I'll my best to keep it updated. I'm hoping my experience helps you in some way. My scars I've had some form of scarring for most of my life. First, I have linear scars caused by someone who scratched up my face when I was a kid with long fingernails. Yep, childhood sucks. Second, I have mild to moderately depresses scars from adult acne during
  14. Hi everyone! First time poster, but I’ve been reading these forums and have really found so much information- and inspiration from all the support you offer each other A quick background about me, I am turning 35 next month and my acne scars are really bothering me, I think they are looking worse with my age and collagen loss. I also recently went through a divorce and am trying to date again after a long time- so I know some of this is psychological! On top of it, I work as a makeup artist a
  15. So far I've had two subcision sessions, two Infini RF sessions, random TCA Cross/10% peels done on my own; each about 2.5 months apart. I'm looking to correct volume loss at this point that the above treatments could not manage as well. As I approach the final frontier of my scar treatment journey I'm looking at fillers. My only issue is is that I don't know which one would be best because the doctors that I've spoken with per consultation, those on RealSelf, you guys here, and the plastic