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Found 829 results

  1. hi loves, never been to a derm before in me life, any advice on what to say? im 30-something female w/mild moderate acne on the face mostly tho sometimes i get the odd one on my arms. i suspect its all the hormones but at this age ai feel i should be donw wit all this stuff! what kind of meds am i likely to get put on? thx.
  2. Hi (first off, i hope i posted this in the right place, i literally joined 5 minutes ago!! Very sorry if it is not ) I am a 16 year old girl and over the past few years have began suffering with acne on the forehead and around the mouth area, i wouldn't say it was severe but it was enough that it bothered me, so was presribed duac which cleared it up but then stopped working. Nearly 2 months ago i was prescribed Yasmin birth control pill for this as spots were put down to hormones. I am now halfway through my second set of pills and it has done a great job on my forehead which is pretty much clear now (not so much around the mouth area but hopefully that will change within the next few months). Now though, i keep waking up with HUGE spots!!! At the moment i have 3 on one cheek and another on my chin which i know doesnt sound alot but they really are big!! Its not the type of spots you get when you have acne as they spread out from eachother but its worrying me as for me spots do tend leaves scars on my face and the bigger the spot the worse the scar! The question i have is: is it the Yasmin Pill that is causing these? Or could it be down to stress as it is the middle of the exam period? If any of you have any experiences with this i really would appreciate any advice... thank you (sorry if i rambled on i just wanted to make sure i gave all the information )
  3. I'm 35 and still trying to find the right regimen, as I know many of you can relate! I've been trying to find info on Sprintec (the monophasic pill, generic of Ortho Cyclen), but all I can find is Tri Sprintec (which I was on for over 10 years) or Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. My skin did really well on Tri Sprintec, but it caused other side effects (extreme bloating, vaginal dryness, major fatigue, etc), so I got off it in November '09. I've been off the pill completely before and done okay, but this time has been different. By January my skin had started to become really oily (my scalp too). I started breaking out moderately on my back and chest, and even my scalp! Then I got a few on my neck, and now the whiteheads are starting. It's still moderate, one or two that pop up from all the oil right before my period, but I am not willing to wait it out to see if it gets worse. My gyn thinks maybe the triphasic pills give me side effects because of the varying hormone levels, so she prescribed me Sprintec, which is the same hormones, just a steady dose the whole time instead of 3 different levels. I'm really hoping it will work well for me. I know this monophasic version is not actually FDA approved for acne, but I'm really hoping since it's the same hormones it will at least not aggravate acne or make me break out terribly. Has anyone used, or does anyone know where I can find any info on how Sprintec (or Ortho Cyclen) affect acne? Again, not the TriSprintec or Ortho Tri Cyclen, but the monophasic version of these with the steady dose of norgestimate and estradiol. Thanks so much!!
  4. if u take it everyday all month - u have to take BCpills to regulate ur hormones or u will get ur period like 3 times per month ...so i want to know if anyone has tried this- taking it right before that time of the month.
  5. Y_me131

    Spiro works

    hey girls i just wanted to let you know that spiro is actually working..im finally clear!..i get scared saying it cause i have this deep fear that a zit will pop up any second just to spite me... anyways so i took yasmin for 4 months with okay results better but not acne-free..started spiro and three months later- no pimples...i still have red marks which suck..but i just wanted to thank the board for all its help i wouldnt have found spiro without you... if ur a girl with acne you should get ur hormones checked and def try spiro. i was going to go on accutane but decided to try this first and im really glad i did even though I had small initial breakout...im 23 and have had acne for eleven years...i hope i never have to go through this suffering again..just thought id share!
  6. I am on Yasmin and wondering if the hormones can make me depressed. Thanks for response in advance.
  7. Latley my face has become increasingly broken out. I am 21 and have been on accutane twice, when I was in 8th grade and then when I was a sophmore in college at 18. Both times my face cleared up amazingly (Without any side affects really except chapped lips) and continued so for a year and then gradually got worse again. After my second course of Accutane, after my face got worse (About a year after) my Dr perscribed me Differin, Evoclin and Dynacin. I took the dynacin for 2 months and it cleared my skin up enough to where I could control my acne. I have been using the Differin and Evoclin for a year now and it too has keep me able to control my acne, and I haven't had that much of a problem with it. That is, until the past few months. I tried a birth control (Yasmin) about 3 months ago for a month and had a horrible expirence with mood swings, head aches, and could not continue with it. Since I was on the BC my acne was continuously gotten worse with every period. I am thinking that since the BC my hormones have become out of balance since I flare up only right before my period. I made an appointment with a Dr who specializes in hormone balancing and what not. When I called they mentioned this blue light treatment they use, but I'm a bit skeptical about that from the reading the response to those who have tried it on this message board. Plus it is expensive. So now, after visiting my Derm, he told me I could go on another BC (Which I don't want to do) and gave me more Rx for Benzaclin, Bactrim and more Differin. Has any of these worked well for anyone? My Dr seemed very reluctant to perscribe another course of accutane because of all the new regulations it takes to get it. I know that Accutane will beautifully and amazingly clear up my skin though, so should I push for a third round? Or is it safer to try the blue light and these new Rx? I am just really confused on what to do, and was hoping maybe someones been in this position before that can give me some insight. Thanks so much


    Seems like since I started on accutane my dreams have been so vivid and upsetting. Just curious if any of you have this too?? Otherwise, I'm doing ok so far, a week in... praying that I escape the big nasty initial breakout... But my time of the month is coming soon... if I can escape it then, I'm home free! That NEVER happens! ( Damn hormones...
  9. you know how you have to choose two methods of birth control if your a girl and taking accutane. (I just chose abstinence as mine) but now im sexually active (and id honestly stay away from sex for 5 months for clear skin) but anway what i dont understand is that if you choose birth control pills for one of your methods, doesnt that mess with your skin? i mean sure it could be helpful because birth control soposedly helps your skin but it could also really screw it up i tried b-control before and it helped my skin a little but i got bad cysts so isnt it sort of counterproductive, ESPECIALLY if you stop it after you finished accutane for example couldnt accutane do wonders for you but the b-control is mess with your hormones and cause acne? just wondering if any of you girls know about this
  10. So i've always had the occasional zits until around new years when i started getting really deep ones that would hurt. So i went to the derm and he calls them "lesions". I'm 23/f and he says its a result of hormones. (like puberty wasn't bad enough) i only seem to get them on my chin. i've been on doxycline for a couple of months and i was just switched from some cream to benzaclin but it only seems to get worse (plus no matter how hard i try i can't seem to keep my hands away from touching them...yes i know this makes it ten times worse but they hurt and they get all pus filled) has anyone else been in this situation? did anything get rid of it? i'm so frusterated.
  11. GuardedlyOptimistic

    Pictures: Finally

    Hello, My nickname is Guardedly Optimistic. I have suffered from acne for 6 years, and I am now 25. During the high school years, I had porcelain skin. I did take it for granted. Upon entering university, I began to breakout. Of course, a slew of personal family health problems didn't help matters and the stress became unbearable and it showed through my skin. I was first put on 6 months of minocin. It did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then,after a year or so of topicals which I only could stand for a couple of weeks at a time, I started on Diane 35. I went on it for 1 1/2 years. It cleared me up but also caused horrific crying spells. My hair somewhat fell out, due to the hormones (though nothing noticeable). But after watching a show on the increased deaths/ blood clotting from using Diane, I went off of it. Within 8 months my acne had gone from moderate to moderately-severe. I went on Alesse hoping that it would help but instead caused cystic bacne. So I went off of it, and the bacne cleared on its own. (The say some Progestins mimic testosterone so then can aggravate acne..hmmm) Oh, and I can't forget to mention Proactiv. LOL. Yeah, I guess my problem was too severe cuz it didn't do much more than really dry my face though it worked good at clearing the bacne left over from the alesse. Then after 6 months, the acne was still not going away: so I tried Orthotricycline. One of the worst things I ever did. It caused the erruption of over 30 cysts on my face and a massive skin infection on the left side of my face with interconnected cysts filled with pus. I spent many a minute trying to squeeze the infection out. I would also look at my face, force myself, and say to myself, "Look. You can and will get through this. Look how strong you are." To the outside world I would smile and hide behind my hair. My hair hiding tactics were noticeable to my close friends and I avoided eyecontact. I'd wash my face in the dark and was very sad. Nevertheless, after trying many natural remedies (Including cutting carbs out of my diet since I researched Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome), I couldn't take it anymore. (I'd like to say that I gained a considerable amount of weight in 6 years: over 25 pounds so this may have caused or aggravated the already hormonal wackiness). So, I went back on the Diane 35 and doxycycline for a couple of months in anticipation of a wedding I had to attend. The infection dissipated by the wedding (Thank you Lord) and the breakouts were less frequent, but I knew I couldn't do this longterm So, after much thought (3 years worth) I took the plunge with the support of my angels on this board, and I started accutane. I'm now on my 3rd month and i'm doing ok. I don't doubt that acne is a result of something just not right inside of the body. And, ideally I would have liked to have cured myself without dr prescribed medicines. And, I do not trust pharmaceuticals nor advocate the use of allopathic medicine for the heck of it. But, in my case (and it is a personal decision), the case was severe and it was robbing me of my life. So I took the plunge knowing full well the potential consequences. So here I am: These are the only pics i've ever taken of myself without my makeup. I'm sure you can tell from the persistant redness that what lay there before must have not been so nice. It was pretty bad and it takes me many many many months for macules to go. That's ok though cuz they say that the increased bloodvessels that go to sites of injury help with long term healing meaning, hopefully, that the scarring will only get better. And, let me tell you. I had really bad scarring. I take a homeopathic medicine called Thiosinaminum and it does really help the scars dissolve from the inside out. These pictures were taken today, 3 minutes of each other. First without makeup then with. I should say that i've tried many products for covering up: Clinique, Almay but the ones I like the most are from Revlon. Revlon also doesn't test on animals. Since animal testing is something I loathe, I feel good that I look good and i'm making an informed consumer choice (which is like voting for a company/its products). Anyway: sorry for the aside: Revlon has helped me much. And, I don't breakout from the products. In fact with the makeup, as you can see from these pics, you can't tell i've got anything on my face. Sneaky LOL. I hope that you see these pictures and that you take a little hope away. We're here to support eachother whether you're 12 or 30. We have now something in common. This will be with us in our hearts forever and hopefully we will all have realized how beautiful we truly are. Love, GO.
  12. I started taking ortho tri cyclen a few weeks ago to help with my acne. My face is actually broken out pretty bad at this point. But I was just curious, how long does it usually take to start getting your hormones regulated? Thanks...
  13. AC_United

    My improvments

    I started getting acne at 13 and am now 19 and still get it. I have changed my diet and tried the healthily way to get rid of it. And it’s worked, I don't have much, but the problem is there are always the 1 or 2 pimples that you get that makes you frustrated. I have an appointment this Friday with the derm. I don't really wanna try anti-biotic because I already had Ethormycin and it hurt my stomach, it kills the good bacteria too you see. And there are just so many anti-biotic which I don't wanna experiment with. I don't think I should take accutane but the thing is I want to start to eat a little normal now. It’s really hard to be on a restrictive diet and leave out all junk foods, high sugar, oily, fried and etc Hopefully I will have a good chat with the derm and see what he thinks is right. I know my acne is probably solely dependent on my hormones, I have a mad hair growth and I know my hormones are crazy. In that way it gives me hope that as I get older they will settle down. Again I should be glad that I have not got it that bad but saying that I know my skin is very prone and that if I start eating bad I will get it. That’s why I am thinking about taking Accutane because I heard some people take it and become cleared.
  14. FlawedSkin

    Question About Dairy

    Hi, I'm an 18 year old male, and up until a year ago, I had flawless skin. Acne was an issue, that I never imagined I'd have to deal with. I have a simple question about Dairy. My diet, has never really been healthy, but it's never really been unhealthy either, and milk, up until a year ago, did nothing but make me happy. I've read many internet threads about how avoiding milk can significantly clear your skin and that understanding the inner issue and the personal problems inside your body that are causing acne, is better than plastering your face in products. Is it unlikely that dairy is my problem, if it never caused any issues for 17 years of my life? Has anybody else led a similar life to me. I've been eliminating cures by looking back at my life before I started getting acne, for example: I rather regularly consumed dairy every day, in tea, breakfast and other food products for 17 years of my life, and I never suffered acne problems, but now, I'm plagued with it. Could dairy be the answer now? In fact, I used to be terribly uneducated and I used awfully comedogenic moisturisers most of my life, and products and food never caused my acne for years. So what could be the issue now? I only get it around my cheeks, chin and nose.
  15. RanOffOnDaPlug3wice

    Sex and Acne

    I previously posted about my acne including pictures but now I'm wondering . im becoming increasingly depressed because of my face. Somebody told me it could be because I stopped incorporating sexual activity in my lifestyle. Could this be true? I'm 18 and is been about a year. I useto have sex a lot mayber everyday if not everyday but after I got out of my last relationship I ceased all activities. Maybe my body is used to being at a certain level , hormone wise or does sex regulate hormones or what? Is this a myth or?
  16. I know I'm going through Puberty. Will dan's regimen still do its job?
  17. hey everyone. I dont have acne but i do have extremely oily skin which makes me get some pimples . I always have 3 or 4 on my face but my skin is sooo oily. I have alot of blackheads all over my face from the oil. I think my pimples and oily skin is caused by hormones because i usually get some before my period. Just recently i went to the doctor about my oily skin and heavy menstrual flow and he suggested Alesse 21 Birth Control. he said it will help with the oily skin. I was just wondering if Birth Control helped any with oily skin and i just dont want it to make me break out more considering i only have mild acne? i hope this makes sense and i think i am just worring about it to much but i would really appreciate it if anyone could post some things about birth control thankyou
  18. I've been on the bc pill (Estelle) for just under 8 months and Spiro for 3 and a half months... I plan on coming off the bc pill soon and just sticking with the Spiro (100mg a day). My question is... Has anyone been in a similar situation and been able to remain clear whilst coming off the bc pill and staying on Spiro? I'm am really worried about this... I've heard some really devasting stories about women who have done so and had the worst breakouts of their lives... Many of them however were not also taking Spiro... I told my derm I wanted to come off the bc pill and she looked horrified and was like "Oh no... no, no ,no... Just keep doing what you're doing". I asked if I increased my Spiro dose would it soften the blow of a major breakout due to fluctuating hormones and she told me it doesn't work that way...
  19. nikkia


    I'm getting close to the end of my 3rd pack of YAZ. I have 5 more active pills left. But my period started today?!?! I'm so confused. My period has been completely unpredictable since February, which is also when my face started breaking out. My dr. checked my hormones and didn't find anything unusual. Also my weight is within healthy range and I don't have blood pressure problems, so I don't think I have PCOS. I'm on accutane right now and I'm worried that if my acne is hormonal it will come back as soon as I finish my accutane course. Can anyone offer insight? Is it unusual for me to get my period so early? Is there a hormonal problem other than PCOS that could be causing my acne? Up until this February my periods were as regular as clockwork, so I'm worried and frankly a bit scared. Thanks for any input.
  20. Hello acne.org readers, I have had a Paragard copper IUD since I went off birth control pills 6.5 years ago. After I stopped the pill, I broke out terribly. I was not surprised, since I know the pill can help to keep skin clear. I figured I would have to suffer a while with acne until my skin adjusted to not having the skin-clearing hormones. Unfortunately, my skin never cleared up. For 6. 5 years! I am 44 and full of acne! I am so sick of it, I don't know what to do. I have tried the regimen, ACV, baking soda scrubs, diet changes, supplements, EVERY expensive and inexpensive skincare systems out there. It's hopeless... I was reading online about IUDs and acne as a side effect. Usually, the device associated with causing acne is the Mirena IUD which releases hormones. The one I have, the Paragard, does not use hormones and acne is not listed as a side effect. I did stumble upon a site where many women have complained about acne and weight gain with the Paragard. I am scheduled to have mine removed later this month. I've been researching the way the copper iud works, how it can elevate copper levels in the body and decreases zinc levels, how it creates inflammation in the uterus, and how that can lead to stubborn acne. I believe this could be source of my long battle with embarrassing acne- and now scarring. Okay, that's the story... Now my question... How many women out there are acne sufferers and use the Paragard copper IUD? Anyone else with this IUD been struggling with acne like I have? Similar stories? Any improvement after removal? Thanks for reading and responding.
  21. anaelisa

    Going of YAZ

    Hi, I have been on Yaz for a little more than a year. It has done wonders for my skin. I also use Tazorac and Aczone. However, I don't like being on the pill and want to quit taking it sooner rather than later, but I'm worried that it will absolutely wreak havoc on my skin! BUT I have an idea: does anyone have any experience with acupuncture? I have done some research and have heard that it can help "balance hormones" and am wondering if that could successfully get me off birth control and free from the pill? Thanks!
  22. maggiejean

    Mirene IUD & Acne

    I found out that I have a blood clotting disorder called Protein S deficiency & Factor V. Therefore, I was forced to stop taking the birth control pill after 7 years. My only options were the Mirena, Paragard, or barrier methods of BC. I chose to have the Mirena inserted because my gyno told me that it can help regulate periods, or even cause you to stop getting periods. I had mine inserted on May 5, 2009. I had bleeding for about two weeks, and then everything was fine. I stopped getting periods which was great. However, about two-three months ago I started breaking out terribly. I had not had acne problems since I was about 13-14 years old. I was getting deep, cystic acne as well as white heads all over my face. My skin was very oily and I noticed that I was growing hair above my lip and in between my eye brows, which I never had before. i went to a dermatologist and she gave me Retin A micro an azythromicin (zithromax). This did nothing for me, except make my skin peel. It made me feel like a freak. I did some research online and found that a medication called Spironolactone could help control hormonal acne, which I was convinced this was. I went back to the dermatologist and she gave me this medication. I took it for about a month, which is the amount of time she said it would take to notice results. Nothing was helping. I felt so disgusting. I never wanted to leave the house, even to go to work. So, I decided I had enough. I went to the gynecologist and had the Mirena removed. I am now using condoms (which are 97% effective when used properly) and spermicidal lubricant for birth control methods. My skin is 150 times better, and it has been only three weeks. I have a few stubborn red marks that are taking a while to heal, but have had only about 2 pimples emerge since I have had the Mirena out. I got a period a two days after the Mirena was removed. My gynecologist told me that it is very rare to have this cause acne. DON'T LISTEN! (mirena's website claims about 15% will get acne) But because the mirena releases progesterone (testosterone) only, it causes a hormonal imbalance, which is why you may notice facial hair, oily skin, and pimples. This hormone produces androgens that clog the pores and produce acne. If you do not want to get the Mirena removed, a natural way to help balance your hormones is by taking Evening Primrose Oil. It is a suppliment that can be found OTC at Walgreens. However, I would recommend getting the Mirena out. Not only does it cause hormonal imbalance, but it can cause scarring to the uterus while it is inside of you, and make it near impossible to have children (or even make you sterile). It can also puncture your uterus, or even mend itself to the uterine wall and you will need surgery to have it removed. I had mine checked to make sure it was in the right place because the strings were no where to be found, and the doctor could not find it either. This is a very scary thing and is nothing to mess around with.
  23. mylimage

    Read if you use the pill!

    Basically this article says that the BCP srews with our androgens. My personal theory is that my long-term use of the pill damaged the androgen receptors in my skin. Birth Control Pill Could Cause Long-Term Problems With Testosterone, New Research Indicates Main Category: Endocrinology News Article Date: 04 Jan 2006 - 3:00 PDT In the January issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers have published a new investigation measuring sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) before and after discontinuation of the oral contraceptive pill. The research concluded that women who used the oral contraceptive pill may be exposed to long-term problems from low values of "unbound" testosterone potentially leading to continuing sexual, metabolic, and mental health consequences. Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is the protein that binds testosterone, rendering it unavailable for a woman's physiologic needs. The study showed that in women with sexual dysfunction, elevated SHBG in "Oral Contraceptive Discontinued-Users" did not decrease to values consistent with those of "Never-Users of Oral Contraceptive". Thus, as a consequence of the chronic elevation in sex hormone binding globulin levels, pill users may be at risk for long-standing health problems, including sexual dysfunction. Oral contraceptives have been the preferred method of birth control because of their ease of use and high rate of effectiveness. However, in some women oral contraceptives have ironically been associated with women's sexual health problems and testosterone hormonal problems. Now there are data that oral contraceptive pills may have lasting adverse effects on the hormone testosterone. The research, in an article entitled: "Impact of Oral Contraceptives on Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and Androgen Levels: A Retrospective Study in Women with Sexual Dysfunction" published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, involved 124 premenopausal women with sexual health complaints for more than 6 months. Three groups of women were defined: i) 62 "Oral Contraceptive Continued-Users" had been on oral contraceptives for more than 6 months and continued taking them, ii) 39 "Oral Contraceptive Discontinued-Users" had been on oral contraceptives for more than 6 months and discontinued them, and iii) 23 "Never-Users of Oral Contraceptives" had never taken oral contraceptives. SHBG values were compared at baseline (groups i, ii and iii), while on the oral contraceptive (groups i and ii), and well beyond the 7 day half-life of sex hormone binding globulin at 49-120 (mean 80) days and more than 120 (mean 196) days after discontinuation of oral contraceptives (group ii). The researchers concluded that SHBG values in the "Oral Contraceptive Continued-Users" were 4 times higher than those in the "Never-Users of Oral Contraceptives". Despite a decrease in SHBG values after discontinuation of oral contraceptive pill use, SHBG levels in "Oral Contraceptive Discontinued-Users" remained elevated when compared to "Never-Users of Oral Contraceptives". This led to the question of whether prolonged exposure to the synthetic estrogens of oral contraceptives induces gene imprinting and increased gene expression of SHBG in the liver in some women who have used the oral contraceptives. Dr. Claudia Panzer, an endocrinologist in Denver, CO and lead author of the study, noted that "it is important for physicians prescribing oral contraceptives to point out to their patients potential sexual side effects, such as decreased desire, arousal, decreased lubrication and increased sexual pain. Also if women present with these complaints, it is crucial to recognize the link between sexual dysfunction and the oral contraceptive and not to attribute these complaints solely to psychological causes." "An interesting observation was that the use of oral contraceptives led to changes in the synthesis of SHBG which were not completely reversible in our time frame of observation. This can lead to lower levels of 'unbound' testosterone, which is thought to play a major role in female sexual health. It would be important to conduct long-term studies to see if these increased SHBG changes are permanent," added Dr. Panzer. Dr. Andre Guay, study co-author and Director of the Center for Sexual Function/Endocrinology in Peabody, MA affirmed that this study is a revelation and that the results have been remarkable. "For years we have known that a subset of women using oral contraceptive agents suffer from decreased sex drive," states Dr. Guay. "We know that the birth control pill suppresses both ovulation and also the male hormones that the ovaries make in larger amounts during the middle third of the menstrual cycle. SHBG binds the testosterone, therefore, these pills decrease a woman's male hormone availability by two separate mechanisms. No wonder so many women have had symptoms." "This work is the culmination of 7 years of observational research in which we noted in our practice many women with sexual dysfunction who had used the oral contraceptive but whose sexual and hormonal problems persisted despite stopping the birth control pill," said Dr. Irwin Goldstein, a urologist and senior author of the research. "There are approximately 100 million women worldwide who currently use oral contraceptives, so it is obvious that more extensive research investigations are needed. The oral contraceptive has been around for over 40 years, but no one had previously looked at the long-term effects of SHBG in these women. The larger problem is that there have been limited research efforts in women's sexual health problems in contrast to investigatory efforts in other areas of women's health or even in male sexual dysfunction." To better appreciate the scope of the problem, oral contraceptives were introduced in the USA in 1960 and are currently used for reversible pharmacologic birth control by over 10 million women in the US, including 80% of all American women born since 1945 and, more specifically, 27% of women ages 15-44 and 53% of women age 20-24 years. By providing a potent synthetic estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and a potent synthetic progesterone (for example - norethindrone), highly effective contraception is achieved by diminishing the levels of FSH and LH, thereby reducing metabolic activity of the ovary including the suppression of ovulation. Several studies over the last 30 years reported negative effects of oral contraceptives on sexual function, including diminished sexual interest and arousal, suppression of female initiated sexual activity, decreased frequency of sexual intercourse and sexual enjoyment. Androgens such as testosterone are important modulators of sexual function. Oral contraceptives decrease circulating levels of androgens by direct inhibition of androgen production in the ovaries and by a marked increase in the hepatic synthesis of sex-hormone binding globulin, the major binding protein for gonadal steroids in the circulation. The combination of these two mechanisms leads to low circulating levels of "unbound" or "free" testosterone. This article is published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. About the Journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine publishes multidisciplinary basic science and clinical research to define and understand the scientific basis of male and female sexual function and dysfunction. 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  24. Hello just looking for a quick answer here... Never had acne before going on birth control, went on it for 1 week and decided it wasn't worth the acne. This was the last week in March, it's now Mid-May. (So basically a month and a half ago) I've had 1 normal period since. My acne is slowly starting to subside, my skin is less oily every day. QUESTION: How long does it take for hormones to recover/regulate from birth control... especially only being on it for 1 week. When should I expect my skin to be back to normal? **May take longer due to 10 days of steroid use directly after the 1 week (doctor believed my acne was an allergic reaction and was wrong)
  25. Okay....I'm lactating. I came off my birth contol pills for the first time in four years. I'm not preggers. I took a test tonight, and I haven't even ovulated yet this month....I doubt I will for a few months anyway, because my hormones are totally fucked up..... So I've got galactorrhoea, which is lactation not associated with childbirth. It's not much, but it's noticable, and alarming (ran to store.....bought pregnancy test).....My prolactin levels must be through the roof..... I'm calling my doctor tomorrow, but I'm so freaked out right now.... Any one ever experince this or am I a total freak of nature???