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Found 500 results

  1. Hello, I need some help, recently I've been breaking out really bad and need some advice, I'm not sure what sort of acne I have, I've. always had spots. here and there but I'm 20 now and my skin has never been worse, surely it's supposed to calm down by now ? Anyway im really unsure on what 'sort' of acne I hav' on my left side it's mostly on my cheek and on the right side it's on my cheek and in the centre of my face as well as the corner of my chin. and I always scar really badly no matter wh
  2. I have combination skin, (oily in t-zone and dry on cheeks) I exfoliate twice a day, is that to much? my skin is so oily and even after applying an oil-free moisturiser after exfoliating ( I heard oily skin is due to over-excessively dry skin ) hence the moisturiser. I'm going to cut back to exfoliating once a day in the evening but what do I use in the morning?!?! I dont know wether I should buy a cleanser but I have no idea if that helps and what even is it? I would really appreciate some advi
  3. I have been struggling with acne for about 4 years now. I had totally given up. I started seeing a dermatologists which was a complete waste of time. He prescribed cream after cream for me which did nothing. After complaining to him about my acne, he started to prescribe antibiotics which was another complete waste of time. I knew then that he was no help to me so i started to do my own research. I found acne.org and boy am i happy. After about a month of the regimen my skin really started to cl
  4. So I've had this super sensitive mark on my chin area for about 2 months. For pretty much the whole 2 months it was just a super sensitive raised area that had purple dots and just seemed like an area with extra fluid in it. Didn't look like a cyst or pimple. Just very sensitive. Poked it with a pin and some puss and blood came out but still so much more. How do I get rid of this... What is it....HELP! Thank you!!!
  5. hey, im new here, im a 16 year old male with severe nodular acne i started getting acne when i was in 9 grade, now in 11th, so my high school expirience has been total shit. i used to be such an outgoing guy, telling everyone to meet up, talking to a lot of girls with the best confidence ever !! i loved to smile and interact with people and teachers ad family but now im just counting the minutes till i get home... so i can lock myself in my room. i started accutane about a month ago but i have
  6. Hi guys, It's only been about 6 months that I've been off Accutane but I'm going for a consultation soon and I'd like to get some other people's opinions on my skin. I'm pretty certain I have Post Inflammatory Eytherma but I'm not 100%. Looking at my gross photo (sorry about the quality), what do you think would help the most and how much longer will these take to heal? Also, I've got a semi-hard lump underneith one of the red marks but my face is completely flat and it's been there for ov
  7. I've been struggling heavily with acne for about a year now. I've tried everything from EpiDuo to numerous home remedies. What hurts the most is the fact that I now think less of myself because of my acne. If there are any recommendations of what I should do, please let me know. I've been to the dermatologist and she didn't help much at all. How bad do you think it is??
  8. so earlier today I noticed I had a lump on my butt, I put on some cream and went about my day and about an hour ago I noticed how big it was so I tried to pop it but alast failed I was wondering what I should do to deal with it. But I also don't know if it is a zit or not. So if anyone can tell me I would apprticate it because it's starting to hurt
  9. I have been seeing a dermatologist for at least 2-3 years now. My skin will clear up for a few months (ex. during the summer time my skin was sooo clear) but then proceed to wreck havoc. Currently my skin is the worst I have seen it in years and I'm sick of paying so much to go to the dermatologist when this problem hasn't been solved yet (I know acne does not have a permanent solution but I am breaking out so bad all of the time). I'm contemplating going on accutane because I feel as if I have
  10. So I don't think I have a major problem with acne. I have some acne scars but they don't bother me. What bothers me are these patch of bumps on my forehead which never seems to go away with any topical medication I use. My acne got better but the rash looks worse and has spread since winter started. It's very dry and the bumps are raised SO makeup cannot cover it. A few months ago the patch bumps were there but they were flatter and less visible. I don't understand why it's not going away but it
  11. I've been struggling with acne for almost 4 years now (I'm 16). I feel like I've tried everything to cure it and nothing seems to work. I've been to the dermatologist multiple times and every time I go they give me new topicle medications and pills nothing from them has worked. I haven't been back to the derm. for almost a year. My acne is mainly all over my back and a little on my chest. My skin is so stubborn nothing helps it. Since not using any of the medications from the doctor I have been
  12. I have blackheads on my face, neck, chest arms, and sides but up until recently I thought they were freckles they are a brown yellow and more keep appearing daily. I wash my face and body 2 times a day with proactive and a salicylic acid wash. I also exfoliate twice a week to prove my build up and use toner and spot treatment daily. But nothing works. When it looks like they are ready to extract I follow the necessary prep and as I work on them they go from yellow brown to black and have this h
  13. Hey everybody, yesterday was my 3 month mark on Tretinoin .025% cream. I have only been using the cream and nothing else to help my terrible, terrible forehead acne. However, it has been 3 months and I have seen no significant change. I go to the dermatologist in 2 hours and I'm scared I may break down in front of him. Any suggestions if I should stay on the cream or just add maybe an antibiotic or anything else to help or just stop altogether. Any advice is appreciated. here is my current regi
  14. Acne history: I had been using Proactiv for a good 8 years(biggest mistake of my life) when I started to notice my skin getting duller, little bumps started re-appearing, and my clothes and towels were getting bleached. These are things I guess I had ignored because the product was "working". I slowly stopped using Proactiv and then starting using an all natural line - that's when all hell broke loose. My face exploded and continued to get worse. I tried a few other natural methods and just got
  15. Just recently I had a bad flare up with my acne. it was LITERALLY one day i woke up with it, i even have a picture from the day before: clear. I had great skin grown up. I am 17. I haven't worn foundation in a year(which didnt effect me at al when i stopped back then), and because of the flare up i started to again. It was bare minerals so i didn't think it would do that much damage. I went to the dermatologist and they gave me minocycline, retin A and onexton. They all burned my face. I have su
  16. Hey guys, Was wondering when your Post Inflammatory Erythema faded? These are the red marks you get after acne/trauma and will disappear when they are pressed and then come back when they aren't being pressed, so annoying man! (Victims of PIH are normally people with darker complexions and the marks are usually brown and PIE is red/purple) Just wanted some more information, there's a dude on here called 'bio_nerd' and he has loads of information about it on his profile but he hasn't been a
  17. Hello All! I'm going to be purchasing the acne.org system but wanted to get a few questions answered before I do! And sorry if these types of questions have already been asked, I've been searching the forums and haven't had much luck. But first, my skin! I have had acne since the age of 10/11 with extremely oily skin from both parents. I have large pores, and what most would consider mild or moderate acne now. I do have some sensitive acne every month, primarily hormonal based and on my ja
  18. Can someone please help me get rid of my acne. I am 19 years old a male with light skin that is somewhat shiny but is sensitive when over washed. For example my skin itches real bad with benzoyl peroxide. I have been fighting acne for about 3-4 years until about 3 months ago when I got my first girlfriend ( acne decreased confidence) and then miraculously with me trying to lose weight, (still trying) eating a little healthier and also going to the derm and getting aczone and Tazorac has helped m
  19. I went to the dermatologist about a week ago and she prescribed me I Doxycycline Hyclate and Benzepro Foam and I have a huge cyst like thing on my chin it's like a browish color looks like a bruise or birthmark but it hurts and is driving me crazy. Can anyone tell me what this is and what I can do to make it look so bad?
  20. Hi everybody! Ive been dealing with a large amount of cheek acne for a little over a year and I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions in getting rid of it. I'm 23 and just started getting acne about a year ago. As a teenager I really only had a zit every once in a while. It's quite upsetting because it really makes me feel self conscious and insecure and I'm afraid that it will scar. It came out of no where so I don't really know the exact cause. In looking at
  21. im a 16 yr old girl. i already had some pimples here and there since i was 12. i didnt really care about them until this year. at the start of the year, my acne became really bad. i had pimples covering more tha half of my left and right cheeks and some on my forehead. it was really painful and swollen. i went to the doctor to do a treatment called agnes which kills the sebaceous glands . after 2 rounds of treatment my face started to clear and my face became better. this was around 2 months ago
  22. I finished my 2nd month of treatment 3 days ago. I weigh 53kg and have been on 40mg per day since the beginning. By now I expected for things to be at least a little better, but the past month and a half have been really horrible. I was really hoping to start November with (relatively) clear skin but I don't see that being the case. I suppose I already went through the worst part of it, but I don't see many signs of things improving yet and it's very frustrating. I feel quite terrible most of th
  23. Hey guys I just made an account because I wanted to post this to help people. I had acne for about a year recently and I tried almost everything to get it off: oils, facial creams and wash, moisturisers, and yes I did try potatoes. They all didn't work and actually made the acne worse. then I tried using an aloe vera plant and it was so good at getting rid of acne that I could see some results in just a few days. watch this video I posted on youtube to explain my method. {LINK REMOVED}
  24. Hi guys, I've been looking through this place a little bit for the past few weeks, and I thought I'd make a post today. I'm now 18 (almost 19) and I started having spots/acne in certain places around 2 years ago. I didn't know much about cleaning and moisturizing back then, and I unfortunately used to go crazy at these spots and pick and pop. Fast forward today, I have dark spots/marks from previous spots (it'd probably be the same as red scars, but I'm dark skinned so--) and I still get