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Found 13 results

  1. beautifulambition Veteran Member 73 168 posts Gender: Male Location: San Francisco, CA Interests: Improving my acne scars, ^Adam Levine is a inspiration of perfect skin. Done:Subcision,Retin-A,Microneedling,Dermal Graft,TCA,Ematrix,CO2RE,Infini,Fillers,etc Posted May 3 (edited) · Report post
  2. INTRODUCTION Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a glycosaminoglycan composed of alternating D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl- D-glucosamine monosaccharide residue. These are cross-linked to form long unbranched chains, which form an anionic biopolymer. The 3-dimensional structure forms a space-occupying molecule, and the chemical makeup draws a large volume of water to the compound. Due to its combination of properties, endogenous HA contributes turgor and elasticity to the dermis. Hyaluronic aci
  3. I've recently started using retin a 0.05% for my slight adult acne and ageing skin. My skin is taking it really well and I can already see results. I've heard about the benefits of Vitamin C on the skin and was wondering if it can be used in conjunction with retin a. I'm now using the retin-a every other night, so could the vitamin c be used the morning after under my sunblock (spf30)? Or would that be too harsh? For the night between retin-a I'm using a hyaluronic acid serum under ci
  4. Hi guys! I started taking hyaluronic acid supplements to temporarily plump up my acne scars on a daily basis.It works.I see a 10% improvement on my somewhat shallow boxcar and rolling acne scars. Do you know any other supplement that would plump up acne scars if taken daily.Or do you know any way to temporarily induce swelling that would hide acne scars on a daily basis?
  5. Hi everyone! I just got back from my 3rd session of CIT + growth factor and my face is redder than an angry tomato! :-) I can say that I have seen some improvement over the past 2 months in terms of what seems like newer collagen growth (and thus shallower scarring), especially on the right cheek area. The overall color tone of the scarred area may have some slight improvement as well, but that it tougher to tell. I am not in a hurry to get too many things done too soon and will not be go
  6. I've recently starded retin-a 0.05% and at the moment sill giving it 2 days break in between. I use a spf 30 in the day and La-Roche Pasay Cicaplast baume at night. I got myself a Hyaluronic Acid, which I've started using underneath the cicaplast. Apparently it encourages collagen production and works as a booster for the moisutriser. So I thought it can't harm. It does sting a tiny bit when I put it on. My skin hasn't adapted 100% to the retin-a yet though, although it is taking it really
  7. Hi everybody! New user here. I was just wondering about something and I hope someone could help me. You know how the filler named Restylane contains hyaluronic acid? Well I searched more about hyaluronic acid on the internet, and I found out that there are some capsules that contain the substance, and they are filled with it, but they are supposed to be ingested. So I was wondering if I could just inject that liquid into my scars instead of Restylane because I can't afford going to a dermatologi
  8. So a couple of weeks ago I went for this treatment (also called Sebaceous Gland Ablation) http://www.clearskin.ie/Default.aspx?PageID=13805535&A=SearchResult&SearchID=1694964&ObjectID=13805535&ObjectType=1 I had 5 lesions/spots/stubborn acne treated. Now I am left with deep scars. They heal and shed (4/5 day cycle) and the scar is visible again - never actually filling in or healing completely. The nurse who performed the treatment tells m
  9. I have done research and read about all the benefits hyaluronic acid has for the skin and I was very excited to try my new hylaluonic acid serum. Its suppose to give your skin more moisture (if used the right way) and have no side effects or "rarely" give you an allergic reaction. I purchased The Piping Rock brand since it seemed to have high ratings. the Ingredients: Demineralized Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Citric Acid, Polysorbate 20, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.
  10. I purchased a serum online that calls itself a "potent anti-aging serum". I am not directly interested in anti-aging but it often seems that ingredients intended for aging skin also benefit acne - cell turnover, plumping out scars, etc. I bought it to help smooth my bumpy, scarred complexion. I purchased it because it appears free of inactive ingredients, where the pesky comedogenic ingredients are often found in other products. I attached the label, but this product says it only contains ret
  11. Hi, I am a female, 55 kg and have taken Accutane at 20mg for 1 month. I stopped due to joint pain. Six months after the course I am still experiencing joint problems and they have become worse. My joints ache after any activity, they feel dry and click/pop (I have never had clicking joints before). I have had Rhematoid Arthritis blood markers done and some of them came out positive but I do not experience the symptoms associated with it (morning stiffness, joint inflammation etc) I have
  12. Hi.....this is a bit long, but I would appreciate some help if at all possible. So besides one other topic, I've been trying to resist starting new topics, as there seem to be a million new ones every day.But I really wanted someone to help shed some light on this. Because of my extremely weird, dehydrated, crinkly, wrinkly, lined, open-pored orange peel skin texture (with atrophic scarring and a hypertrophic scar) I opted to have Juverderm voluma injected into my cheeks and cheekbones, in
  13. I've had on and off acne for about 4 years. As I get older it gets worse. It's a weird kind of acne... more like the clogged pores and whiteheads. I used too drying products, which in the end made me really oily. I was so confused -.- And now my skin is pretty much immune to all acne treatments. Now I figured I have dehydrated skin. Routine: -Wash face with honey I can't use anything else besides oatmeal. hurts too much! -100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum Or after wearing foundation/concea