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Found 38 results

  1. Hello! I had a nasty zit a couple days ago which I popped before it was ready. Then trying to fix the issue yesterday I tried picking at it just a bit, which of course made it much worse. I have been using polysporin triple and Lamaisl as a treatment so far but no improvements. Really need some help guys!! I have attached photos of the progression. Any tips or tricks are welcomed. Thank you!!
  2. Duration : 2 + years now. What I took : Flucloxacilline (7 days, 2 years ago didn't work), Fucidin Pills (11 days, derm told me to stop it) and cream, Minocycline (Not sure if it was this one) What I'm taking now : Doxycycline pills, erythromycine topically (don't seem to be working, even aggravating it and making new ones appear) Test results : streptococcus pyogene OR staphyloccocus aureus + malassezia furfur OR malassezia furfur and some labs found nothing Effect on me : Little red dot w
  3. So, I've been on lymecycline for about a year until two weeks ago when I stopped. I had gotten a prescription for spironolactone, which I started at on 20th of October, and because it worked, I felt free to stop the antibiotics. I had no side effects of spironolactone at all, started of at 25mg per day and upped my dose to 50mg per day after a week, which my doctor said I could. Today, my face is pretty clear! Expect for just one or two pimples on my chin that came with my period. I love
  4. Ok so yesterday I popped two huge painful (almost cystic) zits on my face. I don't necessarily regret the actual popping because it no longer hurts, but I regret the fact that they've become huge sores. both of them (one more than the other) have formed a yellowish layer on part of it. It looks like an infection or pus. I just want to know how long these scabs will last on my face. (Don't worry, I've quit picking them!) and also don't mind my hideously unplucked eyebrows. The flash really makes
  5. Hey I'm new here so I thought I'd try my luck and see if anyone has ever heard of anything like this before... I am a 26 yr old male that has always had clean skin but I have been dealing with a recurring skin sore infection for about 5 years now. It all started when I was prescribed Prednisone for a bronchial infection. After the course of Prednisone, I noticed two itchy bumps on my scalp and developed acne all along my beard area. Every day I would wake up with about 10-20 whiteheads t
  6. Hi, I struggled with forehead,chin, and a little bit of cheek acne, more than a year ago. Since starting on birth control a year ago, my acne has significantly improved and when I get a way of breakouts now and again they are usually smaller,less, and easier to deal with. However recently I have broken out in these red clumps of pimples near my nose. It started with a small, barely noticable pimple on the nostril opening of my nose & quickly spread to these red, dry clumps of tiny pimpl
  7. Hi Guys Can someone please please please help!!!!!! Last Christmas I started to develop red marks on my face which I originally thought was Acne. The marks were originally extremely red and crossed half one check and covered a large section of my other cheek. The marks really effected my self esteem and destroyed my confidence. I went to the Dr's and he told me what I had was a shaving infection and gave me some topical steroid and moisturiser and said it should be healed in a couple of
  8. Hi all, Sometimes when my acne flares up and I wash my face, the whitehead or root of the acne rises to the surface and sometimes grows. In some cases, after washing my face, the whitehead or root will fall out of the spot leaving a hole in my face. I wondered whether anyone had any tips on what I should do about this, whether it be applying a topical cream or just leaving it to heal. It’s like when you squeeze a spot but I don’t squeeze them, the root of the spots come out naturally and I’m w
  9. Hi everyone! I am a 20 year old female who never had acne before my sophomore year in college. Then the summer of my sophomore year, I suddenly started getting very large red bumps on my forehead that could not be popped and were painful to squeeze. Squeezing them only resulted in a water-like liquid oozing out. I get them in waves of 5, wait for them to heal, only to have 5 more pop up on my forehead before the previous wave completely disappears. This has been going on for two years. I hav
  10. Hi, So for a bit of background: Developed acne after turning 22. I would say it's always been mild to moderate (think it's hormonal due to the fact that I'm a woman and noticed it would be much worse in stressful times and on cheeks/chin). Had to go on oral steroid for 8 weeks. Bam. Right after the steroid got huge cystic pimples on one cheek/ in a cluster. Looked like normal cysts so just thought they would heal up. Fast forward two months later (two injections later) there is still a spot th
  11. I made the stupid mistake of picking a tiny pimple and ended up with two fairly large scabs, although one has this white substance in it that has now spread across the whole scab. I've never seen it like this before, I don't know what to do i've tried the usual band-aid with antibiotic ointment and letting it dry out, neither seem to make a difference.
  12. Back in the fall-winter of 2010, after years of clear skin, my complexion underwent some inexplicable--and distressing--changes. I began breaking out on my chin, though at first the blemishes were for the most part insignificant. I had grown a substantial beard just prior to the development of this problem, but decided to trim it down, fearing that my long whiskers were somehow to blame for my chin acne. Not only did this fail to yield the results I had hoped for, matters actually got worse. F
  13. Hello! I was just wondering if you guys think popping a pimple can lead it it causing more acne in the surrounding area. I had a semi inflamed acne bump on my cheek.. I applied witch hazel, washed my hands, covered my fingers in toilet paper, tried to pop it.. some stuff did come out, but it wasn't a completely successful extraction.. I immediately put witch hazel on it, then after that dried I put on some aloe on the bump and a little around the surrounding area. So I think I did all I could
  14. Hello guys! I hope you all are well! I need help! No one really knows what it is! I had lip fillers more than a year ago and it didn’t show any reaction. A month ago I started getting tiny blisters that turned into yellow crust. After that it spread around my lips. First doctor said its cold sore, second one said my immune system is very low and 3rd didn’t have a clue!?! I’m still waiting for dermatologist to tell me what should I do but no luck yet. I started to treat lips with a
  15. Hi everyone! I am a 21 year old girl with medium-beige skin (East-Indian) and wanted to share my accutane story. firstly --> sorry that I did not take pics every month, i really didn't have the self-esteem to look at them again and again...but now i am grateful.. I had clear skin throughout my teens, but developed little pimples on my forehead the summer of 2011. I tried minocycline, it worked for a few months, then the acne came back, and it was worse. I was then put on erythromycin tab
  16. The bumps appeared one morning out of nowhere, two weeks after a car accident I had in July. My gyno put me on BCP because she said it would help to clear up my 'whiteheads' These are not whiteheads and now in the last four months I've developed painful cystic acne as well. Retin-A didn't help. Spiro didn't help. Sulphuric soap didn't help. I try to eat as clean as possible. My face burns and itches as well. Any ideas???????
  17. Hey hi everyone, its an amazing community where people are discussing and helping each other out! A) I am having this case of cystic acne on face and it is turning into a very bad condition for me, as the infection seems to be spreading. I am putting up pictures so that you can get a clear idea. I have marked important areas with numbers in the 1st image Right cheek 1 with labels Right cheek 2 1 - this is a cystic bump that i have had now since 2.5 years, and it is clearly visible from dist
  18. Which Skin Type Ages Faster?

    For thousands of years, people have been obsessed with the idea of eternal youth. Most of us want to look young as long as possible, but as we get older, our skin starts to give away our age. The question is, do some skin types age faster than others? Although the research on this is preliminary, some findings suggest that dry skin might age faster than oily, acne-prone skin. In other words, there may be a...
  19. Hi all, So for the past year or so I've been getting this stubborn pustular acne that doesn't respond to Benzoyl Peroxide very well. Ever since I started getting it, I've been applying Dan's BP generously at night, but so far I have never really succeeded at being 100% clear. The acne is extremely painful / tender, and rapidly develops into a pus-filled head. The head either dries up, or bursts (oftentimes I've been squeezing these pimples myself, because it's unprofessional to walk around wi
  20. I have removed Staphylococcus aureus from my nose using Triple Antibiotic Ointment and that has eliminated my nose sores and cured me of what I thought was acne but really was folliculitis. I am a microbiology graduate student and the lab I teach has a Mannitol Salt Agar experiment where we differentiate S. aureus from Staphylococcus epidermidis. S. aureus can ferment the mannitol sugar and that causes a yellowing of the plate. I have known for years that I am a heavy nasal S. aureus carr
  21. I'm wondering if there is any link between my problems I will just list the main problems, I have cystic acne and surface acne as well as spots on my back and chest. Seb derm of face, scalp and recently I have developed a patch on my chest. A persistent fungal nail infection on both of my big toes and I have recently discovered I have phimosis which is basically tight foreskin caused by bacteria causing inflammation of the head of the penis. After making this recent discovery I feel like ther
  22. Doe anyone have a clue what this might be? I've never understood it. It's been fairly persistent for the better part of two years. I'm going to list some info on symptoms: - Only ever on one side of my face. When one side clears up, it almost immediately shows up on the other side. - Starts under eye then slowly creeps down to my cheekbone. Then clears up and moves to other side. - No OTC treatments have worked so far. Was even given a topical antibiotic by a Derm once and it was inneffec
  23. Hello everyone, I am writing with hope to get some help. Ive ot severe acne. I haven;t been diagnosed yet(if I need to be diagnosed heh). I am 22 now, had 'acne' for past 10-12 years. The issue is that my acne doesn't appear to be normal and all I hear from meds and my GP is that if I stop to scratch it, it'll go away!! I am having kind of small circle wounds or some pimples... I've been trying to find some information about it and I found a forum where people describe the same issues and po
  24. Ok so I haven't had many break outs since starting birth control but I developed a good size bump on my chin. It was an 'under the skin' type and not coming to a head so I figured I needed to leave it alone and try not to pop it. After about a week it went down in size and I was happy to see it healing. But then a few days later, overnight, it got really big in size and red and swore but still no head. I waited a few days, applying antibacterial cream at night. Today I decided to prick it with a