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Found 18 results

  1. Here is my action plan to heal from my fraxel damage. I have full confidence that in the next few months I will be rocking a glowing smooth skin and I will be make up free. I can close my eyes and just feel it. Fraxel Date: 3/15/2017 Physical Symptoms I am trying to heal: Orange peel skin, hypo and hyper pigmentation, patchy skin, demarcation lines, loss of volume from Fraxel Laser Damage. Products I am trying : 1. Emu oil 2. Raw organic honey 3. Demraroller .5 mm - tried it only on
  2. My skincare routine doesn't work as efficiently as it used to and now my dark spots won't go away. How can I get rid of them without lightening my face? I don't want to lighten my face because my face is already 100x lighter than my neck and I have even lighter patches on my cheeks which makes it even worse! I'm only 14 so I can't do anything dangerous like lasers and stuff.
  3. I know this isn't acne-related, but the post chicken pox scars I have are kind of the same problem that those with acne scars face, I simply do not know what to do about having them treated and possibly removed. I had chicken pox as a small child, quite severely. It scarred, but it's not indented scaring, rather it's raised white spots all over my stomach. It stands out because the raised spots are much lighter than my surrounding skin tone. It looks to me like raised hypo-pigmentation scars. I
  4. I have a bad experience with TCA pilling that left me with some hypopigmented spots (some smaller skin parts lost color). Is it possible to get back normal skin color? Is there any cream or treatment?
  5. K so I'm thinking of lasering the scars off my nose. BUT. I have dark skin. Probably like dark olive??? I'm not too sure. I just know I'm brown. I'm thinking of doing a mild laser like Erbium (my scarring isn't too deep so maybe it will still help) but I'm worried about the negative effects it may leave behind on my skin. I've heard that skin can lighten or darken, but that's about it. I have some questions Is there anything that can be done to lessen the risk of this? Is the darkening/lighte
  6. Hi people I burned my face using a tca peel 10 months ago and it's completely disfuggerd me.I am having a consolation with Dr khan in harly street London and Mr rawlings in Nottingham . I'm from london.reason I've come to this site is everytime I google recell results the only thing that comes up is this acne site.there are no pics other than the 4 offially recell pics and I'm worried it's a scam.as they want 5000 pounds to dermabrasion and recell to make my skin back to its normal colour why th
  7. Ive been having really bad acne for months now, there were some dark spots left by the acne. I must admit that at one point i overused acne spot treatment gel to deal with a dark spot, its less visible now but part of the skin around it looks so much whiter and lighter than the rest of my face. Now it kinda looks like them skin that once got burned then healed. What can i do now??
  8. Hey guys - I am new to this community and hopefully will find some help here. After battling with acne for a few years, I finally got it cleared and went it for fraxel to clear a few scars. Worst mistake ever. Infact the day I was going for my fraxel my niece even commented my skin was glowing. Anyways, the fraxel has now left white spots on several places on my skin and I have to idea how to treat it. Its devastating because now I have no acne but a horrible new problem. I would take bac
  9. I started the regimen about 10 months ago combined with antibiotics and it worked amazingly well. For about 8 months it stopped the formation of any new pimples and it gave my skin a chance to heal, however in the last couple of months my skin has taken a turn for the worst. My skin has became extremely oily and has started to develop very coarse facial hair all around my jaw, mouth and chin . It is because of this that my acne is slowly starting to return, no matter how well I shave or how care
  10. I need desperate help! I've been on roaccutane for four months now with three months on the 20 mg dose but now on 40 mg. I have the normal side effects of chapped lips and dry face. But my shoulders have big white patches on them they look so ugly!!! I am so scared that this is permenant can someone please help explain if they had this before? There is a pic attached
  11. Today is Day 28 post my fraxel laser disaster which I regret more than anything. I had a painful sleepless night crying myself non stop for the damage that has happened to me. Its just face skin but it affects a person's self confidence. Its hard to see my face in the mirror. My glowing skin replaced with patches is heartbreaking. Today I have slathered my skin with emu oil, cerave healing ointment and some vaseline healing lotion. Researching non stop has revealed that one of the best ways to
  12. Hi! So I've been really nervous about this since my mom has vitiligo, but I also just got off of Accutane so I figured it might possibly be sun sensitivity since the side effects don't go away immediately. I am 2.5 months off. I have little discolorations on my hand, they aren't exactly white like vitiligo is, but a more light color? It's confusing to me but also really scary. Here on my knuckle of my middle finger you can see the slight discoloration. What can it be? Am I overreacting? Again, i
  13. I bumped a 5 year old post asking about this, but thought a new thread might get more attention. How can these types of scars be treated? I've just started using fresh ginger, which I'm going to rub on 3 times per day. Does dermarolling work on these scars? Any lasers? Money isn't an issue. They're slightly protruding or flat white hypopigmented scars. There is one single indented one right in the centre of my chest but I more importantly want to deal with the many hypopigmented
  14. Can someone please confirm. I think I ruined my freaking face with Tca. Ugh I'm so mad at myself.
  15. I have this big red mark by my mouth from an acne scar that I picked. It’s been there for almost two months. How can I get rid of it?! I hate it and I feel ugly every time I look in the mirror.
  16. Hey. 21 year old. What kind of scar is this and how can i treat those? My derm told i couldnt do laser beacuse of the skin color/HIP.
  17. I had a couple of dark spots from old pimples so i used over-the-counter anti dark spots gel on my face which basically whiten the dark spot. Apparently, i overused the gel and now i have some spots which are whiter than the rest of my skin. What are my options? Thanks in advance. It kinda looks like this (not me) : http://missinglink.ucsf.edu/lm/DermatologyGlossary/img/Dermatology%20Glossary/Glossary%20Clinical%20Images/hypopigmentation.jpg