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Found 15 results

  1. Kat Sanchez

    Acne Update - Relapse and Bounce Back

    From the album: Kat Sanchez

    Diet is everything when it comes to healing your acne for good. Healing your gut by eating fermented foods and staying away from refined sugars and processed foods is key. I recently changed up my entire diet and I saw a HUGE change in my skin. I vlogged the results. Hopefully this video inspires you to do more research on how diet impacts your skin.
  2. What Is Hormonal Acne? It's pretty much what it sounds like. It's your hormones having an imbalance and are fluctuating. Hormonal Acne occurs with women as well as men but women are the main victims of hormonal acne When the hormones are imbalanced this can appear as spots which generally appear around the jaw. What Can I Do To Get Rid Of My Hormonal Acne? If your Hormones are at an imbalance, it makes sense to look to solutions which would get the hormones back in balance. There are many treatments out there which advertise to get your hormones back in check and the main supplement people take to do this, are multi-vitamins. Taking multi vitamins have proved over and over again to be a great way to solve the hormonal imbalance issue, but this isn't the case with everyone. What I Recommend To Get Rid Of Hormonal Acne... I would recommend taking magnesium, magnesium dramatically assists the body in getting the hormones back in balance and this method is what has worked for me. I have done a review of my favorite magnesium supplement/product and why it's great for solving your acne problems. Go To My Profile's Review Page And Give It A Read!
  3. Documenting my current hormone levels- 11 weeks on Spiro and Yasmin and the start of Pregnenolone and Liver Detox that should help with hormone processing TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, LC/MS/MS 52 H RANGE 2-45 ng/dl (Clearly very high hence my use of SPironolactone) FREE TESTOSTERONE 3.1 RANGE 0.1-6.4 pg/mL- Free Testosterone and DHT are the big bad guys, so both of them are in pretty decent mid range so Spiro has been helping DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE, DHT LC/MS/MS 20 RANGE IS 5-46 ng/dL PREGNENOLONE, LC/MS/MS 8 ng/dL RANGE 7-188ng/dl for women Premeopausal I'm extremely low on the scale of Even postmenopausal have higher amounts. DHEA SULFATE 156 RANGE 40-325 mcg/dL- Good shape with this. Even if the Pregnenolone converts any I should be ok ESTRADIOL 22 RANGE Luteal Phase: 56-214- Clearly very low. However still higher than PROGESTERONE .05 RANGE Luteal Phase 2.1-44 Um can we say WHAT? No wonder I have no period on my own.
  4. Hello all who is out there reading this, I’m James, a 23 year old male & I have been suffering from acne since age 11. I’m not quite sure on the exact cause so I’ve come here to hopefully seek some wisdom from maybe those who’ve been in my shoes. Get ready for a bumpy (face of a) ride. Here’s my journey. A brief background on my acne. I’ve tried pretty much all over the counter products. Cleansers Moisturizers Topicals: BP, Salicylic Acid, Clindamycin, Essential Oils Minocycline, Doxycycline, & eventually 6 months of Acutane. All have done there fair share of either helping slightly or damaging my skin. I would say my acne has always been pretty moderate. Anyth region above my eyes has always been crystal clear but my cheeks, chin, & forehead never have been clear. My current regimen includes: VITAMINS & MINERALS & ANTIOXIDANTS: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, B-Complex, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Zinc, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Magnesium, Beta Sitosterol (active compound in Saw Palmetto), Probiotics, & Fiber capsules. AM: Wash with a gentle gentle cleanser in the morning, use Thayers Witch Hazel (rose water) as a toner with a few drops of Salicylic Acid Moisturize is Aloe Vera gel. Before I head out the door I spray my face with Green Tea water mixed with Thayers. PM: Recently switched to a 3% Sulfur cleanser to help my dead skin cell slow turnover rate. Thayers again as a toner. Also recently switched to Azelaic Acid (20%) as my topical. Lastly I use a Retin-A . I found that Azelaic Acid & Tretinion compliment eachother. MY DIET: This last month I did a full month long colon, liver, & full body detox cleanse to insure my acne wasn’t purely internally based. I am a very health conscience person and happen to be allergic to dairy & gluten so those two factors are already out the window. I stay far from excess sugary foods & hydrogenated oils. Other than that I eat a high fiber/omega-3/omega-6/ diet. Lots of beans, lentils, veggies, avocados, fruit, rolled oats, pumpkin, flax & chia seeds, almonds & cashews. No alcohol. I drink about 3-4 cups of Green Tea a day as well as 1-2 Spearmint or Chamomile teas at night before bed. I also drink plenty of water (at least 100 fluid ounces per day). I believe I may have Hyperkeratinoisis which is a buildup of protein on the skin that clogs pores with dead skill cells. Add my excess sebum (oil) and it’s a mixture from hell. I do get stressed out but not any more than the average person. I’m a fairly calm & level headed human. Depression has taken its toll on me over the last few years after I’ve seen a dermatologist for about 2.5 years which did nothing. I actually obtain more clear skin by researching for myself and trying more holistic approaches. The best thing a dermatologist offered me was Tretinion which I still use to this day. SIDE NOTE: My acne or at least sebum production goes into overdrive after masturbation. I’ve tested the theory and I have broken out bad masturbating consistent days. Also I’ve held off work about two weeks and yes my skin got better but never fully cleared me up. The most frustrating part of this whole journey to clear skin is the teasing of new practices I implement. I try something new & it works, starts to clear me up then out of no where either backfires or stops working. Some examples of these are... Green Tea. Lost its effectiveness so I bumped up to Matcha green tea which was strong and worked again but slowly diminished strength. Pure Tea Tree Oil (huge clogger of pores). My skin was beautifully clear after dabbing pure Tea Tree Oil on my face daily unless it clogged my pores horrifically. Took 3-4 months to unclog them. Alpha Lipoic Acid. Lost its effectiveness. High Fish Oil intake. Stopped its high effectiveness & to thin out my sebum BP. Always overdried me & made my breakouts worse. It’s like my body becomes immune to all of these wonderful options and just wants to make my facial inflammation worse. There’s a few questions that I am eager to have answered. Such as products I’ve been curious to try but have not yet. So without further ado I’ll fire away. Borage Oil over EPO (evening primrose oil)? Does the higher GLA content really make a huge difference Can eating eggs & almonds truly cause more acne? Topical Spironolactone? Anyone have positive experiences with Azelaic Acid? Anyone have positive experiences switching to Sulfur cleansers? If I’ve tried Beta Sitosterol & it didn’t work should I still bother with Saw Palmetto? Sodium Sulfacetamide & Sulfur Topicals/Lotion effectiveness ? Should I try these Best products for Hyperkeratinosis acne? Best acne bacteria fighting/non-drying/non-comedogenic day time moisturizers? Does it does as if I have hormonal acne? Any advice Alpha Hydroxy Acid products? Very curious to try them out if Azelaic doesn’t pan out well. Thank you so much if you got this far. I hope that some of this info can shed new light to those out there struggling because I know some of these products work well for many acne sufferers. I haven’t found my answer yet but I’m still striving to do so. Keep fighting everyone :)!
  5. cindy2013

    Counfused Diane 35 And Androcur

    Hi Guys, my endo pescribed me Diane 35 and Androcur because my testosterone levels were high. I've been taking Diane 35 since october and Androcur 2,5mg since january. I had super oily skin on my face and body+ body hair. The oil production on my face has reduced but my body is still very oily. I got my hormones checked a month ago my endo said that my hormones are balanced but I still have bad skin I dont get it. I asked her if I could try spiro or up my androcur dosage but she said no its too dangerous. I dont know what to do. ps sorry for my english its not my first language
  6. Sems

    Day 11

    Hey everyone- So its officially day 11 of spiro. Just yesterday I switched over to 50 mgs instead of 25 mgs and I didn't notice any bad side effects. I'm feeling pretty hopeful about spiro. I haven't had any bad breakouts yet (which isn't completely weird for me because I only get like one huge cyst a month anyway). I also got my MRI back for my ovarian cyst, and it turns out its a 4 centimeter DERMOID ovarian cyst (yes, the kind of cyst that contains hair, skin, nails, teeth, eyes, sweat glands, etc.) I went to another dermatologist today and he said the dermoid cyst could definitely be causing my weird, lumpy, cystic acne. I hope I have to get the dermoid cyst out, and hopefully that will resolve all my problems, but I have a consultation with my gyno on July 30th, so I'll find out then if I have to get it out or not/when. I'm still dealing with this huge cyst on my left cheek (3 or 4 cystic pimples connected to form one huge lump). I got it shot with cortisone but nothing really happened. Should I get it lanced? Anyone have any suggestions? Im not gonna take any new pics because my cheeks look exactly the same!
  7. From the album: PCOS ACNE Battle

    March 18, 2018 Saturday My face hurts literally. Especially along my jawline, chin and neck. It hurts physically, more so emotionally. - i know I’m just putting a band aid solution over by taking birth control again but I’m at wits end. - although i have been doind things to help my health and help with PCOS symptoms. Changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise. Cut out dairy, sugar and coffee. What can i do? Life is unfair.
  8. I've been on Diane 35 for around 6 months, and it was prescribed by my dermatologist to treat my acne. Unfortunately, it hasn't really worked. In fact, I feel like it has worsened my acne, as I now get hormonal cystic break outs before getting my period, when I previously didn't. Anyway, since Diane 35 didn't stop my acne at all, and I haven't been on it for very long, will I break out if I stop taking it? The fear of my skin condition worsening is the only thing that's stopping me from quitting right now. I plan on taking zinc, saw palmetto, and evening primrose oil when I stop taking Diane to hopefully help ease the quitting process. I have also heard that fish oil and stinging nettle can help? I would really appreciate any advice on ways to prevent post-Diane breakouts.
  9. Hey guys, so I'm new here. I'm kind of at my wits end with acne. I want so badly to be 100% clear all the time, not 99.9999% SOME of the time. Let me fill you in on my acne history: Acne reared its evil head(s) sometime shortly after my first menstrual period during the summer of my 12th birthday. Middle school was absolute hell, both for my face and my social life. The acne was, I'd say, mildly severe, mainly localized on my cheeks, forehead, and around my lips. It remained this way through much of my early years of high school. During this time, I experimented with countless skincare brands, both drugstore and department store. On top of that, I was roughly 50 lbs overweight, a sugar addict, and generally unhealthy in regards to my diet. Around my senior year of high school, I stopped getting as much acne on noticeable parts of my face, and was able to hide the acne on my jawline and neck with my hair. When I was 19, about to turn 20 (I'm currently 21), I decided to make a lifestyle change by introducing a healthy diet and exercising 4-5 days a week. I went from 162 lbs to 112 lbs in roughly 8 months. I cut out dairy (as I had always know I was lactose intolerant), bread and pasta, and began eating chicken, fish, nuts, and plenty of vegetables. I saw a tremendous improvement in my skin, especially my forehead where, to this day, I rarely get spots. However, I still got hard, cystic spots on my jawline that rarely came to a head. I began taking a multivitamin and supplementing D3 (as I figured I may be deficient considering the generally crappy sunless weather we get in Pennsylvania). This may have improved the size of my blemishes, but did not stop them from appearing. I started getting lax in my diet, put 10 lbs back on, and did not see my acne improve or get any worse than it already was, even after discontinuing supplements. Recently, I thought I had found a cure with Inositol, which kept me significantly clear for about 3 weeks, but I guess it may have just been a placebo effect. I was taking 730 mg 2-3X a day, daily in powder form. I'm not sure whether I screwed it up by overindulging in "bad" foods or it was really only a fluke, a temporary fix. I am still taking it as I have about a pound to finish up. I assume that I have a hormonal imbalance based on the following: -patches of hair on neck, all my toes, and single strands of hair that grow on each breast -acne erupts from sugary foods and processed foods; insulin intolerance (diabetes does run in my family though I do not have it) -acne erupts in the "hormonal" places - neck, chin, jawline, shoulders, back -fatigue -stubborn belly fat that will not budge, "skinny" everywhere else -ER scan for a pulled muscle actually detected what the ER doctor believed was a cyst on my ovaries (though it was unrelated to my pain at the time as I did injure myself while running; not really sure if it has caused me any trouble during my cycle) I don't exactly have the means to go see a bunch of doctors at the moment, despite having health insurance. I also don't want to go on antibiotics or birth control unless absolutely necessary. Anyone have any suggestions for a more holistic approach? Should I be more aggressive with the Inositol? Or try cinnamon, chromium, evening primrose, sulfur MSM, etc? I don't want to screw up my cycles too much as I believe they are relatively normal. I inserted 2 photos of a written breakdown of my cycles for anyone who is more knowledgeable about what's normal and what isn't. Any suggestions or insight would be so helpful!
  10. I've posted about other conditions that may have contributed to my acne before, and with all of them, I have stated my different theories as to why I may have developed acne after having completely clear skin. After my gynecologist's suggestion of pelvic floor therapy, though, I came across this article: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00192-003-1082-z Though it was only for a few months, I struggled with eating disorder type behavior: starving, overexercising, occasional use of laxatives. I found this article interesting because, along with my acne, I've undergone a few other physical changes. I'm no longer able to have any sex due to extraordinary pain and tightness, and I've had very bad constipation to the point that I constantly have to strain when going to the bathroom. I've tried every kind of treatment for constipation, magnesium supplement, complete diet change, gluten-free, fiber increase, probiotics, etc. And then, I noticed something... It's not so much that I feel backed up, but moreso that I physically have trouble with bowel movements. The muscles seem to be very tight and have trouble relaxing to allow me to do so properly. Continuing my google journey, I found another article about how a woman had gone to physical therapy in order to fix her "broken vagina", and... "Apparently, while my recently increased core-heavy regimen of pilates and barre had not given me late '90s Janet Jackson abs, the doctors hypothesized that it had caused the muscles in my pelvic wall to tighten." This was VERY interesting to me, because when I was struggling with eating disorder type behavior, everyday I would incorporate a 15-30 minute intense ab workout. This seems like such a coincidence to me. That is when things began to go downhill with my skin and stomach. I've also developed an ovarian cyst, which is why I went on an expedition to get my hormones tested, but... if my constipation has created estrogen dominance, couldn't that hormonal imbalance have created the cyst? I know this theory is a bit dicey, but it's all I have right now. My life has been turned upside down because of the physical and mental complications of this entire health issue. It's felt like a never-ending nightmare. My acne is pretty mild right now, having just ended my period (the only time it really starts clearing up), but I just got two small pimples on my left cheek. I'm preparing for the dreaded monthly ovulation time, where every red mark on my face seems to flare up relentlessly. I'll continue posting about this theory, though, and I'm hoping to undergo the Pelvic Physical therapy, which may give me a chance at permanently beating my constipation and maybe clearing my skin up for good.
  11. Hi, so background story.. I've been on 2 rounds of Accutane 20mg/ day (I weight about 100lbs) for 3 months within the span of 12 months. Each time I completed, I was clear but the acne crept up slowly within a few months. My acne started to flare up again and it's getting pretty bad. It was mostly a few CC and bumps by my jaw but it migrated to my cheek. I went to a naturopath who thinks I may have a hormonal imbalance from being on birth control for so long. So she told me to take DIM plus, chasteberry, and GLAs. It's only been a week but I don't want to waste another month trying to clear it and basically experimenting when Accutane will garuantee to clear me up. I wanted to do a hormonal imbalance test but I was told I have to be off birth control for 3 months first. So that being said, I don't even know if my acne is hormona . My acne doesn't get worst during my period and it migrated from my jaw to my cheek. My left cheek is completely blown up. My right side has some bumps by my jaw and the cheek is clear.. I'm on a waiting list to see a derm (4-6 months) and my GP hasn't heard of the supplements the naturopath recommended doesn't recommend I take them with Accutane. So my question is should I take Accutane for 6 months with birth control (I only did 3 previously because that's what my GP prescribed) then take the supplements recommended by the naturopath once I complete? I still want to balance out my hormones. Or should I take the Accutane without birth control (I'm not sexually active) then take the supplements after? I'm worried that continuing Diane 35 will continue to alter my hormone . Thanks!
  12. I'm 41 and this is my 3rd attempt to be free from oral contraceptives. I stopped Yaz 12 months ago, and as usual I have started breaking out in my chin area after 6 months being off the pill. I've taken a hormone test and results were very low estrogen and progesterone levels. This time I do not want to get back on the pill, but the temptation is there, as acne makes me feel miserable. Also when I'm off the pill it matters what I am eating. Seems eggs, fish and nuts, coffee and sports supplements like protein powders make breakouts worse. So my eating choices are super limited now. Also physical exercise as sprints or high intensity add to it. It's tough because I love to workout. I don't eat much grains/wheat and almost no sugar. So diet wise I'm doing as much as I can. I should mention vitamin supplements and zinc etc is useless as well. It just makes it all worse. When I read about this issue, I see tons of advices regarding right nutrition, supplements, water intake etc...I have done ALL of that. I think I figured out pretty well what I can do and what I should not, but I've come to the point where I'm wondering if my body will ever adjust again!!?? I've spoke to Doctors: Dermatologist want to feed me anti-biotics and lotions and Gynecologist want to send me back on the pill. All is ok with my blood levels. This needs to be cured naturally! Has anybody experiences hormonal imbalance for this long after Yaz? Any success? Or advice I might be missing? Thanks in advance.
  13. abluerwhite

    Scalp Acne help!!?

    I've been battling acne since I was about 11. I'm now 26. I was on Accutane twice. It did clear me up. I was put on BC (Yaz) when I was 18 to keep it clear. Yaz gave me bad cramps so I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen. I was on that for a long time. I switched to Orsythia, thinking my skin needed a mono pill since I still had bouts of acne. My skin has seen good and bad days. However, since Accutane (I think) I have been battling scalp acne. My scalp acne honestly bothers me more than my face anymore. I still break out on my nose since I have blackheads. My scalp is horrible. It's usually covered in acne, and yes it is acne not anything else. My derm just puts me on antibiotics and shampoo. I've also noticed recently I've been getting little pimples on my chest.... I never had chest acne!! Even on my worst days! So now I almost want to go off BC because I feel like that is the issue and maybe I have an imbalance. My skin is the clearest during my period week. But my scalp never wants to clear. It only gets slight relief during that week. I'm on antibiotics now and I feel so freakin relieved because it's the first time in a long time I don't have scalp acne. My hair isn't gross from it and i actually feel like it looks healthier too. I'm afraid to have it come back. Derm thinks it's hormonal. What do I do and who has battled this before? Honestly just tired of it and want a long term fix, not pills and shampoo. It bothers me so much and it is so painful!
  14. MgX

    PCOS Acne

    Having been diagnosed with PCOS really made me aware of the root causes of my acne. Unfortunately my hormones right now are still F’ed up and my face/skin is freaking out! LIKE FREAAAAKING OUT!!! I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014, and began birth control. It really did help with keeping acne at bay I tell you that, however several months ago, I decided to let my body rest for a while - and now Acne is wreaking havoc again... i can even feel that my back is also acting up now! (Guess have been super busy with Life as well that’s why I was only able to go back here in this site now) I’m back on the pill and finished the 1st pack. Waiting for my (.) and I can definitely vouch that this is why my face is sooo filled with angry cystic acne right now especially in my jawline, chin and even neck! - My Ob gyn said that I might see some improvements starting on the second month of the pill... i’m also taking supplements to help me with this battle, along with exercise and diet (avoiding dairy, sugar, coffee, gluten (i try) ) Meanwhile, i just started out with a modified acne.org regimen. Day 1 - Monday 03.19.2018 Washed with subtitute cleanser Johnson’s baby wash Dan’s bp treatment Moisturizer - I live in the Philippines and I use Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Moisturizer which is water- based and non-comedogenic (has super few ingredients as well which I love, and this has always been my go to moisturizer) We don’t have the Acne.org regimen readily available here especially before, but I’ve seen some resellers and they will do! - I’m just relieved that somehow they are “available” (althoug almost always sold out fast!) I was using the Alba Botanica acnedote when i started breaking out in Feb 20 - but I really wasn’t seeing any difference at all. NSo.... shooting this write up into the black hole. I am really hoping and praying that this will work! IT WILL WORK!!! - Coz i’m at wits end. For the past few days I’ve just been crying and crying to the point where my eyes already hurt, puffed and swollen. Dealing with PCOS, Acne, Bipolar disorder, Panic disorder.... jeeeeezzz. What a PAIN!!! ps photo inserted taken when i was crying my eyes out - hence the crying stickers
  15. From the album: PCOS ACNE Battle

    March 19, 2018 Monday i just placed a sticker on my eyes because I had literally just been crying and crying when i took this picture.... sigh... it’s getting worse. I hate this!