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Found 787 results

  1. Hi Ladies, Has any of you tired natural remedy in order to regulate your hormones? we have a family friend in France,he is a natrupath, just recenty told me to try a herb called sage (Salvia officinalis) it basically works like BCP ,high in phytoestrogen and can correct the ratio of estrogen to progesterone. I just started Accutane again,I would wait for six months and start the herb to see if it really works. meanwhile does anyone know anything about this herb? thanks
  2. Latley my face has become increasingly broken out. I am 21 and have been on accutane twice, when I was in 8th grade and then when I was a sophmore in college at 18. Both times my face cleared up amazingly (Without any side affects really except chapped lips) and continued so for a year and then gradually got worse again. After my second course of Accutane, after my face got worse (About a year after) my Dr perscribed me Differin, Evoclin and Dynacin. I took the dynacin for 2 months and it cleare
  3. GuardedlyOptimistic

    It keeps getting worse

    Hi Guys, It just keeps getting worse and i'm just in need of venting. Four months off of tane and i'm getting pimples, not lesions, everywhere. I have 10 and counting. I'm biding my days till January when I can do the ALA but I can see i'm not going to hold off that long and soon enough i'll be on accutane again. I'm starting to think my problems are very much Thyroid related. I have increased dark facial hair, and other symptoms. Does anyone know the symptoms of hypothyroidism and if it relates
  4. Y_me131

    Spiro works

    hey girls i just wanted to let you know that spiro is actually working..im finally clear!..i get scared saying it cause i have this deep fear that a zit will pop up any second just to spite me... anyways so i took yasmin for 4 months with okay results better but not acne-free..started spiro and three months later- no pimples...i still have red marks which suck..but i just wanted to thank the board for all its help i wouldnt have found spiro without you... if ur a girl with acne you should get u
  5. Background: F 23years I've never been on birth control, but am thinking of getting on it. Included in some of the reasons I want to be on it is hoping that it will help clear up my skin. I would be prescribed ocella, which is a generic form of yasmin. I've just been extremely hesitant to get on it due to the unknown factor of what would happen once I would decide to stop taking it. There's been people who after taking it for prolonged periods of time and stop acne flares up, etc, etc. If I d
  6. Hey, I’m 14 years old supposedly struggling with hormonal acne. I’ve got spots and blackheads on my forehead, acne scars on my cheeks, whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and clogged pores pretty much everywhere. I’ve considered using AHA and BHA peels by The Ordinary as I’ve heard chemical peels really benefit your skin. I was wondering if they really work or if they make things worse. Has anyone tried chemical peels or are there alternatives?
  7. Malalai


    Hi. Warning for the boys: a little too much TMI in here because my problems are related to my hormones. Okay guys. You've been warned. I'm joining because I'd like to hear what worked for other women in situations like mine. I had almost no acne until I was in my early 20s, when I started to eat meat. Then I started to get lots of zits and cysts occasionally. I got some kind of dauber, I think anti-bacterial but that left no mark on my skin, that worked, but it ran out and the zits came
  8. dukesy


    i went to my GP and was so excited because i had read so many great reviews about spiro and it really sounded right for me! im 18 and came of BC 3 months ago, since then i know my hormones have been out of wack because my face is so much more oily and i have spots all over my face (mild acne) anyway i went there and she was so rude to me! when i suggested and told her about spiro she was shocked (and if im honest looked a little disgusted)? ugh she made me feel so embarrased! she prescribed me t
  9. iadorealice

    For Females: Stopping The Pill

    Hi guys. I'm new to this board and was wondering if any of you can help me out. I just started my 4th pack of generic yaz (gianvi), but am having second thoughts about continuing. I don't want to rely on unnatural hormones to clear my skin up. I'm currently using retin a micro and duac gel. I've never tried birth control before, but I decided to try it after my family suggested that maybe my acne is due to hormones. I'm planning on discontinuing gianvi at the end of this month because I don't wa
  10. Hi. I think there is a greater correlation between how we think and acne. With thinking I mean in the sense of how your mind is operating: your mood, stress etc. I have suffered from acne for five years, and it came around and under my mouth after a really stressfull period with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I have struggled with it ever since. There was only one time when the acne went away for some months, and that was when I was extremely depressed and didn't care about what I ate or if I
  11. GuardedlyOptimistic

    Pictures: Finally

    Hello, My nickname is Guardedly Optimistic. I have suffered from acne for 6 years, and I am now 25. During the high school years, I had porcelain skin. I did take it for granted. Upon entering university, I began to breakout. Of course, a slew of personal family health problems didn't help matters and the stress became unbearable and it showed through my skin. I was first put on 6 months of minocin. It did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then,after a year or so of topicals which I only could stand
  12. beau-desordre


    does anyone know if not takin it at the same time everyday matters for flare ups? by not taking it at the same time, i'm talking about taking it at 9am one day, 6pm the next. also, if taking it a day earlier so your period finishes earlier would mess with hormones?
  13. outtaknowbetta

    Should I take a BCP?

    I'm not exactly sure why, but my face seems to be clearing up a little bit. I still have red scars, but I'm getting less pimples, and they are dissapearing faster than they have been. I just saw a nurse practitioner about getting on a pill and she gave me OTC Lo. I'm reading horror stories and mixed reviews about OTC lo. Should I go back and get OTC regular? or not risk disrupting my hormones at all and not take any pill? I really do need a form of BC though.... Help! I'm scared to take the
  14. thedarlinglife

    Starting Spiro Again & Antidepressants

    I was on 25 mg of Spiro for about 3 weeks and then went up to 50 mg for about 3 months. My derm was hesitant to prescribe it because I do not have PCOS, but said she'd give it a try. My oil production decreased dramatically. However, 50 mg is a smaller dose, so I knew it would take some time. I saw her once about 2 months in and she seemed disappointed. She said I could finish out the Spiro for the next 6 weeks, but if my skin didn't improve much she wanted me to try ANOTHER antibiotic. (I've al
  15. I started taking ortho tri cyclen a few weeks ago to help with my acne. My face is actually broken out pretty bad at this point. But I was just curious, how long does it usually take to start getting your hormones regulated? Thanks...
  16. I am on Yasmin and wondering if the hormones can make me depressed. Thanks for response in advance.
  17. meganmarie1564

    Acne After Birth Control

    So when I was about 16 my doctor put me on birth control to regulate my hormones. It was mostly because I never got my period but it helped with my acne and oily skin. Looking bad my acne was never too bad or too out of control. For the most part it stayed in the same spot and never got to bad. I'm 18 now and I stopped taking my birth control about 9 months ago. Within the last 4-6 months I've noticed my acne flaring up like it never has before. I have breakouts appearing on spots that they neve
  18. geekygal

    Hormones in Meat and Dairy

    Okay, so awhile ago I read the book "Skinny Bitch," and I vaguely remember it mentioning something about how meat and dairy products in the US are full of extra growth hormones and antibiotics. The author hinted at the fact that this could be the cause of early puberty in girls, cancer, PCOS, and hormonal acne. Now, I kind of took this with a grain of salt, because the authors of the book definitely had an almost political agenda to switch readers over to a vegan diet. So of course they're g
  19. So I’ve been taking a generic form of yaz birth control continuously (meaning I take only active pills to not get a period) for a few months, and my skin has been unbelievably clear after a long struggle. Recently I had to take an antibiotic for a UTI. The antibiotic interfered with my birth control and decreased its effectiveness, which I knew because I started bleeding and continued to bleed for almost a week and half. This was about three weeks ago. Since the antibiotic and the bleeding, I h
  20. Hi, I hope that people read my post because it may be able to help a lot of women. I had acne all through my 20's where a new zit would pop up on my face every day. It was getting really depressing. I had gone to dermatologists and tried everything, tried proactive, etc. Finally, I went to a hormone specialist (endocrinologist), which is the same doctor that deals with fertitlity issues. They found that I had a hormone imbalance and prescribed me a medicine that is called something
  21. I've been on the bc pill (Estelle) for just under 8 months and Spiro for 3 and a half months... I plan on coming off the bc pill soon and just sticking with the Spiro (100mg a day). My question is... Has anyone been in a similar situation and been able to remain clear whilst coming off the bc pill and staying on Spiro? I'm am really worried about this... I've heard some really devasting stories about women who have done so and had the worst breakouts of their lives... Many of them however were
  22. hey everyone. I dont have acne but i do have extremely oily skin which makes me get some pimples . I always have 3 or 4 on my face but my skin is sooo oily. I have alot of blackheads all over my face from the oil. I think my pimples and oily skin is caused by hormones because i usually get some before my period. Just recently i went to the doctor about my oily skin and heavy menstrual flow and he suggested Alesse 21 Birth Control. he said it will help with the oily skin. I was just wondering i
  23. michi31

    Harassing My Endo

    Hi guys. I went to see my endocrinologist today to check up on my blood pressure/electrolytes with Spiro. I have basically been obsessed with hormones and how they effect the skin lately, so I thought I would ask him all my questions. He has been a very good doctor and he went to Harvard med school so I trust in what he has to say. So here are some Q and A's for anyone who is interested. Q: I'm afraid that Spiro won't work because my testosterone is so low and so Spiro will make it worse. A
  24. LOL at this topic but many female friends of mine stay clear by taking birth control pills. From my understanding birth control pills alter there hormones including their acne causing hormones. I'm just curious if men can take these pills and experience the same results as far as acne goes? thanks.
  25. I was wondering what you all consider "normal" when it comes to monthly periods. I'm not just talking about getting your period every month, but also in terms of blood flow (sorry for the TMI btw). These past few months, I have been under a lot of stress, but for some miraculous reason I still got my period every month (28-32 day cycles), and my mid-cycle breakouts at approximately the same time each month. The blood flow, however, was different. I would get brown spotting for a few days - somet