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Found 15 results

  1. I've had a possible cyst for about a week now. At first it was a large red bump. Once I tried popping it, a little liquid came out, that's it. Eventually it got worse to the point where I went to the doctor. At that point it was almost the crater it is today. The skin has gone completely away, it is red and swollen, and the crater is getting deeper. There was a big ball of white liquid I assumed was skin growing back and I lifted that with tweezers to see underneath and it came right off. So now
  2. Anybody know if this is a serious condition? I did get steroid shots a little over a year ago so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with them. Please help.
  3. Hi all. I am new to the forums, so hello! I, like many, if not all of you have suffered from acne. However, this post is about a rather slightly different topic. Any help of any sort will be much appreciated! For about a year, there has been a little what seemed like a blackhead trapped underneath my epidermis. I think it resulted from a full blown pimple that I avoided touching, but I can't quite remember since it has been so long. It has been sort of a hard bump on my cheek that for some
  4. Hello im new to the forum and i really hope you can help me as this is really giving me alot of emotional stress 3 months ago i had a spot on my head, i put my sisters cream on it and it went very dark, i left it for a while thinking it would go, but it formed into a spot which had a hole in the middle, so I poked it with a needle and squeezed it and stringy pus came out, I am indian and my skin colour does not match the scar and it is highly noticable, its giving me alot of tension, stres
  5. Hi all, Sometimes when my acne flares up and I wash my face, the whitehead or root of the acne rises to the surface and sometimes grows. In some cases, after washing my face, the whitehead or root will fall out of the spot leaving a hole in my face. I wondered whether anyone had any tips on what I should do about this, whether it be applying a topical cream or just leaving it to heal. It’s like when you squeeze a spot but I don’t squeeze them, the root of the spots come out naturally and I’m w
  6. Your pimple has now become an open wound. What's the best way to treat an open wound? Keep it clean, moist, and covered. Apply Vaseline or Neosporin on the open wound before putting a bandage on it. I do this at night before I go to bed--and when I awake, the hole is usually sealed or sealed enough to wear I can apply makeup on it and it looks okay. If you try this, I'd suggest doing on a weekday so if it screws up, it's all good. Try at your own risk! I don't know if this works for everyone..
  7. I had a large cyst right next to my eye 3 years ago and have been left with this hole-like mark ever since. I go to the dermatologist but she doesn't do anything about it because she feels that I am too young to get it removed. Any idea on how to get rid of it?
  8. Hey, i have this very deep noticeable pore next to my nose area that i would like to treat. I tried dermarolling, which isnt for this type of scarring but still. I also done TCA Cross with a toothpick on it twice, but havent seen much of a difference. Are there any procedures i can get done with a dermatologist/surgeon to get rid of it? also have other open pores on my nose im trying to get rid of, but this one is more noticeable and bothers me. Thanks.
  9. Hi. I had a terrible wound from a pimple and it healed and left a giant hole in my cheek along with some terrible hyper pigmentation on top and around the hole. I need this fixed asap. I went to the derm and she said i don't really have any options so that made me upset but its negatively affecting me so much. i literally won't leave my room without makeup on and even that does a crappy job because its still a hole. any advice please. Ive been putting Mederma on it overnight but its not doing an
  10. So I went to a derm, she talked fast and rushed through the appt really. In regards to my healing wound/ scar, she said to wait 6 to 9 months and I would be "shocked" at how much it filled in. She said there was nothing they could do to help it. Hmm. As far as my acne, she threw me on clindamycin gel 1%. Just a dot in the morning. Any thoughts on that??? I will note that on Tuesday my healing scar (8 weeks since trauma this weekend) peeled like I had the worst sunburn ever and then over the n
  11. I've had a blackhead (?) For a little bit and i havent been really bothered about it. Kept washing my face to try and rid of it but it hasn't really gone anywhere. Today, i was drawing and my face cheek had gotten itchy so I went to go an itch it but then it kinda stung and I stopped drawing completely. I realized I scratched that blackhead/pimple thing and I went to the bathroom and now I have a hole in my face? I might be making a huge deal out of this but im very sensitive about my looks igue
  12. I had a cystic pimple and popped it but it was ready to be popped and that was fine. But then it kept oozing clear stuff so I put toothpaste on it to dry it out at night. The next morning the dried toothpaste basically are away at my skin and when I scrubbed it off it started bleeding and burned. It scanned over but tonight the scab came off and now there is a huge hole!! Will this heal?! And how long will it take?! I put neosporin, vasaline, and a bandaid on it.
  13. Ok so I haven't had many break outs since starting birth control but I developed a good size bump on my chin. It was an 'under the skin' type and not coming to a head so I figured I needed to leave it alone and try not to pop it. After about a week it went down in size and I was happy to see it healing. But then a few days later, overnight, it got really big in size and red and swore but still no head. I waited a few days, applying antibacterial cream at night. Today I decided to prick it with a
  14. Hi guys so I’m pretty insecure when it comes to my skin, I don’t have severe acne but individual pimples and scars. I have had this pimple for bout 4 days and it got hard and scabby at the top, so I recently just picked the scab ( I know I shouldn’t of picked it, but it was making me really irritated) and basically now there’s a small hole at the top I do it.
  15. I am curenntly a freshman in high school with fairly bad acne, that is mostly hormonal. I have mild acne on my chin all the time, while around once a month I get these large, painful cysts. Last year around November, I got a medium-sized cyst right in the area between my eyes. (Where sunglasses sit). I decided not to mess with it, hoping I could wait it out. Well, about one month later, I got tired of it, and it looked like it could be popped, so i did. Lots of gross stuff came out, and left thi