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Found 500 results

  1. I was traumatized with horrendous acne on my chest and back from the 1970s and 1980s. Today I saw just how bad those scars are. Thank God the scars on my face are nowhere near as bad as the scars left on my back. Is there any plastic surgery procedures that can help smooth out deep ice pick scars on the back? Some even go up to my neckline which I never realized until today. The photo I am attaching is not very good. The scars are much deeper and wider. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have come to realize I have a poor healing response. Any pimple, especially in my cheek area will leave a very shallow indent in its place. I always knew that my skin healed slowly, but now I am scared to start trying different treatments, specifically using the derminator and tca peel. Can anyone give me advice in what route I should take, especially those with the same issue. Can using the derminator cause further damage if my skin's healing ability is not the best? thanks so much!
  3. First of all, I'm really sorry for my English. I'm currently 18 and suffering from acne scars I've suffered from acne started when I was 12 (not cystic, it's like whiteheads, blackheads, and sometimes pimple) and I don't really have many acne right now, they just show up in some spots and they rarely show up. Anyway, so I'm suffering from the scars that are left from the acne. Now I'm not sure if the scars just showed up naturally or what, but back in 2016 I applied azelaic acid on my acne wh
  4. So I am 18 and i still have some active acne but i am wondering if the marks on my face are indented scars or just pigmentation. I started useing differin 5 weeks ago for the acne, will that combat these marks, and if they are scars will differin even them out?
  5. Hey guys, So I'm looking to get professional help to take care of my Acne scars. I am having a hard time just finding someone to see....I called a few dermatologists but they didn't do cosmetic work. I've posted some pictures of my scars on here and was told TCA Cross would be beneficial. So my question is....Should I be looking for a dermatologist or a plastic/cosmetic surgeon?
  6. Hello everyone I am new to this forum. I come from Germany, and here we don't have so much knowledge about getting rid of scars. So I am in my twenties now, and have a surgery scar in my face ( from an accident in my childhood) and a few acne scars. Also I have very shallow chickenpox scars. For the acne scars, I think they are scarred pores mostly but also Ice Pick ones. Can you maybe help identify them? I am not really sure wich type of scars I have. I also have a deep scar on my kne
  7. What should I do??? Is my life ruined???? Is there anyway I can have the scars go away???
  8. Ah I am 19 years old, a student...I suffer from social anxiety/depression and already get hives and breathing problems in public but now I've started scarring from acne in the past year or so.....My skin was never perfect BUT for the most part I only got maybe 1 or two zits a week if that..so yeah to me ,it was pretty damn good considering my parents both are scarred in the face from previous acne....then about a yr ago....i began breaking out alot...I used proactiv...oxy,etc etc....finally abou
  9. My face looks like crap today. ](*,) I don't understand it - my skin tone seemed to be evening out since I started the vinegar method - but today I wake up and my face is full of red blotches. What the hell is going on? My face looks bad enough with all these damn icepicks, rolling scars, etc scattered all over my face but add in this discoloration and I look like hell. The blotches are scattered across my forehead and the T-zone (nose and under the eyes). I have sun-damaged skin und
  10. okok i know this is a scar board and all but u ppl tend to have superior knowledge to ppl on the other boards so here's how the story goes... back around july i had a breakout, not sure if it was cystic, don't think it was my acne's never been terrible but still it was an annoying bugger. now back then i was very naive when it came to acne and scratched the bugger off, only another head came back, matter of fact another head came back about 3 more times (great thinking on my part), anyways ev
  11. In case you are all having a feeling of Dejavu, I posted this on 'The Regimen' by mistake. Here goes again..... I heard from another site that Lemon Juice was an excellent remedy for scars. Mine are deep pits. I tried it a few months ago on one scar and was amazed at the results, it really worked. 2 weeks ago I decided to try it on another one. But it seems to have mnade it worse #-o . Whereas before it was an icepick, it seems to be forming into a biiger scar - another deep pit ](*,
  12. I heard from another site that Lemon Juice was an excellent remody for scars. Mine are deep pits. I tried it a few months ago on one scar and was amazed at the results, it really worked. 2 weeks ago I decided to try it on another one. But it seems to have mnade it worse #-o . Whereas before it was an icepick, it seems to be forming into a biiger scar - another deep pit ](*,) And it is soooo noticable, on the front of my nose. My skin has been fairly clear over the last few years (ex
  13. Ahh I wish I had a pic to show you my scarring...Its not severe....its a few boxcars, and tiny icepicks but enough to make me very self conscious...Ive already done 2 50% cross treatments....I think after 2 or 3 more crosses I definitly want to do either dermabrasion or laser...and then get either artecoll or radiance fillers because I hear they last long....do you guys think this is a good idea? any comments
  14. I had very severe cystic acne that developed when I was around 18 (thank god I had a normal life in school), it left me, like many here, physically and emotionally scarred and I suppose I will be forever. Whats worse is that I was a pretty good looking guy when I was in high-school and had a lot of dates and girlfriends. So I know how it feels to be normal and I would trade almost anything to have it back. People say looks aren't everything and girls aren't overly concerned with looks but let
  15. Im baffled....my scarring isnt or wasnt always bad...I developed scars in the past 7 months...and ive had acne for the past year or 2...i always had it but it just got worse this year ...I started an antibiotic, benzyl peroxide and retin Amicro and my acne has def improved but then I was left with a good amount of scars some kind of deep, some shallow and a few icepicks MAYBE...anyway ive done 50% TCA cross 2 times so far and I think I got a little improvement from that but I wanted to tell you
  16. mexigirl

    I'm New

    Hey guys, I've been coming around to chk out the messages and suggestions, you are all great. I'm going in on Monday to get my first microdermabrasion since I suffered from Mild acne for about 4 months, thankfully is now under control and I now have some red marks and a few icepick scars not bad but something I was not used to see in my face , I went to see Dr Alkek here in Dallas who suggested microder, I've read several postings on that but I would like to know if any one has done at leas
  17. I need help. I had mild acne, now I'm left with some icepick & box scars. I really want to get rid of them. Is there any topical medication/mask or anything that can help? I can't do peeling coz I can't afford the down time. Please advice... thank you! CJ
  18. It seems like quite a few people are using Prescriptives Line Smoother to fill in scars. I have a few icepicks and shallow scars that I'm hoping this product can help cover up. How do you apply the product (before makeup and powder, or after?) Does it change the color of your foundation and powder if you put it on after? Also, does it rub off if you put it on before makeup? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!
  19. pattypattypatty

    Left Side

    From the album: What to do with those scars?

    As you seen also here I have some kind of rolling scars. I have some pimples today because I am in my days... but usually I just have a clear skin with scars. I need your advice, pls let me know. :)
  20. i'm 20 years old, and i had clear skin all my life until 18 when i started breaking out like crazy. my stepmom is an idiot with no common sense and she suggested i go to this beauty parlor she goes to and see what they can do. I had virutally ZERO acne all 18 years but then all of a sudden within a month i broke out alot all over the side sof my face. i guess my family was shocked becuase none of them got acne. i knew i should not have went to the beauty parlor crap but i went anyways. the lady
  21. Hi guys, I'm not going to bore everyone with a super long story - but recently I decided enough was enough and to piece my life together. Get rid of my current terrible friends, find a new bunch, start dating, lose a few pounds of weight (I'm 5 feet 3, 138 suffering from hypothyroidism) and just be happy. I'm doing extremely well professionally so that's something to be grateful for! I got my acne under control for the past 2 months and now barely break out - maybe one pimple in a month
  22. If you've done some reading on the treatments available for scarring, you probably would have come across horror stories; especially from laser. After all, its just nature to overestimate the odds of dreadful but infrequent events. And I'm ultimately, not rewarded for not taking any action. Somewhere in April, I've tried out dermarolling; which I'd seen slow but substantial results from. Strengthened by newer advances in technology, I'm glad that I've finally took the first step to solve my prim
  23. I am interested in doing the tca cross scar treatment at home. I haven't found much information about it online. I was wondering if anyone knows how exactly to do tca cross? Any links or videos would really help me and anybody else interested in doing tca cross at home. Are some scars too big to do tca cross on? What size are scars supposed to be to do tca cross on?