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Found 17 results

  1. I hate being too positive and I hate getting excited and the past few days I've been really down and panicking about my skin (I don't know why?) but I've seen a big improvement. My skin seems glowy and nice around my cheekbones and forehead. My cheeks stopped breaking out a while ago. I do have a small cluster of cysts around my lower chin/jawline (about 4/5 small ones) on my right side (My right side has caused me the most grief. It always is this side that breaks out the worst ...anyone know
  2. I've recently started supplementing with standardized Milk Thistle one time a day and wondering if anyone has any success, experience with helping with fat digestion and liver cleansing which would ultimately help with inflammation and skin? I am taking doxy in conjunction with Spiro and really wanting to treat my liver well and aid it in all it's work. Since taking doxy I also take a good probiotic, but I noticed an increase in bloating and IBS symptoms since on the antibiotic. However,
  3. I've been doing tons of research on herbs that will reduce sebum production when taken internally and found that saw palmetto seems to really do the job. However, I don't want to try it because of the side effects ; the reason why I'm looking for an herbal solution is because I want to avoid side effects. Sooo basically I came across a web page that said rosemary could help lessen oily skin but that was the only web page that mentioned taking rosemary internally to reduce oil production. Other w
  4. Hey guys, Since my last blog entry I have only been suffering with acne in the corner of my forehead. I get small bumps on my jawline but nothing major and I treat them with a face mask(as a spot treatment). My updated skincare routine is as follows: PM: acne.org cleanser clearogen cleanser (daily) Acv toner pixi glow tonic tone ole henrikson night treatment la roche duo and H moisturiser Sunday riley artemis (amazing oil but hurts my bank account) Products I use sparingly: Alp
  5. Okay so this is me. I came off my second course of accutane in May 2012. My skin was perfect (my hair was ruined) THIS IS ME EIGHT MONTHS AFTER COMING OFF ACCUTANE. LOOK AT HOW HAPPY I AM. This is me NOW (1 year 5 months after accutane) This is the worst side...one side always gets worse than the other. as you can see accutane DOES work but only for a limited amount of time. It doesn't do the job forever. I made no changes to my diet or lifestyle. My periods have always b
  6. Hi there, I am a 21 year old girl and I've been struggling with harsh PMS breakouts for the last two years. I have regular periods-to the exact day- but I always experience a cystic chin breakout (only on my chin) about a week before my period starts. After my period ends, I normally get about two weeks of being clear before the cycle starts again. Here is what Ive been taking that has helped a lot but hasn't cured my acne completely: -vitex (2X per day in AM) -evening primrose oil (3 x p
  7. Hi there! I am a Practicing Herbalist- that means I develop holistic protocols using plants and foods to help others with their health concerns. I wanted to write a post about how I use herbs and food for acne, because years ago I suffered from deep, cystic acne and now work with many people with various skin conditions to help them heal. This protocol is complex. I've tried to give you as much information and resources as I could think of, with the beginner herb user in mind. Regardles
  8. I'm new here. I made this post to warn the other members about the dangers of taking saw palmetto. I'm a 27 year old female with PCOS and I have struggled with acne since I was 14. I'm not overweight like most women with PCOS are, I'm actually a bit underweight. The last time I had my hormone levels checked, it showed that my testosterone was slightly high. I also had elevated DHEA-S. My estrogen was normal. Last year I decided to take Saw Palmetto to balance my hormones. At first I didn't n
  9. Hi all. I'm extremely frustrated, my skin looks pretty terrible when I'm not on the "right" BCP. However, other than the possible skin benefits, I can't deal with all the other terrible side-effects. I already broke down once and started taking it again because I was so fed up with my skin, I don't want to do that again. What can I do to help my skin that doesn't involve BCP? I believe the main problem is the horrible oiliness, because if it wasn't for that, I don't think the acne would show
  10. **Preface note from a month later. TCM works, but it is not a cheap, easy fix. The detox breakout sucks, and seems to go on for couple of weeks, but the herbs/acupuncture eliminate infection fast, balance oil, evens tone. It takes patience and 100% patient compliance, but I saw results immediately (ie. what cleared/healed, what was purging, over all total lesion count.) Dr said I should be totally clear in two more weeks.... and she was right!** Since I don't socialize, I have nothing but time f
  11. HI everyone, I just started the candida diet (I'm not doing the first part/cleansing, just the 2nd part diet), and am taking probiotics as well. I seem to have high testosterone/ androgens, so I wanted to take saw palmetto in hopes of balancing my hormones. I used to take vitex but after a prolonged period it caused excess hair growth in some body parts and some hair loss on my head, as well as some rashes and hives. Now that I stopped taking it, the hives have gone but my acne has flared up ev
  12. Hi I'm not advocating this product but I used it to help clear acne instead of antibiotics, Accutane or hormone pills (any oral medication)... Check this Ayurvedic herbal supplement out - Purim tablets by Himalaya http://www.himalayahealthcare.com/products/purim.htm You can read more about my oral medication free regimen here Thanks http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/310273-my-epimycin-regimen-worked-without-oral-medication/
  13. Hi all! After some recent research on natural remedies similar to Metformin for treating for PCOS symptoms, I've come across Berberine. I am part of an online group on facebook called PCOS Divas and they did a highlight of this herb, clinical trials and the benefits. The herb has many great qualities to it- supporting digestion, regulating insulin sensitivity and androgen inhibiting. Should lead to decrease in PCOS symptoms with continuous treatment- including sebum and testosterone reductio
  14. Hi everyone, I read a lot of posts recently about people wanting to try herbs and supplements for their acne, and some give up before they give their regimen a real chance. I want to give you an update on how I'm doing 8+ months after adding DIM to my regimen, in addition to a year being on inositol (read my other thread here: ) and answer any questions you might have. I had severe cystic acne for about a year, starting in 2013, in addition to allergic reactions (hive/ welt-like acne, rash, s
  15. After going through a bad break out about 2 weeks ago, I felt quite hopeless as I felt I had tried many things...... I have never approached this holistically, I remember I completely dismiss it about a year ago when I first got serious about doing something about my acne, basically because medically I was told there is 'no real connection between diet and acne'...and hey!...I have always eaten "healthy".... well I have been reading a whole lot about the holistic approach, and now I believe
  16. HI PEOPLE!!! So after various courses of anti-biotics, three forms of birth control pills over five years, two courses of accutane, countless over the counter products and prescribed topical treatments..... my acne is STILL here so I've decided to go herballl naturall and try to control it as I have been diagnosed with p.c.o.s so my acne is hormonal Here is what I am taking, Agnus castus two capsules twice a day (also known as vitex or chasteberry root...supposed to regulate periods as
  17. So, I have not had any problems with redness, scarring, or gigantic breakouts for a long long time. Well, I've recently started taking saw palmetto, because I read lots of reviews and posts saying that it helped tremendously. Well. It's only been about a week, maybe I'm not giving it enough time. But almost out of nowhere, my skin is now very red and I have at least 13 pimples in one area of my face. Has anyone taken sp and had a bad initial first month or so? Please, help. I need to know if I s