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Found 16 results

  1. We all are bestowed with deserving color, shape and features by nature. And, there are few things which should not be altered in any case. Obviously, Beauty lies in the eyes of the people who are watching. So, either you are dark or fair, your admirers, lovers will always admire and love you. All you need is to maintain a spark in yourself. When it comes to maintaining your skin properly and improving it one tone fair, it is definitely possdible through Although, there are many fairn
  2. Hi everyone so right now I'm on my 5th month of differin and it is definitely helping my skin out (tho sometimes I still get breakouts but not as worst as before) and i just wanted to ask you how can i get rid of this acne marks and control my very oily skin???? please i need your help specifically home remedies, do's or donts, cheap products, and diets pls pls pls i badly need your help. And can green tea really helps with the skin?? is the brand lipton okay??
  3. From the album: Araz

    HELP! Can someone identify what these are and what would be the most suitable regimen for treating these? Hi. I,m 23 and had absolutely spotless skin before Jan 2016 (no breakouts even in teenage). Fast forward, due to relationship problems and financial struggles during this year, my break out kept on getting worse. I NEVER had a simple pimple on my cheeks and now they are spectacularly marked. I tried lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar, egg whites, aloe vera, cucumber at different time
  4. The rest of my face is pretty clear except for my left cheek which has dark scar spots from the acne. (Btw does anyone know if this is a specific type of scarring? Hyperpigmentation??) Any natural methods for tackling this..? (I heard olive oil at night is good... Also apple cider vinegar? Raw Aloe Vera leaf?) For my bacne I've started using Nautrogena Body clear body wash... What can I use with it? Is iodized sea salt water okay to use? I don't have non-iodized.. :c also benzoyl peroxide on
  5. Hello, I have been using successfully using ice for the last few years to quickly bring down the redness and swelling of inflammed pimples. After reading some posts on here about people looking for quick acne fixes, this is about the best you can get so I figured I'd type up exactly how to do it. Personally, I don't have a ton of acne but when I do I get those large, deep, swollen, red cysts that just seem to pop up out of nowhere. And if I wake up with one on a day I have a presentation, da
  6. What are some home remedies you current use/or in the past that have worked for you? Me. I currently use crushed uncoated aspirin with a drop of honey as an exfoliate and honestly it was the only exfoliate that worked. I had this form of acne, that for someone reason i can NOT find an answer to what type it was, where it was just layers of dry skin on top of each other and when I pulled them off they would bleed and grow back. They were around my jaw and mouth. Ugh. Well this worked! Within
  7. lv623

    Acne Scar Remedy

    After all is said and done with accutane, absorica or whatever other medication your on, many people go through their next battle in trying to get rid of their acne scars. I'm currently trying to limit the amount of damage that I will have while on Absorica and I have been looking online for simple tricks to help my face heal. Rather than use over the counter topical solutions, creams or go back to my dermatologist for a prescription, I was looking for a natural home remedy (I am also tryin
  8. Giving banana peel spot treatment and yogurt face wash a run for their money... "Fig fruits are great for our skin since they are abundant with anti-oxidants. The phenols as well as flavonoids are classified as the two ingredients of anti-oxidants generously present in figs. They offer outstanding anti-aging outcomes. Whenever baked figs are applied to the skin, it may reduce many forms of skin inflammations just like boil and abscess. Additionally, it has got anti septic as well as emollie
  9. Well.... I think it's fair to say I'm desperate for clear skin. Before eventually turning to prescription medication, I tried a variety of home remedies in the hope that they would work. Now, looking back on my crazy acne-related adventures, I laugh. I tried bathing in salty water, rubbing tomatoes/lemons/olive oil/various other items from my kitchen cupboard, all with no success. And the worst...? Drum roll please... garlic. And no, unlike that 'very helpful internet site' said, the sme
  10. I was suffering from a bad acne ,I tried many things face wash ,moisturizer ,creams,but nothing really worked . Then one day i took best decision of my life and that is to REMOVE DAIRY FROM YOUR DIET COMPLETELY !!!! yes COMPLETELY!!!! You will see a great improvement in your skin after 2 weeks . One more thing you need to clear your system ,you need to purify your blood so every morning after waking up go to your kitchen cut half lemon mix it in 1 glass of luke warm water and drink it reg
  11. Steph G


    Let me begin by saying that I have tried many many many different ways to cure my acne. From all different types of home remedies (applying tea tree oil every night does not work for our skin, guys) to prescription medications.Things I've tried (to name a few):apple cider vinegarhoney maskstea tree oil (my boyfriend really didn't appreciate the smell)antibactitial soaphomeopathic oral dropsremoving dairy from diet (torture)increase water intakewitch hazel acne pills from another county (DO NOT A
  12. Acne Home Remedies

    In an attempt to clear their acne at home, people have used inventive ingredients including lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, egg whites, baking soda, milk of magnesia, calamine lotion, crushed & dissolved aspirin, toothpaste, and countless others. Some people claim that certain home remedies work for them to some degree, and there is some science behind a select few of them. For instance, lemon juice contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which have been proven to...
  13. Hello, fellow Acne.org users. I'm writing on behalf of all the people out there suffering from acne; oily skin, pimples, dry skin, itchiness, redness, any of that stuff. I've had mild acne throughout my teen years and have usually tried to treat it by doing what people told me to do. So I'd wash my face with antibacterial soap, then moved on to facial cleaners and such. At first, everything was not so bad, but as time went on and i kept using acne products like benzoyl peroxide creams/sacillic a
  14. Home remedies for acne that you can carry easily Acne is truly one of the most common skin problems that teens experience everywhere. But does not suggest that the problem only affects children in their adolescence but generally men and women of any age. But then, it is common in people of teenage years ago irritations are often caused as a result of a significant increase in the levels of hormones in the body. Acne can actually appear on the back, face, chest and scalp. Lack of sleep
  15. Hi everyone, I'm on my 4th month of The Regimen and I've experienced tremendous success on the treatment! My skin, however, definitely became A LOT worse before it got better. Therefore, I am left with a lot of hyper-pigmentation and discoloration to the extent that I cannot leave home without face powder on! I would much rather deal with this than acne, so I'm still so grateful for the Regimen. I've read/watched YouTube videos on the PMD/PMD Pro and how amazing it is. PMD/PMD Pro is es
  16. I have nearly cleared my closed comedones with a mixture of essential oils mixed with a carrier oil, and a method of self extraction that is very VERY VERY DELICATE, and tazorac (a retinoid that I use sparingly after self- extraction to aid in the cell turnover and healing of any trauma to the skin due to self extraction (with a sterilized extraction tool. I used a 7 dollar tool from target) Most doctors will prescribe tazorac if you ask, unless you're pregnant or planning on becoming pregnan