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Found 56 results

  1. Okay so I just signed up on acne.org to make myself feel better and get some advice on this tragic thing i did for my face, because I really feel like trash right now. So last week. I was looking at the mirror, close up, at my blemishes. I have this problem where I will start picking at the smallest thing on my face because im so afraid of pimples. I pick on three pimples on my cheek. All got inflamed. Throughout the week i tried putting mask, benzoyl peroxide, baking soda, etc. Two of them went
  2. From the album: Week Two

    WEEK TWO Large cystic breakouts were diminishing. Flakiness and dryness continued. Hyper-pigmentation was still an issue. New breakouts were still forming, but slower. Still slow to heal. Redness still around mouth and chin. Whiteheads still occasionally forming on the jaw line and under chin.
  3. From the album: Week One

    WEEK ONE (I was using Proactiv until it ran out and then I switched to the Regimen because Proactiv was too harsh on my skin.) I decided to try Proactiv in February, as it had worked for me in my younger years. After starting Proactiv, my skin was very blotchy and irritated. I noticed that my skin began to flake, and where I had put the Benzol-Peroxide, my skin was "hardening" and becoming darker. This was very aggravating as I have fair skin, and my neck had an obvious line of darker skin, to
  4. From the album: My Skin

    I gave myself a chemical peel at home last night. Pretty good results so far! I'm just glad I didn't burn myself lol. My skin feels a lot smoother. I will be giving myself another peel in a few weeks, maybe less. I also used the Glycolic acid on my back & IT LOOKS GREAT. Even better results than my face had.
  5. So I started getting acne at 12 I'm 14 now and since then my acne has gotten really bad. TMI but I have squeezed small sebaceous glands from my cheeks all the way up to my lower jawline. How has it gotten this bad? My acne over the summer seemed to disappear but really red hyper pigmentation marks appeared in October when it started getting cold. (Idk if that has anything to do with it) now my marks are worse than ever this is the worst my skin has been. Skin peeling, marks all over my cheeks, u
  6. also Fraxel caused redness that hasn't gone away,if you've had fraxel have you experienced this?its been a month since my last fraxel secession and my scar on the cheek looks much better now with the exception that the area around the scar has become red and its been like that for a whole month now. will it go away on its own? I just bought hydroquine for that.
  7. Hi, I'm new here & I just wanted some help with my acne situation. I am a 16 year-old boy, I get pimples quite frequently, 2 to 3 pimples are always on my face. There's never a day where I have no pimples. But that's not the worst part. Everytime the pimples heal there's a red mark left behind. I don't even pop them so I don't understand why I get these marks. And this occurs only on my cheeks. I've recently been prescribed tretinoin by my dermatologist for the marks, and benzaclin for activ
  8. I've been struggling heavily with acne for about a year now. I've tried everything from EpiDuo to numerous home remedies. What hurts the most is the fact that I now think less of myself because of my acne. If there are any recommendations of what I should do, please let me know. I've been to the dermatologist and she didn't help much at all. How bad do you think it is??
  9. Hello, on Friday I noticed I was getting two small pimples that looked like they were going to be white heads. By the end of the day the two had become very inflamed and of course combined. I can see the head of each pimple but neither have a white head, yet. Is there anything I can do to calm the inflammation and redness? It has become very painful! Please help!! Thank you,
  10. Hi guys I've had acne since I was about 10 and I'm honestly so done with it. I haven't gotten any zits in a while due to exercising and eating well but my scars are really bad. They are so red and it looks like I have a face full of pimples but they're just scars. I can't leave the house without makeup and my derm suggested accutane back in September when she saw me. However now that I don't have that many pimples, will accutane even help the scars? Acne has caused my depression to worsen an
  11. Yesterday I received my first Lactic acid peel to help with my hyper-pigmentation. And the past few days I've been using the AHA again to also help with my scarring I broke out around my mouth but it looks like it's starting to clear up now. Has anyone had success with Lactic Acid peels and dans AHA for shallow scarring and hyper-pigmentation? About how long does it take to see improvement?
  12. I wanted an outsiders opinion...is this a scar? And, if so, what type? What sorts of treatment would you recommend? I have had this spot now for a little over a month. :(
  13. Hello everyone, I have battled with acne since i was 14 and i am now 21.I have tried every prescription out there and have changed my diet completely. I am currently using Braggs ACV which has helped. I want to desperately go on accutane but I don't know if my insurance will cover it. I have Cigna HSA. Does anyone else have Cigna or know if it will cover or lower the cost? What insurance do you have and did it cover the cost? I am out of hope! Acne is a terrible disease and I wish it were fre
  14. Hey everyone, I have two choices I can either go on accutane in about two weeks or also have the option to start in the beginning of April for a reason I will post below. I am going on a low dosage 20mg for a longer period of time rather than the 6 month and meeting a total amount of Mg because of the side effects. I am going on my senior year spring break in about a month to Panama City Beach, Florida with a bunch of friends from my school. Should I start the accutane as soon as possible or sho
  15. I had a crazy bout of hormonal cystic acne( never had one like this before) two months ago which took a while to get under control! While i have successfully managed to prevent further breakouts( Thanks to a combination DIMs, Zinc and borage seed oil) it took a toll on my skin and left me with angry red marks. The fact that I am indian with tan skin doesn't help one bit! The scars hang around forever I do not want to resort to extreme measures and get a laser done.. Also did I tell you I am po
  16. Hello everyone, After looking at various pictures of different people's acne scars, I began wondering how long a person typically has to suffer from acne before they begin to see scarring. I have suffered from acne on and off for about 4 years but it's gotten drastically worse in the last year. I've begun to notice that hyper pigmentation marks don't seem to vanish nearly as quick anymore. I've also discovered my first marks that resemble little prickly dents in my face. I realize that
  17. Okay so every time I get a pimple, anywhere it is, it leaves a red mark behind when it goes away that takes foreeeever to go away. What can help fade these? Their flat but just red. I heard Benzoyl Peroxide can bleach them?
  18. I've been on The Regimen for about 4 weeks now, and some pimples have cleared up, others (under the skin) are very hard (cysts/nodules) but seem to have come to the surface a little bit. Did anyone else have really slow progress like me? If you had cysts or nodules while on the regimen how long did it take for them to go away? I'm sticking with it but I'm beginning to get really frustrated and impatient... I need to know that there is hope.
  19. Hello everyone, So I have had acne for pretty much all of my high school life, and now, after about 4 years, it has just about cleared up through a combination of a meticulous skincare routine, green tea, improved diet, glycolic pads etc. I do have the odd breakout for hormonal reasons during that time of the month, but I feel like it's in the same recurring areas and once those layers of skin are removed, it will stop. Anyway, I have been left with terrible hyperpigmentation. It is the type t
  20. Has anyone tried the banishacnescars.com? It says derma rolling helps with acne scarring.
  21. From the album: My Acne

    Skin is really starting to heal now. I've been off accutane for threes months and now the achy joints and hair loss and other side effects are gone. I've just started to use my Soniclear (dupe for the clarisonic) and that has helped so much in terms of the texture I have on my skin. I have zero acne but I do have raised scars that look like acne. I also started to include a vitamin c serum to my routine and have been wearing sunscreen everyday. I think these two things have helped tremen
  22. There's a hidden pimple underneath my nose, right in the center of my face. I kept squeezing it and clear pus came out, but not the root of the problem. Now I have a big swollen scar with the cyst still underneath. What do I do??
  23. Hello everyone, I'm new to posting on this board although in times when my skin is bad I often find myself sifting through this site for information. I apologize in advance for the lengthy background and post, if anyone wants to skip to my experience with retin-A it will be labeled after all the background info. Background: male, mid 20s. Acne since 13 maybe, was mild to moderate in high school (no cysts) and started having problems with hyper pigmentation around grade 11/12. Finished high
  24. From the album: My Acne

    Skin is really starting to heal now. I've been off accutane for threes months and now the achy joints and hair loss and other side effects are gone. I've just started to use my Soniclear (dupe for the clarisonic) and that has helped so much in terms of the texture I have on my skin. I have zero acne but I do have raised scars that look like acne. I also started to include a vitamin c serum to my routine and have been wearing sunscreen everyday. I think these two things have helped tremen
  25. From the album: My Skin

    The front view of my face after the Glycolic acid peel I did. I think it looks pretty smooth. Gotta get back on my beta carotene though, lol!