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Found 500 results

  1. My acne seems to be in remission- the only times I get pimples is during PMS. But after years and years of teenage acne cure experiments(such as popping and accidentally popping sits) and acne, I am now let with gazillion tiny holes that's really unattractive and unflattering. I do glycolic peels when possible and when I have zits my hands are far away. What would one recommend to fix or fill these holes up? Pics included- ignore my weird stubby nose. thank you
  2. Hi! I bought 100% TCA cross from ebay to apply to my ice pick scars and small box scars. I have had great results on those type of scars, at least 50% improvement. However I have a small hypertrophic scar on my face which is really bothering me. Would TCA cross improve it? I searched for answers but couldn't find any. I also have a 1mm derma roller which produced great results on my rolling scars however I don't think it would work on a hypertrophic scar, perhaps only make it worse. Thanks!
  3. I QUOTED THIS FROM CHRISSY. I am sorry for posting his or her message here without consent , but this is VERY HELPFUL TO ALL ACCUTANE TAKERS as well as POST ACCUTANE TAKERS , so i decided to post it here NOW as to inform everyone likes me who thinks nth should be done post accutane treatment for at least 6 months . Thank you ! Hi, I thought it might be easier to start a separate thread for post-Accutane scar treatment considerations. Here's everything that I've read on the topi
  4. Hello All, I've tried Smoothbeam on a few raised scars and it doesn't seem to have helped. Granted, I've only had 2 SB sessions to date, but I fear I may be wasting my money! For those who have raisedd scars (I think it's called hypertrophic scar), what do you use that has helped? I have tried those silicone sheets sold in the pharmacy but they didn't do anything for me. I've also tried Mederma which didn't work either. I've had these scars for almost 10 years now! I've also tried CO2
  5. The V beam laser is supposed to help shallow scars, hypertrophic scars, facial veins and redness from Rosacea. Has anyone heard about the V Beam good or bad stories? ANyone have good links with info on Vbeam and smooth beam?
  6. I've heard of these injections for cysts and for hypertrophic scar tissue. Do these basically work to flatten out any and all lumps, be they of scar tissue, pus, etc? Is there any sort of bump that they won't help? I ask because I have this recurring lump, at the base of one scar--I have been referring to it as a "growth." It's not red or painful, but keeps coming back. I don't think it's filled with any sort of fluid or anything, but somehow I don't think it's just a hypertophic scar. I h
  7. is there aniway to let the scars to fade away more faster... can someone recommend some products...
  8. Has anyone used the versa pulse laser for red marks? I know there are tons of different lasers out there to remove redness from veins and such, but has anyone used this particular laser? Also, one study noted that it may help smooth hypertrophic scars which is another problem I have. Does this laser work well for redness? Thanks
  9. Hi! Last year, my doctor prescribed a regimen of Duac gel and Tetralysal antibiotics against my acne and it has worked wonders My acne has cleared but I am left with scars. I have depressed scars on my cheeks but to be honest - that's ok with me. Mostly, because they are so faint anyway and they are gradually becoming less visible. I am very happy with the outcome of the regimen. I never thought it would be possible considering the severity of my acne. I have, however, found another type of s
  10. Hi everyone, After asking @belle ambition for advice I decided to create my own topic to get more feedback and opinions, I’ve had these acne scars for almost a year now, they appeared as a result of my skin aggression with overly aggressive products that gave me acne, I think my skin have been completely dehydrated and could not heal properly.. I don’t know if my scars are severe or good, but I don’t have a big deep hollow, , but full of small strokes set back like little ice pic
  11. Hi everyone, it's my first time posting here. So here goes, I'm a 15y/o dude, abt a year ago I started having acne which I've got under control now, but it left red marks on my cheeks. Under yellow lights they aren't rlly visible but man, I look terrible under white lights and in the day! I mean, concealer does the trick, but I can't use them everyday right? It's srsly ruining my life... Whenever Im on tv or utube, all i see is clear skin! It's the holidays, but I find myself avoiding hanging ou
  12. Hello folks, I have been dermastamping for a while now and the two last times I included using red/infrared LED lamps to increase collagen growth. What I didn't think of was my hypertrophic scars which are a product of excess collagen growth. Is it bad to use the LED lamps on my hypertrophic scars after dermastamping? I found this source: http://www.rheumatologynews.com/fileadmin/content_pdf/san/scms_pdf/vol27_i4_Light-Emitting_Diodes.pdf Where it says the following: "imposed on the indi
  13. Hi im desperate for help. I have cystic acne and lately when ive had a cyst and its gone down its left a soft raised bump on my chin. They feel like my normal skin. Are they damaged glands? The skin is almost paper like on top. No one knows what they are. If you stretch the skin out you can see each one has a purple dot in the middle. Can you see through scar tissue? If they are hypertrophic scars what can i do to treat them? I want them cauterised but not sure if to go ahead. Dermatologist just
  14. Hi im desperate for help. I have cystic acne and lately when ive had a cyst and its gone down its left a soft raised bump on my chin. They feel like my normal skin. Are they damaged glands? The skin is almost paper like on top. No one knows what they are. If you stretch the skin out you can see each one has a purple dot in the middle. Can you see through scar tissue? If they are hypertrophic scars what can i do to treat them? I want them cauterised but not sure if to go ahead. Dermatologist just
  15. Hello all. Yesterday I finally caved in after 3 years of mild acne on the back of my neck, shoulders, upper back and chest. As most of you probably know, it's depressing to wake up every morning not wanting to do swimming, go to the beach or just anything that involves showing your back and chest. I'd like to also point out that I don't get many spots at all anymore. Mainly on the back of my neck only. I booked a doctors appointment yesterday and got a same day seeing (lucky me). I went in a
  16. I have been suffering very badly from severe acne scars for approximately 2.5 years and have been trying to treat these during a time interval of 2 years on and off. Some downtime in treatment due to acne breakouts. Treatment involves usage of 1 to 2 mm dermastamps- and rollers, copper peptide serum, MSM cream and other topicals. No improvement has been observed. Mostly very deep boxcar scars and a large number of icepick scars. See pictures below: http://imgur.com/a/38EoD The lighting may
  17. So when I was 16 I had a severe breakout on my chest and back which has left me with hypertrophic scars all over my upper chest and upper back. It has wrecked my life and my self-confidence. I have not taken my top off in front of anybody other than a doctor in 5 years now. I just want to be able to go on my first holiday and take my top off and not be worried about what people thing. I have been having injections to shrink the hypertrophic scars down to skin level. Now I am considering
  18. which are the best treatment for scars?
  19. I had an enormous pimple on my nose. Now, I usually don't do anything with my pimples because they go away really quickly and are often small enough to be barely noticeable, this one was HUGE. Thus, I attempted to squeeze it (mistake? yes). Some of the white stuff came out, but not all of it. Fast forward 2 weeks, that pimple is gone. In its place, a much smaller raised pimple-like thing. It doesn't hurt to the touch and it's somewhat gray in color. Thing is, it won't go away. So, what should I
  20. Hello everyone! 19 year old needing help! So i was looking for some advice on Laser treatments, because opinions seem to be quite divided. Firstly i should say that i don't have acne, but i have a range of scars and large pores all over my face. I've read a lot of horror stories that they can actually make scaring worse and it's really frightening. I've already had one laser treatment, but my treatment sounds quite different than other peoples. The procedure was roughly 30 mins, it felt w
  21. If you've done some reading on the treatments available for scarring, you probably would have come across horror stories; especially from laser. After all, its just nature to overestimate the odds of dreadful but infrequent events. And I'm ultimately, not rewarded for not taking any action. Somewhere in April, I've tried out dermarolling; which I'd seen slow but substantial results from. Strengthened by newer advances in technology, I'm glad that I've finally took the first step to solve my prim
  22. I am loooking to treat my acne scarring (well mainly from blackhead extractions)
  23. I was reading posts about the few people who found success with Compound W on keloid scars but instead of salicyclic acid I was wondering if anyone ever just tried to dab some Benzoyl Peroxide on their keloid scars to see what would happen?
  24. Hi, I'm new here, so I had these hypertrophic or keloid scars from chest, shoulder and back acne for 2,5 years. They are ruining my life I'm 16 years old I can't go to the beach no more I can't even remember when was the last time that I was without without shirt in public... This year I decided to go to dermatologist well she said that there is no way to get rid of them, I'm currently treated with steroid injections triamcinolone acetonide (Kenalog) and IPL. I see a bit of improvement but I rea