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Found 737 results

  1. nicolels97

    Hormonal Acne Triggers?

    So..for the past month and a half my skin has been going downhill progressively. It's driving me crazy as I have been trying everything I can think of but nothing is helping! All through highschool i would get the odd pimple but nothing crazy. During my final few months of highschool however, I broke out the worst I ever had and I'm pretty sure it was due to stress ( I had also had my mirena IUD for six months) Now a year and a half later, my skin has gone on a roller coaster of okay (never as
  2. I've been dealing with acne for about 6 years and I have yet to find something that works to clear it up for good!! I've done blue light laser treatments and they helped, but due to it not getting to the root cause, the acne just came back. I've cut out dairy, most processed food (the only processed food i've been eating is whole wheat bread) and my sugar intake isn't very high. I noticed what I eat has had a significant change in my skin but i still get pimples and what's worse is that it's mos
  3. Ponyo23

    I couldn't do it

    So I went off birth control (ortho tri cyclen) back in October due to lots of problems with it like severe migraines, pains, bloating, horrible mood swings, etc. one of the only things I liked about it was glowing beautiful skin. About a month or so after going off my skin broke out horribly and got super oily. After talking about it on another forum and seeing a doctor I was given Yaz to try. Today was the first Sunday after my period I took the pill and pretty much had immediate regret along w
  4. glb2130

    Spiro Advice, Please Help

    I've been on spiro for almost 3 weeks, starting at 50mg, then up to 75, and now back to 50. I have seen a big improvement in my acne. However, my skin texture has changed. it is soft, but it feels like i have less "padding" to my cheeks. my skin on my face seems much much drier thinner, less collagen, and the texture just isn't really nice. it seems like old lady skin when i touch it. i'm really upset about this. my parents say they don't see it, and when i look in the mirror, it doesn't look to
  5. Hey guys, so I've successfully been on Syeda (I think it is a generic for Yaz?) for over a year now. My skin looks great but I get bad migraines during the placebo week so I've been recommended to switch to Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. I've heard there is an initial breakout with OTC Lo. My question is, since I'm already on the pill and my skin is adjusted to the hormones now, do you think I will experience an initial breakout? Or should my transition be smooth?
  6. HarleyZ

    BC Switch and Acne Backslide

    *Jump to paragraph 3 if you want to read about acne backslide after I switched birth control. * I've been having pretty bad acne since the age of 14. I'm now 21. Between 14 and 19, I did not do anything to treat my skin problem, simply because my mom would not let me - she thought that my acnes would go away on their own when I grew older. However, all hell broke loose after I started college. I could not leave my room without makeup in my freshman year. I could not stand looking at my face in
  7. Im 20 years old and I have had severe acne cysts on my face for about a year now. One year ago I literally did not even get pimples, but when I turned 19 it all changed. I have tried EVERYTHING there is to try (various topicals, 3 oral antibiotics, loestrin, retin a, clindamycin). Nothing works on my acne because my cysts are so deep and they never go away on their own. I also tried spironolactone but only for a month so i dont know if it would have worked or not but it did give me a major break
  8. I'm writing this on here in an effort to maybe help someone else going through a similar situation. I'm 31 years old and NEVER had problems with acne growing up. I started breaking out at 25 and my breakouts turned into an outright situation this past January and I tried EVERYTHING to fix it. Everyday a new pimple popped up on my jawline or neck, no matter what I did. The only breakthrough occurred when I decided to get back on the BP (I had gotten off for a few years just to see if I could a
  9. vikki17

    Feeling Alone

    Looking through many peoples' gallery it seems my acne is much worse than the majority on this site. That kind of brings me down, and maks me feel like there's not too much hope for me. Can't wait to start my second round of Accutane next month!
  10. So I’ve been taking a generic form of yaz birth control continuously (meaning I take only active pills to not get a period) for a few months, and my skin has been unbelievably clear after a long struggle. Recently I had to take an antibiotic for a UTI. The antibiotic interfered with my birth control and decreased its effectiveness, which I knew because I started bleeding and continued to bleed for almost a week and half. This was about three weeks ago. Since the antibiotic and the bleeding, I h
  11. So I have been dealing with acne for a few years now it was ver mild at first just on my forehead and chin it came and went I was never all the bothered about it , until January this year it started getting worse I developeped acne all along my cheeks and my chin and forehead flared up , I soon realised it was to do with my hormones I went see my doctor but the cream and antibiotics they subscribed didn't help i a man now trying to fix it naturally with a herbalist. For the past couple months i
  12. Louisemariex


    had to share!!!! anyone who is struggling with hormonal adult acne...try Yasmin!! I've been on it now for nearly 8 months & it has really made my life with acne easier! Although it hasn't cured it completely and I do still use bp at night it is way easier to deal with! I strongly urge anyone who is as down about it as I was to try it...at one point it even made me feel suicidal...it takes a good few months to work and does get abit worse in the beginning but one once it starts working is wor
  13. doodler

    Quitting Yasmin

    Hi guys, I need some advice/help/experiences please. Essentially, I want to quit my Yasmin pill for various personal reasons, but I'm concerned my acne is going to come back, and the internet seems to confirm this! But, as I have recently undergone a second course of Roaccutane, I don't know if I need to worry. I started Yasmin in July 2013 and started my second course of Roaccutane in October 2013, so the Yasmin has been with me throughout the healing process. By June 2014 my skin was goo
  14. I have really, really oily skin and I've had a few breakouts back in my teenage years to early 20s -- 2 to 3 pimples at a time, and usually before/during my "certain time of the month." I thought that was the worst of it. I thought I'd get past that awkward pimple-popping stage when I got older. Little did I know I was wrong. When I hit 25, I've been having these huge, inflamed breakouts at random times of the month, and every breakout seemed worse than the last. It's like they come in waves -
  15. staygolden1

    Two pimples combined?!!

    Hello, on Friday I noticed I was getting two small pimples that looked like they were going to be white heads. By the end of the day the two had become very inflamed and of course combined. I can see the head of each pimple but neither have a white head, yet. Is there anything I can do to calm the inflammation and redness? It has become very painful! Please help!! Thank you,
  16. notsashagrey

    Day 13

    My first entry is written on the 26th of May, the 13th day I've been on Roaccutane. I only had the idea of documenting this journey today, but better late than never right? Oh and my dose for the first month and a half is 40mg per day. The first week on the pills went by pretty smoothly, no significant difference in my skin except for a little bit of dry, flaky skin on my nose and chin. My lips started drying very soon too, but I bought a jug of Vaseline to carry everywhere with me, and so fa
  17. So far, DAY 13 hasn't been great. I'm getting cystic acne in places I usually never have to worry about. For the past 2-3 days I've had a small/medium cysts growing on my forehead, hairline area and on my nose(!!it's big and red!!). Places I rarely have acne ffs! I think my hormones are trying to find middle ground (at least I hope) because YAZ has extended my period to 12 days. I will wait for my hormones to return from war. I've also started doing LED blue/red light therapy twice a week at
  18. opalrose11

    Hormonal Acne Or Not?

    How do you tell if you have hormonal acne or not? Does the acne appear in a certain region? Does it happen at a certain time of the month? These are questions I have been asking myself, and researching yet cant find the answer!! I have had acne since I was 16 and it became severe, I went on accutane and it work wonders. I was confident, clear, and so happy. But then my acne relapsed and I went back on accutane, my skin cleared and i was happy again. Now my skin has replased and Im 18....
  19. CeilingFan88

    Beyaz. Should I Give Up?

    I am 23 and started taking beyaz birth control 3 1/2 months ago to try to help acne. I had an awful initial breakout the first few months. I still find my acne worse than starting beyaz but not as bad as the initial breakout. Do I need to give this medication more time and wait it out? Or should I give up and take something else? So frustrated and have tried many remedies for years.
  20. medici

    10 days with Diane-35

    It´s soon to post big changes. I´ve only been 10 days with it! The only thing i started to notice is a headache coming out of nowhere... hope it´ll go away soon. And i think i´m gaining weight? I´m in good shape, and i do exercise often but... it´s just my feeling about it! I will continue posting. Thanks for reading! (Also, for the acne, i´m taking Treclinac, a topical form of antibiotic and vitamin A that my derm prescribed me... it worked amazing on my skin! I use it at night. The only bad
  21. blip

    Birth Control

    Hello all, So I get hormonal acne along my jaw line and after about about a year of trying naturopathy with no success I said screw it and went back on birth control. I got on Ortho Tri Cyclen. My skin completely cleared up in only about a month but I felt so drugged and severely depressed from the OTC that I couldn't enjoy it. My doctor switched me to Microgestin. Depression went away, and acne came back. Then I asked to switch to Estrostep, which I have been on for almost 2 months. No
  22. bitemeblondie

    Returning acne

    My acne which used to be on the right side of my face has now switched to the left. I have stopped taking oral contraceptives so expected some relapse of my skin but I feel that it is different and worse than before. Any advice for treatment (not hormonal even though this has been all that has worked in the past). Currently using eucerin regime for approx 3 weeks but acne has probably got worse in this time.
  23. Angela4man

    Do I Have Hormonal Acne

    I am 22 and have always had pretty good skin but a little on the dry side and occasionally I would get at least 1-2 tiny red acne bumps on my chin or jawline. The past month it has been getting a lot worse and i've been getting cystic just on my jawline and my chin has been clear for a while. I used to use benefit's foundation stick it started causing me to get oily and I would get tiny closed comedones on my forehead didn't make my jawline acne any worse but to help with my forehead I stopped u
  24. Amie8578

    Week Four

    Week four on Spiro/Retin-A! My intial breakout is finally coming to an end! The cysts I had are starting to heal and I haven't gotten any new ones since last week. I still have a lot of clogged pores and blackheads in my t-zone but they're starting to clear up as well. I have yet to notice a reduction in oil though. My skin is still very oily in my t-zone. For the side effects of spironolactone, I am not urinating as much as I did at the start, but still a bit more than usual. That's it for now
  25. I'm not promising any miracles, but I thought I would share with everyone my journey dealing with acne, and where I am now. I never used to have trouble with pimples until I turned 16, I thought for sure it would start earlier than that if it was due to puberty, but then I also thought it would go away faster than it did as well (I'm now 20) After lots and lots of facial washes, shampoo's even changing the type of toothpaste I used - I finally realized my acne had less to do with what I was