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Found 500 results

  1. Hello! I have quite a few scars and would like some help on how to deal with them! I have 2 saucer-shaped scars, 2 shallow but still noticeable rolling scars, and a few icepick scars. One of my ice pick scars creates a big dimple in my skin and is inside of a rolling scar. Would TCA peels be able to help me over a long time? Or do I need different intervention for best improvement? thank you! I have outlined the rolling scars in green, and posted 4 photos! The scars aren't too deep and are most
  2. A week ago I got a really bad blemish and obviously I made the mistake of messing with it. Today I noticed the spot where the blemish was is indented. The mark is still new so I am not sure if it's still healing or if this will be a permanent acne scar, only time will tell but I'm curious to know what you guys think. Again it's only been a day since this has been indented and a week since the mark first showed up. I'll attach a picture so you can see and let me know what you think. This is the f
  3. Hey. I've managed to clear my face of acne for the most part and i'm happy with my skin now, however I have a lot of small scarring left over that I'd like to improve. Retinol, dermarolling, oil cleansing and lifestyle changes seemed to have helped clear my complexion and scarring the most, I don't have any other 4k photos like these, but my skin was so rough, congested, scarred and irritated all the time that it's pretty amazing where i'm at now. but of course, I still want to improve. a
  4. My acne seems to be in remission- the only times I get pimples is during PMS. But after years and years of teenage acne cure experiments(such as popping and accidentally popping sits) and acne, I am now let with gazillion tiny holes that's really unattractive and unflattering. I do glycolic peels when possible and when I have zits my hands are far away. What would one recommend to fix or fill these holes up? Pics included- ignore my weird stubby nose. thank you
  5. This has never happened to me before, so I found this to be extrememly interesting. About three days ago a pimple formed inside of an ice pick scar. I actually didn't mind the pimple because you couldn't see the hole (ice pick scar) anymore. Anyways, the pimple is now gone and I don't see the hole anymore. Has this happened to anyone else before? If yes, does the hole return? As of now I am pretty ecstatic with the result but I don't want to get my hopes up. 8-[
  6. Hello, I've had three rounds of subcision to my combination of ice pick scarring and the wider, shallow scars. The improvement is most noticable in the shallow scars, but you can see the tiny build up of collagen in the ice pick scarring areas where the dermatologist's needle perforated and reorganised the skin. I can't wait to get a hold of a Dermatologist capable of the TCA Cross technique. But how does one go about finding them?? Best regards, -K
  7. I thought I'd read that Isolagen could be used on deeper irregular scars and ice pick scars. I've been looking on the internet, but I can't seem to find anything that says Isolagen works for pitted and deeper scars. I know that collagen fillers aren't any use on scars that reach down to the subcutaneous skin layer, does anyone know if that's the case for Isolagen as well? I'm a bit worried now. 8-[
  8. The last couple of days I have come to the conclusion that I will be Forever Alone forever. I'm too late in the dating game and will never marry and barely have a social life all thanks to acne and some other personal issues I had when I was younger. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to accept this and be content while seeing happy clear skinned people everywhere. Some of us are just cursed.
  9. has anyone noticed after they took accutane that they had more scars than before they took it? i dont mean red marks, i mean ice pick or rolling scars. i want to take accutane but i heard the initial breakout can be so severe that it leaves bad scars. also, i have never broken out on my neck, chest or back. will taking accutane cause me to break out in these places as the oil in my skin is coming to the surface? thanks.
  10. My forehead feels relatively smooth with sort of bumpy red makrks here and there a maybe the odd pimple. Plus the occassional VERY small ice pick scar. Should I be using the regimen on my forehead?
  11. so here are my pics. I went to an aesthetician who told me they were ice pick scars.By the way the aesthetician is for help with my hyperpigmentation..she is doing some natural peels. I have had 6 so far and have seen no impovement. I went to see a derm yesterday and he said that I didn't have ice pick scars ...he didn't tell me what type I had though..he did say they were not like sharp or deep indents. I went in because I heard he performed the TCA CROSS treatment which I heard was very helpfu
  12. Hi Everyone I am thinking about buying some 100% trichloroacetic acid and have a go at treating my ice pick scars myself. I have contacted a company and i am waiting to see if they can get the acid in liquid form. Please if anyone can help me by letting me know the right products and procedure i need to do the treament i would be very greatful.
  13. I highly doubt they would. I've never seen it before. Girls would pick an obese man over a guy with acne and scars and I don't mean a pimple or two but an entire face marred in acne and deeply inflamed. I'm about to be 21 and never kissed a girl because of the way I look. I know that's the reason. I slowing accepting the fact that I'm going to have to see a prostitute sometime.
  14. Hi all, I've read from this forum from a user Bruin74 stating he had success in treating his ice pickindented scars with apple cider vinegar and vitamin C using a method something like TCA CROSS. Anyone done that before and have any success?
  15. Hey guys I'm just wondering if there are any treatments out there that can help at least diminish the appearance of my scarring. Its mostly those 3 large holes that bother me I had 2 microderm treatments the results are good but only for exfoliating the skin and the results are only temporary. So I'm here hoping there are other treatments that could help me thanks in advance
  16. Hi, I have just joined the forum. I'm on tetracycline antibiotics right now and I'm also using benzoyl peroxide topically at night which has cleared up my acne quite a bit. I wanted to ask a question about the scars I have after years of acne. I'm not sure what kind of scars they are and am wondering what my treatment options are for them?
  17. Hi I have an ice pick scar on the tip of my nose that really has upset my confidence and my life. I'm wondering if anyone has had any success in improving a nose tip scar and by what method. I've read that the nose is hard to treat and I've also heard the opposite. So has anyone had any success?
  18. Hey guys ive been an acne sufferer for some time. its been getting better but i still have congested skin among the t-zone area and its leaving me with this type of scarring. I dont know what to do and its been really hard on me, im thinking of trying out fraxel restore but im not too sure which is why i want to seek advice for you guys. Is there anybody who has or had similar scarring to mine ? Is it posible to reduce the appearance of them at all ? Thanks in advance for any feedback it will b
  19. Hi I have alot of very small ice pick scars on one area of my face. Most of the scars are about the size of a large pin prick and are reasonably shallow but slightly red although old. As I get older (mid forties) and my skin looses some of it's elasticity these small scars create lots of fine lines and the wrinkles which are very unsightly and make me look alot older. Has anyone had any successful treatment for this type of small and shallow scarring? Thanks Samui.
  20. I had discussion with a cpl of doctors in the UK for ReCell combined with an invasive treatment. I am planning to travel to the UK in the coming months and shall decide accordingly. One suggested Dermabrasion and recell (Dr. Maini) , while the second fraxel, subcision and recell (Dr. Khan). Dr. Khan's view is since recell was intended for burn victims, the skin needs to be burnt off using laser, and his work can be seen in ernestoria's thread I should mention i have brown skin tone (in
  21. i define tiny ice pick scar is scar with diameter smaller or equal to 1mm http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff175/ribusensei/PA310054.jpg i borrow this pic from other, but my ice pick are in same scale and magnitude with her i got them from picking... coz i'd already wait too long for the scab to fall off (1month)....i knew i was stupid now, keep making believe that some say there will be a scar too even never pick it if lasting too long like me.... Some say yes, it could greatly improve S
  22. I have some pitted scars, I think Ice pick scars between my eyes, where the skin is really thin. Is it possible to have TCA done there? Scars aren't that deep but enough to see. Thanks.
  23. d.herrb

    My Story

    Hi I´m new at the forum & just wanted to share with you the treatments that worked for me, I had acne since I was around 12 but around 14 got really bad, i tried everything until a dermatologists put me on accutane which finally stop acne but i was left with several ice picked scars and the same story i tried peeling, a couple of erbium lasers, IPL, creams but none of it worked until i finally consulted a plastic surgeon and i han subsicion on my scars and injected some fat on them, after t
  24. Hello. I am 27 years old and have this scars about 7-8 years. Searching alot about my scars and which treatments would be better for me. As you can see at photos i have lots of ice picks and 3-4 boxcars. For my ice picks, people advised TCA cross. and for boxcars excision. For me i am ready to accept excision for my boxcars. having some holes on your face makes you try everything and makes you brave to try treatments. I think i need a combo treatment. including tca cross + tca peel, excision,
  25. Crap, I'm getting little ice pick scars now on my face. I don't know why, but I've been getting break outs, and now they are leaving indentations on my face. I'm f*cked man. I need another job, but the only thing that seems to help my acne is nice weather and don't want to be cooped up indoors all day. I want to move to arizona so bad or something. I was doing well, my acne seemed to be under control, but the winter sucked ass and I work outside and now I get eczema and sh*t. It doesn't look "th