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Found 8 results

  1. Do any of you drink alcohol on occasion? I need a "safe" drink for when I go out...what do you usually drink that doesn't break you out the next day? I'm talking about 1-2 glasses, nothing too crazy. I can't have anything that raises my histamines too much, like cider and beer (although heineken seems to be ok for me), and whiskey is a bit risky too. Any ideas for other liquors and cocktails? Apple-flavored smirnoff ice seems to be a good option for me, but I'm not sure how many bars in the US
  2. Today I saw my doctor (integrative) for my ongoing hormonal & digestive issues. She believes I have systemic inflammation and all the symptoms for leaky gut (this I already figured out). She gave me a hypoallergenic diet to follow for 3 weeks, which contains some fruit. I wasn't sure if the fruit included would be ok, since I have issues with histamines. She also said I have to ROTATE foods every day - eat different foods from the list each day otherwise I might develop intolerance for foods
  3. Hi everyone, I got some labwork back today, and it turns out my vitamin D is low (it's 28, the doctor said it needs to be at least 60). The doctor prescribed a high dosage of D2, 50,000 twice a week. That's a total of 100,000 IU/ week for 2-3 months. Is that a lot? I'm worried about possible toxicity and side effects. The doctor said she will be monitoring my levels every 2 months to make sure I'm not taking more than I need, but for now she thinks it's crucial to megadose on D2. What do you th
  4. Hi The following items definitely break me out, and some f them are very healthy for you. I see some connection to histamines but any insight is helpful. I am mostly vegan with some raw goat milk homemade yogurt. 1. ACV 2. Lemon water (lemon lime squeezed in dishes is ok) 3. oranges 4. pineapples 5. conventional dairy. 6. homemade sauerkraut with cabbage garlic and seasalt. 7. some forms of honey (raw organic) 8. walnuts and pecans I am not sure. I am really suspecting low st
  5. I use Organix shampoo and conditioner, but I need to find a truly "pure" shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I recently discovered that the organix shampoos contain SLS derivatives and cocamide - both of which I need to avoid due to allergic reactions. Every time I use hotel shampoo I get flare ups on my face and my scalp itches, and the breakouts look like dermatitis or some sort of allergic reaction (inflammed pimples and raised bumps), and I'm suspecting the crap they put in those things. A
  6. I was going to post this to the hormonal forum, but it might help more people here. There are old threads about this topic. I read a while ago that symptoms of estrogen dominance can include allergies and increased histamines. Since for me, my food intolerances are created by improper digestion and high histamines rather than specific foods, I was trying to find what caused all my issues. After some discussions on the hormonal forum a while back, I decided to try DIM along with my usual suppleme
  7. Is weight gain a sign that a leaky gut is healing? I'm suspecting I have leaky gut due to various symptoms, and I don't think my body was able to absorb nutrients from food or vitamins....I looked malnourished even though I was eating all the "right" foods in decent amounts. Since I started a low histamine diet a few months ago, along with regularly eating sweet potatoes, taking digestive enzymes, selenium & vitamin E, and sometimes vitamin C, I noticed that I have put on a few pounds. Could
  8. What is the best way to test for allergies? My allergist did blood testing for over 300 things (many environmental triggers, and some general foods) and she said my IgG and IgE were high and thus reactive, but they couldn't figure out WHAT it was reacting to. This is frustrating. Now she is sending me to a specialist for more specific testing, and they will also do skin tests to try and figure it out. I'm worried it might be something obscure like a food preservative/ coloring, a spice, a cosmet