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Found 25 results

  1. Hi , Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation I have messed myself really bad. Looking for some sympathy / re-assurance and solutions. How I did it : Earlier had little pigmentation near eyes / forehead. Was using Melacare Forte (Hydroquinone 4% + Tretinoin) in night and Kozimax (Kojic-5% plus VitC-10%) in day. This helped. To remove little pigmentation that was left and seeking overall improvement : 1. Applied "Nomelan Fenol" medium strength chemical peel. This is a combnation peel , me
  2. Would like to gather some opinions on hydroquinone, a skin lightener. I hear, though am no aware of the specifics, that it's a potential cancer-causing agent. I'm rather skeptical of that, does anyone think it's a farce? Apparently it's believed enough for the stuff to be banned in Europe. More pertinently though, I'd be interested in accounts of its effectiveness from those of you who've run through with it. Thanks in advance
  3. Just thought I'd share the amazing experience I had through using zinc oxide 40%(more specifically: burts bees baby bee diaper rash ointment). A little back story, I'm a 24 year old who never really had issues with acne until my Mirena iud birth control made me get horrible acne on my forehead. They were mostly closed comedones but there was one huge cystic pimple. I, of course, tried to pop it numerous times only to make it worse. Eventually it flatten and I was left with a scar(which hydroquin
  4. im considering using ambi fade cream (oily skin) after my skin has healed from the tca peel. I have a few concerns: Is ambi fade cream for guys too? ambi fade cream is targeted for women skin type. and how soon can i start using hydroquinone on my face Also would hydroquinone work more effectively since i wont have much dead skin on my face and have new fresh skin. And should i be concerned about anything when using hydroquinone after a tca peel. This is to get rid of my acne marks
  5. I started a Minocycline regiment about 10 days ago, 100mg twice a day to clear up any pimples. I am dealing with horrible red marks, and have been applying hydroquinone once or twice a day. I need help, as I want to get my face tone as even as possible by New Years (two weeks). Please help.
  6. Hey I have been using azelaic acid for a few weeks now however am not seeing the results I expected. I also use tretinoin at night. I was wondering if I can use hydroquinone with tretinoin at night and azelaci acid in the morning. Also if someone could recommend a good sunscreen please!
  7. I've seen a lot of people promoting Mandelic acid and glycolic.. what's the overall best for fading the red marks on your skin? I'm looking in to Salycilic and Hydroquinone too. Also, might add that I'm on a low 10-20mg dose of accutane.. I've already been on 2 doses to get rid of my acne which cleared my skin up completely.. but unfortunately staying on a low dose is the only way to keep my skin clear.. I also really don't want to have to deal with these ugly red marks! So I'm at a crossro
  8. Hi, Would any one happen to know where I can purchase hydroquinone 4% - 7%? My dermatologist recommended their own hydroquinone 7% product but it cost $150 for a small bottle! Thank you, fac3less
  9. Hi guys Right now I use salicylic acid to exfoliate my skin and BP to prevent new acne. I've got mild to moderate acne and a good amount of hyperpigmentation. I've been wanting to get on hydroquinone for the PIH. I'm thinking about using Hydroquinone in the morning and BP + SA at night. I've heard using bp when you're on hydroquinone causes temporary dark stains :/ So im just confused that if i use hydro and bp separately, will it still cause stains? Please someone help me out here
  10. This is not true for everybody, but this is my experience. I do recommend trying the regimen, but if you find dark marks are more of a concern for you than the acne then outlined below is the solution that worked for me. I'm female with sensitive skin that is prone to dryness and moderate acne. Even the smallest spot will leave a dark brown PIH mark, and my marks do not fade for many many months. I also get blackheads on my nose. I found that Benzac did help clear up my skin, but the PI
  11. I was finally able to find a derm who accepted my insurance, so I made an appointment. Last Thursday I saw the doc, and given my previous history, what's currently going on, etc. she has me on the following regimen: Cleocin-T pads (clyndamycin phosphate 1%) twice a day 4% Hq twice a day on spots only 0.05% Tretinoin nightly (I've been on this off and on for about 2 yrs) Benzoyl Peroxide 5% cleanser once a day This upcoming Thursday I have my first chemical peel (they're not sure which version
  12. Is it safe to use a low dose of hyroduinone/skin bleach while on Accutane to lighten skin? I know that while on Accutane, skin is very sensitive and should be left alone as much as possible, but would it be harmful to use a very little amount of hydroquinone mixed with moisturizer to lighten scars/overall complexion? While on Accutane, my skin has gotten darker due to being more sun sensitive and living in a very hot region.
  13. Also... This week is KEY to prepping my skin for school!! So should I do which of the two when going to sleep.. any suggestions?! Thanks!! Option 1: Use my Porcelana Skin Fade cream for a week. It contains 2% hydroquinone! however.. it has mineral oil.... So I don't wanna cause breakouts,.. I already have like 3 going on Option 2: continue using Tretinoin Cream (my 11th week) However... it makes me flaky and my makeup looks awful
  14. Is it okay if I use BP in the AM and Hydroquinone mixed with Tazorac in the PM? The HQ is Obagi Blender with .05 % Tazorac. I know BP interacts with HQ so I'm wondering if this AM/PM separation should be okay. Thank you!
  15. About to do a TCA peel of 30%, after I have determined that my skin does not react negatively with this percentage of TCA and has healed rather quickly. I was wondering if after stop peeling from the peel itself if it would be okay to use a 2% Hydroquinone & 10 Glycolic AHA cream to help with hyperpigmentation that has been on my face years before I even started my chemical peel, this is of course if my skin is not sensitive, swollen or redness is worsened after the peeling from the TCA peel
  16. I have used hydroquinone cream for my forehead blackspot but the problem is my skin becomes more white than normal skin tone. So my forehead looks white but rest is not. What can i use to turn that white into normal skin tone
  17. Hi everyone! I found myself spending a lot of time reading the forums and decided it was about time I joined/shared my current acne journey. I had mild acne as a teenager, but nothing like what I am experiencing now as a 30-year old (frequent clogged pores, occasional whitehead, frequent hyperpigmentation). I am an acne and acne treatment novice, so any help is so very appreciated (Please also see the questions sections)! (* ' 3 ') Background: I have frustratingly sensitive, oily skin
  18. I have mild acne. Every pimple leaves a red PIH spots that stays for months and it kills me. Does anyone have experience with PIH treatment ? Hydroquinone? Azelaic acid I’ve read that it’s better for dark skin and I’m as white as the snow. Please share your experience.. thanks!(p.s I’m currently starting a minocycline course for 6 weeks)
  19. i finished my accutane course two months ago and i have no active pimples. my skin is finally smooth. but there are still red marks all over my cheeks. i dont know if i should call it hyperpigmentation becase when i press on these marks , skin colour turns normal. just as i move my finger it turns from fair to red again. i guess it is inflammation but theres no pain at all. i dont know what to do which product to use. i dont have insurance so cant afford to go to a dermatologist. i was thinking
  20. Hi there. I'm a 20 year old guy who had my first ever breakout a year ago. It only lasted a month or two but since then I've had hear brownish slightly red marks on my cheeks. I don't know if any of you have had this but will it go away with time? It's been 8 months since I've been clearer and they have hardly faded. Only a little have they faded. I tried hydroquinone 4% for a few weeks but it made them turn redder and it looked inflamed so I was scared to continue. Jojoba oil to remove sunscr
  21. My face is really dull and it has gotten darker from staying in the sun too much. Which is better to lighten my skin-Hydroquinone or Lemon.
  22. I had severe acne and it cleared but left severe dark spots below my cheeks and on the left side of the ear. My doctor prescribed me Hydroquinone, Tretinoin and Fluocinolone Acetonide cream to be mixed in a 2:1 ratio with Mometasone Furoate cream. Will this help or cause more acne? I'm very scared. Please help