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Found 19 results

  1. I was just wondering, as imbalanced hormones can cause or be a major cause in peoples acne, how does one figure out if it is an imbalance in hormones that is causing their acne? are there tests that can be done to tell? and once you know if you do have an imbalance in hormones, how do you treat it so it wont affect your skin anymore? Please let me know!
  2. This is from my blog, please give it a read: *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* The best tips for acne - from a person that had facial and back acne. These tips will not cure you, but they will help a considerable amount in your on-going fight against acne. For any aged acne sufferer, wether you've had it a week or 15 years...I hope that these tips will give you a bit of hope in reaching your goal of clear skin and also giving a confidence boost. Enjoy. 1) Be open a
  3. I obviously did not discover this diet, i'm just trying to re enforce it's foundations as it does work! Let me say that I've been tossed around to much by false promises. In my case, it is completely and utterly diet related. A stricter version of the Low carb high fat diet got rid of my acne really quickly (you can see results withing the first 24 hour period) and now i only have red marks with no pimples spawning. Years of slightly elevated awkward situations, moments of low self confidenc
  4. I am a 17 year old male and I have had moderate acne for about 3 years. About 3 years ago a single cyst about the size (roundness) of my pinkie thumbprint, (sorry not very specific) appeared on my right cheek. I went on accutane 2 years ago and it got rid of everything right away. About a year ago my acne started flaring up again and now the cyst has made a come back. I wash my face twice a day, use retin-a every night, and take cephalexin twice a day. I am wondering if there is any way to get r
  5. The following is my personal regimen that cleared me up extremely quickly (I still have some marks left over, however they have gone from red and very noticeable to a light pink color). First, here is a little background information about me: I am an 18 year old male who, for the most part, never really struggled with acne until I left home for college. I struggled with moderately severe acne for about four months, trying almost every possible product you can think of. I used abrasive scrubs,
  6. Alrighty, i'll get straight to the point. I have white closed comedones near my chin. I've had them since a LOONG time ago. Can't even remember when I got them. I am a teenage male if that makes any difference (doubt it lol). Luckily that's the only area I have/get this type of acne. So so my question, is how do you get rid of them? Is extraction by a dermatologist the only way? (I've heard some people say this so yeah...) Does exfoliating against these things really work? Thanks!
  7. Ok I think I havr clogged pores acne I was using aspirin mask for 2 months now but u now cause of these pores they keep coming Now recently I got solution ( clindamycin) inside so my question it will it clear pimples and deep clean pores ? If no what else can do that
  8. Hey everyone! First off I wanted to say how much I appreciate this space where people so honestly share their stories and support with one another. I am an almost 16 year old male (about 5'9 155 lbs) who just completed a 5 month course on the (very tumultuous) Accutane regimen! I started with 40 mg a day and progressed up to 80 mg by the end. I am close to being a week off of the medication and I have progressed away from the uber dry lips, joint pain, and possibly the depression I have fa
  9. I'm a 21 year old male currently on day 2 of accutane(oratane), 20mg a day. I want to know about how you go about taking accutane and drinking alcohol... I know drinking alcohol taxes your liver and is even worse for you when you are on accutane, but I'm a college student and it's pretty hard not to have a few drinks at the end of the week with your mates. I asked my derm about this before we started and he said it would be perfectly fine to have a few drinks while on the drug. But is it oka
  10. My nose bump is not painful, and soft to the touch. It formed after a cyst was there. It's been here for 8 months total, and 5 months without me damaging it. There was another one last year that disappeared after 4-6 months on its own. 5/30/2015 I looked up pictures of nose keloids. I don't reccomend, because they're disgusting and look nothing like ours. So I guess we should go our own route on this. If any of you see specialists, please post what they said it was. I've heard of docto
  11. Hi friends anybody help me How to eliminate Acne WITH Natural Ingredients?
  12. So i have been using the regimen for about 2 months now and it works great! But before i continue i'd like to provide a little information on my acne and what i've been using. I have had mild acne since around 8th grade. I have used many acne products such as cetaphil and oxy along with prescriptions from my dermatologist that included things like Zianna (it was terrible DO NOT USE), RetinA and Doxycycline oral pills. About 4 o months ago i read about the Acne.org Regime, since i was intereste
  13. I am 17 and I have dealt with acne ever since 6th grade. It got so bad in 8th grade that I started using Accutane, which cleared it all up within 6 months. Now I am a junior and my acne has been an issue for the past year or so. I take cephalxin daily and I use retin-a every night as well. My acne is not very bad, (maybe a few new small pimples once every one to two weeks) but the real issue is my scarring. The pimples I get usually leave scars that can stay for many weeks at a time. Now to my m
  14. How far would you go, just for perfect skin? Thought I'd make a thread just to see how far everyone would go to have completely clear skin, no acne, no scars, no hyper pigmentation, just 100% clear! For example, if you had quite severe nodulocystic acne, would you choose to endure something like 5 years in jail just to come out with flawless skin for the rest of your life? It's gonna be interesting to see what people will come up with, be as creative as you can!!
  15. Hi all, Acne scar victim here. A SEVERELY scarred victim, id like to add. From both my temples to all across my cheeks and probably a new one on my forehead. I've had acne scars for a couple years now and I'm here to say that the biggest, and most often ONLY enemy is truly yourself. I've been roaming through the blogs here due to a recent flare up, and found that when it comes to posts about dealing with the psychological and emotional effects of acne scars, alot of people commenting seem
  16. What have you guys found to actually help with your redness reduction? Try and avoid things you've heard work, what has been proven to show good results for you? Supplements, vitamins, creams, etc. Thanks
  17. Eg; touching, rubbing, picking, scratching. etc I want to reduce it as much as i can.
  18. salad - iceberg, carrots, cabbage. huge bag from costco chicken. cooked in olive oil. also precooked chicken from costco that just says "chicken. chicken stock. salt" frozen turkey burgers frozen vegetables- ingredients: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, yellow carrots bubbies pickles and saurkraut. miso Master organic soy paste to make miso soup (is there probiotics in this?) carrots sushi sometimes. tea boltland farms organic carrot juice (kirkland again) -ingredients: organic carrot j
  19. So recently i've bought finacea (gel) for AM and stieva-A (cream based) for PM and was wondering how long after applying should i wait before applying moisturiser to maximise effectiveness Thanks