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Found 1,000 results

  1. lexilex

    the people.

    2 weeks ago, at the gym: while i was applying makeup, a little girl asked her mother, "mommy, what is wrong with her face?" --i cried. then, at the eye doctor, a few days later: he says, "you know, when i was younger, i had acne, you know what helped? i stopped eating dairy...so, you should really stop eating pizza." keep in mind, this was a medical professional. and this was totally unsolicited 'advice'. --i cried. BUT, today, at the food market, the checkout girl, who had acne, was like, "hav
  2. Has anyone heard of the Olay Regenerist series? I have been using the thermal polisher for a few days now and I think that my ice pick scars are beginnning to smooth out. Not sure if I should actually just try the whole series and see if it works for my skin... And is it normal for my scars to be redder right after scrubs or exfoliation?
  3. I'm a realist and i understand that it wont completely clear them, but im going to start fraxel re store treatments and wanted to get some insight. I have ice pick scarring too but thats not my main concern because i think fraxel will help that to a point im happy with. I really just want effective treatment on my red marks and sun marks. Any insight?
  4. Hey guys im wondering , how does accutane work ? Does it exfoliate skin and decrease the size of the oil glands ? I wana ask because I want to know if it would any way effect existing scars ? Ive seen some before and after pictures and seen some major improvement in rolling , ice pick scars and general over all smoothness in skin texture. Is that true ? Accutane users please reply !
  5. Hikkikomori

    Can anyone help me?

    It's hard to explain my problem and I'm not sure I fully understand what is happening with my face myself. I have these ice pick acne scars which I'd love to get rid of but I fear I may have to accept them now, they are not that bad though thankfully so at least I can tell myself that they make me look rugged and try to turn it into a positive. However, the big problem I have is that these areas where I have these slight scars are very prone to turning red. For the longest time (I'm already 3
  6. Iwantthatone

    Erbium laser 2940 Full beam

    Had consultation today, was told i had ice pick scars, which i dont think so because they are sooo shallow! anyway, he recommended erbium laser over pixel. he also sed that i may only need 1 erbium and 2 pixels or two erbiums and 1 pixel. im a skin type 4. check out my scars in my gallery. anyone had this treatment, how did it go? got any pics? what was ur downtime after each treatment? thnks
  7. Hi everybody. So pleased to find this board. I have lurked here for some time and have decided to join in with you -if you will have me, LOL. Before I talk about me and my struggle...... I wish to thank all of you for sharing your deepest feelings, pains, and successes. Your stories and experiences give hope and comfort to others. This kind of support can be a life saver. I feel so similar to so many of you here. It is an amazing thing to have people to turn to in what can be a very difficult
  8. I have 3-4 ice pick scars. I've done microdermabrasion but frankly, I'm sick of shelling out big bucks! It seems that my face is getting smoother on the regimen but maybe I'm delusional? It really bugs me that when I put on my BP, it sits in the scars until absorbed. Is that O.K? Is that helping them in any way?
  9. Okay so I started breaking out like crazy this summer and i've now been on accutane+diane 35 for about 2 months. And before this sudden break out my skin was pretty much flawless.. My acne is now starting to fade and what's left of it is mostly on my jaw and cheek bones. yet my face looks like somebody had hit me with a grater. I had like these nasty pustules that seem to have left deep scars and my face looks so horrible that i literally want to cry and throw up every time i look in the mirror.
  10. OK the nerd i am , i was researching home remedies to help fade my scars. I came across the ever popular lemon juice. OK the the website suggest soaking a cotton ball in lemon juice (i use 1/4 lemon to get the juice) and applying it to the 'effected area' [aka my whole face lol]. So ive been doing it for about 12 days now (15 days they say you'll see results). I do it once a night and wash off after 10 minutes. Let me say, IT HURTS LIKE HELL! the lemon juice stings and burns like crazy the fir
  11. Hey there. I thought that I'd write down exactly what my acne is like and what I do for it. That way, if anyone sounds similar I'd like to hear what they've done that's helped! SOMEONE PLEASSSSE HELP ME!!! My Acne: (I am a 17 yr old white female.) For starters, I have moderate facial acne. At certain times in the month it is worse than others. My acne is usually red with white stuff in it or just red and bumpy. I don't get blackheads. I have moderate/bad body acne, with the worst of it on my
  12. I've been on accutane for a month. 40mg a day, now for the second month I'm alternating between 40mg one day and 80mg the next. Here are the pictures from day 1 of my course. Here are the pictures from today. I was SERIOUSLY broken out for the last few weeks I couldnt even look at it, like straight pain in my face 24 hours a day. It seems to be finally starting to heal. I have noticed tons of scars and old ones seem to be looking worse is this possible. Will these scars fade?
  13. Okay so i did the CSR for about a week with 5% benzoyl peroxide and my skin is very peely and dry and i currently have no active pimples (thnk god) . but i have the red marks and acne scars... not ice pick..so wat do i do next??
  14. Well I am currently suffering from the breakout from hell and hoping and praying everyday that my skin will normalize. The most devastating thing about this break out is that I can see how bad the scarring is going to be when all is said and done. I have tons of ice pick type scars and my skin is super red just from the hyper pigmentation. I never knew just how truly devastating a break out could be until this happened. I was just wondering for anyone who happens to be reading this, how long was
  15. I ahve got a huge cyst on my chin and am breaking out in pustules on my hair line. I don't know why!! i am following the regimen strictly and everything i use on my face is non-comeodogenic ( and yeah, i look up reviews before i buy something). I am soo paniced. I mean, about 4 years ago i got a huge cyst on my chin also and it popped. literally a tablespoon of pus came out. my chin looked 12 pounds thinner!! I am panicked because that and on my cheek are were my only two scars are. the
  16. Crap, I'm getting little ice pick scars now on my face. I don't know why, but I've been getting break outs, and now they are leaving indentations on my face. I'm f*cked man. I need another job, but the only thing that seems to help my acne is nice weather and don't want to be cooped up indoors all day. I want to move to arizona so bad or something. I was doing well, my acne seemed to be under control, but the winter sucked ass and I work outside and now I get eczema and sh*t. It doesn't look "th
  17. Hi there, Recently just had another flare up of acne. Here are some pics: What kind of acne do I have? Also it is a bit better then it used to be, you will notice some scarring, what kinds of scars are they? I was thinking ice pick things from what I read. I have had acne from about 12-13 and am now 17 and would like to be rid of it, or at least keep it very contained. Right now I am doing the head in water thing, 60 secs in morning, hot water wash when I get home from school, then
  18. Hi Guys, (sorry I'm writing this fast during a 10 min break) I'm new to this, but I decided to share my story because I really had enough with Acne and finally got clear, but with a ridiculous strict regimen, after experimenting and trying alot of stuff endlessly. I've been pretty clear in my highschool years but always had oily skin (above mild), but it was in my freshman year in college where I began a tough stuggle with acne. My type of acne is described as the following: small cystic like
  19. Tilly24

    Acne troubles

    I am 19 years old and have been suffering with Acne since i was 11/12 yrs old. I am soo fed up with it as I have tried EVERYTHING! And my skin is still breaking out. I have little ice pick scars on my cheeks all the way accross to the sides of my nose(through stupidly picking and prodding my face) and get really painfull spots and breakout in new spots near enough everyday. I have just stopped taking a course of Oxytetrecycline tablets as they did nothing for me. I suffer with back acne and acn
  20. I am feeling very depressed. Couldn't sleep from many nights.I am 20 years old female and have been suffering from acne from the age of 14. I have used many products like Differin, Erythromycin, etc but nothing seems to work. 3 years back my doctor prescribed me Accutane, I took Accutane for atleast 2 years. My skin got clear and I was on the mission of clearing those ice pick scars, life was going smooth but from nearly 2 months, my acne is coming back all over my face plus i am getting red sca
  21. I am 25 year old female. African American with dark brown skin my forehead has become a major problem for me. I dont know if its always been like this or im just notiicing it. but I have a few ice pick scars on my forehead from a few major breakouts. then I have these small speckled dark spots/really really small pots on my forehead from using bioclair that has steroids in it. it makes my forehead look really aged. ): what can i do to get rid of it? it bothers me a lot and I find myself obse
  22. Hey all, I need some advice please. My face is like a junk yard full of crap!! After probably 15yrs of not being bothered with actually doing anything constructive about dealing with it, its now become an irritant that i want to really address. Ok first all i have some mental scarring on my face thats a mix of ice pick and boxscars and rolling scars. I would like to address these issues but they are not at the top of my list at present. What i would reallly like to address though is all the c
  23. Well this is very odd but I have NEVER had ice pick scars, NEVER. For the last month I have been experimenting with different moisturizers and suddenly I have a TON of ice pick scars on my cheeks.... its very very depressing. Its mainly this stupid Cerave Cream. I went back to my old moisturizer but this Cerave cream costs 30 bucks so i didn't want to waste it. I stared at one side of my cheek for 5 minutes, I applied the cream on one side of my face and 5 minutes later there was another indent
  24. I thought I'd read that Isolagen could be used on deeper irregular scars and ice pick scars. I've been looking on the internet, but I can't seem to find anything that says Isolagen works for pitted and deeper scars. I know that collagen fillers aren't any use on scars that reach down to the subcutaneous skin layer, does anyone know if that's the case for Isolagen as well? I'm a bit worried now. 8-[
  25. I have about 4 ice pick scars on my cheek that won't go away. I've done a series of microdermabrasions and 1 chemical peel and they're still there. After very intense microdermabrasion sessions, they appeared to be completely gone. However, about a month later they returned. I'm not sure if it's because I broke out in the same spot with a few cystic acne after I did the microdermabrasions. Same with the chemical peel. Will they ever go away permanantly?