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Found 500 results

  1. I am planning to stop taking birth control soon, and I'm worried about my skin breaking out like crazy. Before starting the bc Loryna, my skin never had huge cystic breakouts, and I only got a few pimples on my forehead and on my cheeks before my period. I did not start birth control to help with acne, but ever since I have started bc, I have had more severe acne. Becuase I did not specifically start bc to help with acne problems in the first place, am I at risk for developing
  2. I said that I would post my current skin after showing you how bad my acne was in my last blog post. Anyways here’s my skin on month two! It’s a huge improvement from the pictures I posted the other day❤️ Does anyone know how I can get rid of my acne scars or help them fade while on acutane????
  3. My dermatologist told me it was not uncommon for women to experience adult acne issues after having children. Kids completely change your bodies chemistry and hormone levels. After having a boy, I had elevated testosterone levels. My doctor perscribed me tretitonin .05% and told me to apply it at night, everyday, and use benzoyl peroxide in the mornings if my skin tolerated it. The first 3 months with the Tretitonin was HORRIBLE. My acne was so severe and painful that I didn't want to leave th
  4. So, my endo. appt went really well! I explained my symptoms to my doctor and he said that he is almost certain that I have PCOS. He wants me to do some lab work to confirm that I don't have anything else going on, but he started me on 50 mg on Spiro that day. It's only been a few days, so I haven't noticed any change in my acne yet. I have been urinating a TON(Spiro is a diuretic), and my migraines have been much worse. I already drink plenty of water, but I guess I need to start drinking more b
  5. Hello people I am new with acne and I would like to have some advice. I was taking birth control pills for two months and I stopped them because they caused me acne (I am 24 years old and I never had acne before). I stopped the pills in December and my skin was ok for one month. After that, breakouts came back and they are worst than when I was on the pill. I have been around one month having breakouts. The first days I felt really depressed but I went to the doctor and she recommended me
  6. CiciBabyGirl

    Oh Hormones

    So I've been reading now that acne and my migraines can actually be linked to ovulation. I've been tracking my migraines and they do seem to occur when I'm supposed to be ovulating. My question is: If my acne is a normal skin reaction to my normal hormone fluctuations, why should I be ashamed and embarrassed? I am otherwise doing everything I can to prevent my acne, other than going on BC pills because I no longer believe in altering my natural hormones. So I'm going to think about it like
  7. I am seriously manically depressed right now. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because of my hormonal acne. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and since 1 month and a half ago I went from having perfect skin controlled by DIM to this crap. I have tiny whiteheads where I would never get them before, like my nose and forehead. My jawline is just ridiculously broken out. I have 3 huge painful pimples that have been lingering for 3 days now and won't go away. I've tried everything. Benzoyl peroxide, exf
  8. Hey all! Just wanted to share my experience on this board in hopes that it may help others with their acne. I’m 26 years old and have been struggling with acne since my senior year of highschool. Throughout my teens my skin was pretty great for the most part, I was on Benzaclyn and Differin to help with a few small pimples here and there, but i never really had skin problems until i went to college. This is when my oily skin, pimples, and chin hair started to get bad. I had no idea that it was a
  9. I'm feeling very hopeless right now. My skin is attempting to rebound from a massive breakout and infestation on my face, neck, ears, chest. Why didn't it go to my damn back? I tested a new round of vitamins with catastrophic results. No more Saw Palmetto for me. Birth control here I come. Trying out Ocella. And yesterday I started juicing. Wishing my mom still owned her health shop, all the free food, juice, smoothies I want for FREE. My skin looked fantastic back then. Thinking about
  10. sorry people i also forgot to mention protein intake. high levels of protein also increase IGF-1 and testosterone. im not saying cutting out protein sources obviously thats stupid but try to not go over you daily recommended amount. also when it comes to you diet we all know the 5 a day rule or whatever arbitrary number the government of your country have decided on. ( basically have as much as you can ) focus more on veg than fruit because the sugar in fruit is still bad for you in large am
  11. Hey, I’m 14 years old supposedly struggling with hormonal acne. I’ve got spots and blackheads on my forehead, acne scars on my cheeks, whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and clogged pores pretty much everywhere. I’ve considered using AHA and BHA peels by The Ordinary as I’ve heard chemical peels really benefit your skin. I was wondering if they really work or if they make things worse. Has anyone tried chemical peels or are there alternatives?
  12. I’ve been using African black soap for a month now too. When can I expect to see results if it works?
  13. Hello. I have those bumpy, painful red pimples on my chin, cheeks and forehead. My skin is worse than ever. This started about 1,5 months ago when I quitted sugar and wheat. I'm also trying to avoid dairy, carbs and meat. I do eat vitamin C, D, B6 and B12. I drink enough water. Should I go to a dermatologist? I wouldn't want to take any pills or medicines.... Are there natural ways to cure this? I've heard something about zinc, digestive enzymes and probiotics.
  14. I started developing severe cystic acne when I was 20. They were huge red cysts with three heads each that would grow on both cheeks (almost symmetrically), and wouldn't stop being inflamed for two weeks at a time. It was ugly and really painful, and they left marks that would not go away for atleast three months and scars that are still on my cheeks. As I went from acne-free to covered in horrible red acne and scars on my face I became depressed and lost five kgs. I also started to *lose m
  15. I am a 24 y/o female with dry/combination skin. I have had great skin my whole life, never an issue with breakouts. Enter Mirena IUD. I got the Mirena in March of 2016, and that December (about 9 months later), I started getting cystic acne around my jaw, mouth and cheeks. Never on my nose, forehead or temples, so purely hormonal cystic acne. I thought it was weird and had to be something to do with my diet, after I made a quick call to my OBGYN about my IUD (the first thing I thought of that mi
  16. So I’ve been taking a generic form of yaz birth control continuously (meaning I take only active pills to not get a period) for a few months, and my skin has been unbelievably clear after a long struggle. Recently I had to take an antibiotic for a UTI. The antibiotic interfered with my birth control and decreased its effectiveness, which I knew because I started bleeding and continued to bleed for almost a week and half. This was about three weeks ago. Since the antibiotic and the bleeding, I h
  17. I have been using Dr Organics Snail Gel for 3.5 weeks and it's made such a huge improvement to my skin already! I would highly recommend for anyone suffering with acne, scarring and an uneven or oily complexion!! Snail secretion filtrate is all natural, cruelty free and the latest craze to come out of South Korea! It's well worth it - I would highly recommend.
  18. hi i started epiduo gel last week and just wanted to know what experiences others have had with it any help/stories appreciated! Thanks xxx
  19. Hello so I was prescribed birth control to regulate my periods because they are really messed up. I'm 19 & always would get a couple pimples here & there but ever since starting the birth control "aviane" then switched to "orsythia" (which are both apparently the same chemicals just switched because it was cheaper) I started breaking out a lot. Mostly on my cheeks but more on the right side of my face which is odd. The pimples aren't huge but they're really painful, almost cystic like, u
  20. 1. Type of Progestin Every birth control uses progestin (a synthetic form of the progesterone hormone). There are many different types of progestin. It is very important that the type of progestin is LOW in androgenic activity, meaning it doesn't send your testosterone into overdrive and create acne. Here is a list to help choose a birth control. Neutral (won't affect acne either way) No hormones. Copper Paraguard IUD Good (can reduce acne) Drospirenone. Anti-androgenic. Used in Yaz, Yas
  21. I just joined this community because I wanted to share my story, and I hope I can help people with my information. My skin type: Olive-medium colored skin, oily, sensitive. My breakouts were on my forehead (after working out), cheeks, jaw line and sometimes reached down to my neck. They ranged from small pus pockets to cystic. I'm female, so they also did flare up even more before my menstrual cycle, so it could have been a hormonal thing as well. Not really sure. I've tried: P
  22. I started taking ortho tri cyclen a few weeks ago to help with my acne. My face is actually broken out pretty bad at this point. But I was just curious, how long does it usually take to start getting your hormones regulated? Thanks...
  23. I started getting acne at 13 and am now 19 and still get it. I have changed my diet and tried the healthily way to get rid of it. And it’s worked, I don't have much, but the problem is there are always the 1 or 2 pimples that you get that makes you frustrated. I have an appointment this Friday with the derm. I don't really wanna try anti-biotic because I already had Ethormycin and it hurt my stomach, it kills the good bacteria too you see. And there are just so many anti-biotic which I
  24. i read that dairy is a big nono...mainly because the hormones used to be injected in cows to have them grow faster and fatter. so im trying that and i suggest you guys out there do the same. and lets all keep everyone posted on how the extraction of milk from your diet done for you acne.
  25. I have visited my dermatologist 3 times in a year. Each time he spends less than 5 minutes in the room with me and only renews my minocycline. The past visit, I had a bad breakout (cysts) and was almost in tears. I asked him what was causing this. He said hormones, got up and left the room to give my chart to the front desk, as I was asking if there was anything that could be done about my hormones, what kind of moisturizer to use, etc. Is this normal behavior for a dermatologist? Shouldn'