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Found 14 results

  1. From the album: new treatment: sept 2012 AFTER

    in the process of switching from duac+retina to veltin+antibiotic doxcycline twice a day
  2. i'm new on here but desperately need some help. like 2 weeks ago i had a bad hormonal breakout and got a lot of pimples on my cheeks. i got one near my jawline that was a whitehead but hurt pretty bad, i had refrained from picking at the other pimples bc i know how bad it is but this one had a lot of pressure so i popped it. i felt like it had SO much stuff oozing out of it that i had to keep popping it which resulted in a red mark bigger than the original pimple. anyways it's been a while and i
  3. Hey guys, I'm here to share my story about Retin A damage. I used Retin A for 2 months (exactly 12 uses) and it destroyed my skin. I had very nice skin before this happened and was only given Retin A as a preventive against aging and for a few chin breakouts. It has caused huge pores, orange peel texture, dents, lines, cracks, dehydrated, dry, molted skin with a shiny film covering it. I'm extremely depressed about this, but I'm still hopeful that this damage can be fixed. I'm just short of 3
  4. I have this red/purple indent on my cheek. I was wondering what could help heal it or make it less visible. I’ve had this for some months maybe 4? Thank you!
  5. so the places where I have these scars are where I used to have really bad inflamed cystic acne. I get no acne now because I take birth control pills and my hormones are now finally balanced. I used to break out from just eating anything. I'm left with these indents and I've tried everything to get rid of them at home from dermaroll ig to BHA, AHA, retinols.but nothing seems to work and I honestly think these past 6 months where I've been patient and been using these treatments consistently, I
  6. just my thought bt heres why: since skin doesnt seem to have "memory" of shape the spot was before, also the actual its repair/refill ability??? (i cant believe this. some motherfukin starfish can regrow its whole leg (leg? or arm? tail? the star ray? nt sure wht is it bt yea) practically from scratch bt we cant do even tht??) nyways the fixing scars with dermaroll/stamp/needle is mainly just trying to swell nd aggravate the spot? then does tht mean u cant actually dermaroll ur whole fa
  7. I never had acne until a couple months ago., how I have shallow dents from the scabs they left.. They aren't visible just looking in the mirror but in certain lighting they look like dark box scars or something.(they are the dark spots in the close up of my head) . I also have some on my chin but I don't care about them.. And like 3 pick scars on my cheek that I know they aren't as bad as they could be but what topical treatments could I use? Any chance the can fill in on their own after time?
  8. Back in April I joined to get advice about my acne scar situation, and was mostly told to wait for my acne to calm down before starting other treatments. For the most part it I think it has, now I'd like to know the best way to help reduce the appearance of my scars. (I do still get breakouts, just not nearly as much. Not sure if that will factor into the decision.) Looking in a mirror everyday just makes me depressed, but I understand I might be paying more attention to them myself than ot
  9. Help! I have been using the regimen for 6 months now and I love the results I'm seeing but now I have scars that won't go away. The darker marks are easier for me to cover with makeup but the indentations just look worse with makeup over. What should I do?
  10. Hi guys, After a few rounds of cystic acne during my early teens, I was left with a lot of acne scarring (not hyperpigmentation, but actual indents). Although the uneven skin texture bothers me, what bothers me more is that the indents are red/pink so whenever I go out, I have to put on foundation to make them less noticeable/blend in with my skin color-wise. I read that hyperpigmentation is supposed to go away after a year or two, but it's been 6-7 years since my oldest acne scars and it's
  11. Hi, I’ve posted before, but in the last year I’ve gotten more scars. What type of treatment do you think is best for me. I don’t want to do a treatment if it might make things worse, what is the best treatment for pitted scars, like the ones on my forehead and in between my eyes? Also, I’ve been on spironolactone and using epiduo forte. My face has gotten kind of pale, and I get that that’s part of it, but seeing as getting sun is not a good option, does anyone have a self tanner recommend
  12. OK so I made an account just to tell my story. This is of course the short short version and will not include the depression and sheer amounts of personal suffering and embarrassment that plagued me each day. I'm a 34 year old caucasian female (dry, combo skin) that has had burns and scarring from acne and past chemical peels on my face and particularly on my chin, jaw, and lower face for several years now. I've desperatly purchased and tired almost everything or every remedy I've looked up
  13. Hello! I've been heavily researching the topic of scar removal for my face. I have less than one month left of my isotretinoin course, so I can't do any treatments yet; just planning for the future. I wouldn't consider my scars "acne scars", but rather scars from me picking at acne. I have several indented fingernail print scars, and one long, raised fingernail-picking scar on my chin as well. I would consider them minor/shallow. When I brought this up to my dermatologist, her advice was b
  14. Hi Guys, Going to keep to this nice and sweet - but can anyone advise on any creams, moisturisers or something of some sort that can hide acne scars, especially whilst in the sun. I am a male so something which isn't obvious would be brilliant. Thanks in advance all.