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Found 21 results

  1. Skin Condition Skin redness seems to be minimal like it usually is Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks, no more whiteheads two small red pimples emereged on my upper lip. Nooo. No whiteheads on my chin Just like yesterday my skin was quite dry and flakey. Dryness around my pimples Not as dry around my eyes as yesterday (improvement!) Not as dry around my mouth, But this is still the dryest area of my face my forehead look
  2. This thread will go thru my journey as I get my scar treatment. I plan on getting mixto with subcision with dr David rahimi. I am quite young only 18 so I figured why not get my treatment when my scars and I are young. Any my questions you have I will answer. I will post pictures of my scars once most people join in on the thread. But right now my scars are mild not super mild but not yet moderate more in the middle. I have mostly box car scars with a couple ice pick and about one your two
  3. Hi I had a spot on the side of my nose for more than a week, I used ice, steamed my face, put sudocrem on it and used a turmeric paste . but when I steamed it, it came to a head and when I washed my face with a gentle cleanser it would pop and start to bleed and once the pus came out it would start to go red. As I am currently on accutane my face is going dry and around the spot the skin is dry and noticeable. And it keeps coming to a head and bleeds and now it is dark brown/purple and looks r
  4. Hello, I have been using successfully using ice for the last few years to quickly bring down the redness and swelling of inflammed pimples. After reading some posts on here about people looking for quick acne fixes, this is about the best you can get so I figured I'd type up exactly how to do it. Personally, I don't have a ton of acne but when I do I get those large, deep, swollen, red cysts that just seem to pop up out of nowhere. And if I wake up with one on a day I have a presentation, da
  5. I know that people Use Ice compression and anti-inflammatory drugs as a way to PREVENT a deep pimple from swelling, but is that ALL it's good for? Or does it also help completely remove the pimple/cyst/bacteria altogether and not only possibly post-pone what might be an inevitable pimple ?
  6. I need help identifying my scars. In some pics look almost none existent idk of its the hyperpigment along with raised scars. And the fact I'm on accutane that makes my face look bumpy and uneven . I do have some scars that are quite evident but would like some insight on my situation any would help
  7. They say "prevention is the key" but we have all tried so many things to prevent huge pimples with limited results. After many years I have decided the best defense is early detection and ice. What I do: 1. Detection: I check for new hot spots when I wash my face in the AM and at night. (feeling very closely with my fingers for any hint of swelling). I also splash my face with water after work (after washing my hands) and do a quick feel. Lastly I look in the mirror quickly during trips to th
  8. I am in my first month of accutane and I hate it so far. I was able to slow down how dry I am already as I kept over moisturizing right when I started. But right now I am going through the first initial break out and I have never been in so much pain. This is unlike any there break out. This is extremely cystic and I have multiple at once. I have been doing warm compresses, ice, applying apple cider vinegar, hydrocortisone cream, etc. And onceI get rid of one, many others appear. How can I preve
  9. Hello friends, Past Events: 1st course: I first was on Minocin (I think it was about 50mg a day). - MINOCYCLINE 2nd course: i was prescribed with Decutan (50mg a day for 12 months) - ISOSTRETINOIN . Which clearned me up extremly well. I had almost clear skin with rarely noticeable small spots every now and then, but all in all it was a huge success. After about 5-6 months after I finished my 2nd course, my (which I consider is aggressive/cystic acne) reappeared. I
  10. So I had a blackhead and i popped it then it became red so i put ice on it and it became more red anyone know how to fix this ?
  11. Hello everyone, I have suffered from acne for years. I have tried everything. Literally, from benzoyl peroxide to minocycline to tretinoin gel to anything remotely related to treating acne. Most of these work for a short period of time. Unfortunately, my acne usually makes a come back. I usually get isolated, cystic acne like a cyst on my chin or on my cheek. More than any of the above mentioned treatments, icing the cyst has really helped. Like a bruise, cysts are painful and swell up bec
  12. The ZIIT Method (Acne Spot Treatment)

    This is a method you can use if you want to do everything you possibly can to prevent a zit from forming. It is important that you catch the pimple early, in its initial stages. Once a pimple is full-blown, this method may help it heal a bit faster, but there will not be much you can do at that point. Zinc Zinc helps heal wounds, and acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.1-2 It has been...
  13. Anyone had success with nose scars using single needles or needling? Hope someone out there could share stories. I had tried TCA but still dont see results. Please, let us kniw if you had sucess stories. As for the pic, will send you through PM. I really dont ppst pictures on public to protect myself and family too. Thanks.
  14. I need help identifying my scars. In some pics look almost none existent idk of its the hyperpigment along with raised scars. And the fact I'm on accutane that makes my face look bumpy and uneven . I do have some scars that are quite evident but would like some insight on my situation any would help
  15. Does Ice Help to Heal Acne?

    Skip Down to How-To So far there is only one study that looks directly at how reducing skin temperature might help heal acne. The study shows that reducing temperature may in fact help reduce skin oil and thus reduce acne.1 Expand to read details of study A 2015 study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology applied extreme cold to the skin of both mice and humans to determine whether cryotherapy can help treat acne or not. The treatment...
  16. So I have recently started using Clindamycin phosphate recommended by my dermentologist for the last three days. Today before I went to work I accidently left an ice pack on top of my Clindamycin phosphate Gel. When I got back 5 hours later the gel tube was really cold. The suggested temperature is 69-77 F. Is it still useable?
  17. Hello everyone, I have been suffering from acne since I was about 17. I am now 19 and I am 99% cleared from acne with daily use of spectro gel, clindamycin solution with dilusol and differin gel 0.1%. Although my scars have improved quite a bit since I got them 2 years ago, I am still not satisfied. I would need some suggestions on what treatments I could possibly do. My scars are fairly shallow. Some of them are clustered in one spot but for the most part they are isolated. I am thinking of pur
  18. Ever start to get a zit right before a big event and wondered what is everything you could possibly do to prevent it? Check out The ZIIT Method (Zinc + Ibuprofen + Ice + Treat) for everything you can do to stop it in its tracks. I want to know how this method works for you guys, so once you've tried it please vote in the poll and let me know how it worked for you.
  19. Good day, I'm tony, 18 years old and from the Philippines. I started having a problem in acne way back when i was 15 years old that i started to break out in my left and right cheeks, i have consulted a dermatologist and has given me creams and a tea tree oil soap which has been effective but the price of these are too expensive that i have to stop. My face became free of acne for a while but then i would have the occasional breakout and then the skin will just improve on itself. Several mon
  20. Hi everyone! A few days ago i had a breakout (out of nowhere) near the eyebrows on the forehead, i can't remember having something similar. I can't see the pus head on those, they are just red/big and a bit painful Can you give me some advice? I'm already using a BP+Clyndamicin cream. Thanks in advance!
  21. I really need help now. I have school pictures coming up soon, but there is one problem. I have a zit (about the size of a pencil eraser) on my chin. I know that acne doesn't typically go away overnight, but I kinda need this one to go away. Here is what I have at my disposal: Neutrogena Acne Control Lotion (2.5% BP gel from the Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System) Clean & Clear Popped Pimple Relief Gel Pen (2% salicylic acid gel that also works on active pimples) Boots Expert Anti-Blem