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Found 593 results

  1. DeuceBags

    No more hair on skin

    My Injury came from a sunburn, and acne that I have had over the past 4-5 years. I have mild acne scarring, but some of the injury site from the sunburn no longer has any hair coming from the skin anymore. What does this mean? Hypertrophic scarring in that area? Over the past year the area has healed well on one side, and there is a an area the size of a thumb print that is "glazed over" and no hair to little hair is coming from it. What is this?
  2. Hemoon

    Mild Scarring

    Hello all. Yesterday I finally caved in after 3 years of mild acne on the back of my neck, shoulders, upper back and chest. As most of you probably know, it's depressing to wake up every morning not wanting to do swimming, go to the beach or just anything that involves showing your back and chest. I'd like to also point out that I don't get many spots at all anymore. Mainly on the back of my neck only. I booked a doctors appointment yesterday and got a same day seeing (lucky me). I went in a
  3. Hi. I've been doing saline injections on myself. I've done them i think three times now. There has been improvement, i dont care to judge how much - i won't be satisfied until my skin has levelled. I have scattered pitting on my forehead which bothers me. It's scarring that - i really dont know how to treat as the pits are so tiny but so numerous. i'm hoping chemical peels might effect those positively. I have Scarring on both cheeks. The ones on my left side and worse than my right as they
  4. hi i have been depressed for almost 5 years now ever since i started getting acne scars and enlarged/scarred pores. i have totally no self-esteem, wouldnt step out of my house or get close to any kind of bright lights because of this. i am currently on accutane and is about to finish my course in 2 months time and i have already been researching about scars treatments since a year ago. i have boxcar/rolling scars on my cheek and scarred pores on both side of cheeks, and blackheads with a few hy
  5. DefinedBySCARS

    Am I A Good Candidate For Recell?

    I am loooking to treat my acne scarring (well mainly from blackhead extractions)
  6. 4 weeks update on my excision: The area is still swollen (my doctor said it should level out or I can come back for a cortisone shot, but I don't really scar hypertrophically), which I've been told by Shyana in the first month the wound gets thicker due to normal tissue growth. As the redness is fading a little bit, I can now see the fine line and the surrounding holes caused by the threads. The slight indentation is still there but it MIGHT look level if the swelling around the scar goes down.
  7. That no derma could help my severe scarring, and that I have to live looking like a monster? I dont want to waste money, I got lucky the first time with accutane clearing up most of the severe ones. But scars are a different story, I hear some people say, "theres nothing they'll be able to for your scars", and then I hear people say, "Yeah they can help them". So which is it? I suffer from hypertrophic type scarring, sorta like keloid scars, but they actually fade with a LOT of time. I wan
  8. FightingTheGoodFight

    These Are My Scars

  9. willwalsh1916

    All options for treatment

    So I have read around a bit here and I can't seem to come up with a comprehensive list of the available treatment for this hypertrophic scars. I have a few on my back and chest, but one in particular on my back is bothering me. It is ugly and rather big, so I would love to get rid of it. What are all of my options for treatment? I have read about needling, but it doesn't seem too effective. I have read about silicone sheets? But I have not found out what they are or where they are available.
  10. sickofscars

    Ablative lasers?

    Hello All, I've tried Smoothbeam on a few raised scars and it doesn't seem to have helped. Granted, I've only had 2 SB sessions to date, but I fear I may be wasting my money! For those who have raisedd scars (I think it's called hypertrophic scar), what do you use that has helped? I have tried those silicone sheets sold in the pharmacy but they didn't do anything for me. I've also tried Mederma which didn't work either. I've had these scars for almost 10 years now! I've also tried CO2
  11. sickofscars

    Versa Pulse Laser

    Has anyone used the versa pulse laser for red marks? I know there are tons of different lasers out there to remove redness from veins and such, but has anyone used this particular laser? Also, one study noted that it may help smooth hypertrophic scars which is another problem I have. Does this laser work well for redness? Thanks
  12. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...x=28044&tab=0#0 http://www.scarheal.com/scar_treatment_therapy.htm (At that link, I'm reffering to the Scar Esthetique Ointment-- if I could do well without, I'd rather not use sheets) I've been looking for good reviews, and have found some for the first link, but was hoping someone here might have some worthy advice-- based on either experience, or the ingredients for the products. Yeah, I'm the one with some hypertrophic scarring on
  13. Blah girl 75557

    Is it hypetrophic?

    Hi guys. Ive been a lurker for 2 years now. I have very minor acne scar-indented. I was wondering if it is possible to have lumpy skin that is not hypertrophic scarring. See, my "hypertrophic" scar does not look like the pics ive seen. Its not like a big red ball, its not a long line. It isnt really high but i can feel a bump and its a little long. Can i just have lumpy skin? Any ideas?
  14. Is there ANY chance that insurance would cover scar removal procedures (i.e. dermabrasion, exoderm, lasers, etc)? I have hypertrophic scars that are often painful; so since I am experiencing pain and discomfort, would insurance cover any procedures? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  15. See, I knew I wanted just a series of microderm + 30% glycolic acid chem peel treatments, and two different dermatologists said this was the way to go. So I figured I could save a few bucks by having the treatments done by an aesthetician rather than a physician's office. Well, I would strongly advise caution to anyone considering that. When I went in for an introductory consult, the aesthetician called in the head nurse, and not only did this "head nurse" absurdly misdiagnose me as Fitzpatrick
  16. jimhouse

    Anyone tried...

    Thought I would change it round a bit. Is this product safe to use? Will it help? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/TCA-15-Chemical-Ski...idZp1638Q2em122 I have this raised scar on my nose that seems to be indented in the middle and it is very white. Sadly I have a nose like a beetroot and it stands out majorly. Would this product have any effect whatsoever? Perhaps even out the scar a bit or anything to make it less noticeable? I have several shallow ice pick scars and 3-5 deepish ones to. I also find
  17. Hi Guys - hope you're all well. So here's my story. I had a rhinoplasty in June 2007, which didn't go well. My aesthetic result was messy and more importantly, my nasal valves have gradually collapsed, which is causing me MAJOR breathing problems. I can't even sleep at night, and I have to take a sinus spray 6 times a day (which is dangerous if you take it longer than 5 days - i've taken it for 5 months - but I have to in order to breathe). Dealing with the stress of my bad surgery, i develope
  18. hoursafter

    Body Scars

    I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience whatsoever with any laser procedures for scars not on the face. Acne related or non-acne related. I have bad acne scarring on my chest and back. It's pretty much everywhere there. It's also a grab bag of types: I have a few keloids and hypertrophic scars. Any information would be appreciated.
  19. Im 20. Iv had acne sence 13. Its been moderate to mild most times. However when i was around 16 to 18 it was quite severe. Iv taken accutane 3 times and it has always helped but my acne has returned after couple of monts. Its been about a month sence i quite accutane again. How ever my biggest problem has never been acne but the SCARS! I have severe hypertrophic (raised) scars on my chest/shoulders/back-area and moderate to mild dented scars on my face. There is hope to fix the dented scar
  20. I had an enormous pimple on my nose. Now, I usually don't do anything with my pimples because they go away really quickly and are often small enough to be barely noticeable, this one was HUGE. Thus, I attempted to squeeze it (mistake? yes). Some of the white stuff came out, but not all of it. Fast forward 2 weeks, that pimple is gone. In its place, a much smaller raised pimple-like thing. It doesn't hurt to the touch and it's somewhat gray in color. Thing is, it won't go away. So, what should I
  21. d.herrb

    My Story

    Hi I´m new at the forum & just wanted to share with you the treatments that worked for me, I had acne since I was around 12 but around 14 got really bad, i tried everything until a dermatologists put me on accutane which finally stop acne but i was left with several ice picked scars and the same story i tried peeling, a couple of erbium lasers, IPL, creams but none of it worked until i finally consulted a plastic surgeon and i han subsicion on my scars and injected some fat on them, after t
  22. I've heard of these injections for cysts and for hypertrophic scar tissue. Do these basically work to flatten out any and all lumps, be they of scar tissue, pus, etc? Is there any sort of bump that they won't help? I ask because I have this recurring lump, at the base of one scar--I have been referring to it as a "growth." It's not red or painful, but keeps coming back. I don't think it's filled with any sort of fluid or anything, but somehow I don't think it's just a hypertophic scar. I h
  23. Hi all, I finished my course of accutane about a month ago and am left with raised hypertrophic scars. I've heard copper peptides and glycolic peels work well. Can anyone send me in the right direction as to which brands I should get? Thanks for any help.
  24. Is there an easy way of diminishing the appearance of both a- and hypertrophic scarring over my cheek bones and cheeks? Would a subtle pearlescent highlighter, blush, or face color help? Foundation and I don't get along. Edit: The scars I'm concerned about are already healed. The atrophic ones are just pits and valleys the same color as my skin. The hypertrophic ones are white, which pretty much blends in with my skin. I don't need to conceal their color, just their topography and resulting tex